Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 3

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

My classes the following day went great, with no distractions. However, I never saw Cal all day, not even at lunch and it never occurred to me to get his phone number. I didn't even know his surname yet; Jesus, he could be missing for all I know, and I can't even tell the police what his surname is. Some fucking friend I am! Stop overreacting. He's just not at school. He could have a perfectly logical answer for it, and I'm just freaking out over nothing.

We have a study date at 6pm, so I will see him then. We had a make-out session of sorts, but Christ, that doesn't make me his keeper. Get a fucking grip, Joshua, for fuck sake.

I saw Todd and Dale at lunch and they asked me how things were. They could see I was agitated.

"Josh, what up, dude?" Todd asked, looking concerned. "Nothing. I am just a little preoccupied, that's all," I answered. "What, with tall, dark, and handsome?" Dale teased. "Todd told me."

"I told Todd last night that he asked me out. So stop teasing. It gets old very fast you know," I scolded both of my friends.

"Then why do you look so fucking miserable, dude?" Dale inquired.

"Calumn," I said softly.

"What about him?" they both asked.

"He hasn't turned up today, and I am a bit worried, that's all," I informed both my friends.

"Does he have classes today, Josh? Did you check?" Todd asked.

"Yes, he told me he would see me tomorrow. And yes, he had a class with me this morning, and one this afternoon," I told them, with a frown echoing my words.

"He could be sick, Josh, and fancied a day off." Todd thought he was being helpful. Then I looked up and Cal was walking towards us with a smile on his face, and sat next to me.

"Okay, Josh, you can stop pining now, he is here," and I could have killed for that comment from Dale, with him pissing himself laughing, and Todd joining in.

"Were you worried about me, Josh?" Cal asked, looking at me with that fucking kick ass smile of his. And I thought to myself, dude, stop smiling like that, my lunch is almost over, and this boner isn't going to go down anytime soon.

"No, just wondered where you were, that's all." I tried to get away with that one.


Todd interjected, "He was one step from calling the local hospitals to see if you had been injured or something." I just looked at Todd with death rays coming from my eyes. Okay, I don't have those, but if I had one, I would most definitely use it at this precise moment, on Todd...the dick.

"Okay guys, just drop it, and stop fucking laughing. You are so not funny," I scolded both of them for embarrassing me. I introduced Calumn to my so-far-at-this-minute-but-don't-know-how-long-if-they-keep-this-up best friends. "Todd, Dale, this is Calumn, but he likes 'Cal' better," I introduced, and they shook hands and welcomed Cal with open arms.

"So Cal, where are you taking my boy on this date?" Dale asked, like a concerned parent trying his fucking best to embarrass me again...dick.

Cal looked up, without batting an eyelid, and without shame, just said, "Dinner and a movie, and if I'm lucky, laid." I just looked, as did Dale, and Todd, who by this time was pissing himself in fits of laughter, again. Cal sat there with the straightest face I had ever seen, and then he said, "Just kidding, I don't know yet. Still working on it," he rebounded, and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

I then stood up, as I was due in mathematics class in 10 minutes and had to go. "Okay guys, later. Cal, we still on for the library at six?" and he gave me the thumbs up, as he was eating, and I walked to my class.


I am here, sitting in the same seat that we were in yesterday, and he's walking over carrying two drinks. He sits down, "Thought you might fancy a coffee," he said. "Thanks," I replied. And we talked about what was planned for this project, any changes from what we decided the day before, and spent the next three hours perfecting our design and the schematic of this project. We were pretty pleased with the conclusion, and wrote it out and finalised the premise. And that was that.


As we walked back towards his dorm it was pitch black, except for the odd streetlight. We talked about our opinions on the college thus far, and he kept brushing my hand with his. We stopped by my usual oak tree, which as I found out faced his dorm. He turned and kissed me, and I wasn't shocked or surprised; I had wanted him to do that for the past half an hour, and it was perfect and full of passion.

"Can't wait for Saturday night, Cal," I said softly, looking into those 'come fuck me' eyes, and he smiled and said, "Me either," and he kissed me again.


Three guys walked past, shouting shit at us, and I recognised one of them from my math class, and he recognised me. Shit, my worst fear realised...I'm going to be outted in college. Cal just shouted back at them to fuck off, and they turned and walked towards us. I'm in full panic mode. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no pansy, I can smash it with the best of them. But these are three jocks, built like shithouses, and here is Cal and me.........fucked.

"What was that, faggot!!" one of them asked. "You say something, cocksucker!!" another one spoke, while the third just stared and laughed. "I said, FUCK OFF DICK HEAD!!!" Cal repeated, and I am shitting myself...literally. The argument continued from Cal and these wankers, and he wasn't backing down.

"If I call you a FAGGOT, I'm stating facts, as you are a cock-sucking faggot!!!" the first one repeated, while getting right in Cal's face. "And you are a fucking DICKHEAD. Fact. Now fuckoff, out of our faces," Cal yelled. "And if you try and hit me, you dick, I will defend myself. Take that as your only warning!"

The guy backed off and said, "You threatening me, faggot?" he asked. "Nope. Just saying I will defend myself, that's all," Cal returned.

"What's going on here?" I turned to see Dale walking towards us, and I breathed just a little easier. But it was dark, and then I saw two other people coming behind these three jocks, and he said, "You're still out numbered, faggot, five to three."

When they came closer, I heard, "Terry, what's going on here, dude?" a familiar voice asked. "Caught two faggots kissing by this fucking tree, and I am going to teach this one a valuable lesson about civilized society, and how faggots don't deserve to live in it," he stated, with venom and menace in his words.

"Is that right?" he said. "And you, are going to show them, are you? Five on three, am I correct, Terry?"

"Yes, Todd." And Todd responded, "WRONG."

It is five on three, but not in your favour, and he looked in my direction. "Josh, Cal, you okay?" We nodded. "Scott, these are my friends, and Josh is the engineering genius you want to talk to, okay?" and Scott, who walked over with Todd, walked and stood next to Dale. "Now, Terry, I do believe someone gave you directions out of this area."

Todd was getting in Terry's face, and he just said, "What?" and Todd replied, "FUCK OFF DICKHEAD!"

"Todd, hold up a second please," said Cal, and I watched as Cal walked over to the two bulls locking horns, and he said to Terry, "I don't know you, and I know you don't know me. But if you have a problem with me, deal with me. These guys won't interfere, and we can solve this issue right now."

Todd was holding Cal, telling him he can't handle this by himself, to let him help. And I looked on, hoping he would come to his senses and let Todd help. Then, Cal replied to him, saying, "Todd, thanks, but I made a promise to myself since I was 16. I won't let dickheads like this piece of shit bully me. Okay? So let me deal, please." He was looking directly at the guy called Terry, staring daggers.

"So let me get this right? You are going to take me on, one on one. And nobody will come and rescue your faggot ass. Is that what you are saying?" Terry inquired, and Cal just nodded.

And soon, Terry came flying at him. And, in one swift move I saw in slow motion (I really did, no shitting, it was like watching Bruce Fucking Lee), Cal grabbed Terry's arm, swept his legs off the ground, and had his leg extended and his foot against Terry's throat. Then he calmly asked, "Okay. dickhead. Do we STILL have a problem?" Terry shook his head, and Cal let him up.

Terry was holding his arm and rubbing his neck, with the other two just smirking, saying to each other, "Fuuuuck. Did you see that shit?" They quietly walked away.

A smile just flew across my face, and I wrapped my arm around Cal, and just said, "What the fuck?" He just smiled, and said, "When you are 16, and you have been outted by your parents, you either get killed, or you learn to defend yourself. Gramps taught me some mixed martial arts, and as you saw, I don't take shit from the likes of him."

"Hey, Steven Segal!" Todd shouted, and looked at Cal and smiled. "You can be my friend any day, dude."

"But watch for him, mind you. You embarrassed him in front of his friends. He might want payback, is all I'm saying. Just be careful," Todd informed him with caution.

Cal just said, "Thanks for the back-up, and the heads-up, Todd." "No problem, I told Josh I would always have his back, and now he knows it."

I smiled and went over and gave him a hug, and said, "Anything I can do in return, just ask, Todd, okay?" and he got this shit-eating grin on his face. He walked away back towards our dorm with Dale, and Scott walked in the opposite direction, saying goodnight to Todd.

I chatted with Cal for a while longer before he walked over to his dorm to go to bed. I myself walked back into my dorm, where Dale was sitting next to Todd, with smiles on their faces. Dale said, "So, Cal's a karate expert then, dude," and I just nodded and sat down, and noticed something I wasn't expecting. It looked like both my best friends were sprouting wood. Todd was slightly rubbing his crotch, and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Todd noticed this also, and a smile came across his face, and then I heard Todd speak.

"Do anything for me," he said, a little above a whisper.

"What?" Dale Asked.

"That's what Josh said to me yesterday, and something similar just a while ago."

"Really?" Dale said. "Like what!!?" he asked.

"Would you though, Josh, do anything I mean? If we asked you for a one-time, never to be repeated thing, would you do it for me, I mean us?" Todd asked, with Dale looking on. "With no repercussions, and no awkwardness either," he continued.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked, wanting to know just how far, and how much these two wanted to go, with Todd most definitely setting the mood.

"Show us how much you love us, and we will show you how much you mean to us. As I said, a one-time deal, coz soon you will have Cal for such things," he finished, waiting for my response. Mind you, I still cannot believe what is being said, but it is definitely getting hot in here. And the fucking AC is fucked yet again. But, I'm being propositioned by Todd, and yeah, I am interested.

So, I replied, "Can I be honest with you guys for a second?" They nodded.

"I have had dreams about this, and I won't apologise for that either. Look, you are two of the hottest guys I know. But you are my closest friends, and I don't want to ruin that. So I never ever hit on you, as that would have destroyed any relationship I would have made with you two."

"But, as I said, I have dreamt about this and I will, on one condition. It is a one-off, coz I wanna see where this thing with Cal goes. And to be honest, getting it on with my two best friends couldn't have me hotter. As far as right now is long as you take the lead."

So, I'll just do as you ask, as taking it is more fun for me, when you don't have to work for it. answer is yes," I said, waiting for my first instruction. But it never came. So, I went over and knelt down in front of Todd, and he stood up, and his crotch was just inches from my face.

I rubbed the outside of his crotch, and he let out an appreciative moan. I kept on doing that and I could feel his cock growing with my touch. "Yeah, Josh. That feels so fucking good," he moaned, and Dale came and stood next to Todd. I began doing the same to him, and he responded the same way.

I removed my hand from Dale's crotch and undid the silver belt buckle and the button on Todd's jeans. I opened the zipper and pulled his jeans down and off. His boxer briefs were bulging, and a wet spot of pre-cum was evident. The smell was intoxicating. I licked at the wet spot and on the outline of Todd's cock through his boxers, and tasted the sweet nectar that was Todd. I then slowly pulled down his boxers, and his cock sprang back and slapped his abs hard, and sprayed pre-cum all over his torso. I licked it off, and couldn't wait to wrap my lips around my friend's engorged cock that was all of nine inches and thick. He tasted heavenly, and all that was going through my mind was this could have been mine last summer. But it was mine right now.

I got about four inches into my mouth, and he started to slowly fuck my face with short and then longer strokes. In the meantime I was massaging Dale's cock through his boxers. He stood up. With Todd's cock still fucking my face, I tried very hard to get Dale's boxers down and off. Then Todd pushed to the back of my throat and I began to gag just a bit. But I knew I could control that, as I had practice. I relaxed my throat and just let it happen; eventually Todd was fucking my throat, "Fuck, Josh, this is awesome. Ahhhhhhh," he moaned in pleasure, and again, "OHHHHH, FUCK YEAHHHH!!!" he screamed.

I could feel Todd's cock thicken, and knew what that meant. Soon he exploded down my throat, filling my stomach with his cum, but pulling out in time to shoot over my tongue. So I got to taste my friend's essence in my mouth.

He pulled out and said, "Dude, what can I say? That was fucking hot, and I can't wait for more of that shit when I get my breath back. Fuck."

I looked at him, not saying anything, and now I had Dale to help cum.

He moved in front of me, looking down at me, and I opened my mouth. And he looked at me as he slid his cock through my lips and into my welcoming mouth. He closed his eyes and started to thrust in and out of my mouth. He ended down my throat and his breaths became rapid and strong. He was holding my head as he started to skull fuck me...not hard...but skull fucking none the less.

"Fuck, Josh, this feels fucking brilliant, and my cock is in heaven," he moaned with laboured breath.

"God, your mouth is fucking fantastic," he continued, and then he pulled out and sat down on the sofa. He beckoned me over to continue, and I did I slid back down his pole with my needy mouth, as Todd vanished for a couple of minutes.

Todd came back with his bottle of lube and started rubbing it onto his fingers, while I was bobbing up and down on Dale's rock hard, leaking cock. He tasted awesome. Then I felt Todd rubbing his fingers at my asshole, and rubbing it with a little pressure. I started to moan, and it wasn't long before a finger slipped inside me. I have only ever been fucked once, so I told him to be careful, as I haven't done this for a while.

He asked, "Do you wanna stop, then, Josh?" I shook my head. If I was going to be fucked, I couldn't think of anyone better than one of my two closest friends.

He continued to rub inside my hole, opening me up with two fingers now. There was some discomfort, but he took his time to work me open. Now Dale's cock started to thicken, and he pulled out while he was shooting, and rested his cockhead on my bottom lip, making sure I received everything he had to give. My mouth was full and overflowing with his cum.

I swallowed it, and licked his cock clean, and he flopped back down on the sofa. I stood up and walked over and sat on the sofa next to Dale, but lowered my ass down so Todd could continue to work it. After about ten minutes he had four fingers in me, and I felt like I was floating on air. I was on Pleasure Heaven Island and never wanted to come home.

He then removed his fingers and picked up a condom, and rolled it down his cock, which was now back to full mast, and eager to get to work.

"Take it slowly, please, Todd. I know it's going to hurt me. Despite the preparation you have done, it will still hurt. But don't worry about it, okay? If it is too much, I will tell you. Okay?"

There was a long pause when Todd stopped rolling the condom, and started looking to the ceiling. I could tell he was in serious thought about something, and then he spoke.

"Sorry, Josh, I cannot hurt you. It's just not in me. Don't get me wrong here, I wanna nail your ass so bad, it's killing me. But I won't be the one that takes you first tonight. I will let Dale do that. He is your main bro, anyway."

I just looked at him. He looked hurt, and I don't like to hurt him. Yes, being taken by my friends is going to hurt, as it had been almost 18 months since I last had anal sex. It will probably feel like the first time all over again, and I can see his point of Dale going first, as he is a little smaller, but not by much. And, despite what Todd has said, he is equal in my eyes. I love them just as much. Especially how they responded to me. Okay, I have just sucked them off, and now I'm about to be nailed. But that's beside the point. Dale taking me first would be brilliant, and I can see in his eyes he wants to do it.

"Take it easy Dale, I know what you are like. This is my ass, and the less pain the more fun, okay?" I said to him.

"Josh, I would never hurt you, and I am honoured you will let me do this," he said with that shit-faced grin of his. I said to him, "Shit-head, just take it easy and stop when I ask you to, so I can relax and get used to it. Okay?" He nodded.

He rubbed lube over his condom-covered cock, and placed it at my asshole. He lifted himself up, balancing on his ample, strong-muscled arms, and pressed in slowly. I held my hand on his chest as a shot of pain ripped through me, and he looked at me, concerned, and said, "I am pulling out." I grabbed his arm and said, "Just wait." "Dude, you're hurting, even I can see that." I shook my head, then said, "It's getting better. Just wait." A minute had passed, and I told him to carry on, and he did, with a little discomfort, but nothing I couldn't handle. Soon he bottomed out and I told him to wait again.

After a short while I told him, "Okay, take it slowly. Okay?"

And he slowly began to withdraw and push back in, gradually picking up the pace. Soon he was deep slotting me, and I was moaning like a bitch.

And he started to really ram home, rubbing his cock over my prostate, which made me moan and shiver every time the head of his cock crossed over it. He still had me moaning in sheer pleasure.

"Turn over, Josh. I wanna hit that from the back," he asked.

And I did, and he re-entered me, ramming with some force, and had me almost screaming.

My best friend was taking me to nirvana, and he knew it; he kept talking dirty to me with every stroke of his cock.

"You love my cock, don't you, Josh? You wanna scream like a bitch? Go on, scream for me, bitch! Go on, Josh. Tell me to fuck you harder. Beg for my cock, Josh. Plead for me to fuck your brains out!"

And that's exactly what I was doing. He had been fucking me for 20 minutes, and I was in sheer ecstasy, and then he pulled out. I was panting on the floor like a five-dollar whore, rubbing my asshole, and it was slightly open as I rubbed it. My fingers slipped in, and it felt strange...but good strange.

Dale stopped, and said he did not want to cum just yet. Todd came over, his cock still like steel and his condom was still on. He spread more lube over his massive erection, and placed it at the entrance to my hole, and pushed in. A little discomfort, but nothing like before, and he just went straight for it, hammering my ass for all it was worth.

"Shit, Josh, you are so fucking tight, it's amazing. I could hit this ass all fucking night!" he moaned.

Again, I was whimpering like a bitch, and couldn't help myself, moaning in sheer pleasure at what my friends were doing to me. I had never felt so much pleasure ever in my life, and my friends were fucking me all the way to heaven. I don't think I could take much more of this, my nuts were contracting and ready to explode. "I need to change positions, Josh," he asked.

He got me to lie back on my back, and said he wanted to see my face while he fucked me hard. By God, he hammered my ass like his life depended on it.

"Dude, I couldn't fuck Candice like this. I would break her in two," he moaned out loud. "Fuck! Your ass is so fucking hot, Josh. It's so fucking hot!"

He started to pant heavily whilst he quickened up the pace and then it happened.


He exploded deep in my ass into his condom, now filled. He pulled his cock out and pulled his filled condom off, and poured the contents into my open mouth, and he again tasted fantastic. He was now spent, and then Dale came over and ploughed straight in, deep. Like Todd, he started to power fuck me and hard. Without any concern for the neighbours, he screamed out and shouted,

"Fuck yeah, take it! Take it! You know you want it, and I'm giving it to you, Josh. Your ass has my cock wrapped in heaven, dude. Fuck!!!!" he yelled. "Take it!!!!" He pummelled my ass like his life depended on it. He showed me no mercy, and I liked it.

"Fuck, Dale, yeah, that's it. Ahhhhhh, fuck, Dale. Damn, your dick's killing me! Shiiiiiit!" I screamed with him. He was pushing all the right buttons, hitting all the right keys. He was making my mind sing. He was relentless, pounding me deep, confirming my new status as a cock hungry teenager, but not a slut.

I moaned and my eyes rolled in my head, and my dick was stirring, and being urged on by Todd. Dale just kept pounding me, moving me up against the wall, riding upwards to my ass, and screaming in my ear.

"Fucking hell, Josh, you have one hungry hole. It's sucking me in. Christ. Shit, dude."

He then moved me over to the wall mirror so he could see himself fucking me, relentlessly. I could see his dick sliding effortlessly in and out of me. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen; it was a site to behold.

He then got me on the floor, on my back, and started deep slotting me hard, and my ball's grew tight. I knew I wasn't far off from exploding. He was breathing hard and fast, as his cock was now a blur, reaming out my ass. "FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!" he shouted, and my balls slightly gave, and I was pushed over the edge. He pulled out just as I exploded over my head and onto my face, as he slid his cock back into my eager, hungry, wanting mouth. He erupted volumes in my mouth, me taking his second load tonight, and it just slid down my throat.

We both collapsed, exhausted, along with Todd, on the floor, breathing heavy. Both my best friends and I were spent.

Not a word was said between us for the longest time. Finally, just as Dale got dressed, he turned and smiled at me and just said, "Good night," and went back to his room. Hope he's not freaked out by this, I thought to myself.

Laying on my bed, talking to Todd, thinking about tonight's events, including Cal's Bruce Lee act, (and I did see that in slow motion...I swear to God, no kidding) and the greatest sexual experience of my life thus far, he asked, "Were you okay with this, Josh? We didn't cross the line of friendship with you, did we?"

I replied, "Todd, to be honest, even though I told you I had dreams of this, I would never have sought it out with you two. But, I don't regret the single most sexual experience I had ever had. I just hope Dale isn't freaked out. That's all."

"Why would you think he was?" he asked.

"He left, and was strange the way he did. That's all. And whose idea was this, anyway?"

"Mine. Sorry," he replied. "So, when did Dale agree to this, then?" I asked.

"He didn't," he replied.

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