Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 4

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"What do you mean he didn't?" I asked, worried.

I was concerned, thinking that Dale may have felt pressured into going along with tonight's events, despite the fact he clearly enjoyed what he was doing. Christ, he shot twice into my mouth, so am I worrying over nothing? Or will this change things? They promised nothing would change, and this was a one off.

"Well, Josh, he wasn't forced, was he?" he reiterated. "And he could have stopped. Besides, he was eager to fuck your ass as much as I was tonight, so stop worrying dude and get some sleep."

"I can't help thinking that things have changed between the three of us now, and don't think it will go back to the way it was," I said with a solemn tone.

The light in the room came on, and Todd stood up and walked over to my bed and sat down. He put his hand on my leg, patting it, and then said in a gentle manner,

"Josh, things won't change. We had an experience an amazing one that we will never do again. It was just one of those things you do and put it down as one of life's great experiences. You just have to see it that way, that's all, and move on. See what Cal can bring into your life, and don't worry about Dale, he will be fine. Honest," he assured me, and I lay down to go to sleep, but not without a bit of apprehension.

I got up around 8.30 the following morning. Todd was still asleep. He didn't have class until later, so I decided to go and walk in with Dale, as I knew he had a class around about the same time as mine. I walked along the hall and knocked on his room door, and when it opened Ty was standing there.

"Hi, Josh, you looking for Dale?" he asked. "Yeah, is his lazy ass up" I replied. "He left about 20 minutes ago. He is in a grouchy mood, though," he mentioned. "You guys have a falling out or something?" I replied in the negative, said my goodbyes, and left.

I fucking knew it. He's freaked out. "SHIT!" I yelled, with a few people looking in my direction as I crossed the square. I fucking knew this would happen. I should have said no, and none of this would be happening. Me and my fucking libido. My fucking teenage horny hormones. "Fuck!" More looks in my direction, as Cal walked towards me.

"Bad night?" he asked. "Just didn't sleep well, that's all," I lied, as didn't want to tell him about this. Not for my sake—I don't care. But I don't want my two friends' reputations getting shit on, so this had better to stay between ourselves.

Besides, I think I will be outted by the end of today anyway, due to the guy in my mathematics class seeing me kiss Cal last night, fucking Terry Reynolds.

We walked into the corridor, and I spotted Dale. He saw me, but he turned down and walked away, down the stairs very quickly, and my heart just sank. My best friend had just turned and walked away from me, and I don't know what to do. Cal didn't notice Dale, and said he would see me at lunch, and I nodded.

I went to my trig class, and more or less coasted through it, not really concentrating on anything. I was given a pile of assignments to work on, and put them in my shoulder bag with the rest of my college stuff. I walked out into the corridor and that's when it started.

"Faggot" a voice yelled when passing me.

The guy from my math class was laughing in the hall, and was talking to some other people and looking at me, and they were not all jocks either.


That came from another direction, and I saw Dale again, walking along the hall.

"Faggot cocksucker!" from another direction. And Dale just walked past me, not even making eye contact, and I shouted at him, "You have my back Dale? Thanks for nothing!"

I left the hall, walking across the square, and again my heart trying its best to leave my chest, I wanted to vomit so badly it hurt.

"Faggot!" and tears were now building up in my eyes. I ran and sat under my oak tree, looking into the area where that girl was sitting yesterday, when a guy approached me and sat down, and did not say a word. He was about 5' – 11", blond hair, looking fairly fit, but I didn't know why he's sitting next to me. He looked about my age, if not slightly older.

And then he spoke. "It gets better," he said. "They will get bored and focus on something else," he continued. "But if it gets out of hand, and I am watching, I have three names written down already for the faggot chants," he said.

"Sorry, what? And, what do you mean?" I asked, looking at him, waiting for some relief from my tormentors.

"This college has a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination," he said. "And the three names I have are from sophomores, and should know better," he said.

"Sorry, who are you?" I asked.

"Sorry, Travis James," he responded. "I assist with the student welfare program. You know…any problems, come and see us. I was walking through the halls and heard the comments, and followed you out here," he informed me. "Here, take this card in case you want any assistance from us," he said before leaving.

I sat under the tree, looking skywards, and just thinking that being out will be tough. I hoped I would have my friends backing me up, but Dale's actions today have me thinking otherwise. Todd, on the other hand, has proven that he does have my back, and is not freaked out from last night's developments. But Dale is, or was, my best friend.

I stood up, ready to go to my next class, when Todd walked over, slapped me on the back, and asked if my date with Cal has been sorted for the weekend yet. "Well?" he asked. And I responded with, "Nothing has been sorted yet, but I am seeing him later, anyway, and besides, it is only Thursday."


"What the fuck? Who fucking said that? Come say that to my fucking face, you dumb fucks!" Todd yelled. And I spoke, "That was aimed at me." He looked at me for a few seconds, and then said, "How the fuck do you know that?" and I explained that I had gotten these comments all morning, and now they were getting really old.

"Sorry, dude, I didn't think Terry would spread it that quickly," he said quietly, not to let prying ears get any more info than they already had.

"At least you have mine and Dale's support. You will be fine," he informed me. But my smile disappeared from my face, and was replaced with a distinctive frown.

"What?" he asked. "Dale," I said. "What about him, dude?" he replied. And I went into detail the way Dale had acted the two times I had seen him, with him blanking me, and walking away; and when I was being verbally attacked, how he walked straight past me and ignored the abuse I was receiving.

"So you were right. He has freaked out about last night," he said. I just said, "Yeah, looks that way."

"I will have a word with him, see if I can sort this out. I am sorry, Josh, and I didn't think he would bail on you like that," he said, with a hint of disappointment in his tone.

We walked back into the hall, and walked towards my final lecture for today. At least this one would have a friendly face, in the shape of Cal.

I spotted him, and sat next to him, and I filled him in on the remarks that I had been getting. He just said it would get easier, and don't let the fucking dickheads get to me. "Don't let the bastards grind you down," was his exact quote, and that brought a smile to my face.

"Fucking faggots!"

Here we go again. But before Cal said something…

"Mr Reynolds, please vacate your seat and remove yourself from my presence. That sort of behaviour does not belong in my classroom. Now out."

And what surprised me was several of the students applauded the professor for doing so. I was both shocked and amazed with the response from some of the students. But there were some sitting, shaking their heads, with three actually standing up and walking out in some sort of protest.

"Anyone else has an opinion on uncivilised behaviour, please feel free to comment," he spoke.

"Okay. Back to learning," he mused.

And the lecture started. I took the notes required, and an assignment was set, with an essay based on our own interpretation of the book The English Patient, and how it was adapted for screenplay in modern day cinema. So, no small assignment there, but then I suppose it was a distraction from the abuse.

Cal walked with me out of the college and towards the dorms. I saw Dale again but he was talking to Todd, and it didn't look a cosy conversation, because when we approached them Dale looked at me and walked away. "For fuck sake, Dale!" I shouted and got no response.

"Let him go, Josh, he will come round in his own time," Todd said. "You think?" I replied, with sarcasm in my tone, shaking my head. "I wish I wasn't going home tomorrow now, with this shit going on," Todd said, shaking his head as well.

I said goodbye to Cal, and headed back to my room, just to have a nap and get rid of this headache. I fell asleep almost straight away, but was woken up by Todd coming back in a couple of hours later.

We talked and mentioned that he was thinking of calling his mom and cancelling Saturday's trip so he could be here for me. "No, go. You have to be there for your brother, and besides, you will be back Sunday, yeah?" I said, and asked if that was right about Sunday. "Yeah, but are you sure, Josh?" and I assured him I would be okay. Besides, I told him I was out Saturday night anyway, and he nodded in agreement.

We watched a soccer game on ESPN, and had some pizza delivered. Still no sign of Dale; but we then watched a movie that was on, and just chatted about his trip back home. He was looking forward to seeing his baby brother, for his 14th birthday, and leaving tomorrow for the day on Friday, before driving back on Sunday. The real reason for going, I think, was to get his car; but seeing family is always a plus.

I woke up relatively early due to the fact I had a two-hour nap last night before going to bed. I decided to go for a run; I usually ran with Dale, but didn't bother knocking. I just went and ran, and it was a brisk day but good for running in. Being by myself gave me time to think about things in general. If I keep getting remarks like the day before, do I use the card that Travis gave me, to ask for assistance? Or, do I just tough it out? Perhaps getting Cal to teach me some moves to defend myself is an option.

I only had one class today, and it was advanced applied dynamics. It was only a 90-minute course for the upcoming advanced engineering course that I was going to start next week. This would be a taster of what I would expect.

I attended the lecture, and it was very informative. I only got called 'faggot' once, and he was shouted down by some female students, and left with his head bowed down. That brought a smile to my face for the first time today.

I went back to the dorm to see Todd off and all of a sudden I was alone. One friend away and one that may as well had been.

It's 5.30pm Friday, and I haven't seen Dale since this time yesterday, and it hit me all of a sudden. I had known Dale since my second birthday, when our families had set up a play date, and we became friends—proper friends—when we were eight. We met Todd when we were ten, and since then we haven't been separated more than 24 hours in the full day sense. Even when a family organised a vacation, the other two were always invited. No matter where they were going, we three never parted for long. And since I was ten, I had at least talked to Dale every single day, and I mean every single day. Over the last nine years we have spoken every day, and now that has been destroyed. Over sex. I wish I could go back and just say it. "NO."

But that cannot happen. I don't know if this friendship with my best friend, my brother, in all sense of the word, can be repaired. I cannot try if he won't even acknowledge me. And it's killing me. I have tried his phone, but it goes straight to voicemail, so he's screening his calls now. Christ, this is going to be a long weekend.

11pm "Fuck it," I said, and just went to bed. The night is a bust.

I lay in bed and my phone went and it was Todd's number. "Hi, Todd. Get home okay, dude?" I asked.

"Yeah, been here about 15 minutes. Smooth drive, though. No hold ups. The bus driver never even stopped for a piss or smoke break. It was good," he said, pleased with his journey. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and did not mention Dale during our short conversation. He just ended with, "Enjoy yourself with Cal on Saturday night. See you Sunday."

I put some tunes on my iPod and drifted off to sleep, hoping for a better day tomorrow. At least it was the weekend.

I again woke up early on Saturday morning, and decided to go for a run. I contemplated knocking on Dale's door, but thought better of it. I ran down the corridor, down the stairs, into bright sunshine, and ran for about four miles before slowing down. Doing my stretches to warm down, I spotted Dale sitting under my oak tree, with his head in his hands.

I decided to throw caution to the wind, and walked over to see if he would talk to me, coz this is literally killing me.

"Dale," I said, not three yards from him. No response. "Dale," I repeated. "What do you want, Josh?" he said, sounding tired. "To talk," I said.

"I am not ready to talk to you yet, Josh," he said, not sounding as tired, and standing up to walk away from me again. "Why are you being like this?" I asked. He turned around sharply, and said,

"Okay. You wanna know why, dude? You sucked my cock, and drank my cum. I fucked you up the ass, and you begged me, and I mean begged me not to stop. Then I stuck my cock down your throat, and you milked my balls dry, and then you cleaned my cock with your tongue." he said in an angry manner.

"Don't get me wrong Josh. It felt great, and I enjoyed it. But the realisation is, I had just done that with someone I consider a brother. I feel like I've committed incest, and I hate myself for that, and at the minute I cannot deal with that. So please do me and you a favour, and fuck off!"

And with that said, he walked away towards the dorm complex, leaving me speechless and dumbfounded.

I never thought he would ever talk to me like that, no matter what I did. Okay, I also love him like a brother. Is he like this because I told them that I had fantasized about doing that? Was that too much for him to handle? Todd asked if they had crossed the lines of friendship. Now I am asking if I have just destroyed the lines of that friendship. "Fuck, what have I done?" I said out loud.

"What did you say?" Cal said, walking towards me. "Nothing. Just thinking out loud," I said. "You are up sharp," I said. "Yeah, I work weekends," he said. "Yeah, where?" I asked, wanting to know, as I am a nosy so-and-so.

"I work at that diner we have been to," he said, and smiled. "Want breakfast? My treat!" And I nodded, and returned the smile. "So, where are you taking me tonight?" I asked. "A party," he replied. "What party?" I asked, quizzing him. "A friend's house off-campus, and they have a pool," he informed me. "Bring shorts," he continued.

After a short walk we arrived at the diner, where he donned an apron and white cap, and proceeded to prepare my breakfast. I was quite surprised how quickly he could get ham and eggs sorted before his first customer came in. "Coffee, Cal, please," said an elderly gentleman. "Anything to eat, Mr Jarvis?" he asked. "Not just now, Cal, thanks," he replied. I ate my breakfast; and we had some small talk, and arranged to meet by my oak tree at 6 sharp, and then I left.

I went back to my dorm, as I had not had a shower after my run. Frankly, I could smell myself in the diner, so I supposed Cal could as well. That's all I need, my date thinking I stink. I took my shower, and decided to catch up on some of the assignments that I had received the day before. I had nothing else planned so, I cracked open the books.

I looked over to the wall clock and it was just after 3.30pm. I decided to sort some clothes out for tonight, including a pair of board shorts for under my jeans, in case I decide to go for a swim. After that was sorted, I lay down for a short snooze, and then my phone went off.

"Hi, Mom, how is Dad?"

"He's fine. Missing you, though," she said, happy in her voice.

"How're my boys doing? I know Todd's here, but how are you and Dale keeping?" she inquired. "He's out on a date, mom," I lied, as what could I say to my Mom, honestly? Oh, hi Mom. I sucked his dick, and now he's being one. So I lied. It's easier, believe me.

We talked about school for a while, and she told me how Todd was dressed up as a cowboy for his brother's themed birthday party, and he was in his element. We said our goodbyes; I told her I loved and missed her, and I would see her in three weeks, as planned.

Three weeks. Would I tell them about me? That's something I would seriously have to think about. But not right now, as its 5.22pm and I have to get dressed.


Okay, is he going to show? He was the one that said 6pm sharp, and now its ten past. Is he playing me? Making me wait? Five more minutes then I am going home. Soon I heard a car horn and this beat up Ford pick-up drove up the road, stopped opposite me, and Cal got out. "Sorry I am late. I had to wait for my truck," he said, apologetically, and I smiled. "Your truck?" I asked. "Gramps' actually. He let me have it when I came here," he informed me.

"So, how far is this party anyway?" I asked, in case he is a serial killer. I want to prepare myself for feeling an axe cracking my skull, I laugh to myself.

"About a mile away," he said, pointing at the hills around campus. "That white one there," he pointed out, and it was huge. "How do you know these people, anyway?" I asked, again, coz I am naturally nosy. "Travis lives here," he said.

I was looking at him, of course, wanting to know who Travis is, and what he has going on with him. My mind was doing cartwheels and making up all kinds of shit. I need to relax. Breathe, breathe.

"Who is Travis, may I ask?" again, wanting to know so my heartbeat can go back to actually beating in my chest, and not lodged in my throat where it is presently residing.

"He works on campus, he assists in…"

"Student welfare," I cut him off. "Yeah, I met him yesterday. I was getting hassled from some homophobes," I told him. "He just said it would get better, and they would find something else to amuse themselves." Now I am thinking, is Travis gay? Does Cal fancy him? If so, why am I here? A distraction? Or perhaps to make said Travis jealous.

We arrived at this palatial house. Huge. We walked around the side into an enormous rear garden where the party was set near the pool. Travis approached and greeted Cal with a firm handshake, and then approached me. "Hi, Josh, pleased Cal dragged you along," he said with a kind smile. "Come on, I will introduce you to some people," he said gripping my arm. I, in turn, grabbed Cal in the process.

"This is Victoria," he introduced her to myself and then to Cal, "My fiancé," he said. Silly me, thinking he was a love interest for Cal. "Congratulations, Travis, she's beautiful," I said, and Cal nodded in agreement. "Thank you guys. Have fun; the changing rooms are over there, if you fancy a dip," he pointed to a row of small shed-like structures.

"Do you want to swim?" Cal asked. "Do you?" I replied, and he smiled and said, "Race you!"

I stripped, whilst he ran to one of the changing rooms. I piled my clothes near a stone statue of a lion, and jumped into a kidney-shaped swimming pool that was already crowded, but had plenty of room. I saw Cal looking around, trying to spot me, and I whistled, which drew attention towards me, and I had to apologise. "Sorry," I said, with Cal laughing at my expense. I blushed that dark red, yet again, and he smiled at me. I thought to myself, don't smile, Cal. How will I explain a boner in a pool with all these people in here? Stop smiling please.

He got in and I immediately pounced and ducked him under the water. He came back up, sputtering and laughing, ducking me under several times through the next few hours.

We met quite a few new people from the area, including the owner of the diner, who asked if I needed a weekend job. I said I would think about it and would get back to him. "You should take it, you know," Cal said to me. "It means we get to work together," and he smiled. "I said I would think about it, didn't I?" I replied with a giggle in my speech.

The time was getting late and we called it a night. We said good night to our hosts, and thanked them for a great evening, and they mentioned we should do it again sometime.

Cal drove back to the dorm complex, parking outside of his building, saying he would walk me back. I said there was no point in walking me back to my dorm, just to walk back here again. He looked at me as though he wanted to say something, but I cut him off before he could.

"Cal, I like you, and I don't want to rush things by jumping straight into bed. I want to get to know you, and you me. Okay?" He smiled, leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, and said, "I couldn't agree more, Josh." I smiled, returning the affection shown in that kiss.

I watched him walk into his dorm, while I started walking towards mine and I was happy.

"HELLO FAGGOT!!!!!" I felt a punch to my face, and I dropped, and then a kick to my stomach. Then I thought I heard shouting and everything started to go black.

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