Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 10

Published: 14 Dec 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

That night I had trouble sleeping, however Jamie did not have that problem, he lay gently snuggling into the side of me, his breath crossing my chest as he slept. I however as stated could not sleep, the thoughts of Elisabeth Park now filled my thoughts.

I was always harping back to my youth, who was around while I was growing up, I remember the Connor family next door, they moved away when I was twelve years old, they had no young children so we did not have much to do with them except for a morning hello or how are you doing sort of thing.

I was positive my mother...Elisabeth had a forwarding address somewhere, I decided that I would search these people out and see if she had any other children here when I was younger. The thought of that haunted me.

I now needed to know more of what this woman was doing; I needed to know for my own sanity. "Hey babe, not sleep?" Jamie asked as he woke to go take a leek, "My mind is too busy to sleep" I softly replied.

He got his naked ass out of bed and relieved himself, when he returned to our bed he snuggled up to me. "Talk to me Jack" he said.

"Jamie I need to find out more of what she was doing, the FBI said she had gotten a job at a local hospital, here" I stated, "Yeah and?" he replied. "What if that is how she had gotten her hands on me, what if she worked in the hospital, let's face facts she had to have a pass to get into maternity" I stated as a matter of fact.

"Yeah but I'm pretty sure that would have been looked at" replied Jamie. "Yeah but the priority was to find me, not a woman who works in the fucking hospital" I spat out, and not meaning to. "Whoa" Jamie said sitting up and staring me in the eye. "Sorry, it's just my life Jamie, my life has been one big lie" I said with sorrow and tears as I spoke.

"No it hasn't, are we a lie?" he asked.

"Fuck no!!" I replied

"You are the one thing out of this fuck up that means more to me than anything, I love you Jamie, with all that I am" I added.

"There you go then, something worked out" he said sliding back into my chest, and he was right, I am going to do some digging and find out more about this woman, I have the skills to dig, and I am going to put them to good use.

I somehow with a plan in my head managed to grab a couple of hours sleep, my family my real family would be here tomorrow afternoon, so for now I will dig into the life that is Elisabeth Park.

I again with Jamie climbed back into the attic and went through every document every diary she kept, I found what looked like a birth certificate for Elisabeth Dawn Barrette, and then it hit me, I never knew her maiden name, since she told me she was an only child and my grandparents had passed some years earlier, for which I now had my doubts, her maiden name and her correct date of birth, which was two months out from what I knew, was now very relevant.

I also found a high school diploma, so I now had her name the high school she attended, so I had a good place to start, I climbed back down into the main house grabbed my Laptop and fired it up. I entered the name of the high school and found they had an archive going back 10 years more than I needed to go.

I looked at the date on the diploma and entered it, and there it was an archive of that year's yearbook. I scrolled through it and found Elisabeth's photo, and an inscription from a friend, "Most likely to cause a war" it stated.

But that was not the thing that shocked me, two rows up was the picture that frightened me, okay perhaps frightened me was a bit much, but a picture of Mary Porter, who looked like my sister, so therefore my mother only younger, and the picture next to her was of a young Roy St-Patrick wearing a letterman jacket.

Now what was firing through my mind now was, was I targeted, was I a chance kidnapping or did she have something against Mary Porter, I now know I needed to speak to my mother, but I would do that in person, I searched the archive further but could not find an image of Donald Park, so when did she meet him?.

I then turned my attention to the hospital I was born, I searched the employment records, protected but if you have the knowledge and the knowhow you can find just about anything. And I found it, three months before my birth Mrs Elisabeth Park-Barrette hired as a sanitary worker or cleaner in laymen's terms.

"I think she had planned to take you and only you" said Jamie thinking exactly what I was already thinking. "Yeah but why, what had my parents done to her" I replied.

I opened the box containing her diaries and began to read her deepest thoughts.

"Prom is coming up, I am hoping he will ask me, I have dreamed of him asking me" the first part read.

"Just a month to the prom and Roy hasn't asked me yet, I see him talking to that Porter girl, he could do better" she wrote.

"He has asked her, how could he, he should be mine, that bitch stole him" I read on.

"She was obsessed with my Dad" I said reading the odd passage, and then I found one that confirmed what I now knew to be true.

"She's having his baby, the bitch has him trapped now, I will have to sort something out, and perhaps Donald will help me" it read.

But the dates was three months before she married Donald, so if she was marrying him what was she obsessing with my Dad. "This does not make any sense, I mean she was seeing Donald but obsessing about my parents, I mean Jamie this is almost five years after high school" I stated.

"So I mean what was her original plan, keep me or kill me?" I asked Jamie. "Babe this is just so fucked up" he replied.

The FBI missed these documents when searching the house, okay they were hidden within a cavity for safe keeping, but they would want to see these sooner rather than later. But my parents deserved to see them first.

"I will let my Parents read them as soon as they get here, and I will give the FBI a call later" I said to Jamie. "Beginning to make sense a bit" Jamie replied.

"How?" I asked

"She wanted a part of your dad, she could kill two birds with one stone, cause your mother and Father the maximum amount of heartache and have a part of him at the same time" he added.

"Fuck you are right, it is fucked up!" I replied.

Knock! Knock!

"See who that is babe" I said and Jamie went and opened the door.

"Wooo Hoooo" I heard someone yell, and turned around and Marcus ran in holding two cases, and my parent's right behind him.

"I thought you were not coming until tomorrow" I responded grabbing my brother into a hug, and walking over and kissing first my mother as I now saw her as that, and kissing my dad's cheek, before he pulled me into a hug.

"Weather cleared and Newark opened, so we jumped at the chance" Dad replied, my mother stared around the house; she was impressed that I had kept in so clean.

"What?" I asked and she smiled back at me. "So clean" she replied. "All men are not drunken animals that live on pizza and beer" I replied.

"There not?" Marcus smiled and laughed just a bit.

"Okay some are" I replied, and a sigh escaped my mother's lips.

"Okay there is not good time for this Mum, but I have been digging" I started.

"Into what?" asked Dad.

"The nature of why I was kidnapped, and to tell you it has me shocked, it all seems to be about you two" I started.

"What do you mean, us two?" Dad asked and mother looking somewhat curious. I flipped open the laptop and went back to a saved page I kept on my computer of the yearbook photograph. "You looked so beautiful sweetheart" said dad looking at my Mum's picture.

"Yeah and you cut a nice figure yourself sweetie" She replied.

"Yeah yeah, you were hot for each other...moving on" I said, and they were giggling just a little, "Do you recognise anyone else in the picture" I asked, "Yeah, that is Billy Stanton, Luke Miller, and I think her name was Donna or something like that" they replied.

"What about her" I asked pointing at Elisabeth Barrette"

"Yeah I sort of remember her, I think she had a crush on one of my teammates, she was always hanging around us" Dad replied, I just shook my head and said "No, she didn't, she had a massive crush on you" I replied.

"Really wow, so who is she" he asked.

"Her name then was Elisabeth Barrette, but became Elisabeth Park four years later" I said, and stunned silence,

"Are you serious" asked Marcus.

"Yeah afraid so, look you better read these, she was obsessed with you dad" I added.

I have searched everything, she was watching you both, she even wrote that she attended your wedding, and got a menial job so she could get a chance to take something precious from you, as she saw it that you took from!" I ended.

Over the next few hours they read through Elisabeth's thoughts and memories, they cried and screamed when they read about the taking of me just after I had been born, mom was inconsolable.

"Mom at least you know now, we can move on, she was a delusional person, she was good to me, but it was a lie, I have you both in my life, I have an amazing brother who I look forward to ribbing, and a sister I know I would protect with my life" I said hugging her as she cried.

"It's over mom, she's gone, let's not waste any more time dwelling okay" I added.

"You are right sweetheart, we have you back, and you have grown up to be a very handsome and intelligent young man, and I love the fact you do not hide who you are, and I respect you for that as does your dad, Jamie welcome to our crazy family" she said with happiness in her voice for the first time since we reconnected.

"I am so sorry her obsession took you away from us son" said dad, now involving himself in this family hug. "Not wasting time dwelling dad" I replied.

I now knew my life would not have a void in it, I had come to know who I was, the people in this room minus my sister, who I looked forward on getting to know better, this was my true family and god be my witness, I couldn't ask for more.

We spent a week together, I told my mother that I loved her, she cried...shock!!, and I wasn't lying, Marcus told me of his dream to be an amazing pilot, he wanted to fly the fastest thing available, mom was coming around to the idea of his dreams, and now supported him in his desires. My sister was going to attend medical school, she wanted to be a top surgeon, she has been through so much and I talked to her before my family headed back, so if anyone can succeed I knew she could.

I drove with my family back to the airport and promised I would visit as often as possible, I had just found them I had no intension of losing them again.


I sold the house and made frequent visits back home, myself and Jamie bought a condo near the harbour, it suited us,

Donald Park was sentenced to 12 years in prison, I had no feelings regarding his fate, I never attended the trial.

I graduated from MIT and decided to launch my own company, it grew over the first few years and gained prestige in the software market, my software was in millions of computers, I proposed to Jamie shortly after my 26th birthday, we have been married 2 years come next week, my sister is a surgeon at the hospital I was born and has a great reputation, and Marcus is a test pilot for NASA, I couldn't be prouder.

My grandmother died shortly after we married but she got to see her daughter reunited with her lost son, and she watched me swap wedding vows with the man I loved, my Mom and dad celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary with us, and they had an amazing time. I now feel they have always been with me.

All I can say the good times as well as the bad times have made me the man I am today, successful happy what more could you want?

The End

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