Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 2

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"So, who was the guy?" Dale asked.

And even though he said I could talk to him about anything, did I really want to have this conversation with him? You know, gay sex? Could he handle that much information?

"Nobody really. Just a hook up," I replied, a sort of non-committal response.

"Did you even know his name? And, Josh, please tell me you are taking precautions?" Dale continued, with a hint of concern in his voice. He just wanted to know if I was being safe.

"Yes, his name is Jeff. He and I have hooked up a couple of times, and it was just head, okay, nothing heavy," I replied. "Just mutual satisfaction, on which you don't want me to go into," I continued.

"So, just blowjobs then?" he continued.

"Fuck sake, Dale," I responded. "Dude, it's just personal, that's all," I stated.

I really was uncomfortable talking about this to my best friends, and since it had only been an hour ago that I came out to them, my brain was just all messed up, and I didn't want to talk about this any longer tonight. I know they are only trying to be supportive, but seriously, I just need to get my head around my new status in my friends' lives, as I am now their gay best friend.

"Josh, we just want to be there for you, that's all. We care too much about you to see you get hurt through some random pick up, and it does happen. You have read the stories how guys get picked up and end up half beaten, raped, and left for dead, and sometimes end up the latter. It's just concern, that's all," Todd said with the same care that Dale is showing.

"And I appreciate it, I do," I replied, with genuine affection for these two guys, my best friends that I wouldn't trade for a blowjob off Channing Tatum. And that is saying something. Okay, just kidding.

"Have you not scoped out any potentials here?" Dale asked.

"No, and I don't intend to. I can't take the hate from bigots and homophobes. Not in my first year. I couldn't handle it," I pleaded to let it drop.

"For fuck sake, Josh, live your life, dude, and if anyone gives you grief they have to contend with us. And I have backup, dude, so just be your self. We will help you, and we mean that." They both nodded as Todd spoke.

"Please, can you just let things be? I beg you, just let things carry on as they are," again, I pleaded.

"And, what? Risk you getting hurt? Not fucking likely. We care too much for that to happen. Look, Josh, don't you want to be happy? I mean, we are not saying go out into campus with a sign saying 'I am gay, come date me.' I mean, there will be guys like you hiding; go seek them out. Cultivate new friendships. Go find a date. Just don't go to Cooper Street for hook-ups, coz that will piss me right off."

Dale was pleading his case with me to be careful, and he makes good sense, but I have never gone out looking for a date, or in Dales eyes a boyfriend. I mean, Cooper Street was a given. You went into the club, and you are going to get something. But that's a candy store compared to college. And my experience with Kyle—he sought me out—and that only lasted a couple of weeks before his parents found out about him and grounded him for life.

"Okay, no more Cooper Street, and I will switch my gaydar on to maximum to seek out someone. But, please, both of you don't treat me any different, as that was one of my fears, that you would change on me."

"Known a year, dude. Have I treated you any different?" Todd asked.

"Okay, no. But you know what I mean," I said.

"We won't treat you any different, Josh, we promise. And if you think we are, just say. Okay?" Dale spoke directly and to the point, and I just replied, "Thank you."

"And secondly, don't ever, and I mean this...ever...try and hook me up with any dude. Okay? I will find my own," I informed them.

"Shit," Todd said, "I know this guy..." I cut him off straight away.


"Okay, no hook-ups," Todd backed down.

After that, we talked until late. The temperature dropped as the night went on, but it was still very muggy I am telling you. I bet this AC works in the fucking winter. This really sucks. They have been fixing it for four weeks! We should stop paying rent 'til it's repaired. It's not just our room; Dale says it's off in his and Ty's room also. It just sucks.

Dale went back to his room around midnight, and Todd and I went to bed to go to sleep. It had been an exhausting day in more ways than one. I had come out to my two closest friends, and they did not hate me. Todd had known for a year and never picked me up on it; wow, that shocked me to be honest. And, now that I have promised to stay away from Cooper Street, I have to go fishing in college, to find someone I like. Perhaps I should try Craigslist? Bad idea. Dale finds out and I'm history, as that's worse than Cooper Street. Nineteen and horny. Shit, I've got to get busy and find someone, starting tomorrow. But, for now I need sleep, as today was interesting and could have gone much worse. But I am pleased my friends know. I don't regret that now. But, when it was going on, I will be honest; I was terrified with every scenario that was playing in my brain.

And further more, do you know what pisses me off? Jack, Todd's fucking cousin. We hung out all last summer, and I didn't know he was fucking gay. So much missed opportunity. I could have been getting laid all through summer. And he is fucking hot as well, almost in the same league as Todd himself, but still fucking hot. And there was Dale's cousin, Peter. Yeah, he was obvious. He was, you know, 'out there and fabulous.' Don't get me wrong. He is a nice guy, but not what I need in my life, that's all. Okay, sleep. I need sleep.

I woke up just minutes before the alarm was going to go off, and shocked to feel cool air coming from the AC. 'Bout fucking time. I had an early class at 9am on the dot, and its now, "Shit. 8.46am." Fuck, I have to run.

I ran like the wind, ran right past some cute guys, couldn't stop to admire them...shame...but running late. Got to the lecture just in time, sat down and never noticed the guy sitting next to me for over half an hour. Then, I looked around as the professor stopped talking, and the guy to my left was illegally good looking. There has to be a law stating how hot you can be at this time in the morning. It's just wrong to allow this to happen, how can a gay guy work, with sex-on-legs sitting next to you, and you are totally boned up? It's just so wrong.

The lecture lasted just over an hour, and my next class isn't until after lunch, so I went for a walk around campus. Then I planned to have lunch, seemed like a good idea, but sat under the very same oak tree I sat under last night whilst talking to Dale. Then I spotted sex-on-legs walking along the path and he waved in my direction, and he walked on towards the library. I looked around and spotted a girl behind me, about ten yards away. He must have waved to her, as I don't even know the guy, and I just shrugged it off thinking, 'lucky bitch.'

I walked back towards the cafeteria, and spotted Todd in the queue for food, and I joined him. "Where's Dale?" I inquired. "Late class," Todd replied and we got what looked like food, but tasted like shit. (But it is food, apparently.) Todd pointed out some tables that were free, and we sat and ate.

"Any potential's yet?" he asked.

"What?" I inquired

"Dates," he whispered.

"Dude, please," I begged.

"Sorry," he said, with a frown on his face.

"Just don't want you getting bored enough to go wandering alone in strange dark places," he mused.

"Shit head," I bellowed back.

We just kept chatting about random shit, until we spotted Dale coming towards us. Todd raised his arm so Dale could spot us, and he sat down looking directly at me.

"Well, got a date yet?" he inquired, staring at me, waiting for me to answer.

"Don't you fucking start. I've got enough from Dr Phil here," laughing, as I said it.

And then, there he was again, sitting not four tables away from us. Sex-on-legs. Christ, he was hot. And those deep blue eyes, like an ocean first thing in the morning.

"Earth to Josh...Earth to Josh," Todd was laughing as he had spotted my gaze, and laughed some more.

"Spotted someone have weee???" They found some humour in my discomfort.

I couldn't help but blush. God knows what colour I went, but dark red would be my guess. We kept on chatting until Todd had to go to his next class, and said we would see him back at the dorm around four. We agreed to go see a movie, and hit the pizza place beforehand.

Five minutes later I heard movement from the table sex-on-legs was sitting at, and I turned. He picked up his tray, placed all his used items on it, and walked towards the bin behind where we were sitting, and he smiled at me. Whoa. He smiled at me. He looked at me and smiled at me. His smile was breath taking and awe-inspiring. He was indeed sex-on-legs, and I don't even know his name.

I heard the distinct sound of laughter, and I looked over and saw Dale, in stitches, looking at me.

"What?" I inquired.

"Nothing. But you have it bad. Real bad." More laughing.

"Oh, grow up," I laughed back, playfully punching him on the shoulder, while watching sex-on-legs walking out of the cafeteria. Knowing he smiled at me brought a smile to my face.

Dale and I left to attend our final lectures of the day, mine being engineering 101, and his being architecture. Mine was a two-hour lecture, but it was subject I loved, and this was the first day for this module of it. It would be an intense course; one that I was looking forward to, and from what I have been told there will be plenty of assignments.

I walked into the lecture hall. Not many people had turned up yet, so I took my chosen seat and waited. I opened a book on engineering, as I loved this subject. It was a book on who I believe is one of the world's greatest engineers, Isimbard Kingdom Brunel, and his story was just fascinating to me.

The hall slowly began to fill up, and then it happened: sex-on-legs walked in. Is he stalking me? Christ, he was in my geometry class, now my engineering class. "Is it okay if I sit here?" he asked. I was speechless. He was Scottish, his accent so slight, but definitely from that region. "Sure, please." And I gestured for him to sit. "You're in my geometry class, aren't you?" he inquired, and I replied in the positive.

"Josh," I said. "Calumn," he replied. "No shit!" I blurted out. "Sorry," I said. "It's a family thing. It gets passed down through the years, and besides I like it," he responded with that smile. God, that smile is enough for me to bone up again. What is this guy doing to me? First, my geometry class boner, now an engineering boner!

I tried to concentrate on what the professor was saying, and take the appropriate notes. He compiled an engineering blueprint and problems that arose during the 1947 completion of said project, and wanted an outline of the possible solution to said problem by this time next week. He instructed us to find a study partner, as two minds on this problem are better than one, according to the professor.

"Do you wanna be my partner?" he asked, and so many things were going through my head at that point, like, 'yes, I will marry you,' and things like that sort, if I was a woman. 'Yes, I will have your babies,' 'Do you wanna be my partner?' music to my ears.

"Josh, do you wanna be my partner on this project?" he asked a second time.

"Sorry, miles away. Yeah, sure. Why not." I replied, not wanting to sound too eager.

"Okay. You wanna grab something to eat, and talk about how we are going to solve this problem?" he asked.

"Problem? What problem?" I rambled.

"The project. The professor's assignment?" he replied. "You okay, Josh?" he asked. "Yeah, just a bit distracted," I responded. A bit fucking distracted! Damn man! You are killing me, I thought to myself.

"So, wanna grab something to eat, and work out study time for this thing?" he asked, and I just nodded, not trusting my own voice.

Sitting in a small diner outside campus, we started chatting about the assignment that had been set in our previous class, and it transpired that his enthusiasm matched my own on this subject, and we had a couple of other classes in common.

"So, where are you from, Calumn?" I asked, looking at him, waiting for him to stop chewing so he could answer. "Scarsdale, Illinois, born and bred," he replied, with that killer smile of his.

"So, where does the accent come from?" I asked. "My grandparents are from Kilmarnock, in Scotland. I suppose the accent just stuck with me, even though I've never left the states," he informed me, and there was that damn smile, a boner-inducing smile!

"And where do your folks come from?" I asked. His smile vanished, and he looked away from me, staring at the floor. He responded, with a solemn sound in his voice, "I live with my grandparents." I did not push the subject, as by the look on his face it wasn't a subject he wanted to talk about. So I changed the direction of the conversation.

"Okay. Let's talk project and study time."

"I am free tomorrow, and the following night, if you want to make plans to study," I told him. And he replied, "Yeah, that sounds cool. Your place, mine, or the library?" he asked, and I said the library's good for me, and we made plans to study at 6pm the following night.

I met Todd and Dale outside the pizza joint, and enjoyed a strange pizza that Dale swears he invented over the summer last year. Let's just say bananas do not belong on a pizza, so I'm not going near anything he has 'invented' ever again. Engineer, he is certainly not.

We watched a film, with Justin Trousersnake, called "In Time," and it was actually a good distraction for me, except for the few snide comments coming from my immature best friends, along the lines of, "You'd do him, wouldn't you?"

Well yes, but that's beside the point. And I just glared at him, and then smiled, and he returned the smile, saying, "You slut." He laughed, and I just playfully, but slightly harder than normal, punched him on his shoulder, while Todd just shushed us. We acted like scolded school children getting wrong of teacher. "Sorry, Todd," we both said, with smirks on our faces.

Back at the dorm, after midnight, Dale had already left, and Todd was sitting on his bed, staring at me, looking like he wanted to say something to me but couldn't get the words out.

"What's up?" I asked.

He was silent, looking around the room before talking to me.

"Are you happy, now that we know?"

"I don't know about happy, Todd. But I am glad you know, and haven't freaked out on me, coz that's what I feared the most. You and Dale turning your backs on me, that terrified me," I replied.

He shook his head, and then replied to my statement, "Josh, that would never happen, you should have known that, and trusted us to have your back. And, like Dale said, when you are ready to be you, and want to come out, we will support you no matter what, okay?"

I smiled, with emotion coming in my words. "I love you, dude. You and Dale are the best things in my life, and I can't believe how well you are taking this, I truly can't."

I started to bubble, just a bit, with my bottom lip shaking uncontrollably. He stood up, walked over to me and lightly hugged me. "The feeling's mutual, dude," and he kissed the top of my head. He then sat down and shocked the fuck out of me with his next statement.

"So, Cooper Street, then. You like giving head down there?" he asked, and I just looked at him, with a stunned expression on my face.

"I'm not judging, dude, just curious that's all," he continued, "Dale said you were blowing that guy in the alley, and you were getting off doing it."

And I responded to his question, "It was just a hook-up, nothing more." And he repeated, "Yeah, but you liked it though, right?" I just lowered my head, and nodded.

"Shit, I've missed out on so much," he was looking at me, smiling at me with this shit-faced grin he has.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not knowing his meaning.

"Dude, I'm one of your best friends, and well, let's face it. You admitted you like giving blowjobs, yes?" I nodded. "Dude, you could have blown me all through our last two years when I wasn't getting any from that bitch," he said, looking at me, with my face going many shades of red in the process.

"I mean, you would have helped out, dude, wouldn't you?"

I am still looking like a deer stuck in headlights, and totally lost for words, coz, yeah, okay, I would have given my left nut to suck Todd's dick in high school. But that was fantasy, and here he is now informing me if I had come out, or told him at least, I would have been sucking his cock all through summer.

"Damn!" I blurted out, and then said, "Todd, I would have done anything for you, you know that." He smiled.

I now went to bed, with two thoughts racing through my head: Sex-on-legs; what to do about that, and why is he now living with his grandparents. And, now the revelation that Todd wouldn't have minded me sucking him off when he wasn't getting any, or at least that's what I thought he meant.

The next day went quite fast, three classes, nothing major, and I went home to get all the materials for my study period with Calumn. God, I hope my dick stays down; I need to study, and sitting next to sex-on-legs would be a total distraction. 5.34pm, okay, I will walk to the library, and get the study started.

I arrived at 5.55pm, and he was already there. He beckoned me over to a corner desk, and I walked over and sat down. He looked at me. Shit. That fucking smile. Stop doing that. I need to concentrate, not get all boned up, I thought to myself.

"Hi, Josh," he said smiling. Stop smiling. You are killing me here, I said to myself. "Yeah, hi, Calumn," I replied. "Please, just 'Cal' will do," he informed me, and then the bastard smiled at me again. He knew what he was doing, in my opinion. The guy was the hottest person I'd ever seen, and he was torturing me with that smile.

We studied for a couple of hours, got a few ideas down on paper, some possible solutions to the project from 1947, and a few alternatives regarding the said project that we were quite pleased with. We recorded the premise of our idea, and then we just chatted about our love of engineering, and we got a bite to eat at the same diner.

"So, where do you come from, Josh?" he asked, and I replied, "Boston," and then he smiled. "I am here with my two closest friends," and I told him about my friendship with Todd and Dale, and our living arrangements. He listened intently to what I was saying, and then he, like Todd, shocked me.

"Do they know you're gay?" he asked.

Another deer in the headlights moment for me, "Wha..." he cut me off.

"Sorry if I shocked you, Josh. If I am wrong I am sorry. But I have a vibe. That's all," he informed me.

" that's okay. But, yeah, they know. But I didn't know I was that obvious though," I stated.

"Well, actually you're not. I've just seen how you look at me, that's all," he said, without any malice in his voice. And there he goes again, smiling at me. Damn.

"Sorry, didn't mean anything by it," I said in a quiet voice, just above a whisper. He then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I like how you look at me. Don't stop doing it. Okay?"

I couldn't help myself but smile, and didn't know what to say. He just kept looking at me and smiling. And I informed him that he and my two friends are the only ones at college that know about my sexuality.

And then he looked down again at the floor, and started to tell me about his coming out.

"I told my parents when I was 16 that I was gay," he started talking and he continued without interruption, "They did NOT take it well. My mom shouted some nasty things to me, and accused me of being an evil sinner, and said I would burn for it."

His voice was filled with emotion.

"My dad did not say much. He just punched me in the face a few of times, and kicked me hard when I was down on the floor, with my mom's encouragement, shouting at Dad to do God's willing. They said I deserved everything that was coming to me. They disowned me, saying they were throwing out the trash. And Dad picked me up by my neck and threw me out of the house, and I cracked my head on the curb. He just slammed the door on me."

I could not believe what I was hearing from this nice young man, roughly the same age as me or ever so slightly older. He had gone through so much, and from the people who are supposed to love him unconditionally. They had put him through so much pain. I put my hand on his, and he continued telling me his story.

"A neighbour saw me walking down the street with blood on my face, and thought I had been mugged. She said she would take me home. I just said they were not in, and she drove me to the nearest medical facility, and they treated my cuts and bruises."

I started to well up whilst listening.

"The doctor said they rang the number in my wallet, and the female on the other end of the phone said 'they had no son' and 'don't bother them again,' and I cried. I was 16 and lost."

I asked what happened then. "One of my emergency contacts was my grandpa," he said. "Did you tell him what happened?" he nodded, and he continued.

"He saw my face, and demanded to know who did this, and I told him what I told Mom and Dad, and how they responded, and hoped he would be different........ He was."

He continued, "He came over and wrapped his arms around me, and he cried that his son could do this to someone so special," Calumn said, with moisture in his eyes.

And he started to cry, and I took hold of his arm and said, "Come on, let's take a walk."

And Calumn nodded, and went out the door.

"So go on, Cal. What happened then?" I asked.

"Grandpa contacted the police, to inform them of what my dad had done, with Mom's encouragement. He was charged with grievous bodily harm and child abuse. A few days later my grandparents applied for legal guardianship of me, and I have been there ever since. "And your parents?" I asked. "We don't talk to them. They send cards at Christmas and birthdays, but Gramps just throws them in the trash." I just put my arm around his shoulder, as it just seemed the right thing to do, and we just walked, talking about ourselves.

The thing is though, I have been in a state of panic regarding my potential coming out, and the consequences that may entail, and then I see what Cal went through, and it puts things in a whole different perspective. My parents are great, always been there for me. I haven't taken the step of being honest with them, and that's me, not them. I'm not saying it won't be hard, and that they won't be hurt by my sexuality, but fuck sake, at least I know for certain they wouldn't abandon me like Cal's had.

"So, we okay for tomorrow night, then Cal?" I asked, and he nodded, and shit, that smile had returned! Dude, please don't do that, I need to sleep, and whacking off is all well and good, but with his smile it won't go down, I said to myself.

I went over and embraced him, and looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you for sharing." He smiled at me, and I just said to myself, "oh fuck it." I leaned over and softly placed my lips on his, and he slowly opened his lips, and my tongue slowly worked its way in and out. Our tongues softly explored each other, and the kiss became more passionate and erotic. He lightly moaned in my mouth, and then I heard,

"Dudes, get a fucking room."

I looked up to see Todd going back into the dorm complex. We parted lips and put our foreheads together, and just exhaled, and then looked at each other and smiled, and I said "See you tomorrow, okay?" Then I kissed him again, and as he walked away, he turned around and said,

"Josh, what you doing Saturday night?"

I thought for a split second, and then said, "Nothing that cannot be changed."

"Wanna come out with me then?" he asked. "On a date?" I inquired. "Yeah," he replied, and then I said, "I would like that. I would like that very much."

He backed away, and then he turned, and I watched as this tall, 6ft, jet black-haired blue-eyed Adonis walked away. Knowing I had a date. Yes, a date, with him, on Saturday night. But a study date the following night.

I walked on cloud nine, waiting for the inevitable third degree from Todd. But I didn't care. I was making progress in my college life. And I liked it.

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