Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 5

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"Hey, kid, you okay?"

I couldn't make out who was speaking. "Kid, can you hear me?" I looked up, but something was in my eyes. "Can you tell me your name, kid?" Again, the disembowelled voice I could hear asked. "Josh, Josh Miller," I told him. "What happened?" I asked, not knowing what happened to me, and who was this asking my name anyway?

"Pleased you are okay, Josh," he replied. "I was doing my rounds, and saw two guys jump you," and, he continued to tell me, "I shouted, and they ran off. I will check the CCTV when I get back to my post." "Ben Kips, campus security," he introduced himself, and I shook his hand, and he helped me up on to my feet, and I wobbled a bit, and he held on to me to stop me from falling. "Better get you checked over, Josh," he said. I said I would be okay, but he said I was bleeding and should get checked out. I just nodded and he walked me over to his car.

He drove me to the campus medical centre where he explained to the night nurse what he had seen, and she came over to check me out. "How many fingers do I have up, Josh?" she asked, and I responded with a favourable answer. She checked my ribs, and nothing was broken, but she did say to take it easy, as they would be sore for a while, and she then cleaned the head wound, and I had to have a single stitch, and she stated that she was worried that I may have a slight concussion.

"Is there someone you could call to come get you, Josh?" she asked, and I could not think of anyone, except Dale, but he told me to fuck off and leave him alone. I thought about Cal, but I did not want to concern him unduly. So I pretended to make a call, and told the nurse that my roommate would come and collect me out front, yet another lie.

I left the centre, and saw Ben from campus security still sitting in his car, eating a doughnut and drinking coffee, so I went over, and thanked him for his help as if he didn't already know how much I appreciated it. "No problem Josh, pleased I could help," he said with a small smile. Then, knowing I may have been in worse shape than I realised, he quickly added "You need a lift back?" and I said, "Yes, thanks," and got in his car. He drove me straight to my dorm building and, again, I thanked him. "Take care, Josh Miller." And with that, he left.

I got into my room, went straight into the bathroom to survey the damage, and was shocked at what I saw! My left eye was almost closed and already beginning to darken, the small cut above that eye was swollen, my lip had a fat lump on it and was inflamed, and my ribs had a large bruise forming. I looked like I had been in a full contact MMA bout on ESPN and it hurt like fuck.

Before this happened I had a mixed day: the fight that I apparently was having with Dale is not resolved, and I cannot see it resolving anytime soon; and, I had a great night with Cal at Travis's home–until being attacked–and those words "Hello, faggot!" reverberating in my head.


I have been told not to sleep in case I have concussion, but how do I stay awake? Watch TV? Put my iPod on? How does this stop me from sleeping? These things help me sleep! And, sure enough, soon after, I was out like a light.

I awoke a little after 12pm with a blinding headache and only able to see out of my right eye, as my left was now completely closed. I went to the wall mirror to see what I looked like. "Not pretty," I said out loud, with nobody here to hear me. My eye was a mess, my face was badly bruised, the small cut now was also bruised, and my ribs looked like a well-used gym bag.

My phone rang, annoying me due to the fact that my head was splitting, and I answered, "Hey, dip shit." It was Todd, sounding too happy for this time of day. "Come down, see my ride. It's sweet," he said, with excitement. "You're back already?" I asked. "Yeah, come down," he said.

"No, you better come up," I said. "What's up, dude?" he asked. "Just come up," I repeated, and then hung up the phone.

Two minutes later the door opened. His smile vanished and he came over to me, flung his arms around me and held my head. "When did this happen?" he asked, "and who the fuck did this to you?" he demanded. "Last night after I left Cal, someone shouted 'Hello, faggot,' and the next I knew security was with me," I told him, with him now looking all pissed off. "Fuck, Josh, I told you I should have stayed," he said, with anger in his words.

"Why? You couldn't have known this was going to happen to me," I assured him, and he was still shaking his head angrily. "I will find the fucker!" he yelled, "and I will bust him until I'm satisfied!" he said, still angry. "There were two of them, according to security," I told him. "Seriously?" he asked, and I just nodded. "Fucking cowards!" he yelled.

"Where was Dale through this?" again he demanded, and I filled him in on our altercation the day before and what was said.

"He told you to fuck off?" he asked.

"He's having a tough time about what we did," I told him. "Fucking tough," he responded, angry again. "He is supposed to have your back, not be a crying bitch!" he kept to the same tone. He then grabbed his phone to make a call. "Where are you?" he said loudly. "My room! Two minutes!" he yelled. "I don't give a shit! Two minutes! My fucking room!!!!" he screamed down the phone and hung up. "Fucking dick," he said a little quieter.

Suddenly the door flung open, and Dale fumed, looking straight at Todd, "Who the fuck do you…" and he stopped when he saw me.

"Fuck sake Josh!" he came to me, but not touching me. "What happened?" he asked. "If you were not being a fucking dipshit, you would know," Todd replied. "He got fucking jumped last night by two fucking assholes, and security saved him from worse," he continued in the same pissed off manner.

I, at this point, had not yet spoken. I couldn't get a word in as Todd was in full pissed off mode and you don't really have a chance when he is going like that.

"You have stitches?" Dale said. And I nodded. "Why didn't you ring me?" he asked, and eventually I got a chance to speak. "You didn't want to talk to me, and you did tell me to 'fuck off'," I reiterated. "Fuck, Josh, not over something like this. Fuck sake!" he yelled. "Look, Josh, I am pissed off at myself, not you!" he again yelled.

"You could have fucking fooled me, you fuck! I was being called everything the other day, and you walked passed me, not even looking me in the eye! You abandoned me. Do you know how I felt then, Dale? I felt like shit!!! My so-called best friend abandoned me to the sharks. And now this!"

I was in full rant mode now.

"No, I don't blame you for my attack, but when the nurse was treating me, I was asked if I wanted to call someone, and besides you, there was nobody I could. I felt alone. For the first time in my life I felt alone, Dale." I continued to yell, with Todd seething.

"You were supposed to be my best friend, and you weren't there for me when I needed you Dale, and you are like this because what? You cannot get over the fact you enjoyed, and yes, Dale, I am saying enjoyed fucking me, and if that pisses you off? So. Fucking. What. It was an experience. Treat it as such. Put it in a box, saying things done that I enjoyed, and fucking get over it!"

I said it all with venom, looking at my best friend's face.

"Josh…Josh, I am sorry. Believe me, I know you're right, but it's hard. I will get over it, and yes I did enjoy it. We all did. It's just you begged me not to stop, and that sticks in me. You begged for me to keep going, and then there was Todd pouring his cum from a rubber into your mouth. It just…I'm sorry, okay?" he said, without any harm meant by his words. "I cum twice in your mouth, and you wanted more, you demanded more. You were in all sense a…okay, I'm sorry but, a slut," he said shockingly.

"Dale, when you have sex do you over exert yourself to a point of frenzy?" I asked. He was looking at me and nodding. "Dude, that's all I was doing, that was a one off, and I wanted to enjoy every aspect of it. Tasting my two best friends was a good part of it, and I don't regret that, but if I had known I would lose my best friend, my answer should have been–would have been–a resounding NO!" I spoke from my heart and he could see that.

He stood up, went over to Todd and hugged him and apologised for failing to protect me. And then he came over and held me, the first time since that night he held me, and then spoke softly,

"Josh, forgive me please. You will always be my best friend. Regardless. And, I should have been there for you no matter what. And, yes it was a one off, and it was a wonderful experience I will treasure but never repeat. I do now regret the way I have been."

His turn now:

"And, I should have reacted to that dick who called you a faggot, and be sure by my words I will not let it slide in the future. Please forgive me, Josh. Please. I beg you," he continued, with remorse.

"I need you more than you need me. I have been a fucking idiot, and now look at your face. I could have been there to stop it, or at least been there when you were getting treated. I have fucked up Josh, and I don't give a shit what we did now, I just want my best friend back. Please forgive me," he said, with tears streaming down his face, and I just hugged him tight until he squeezed back and hurt my ribs, and he apologised. "You hurt me Dale," I said, "don't ever do it again." He hugged me and said, "Never."

Shaking me from this embrace, Todd asked, "So do you remember anything about your attackers?" "Ben said he would check the CCTV when he got back to his post, but I never gave him my number," I said to Todd. "I take it Ben was the security guy who saved you then?" Todd inquired, looking at Dale with a little scorn in his words.

I answered in the affirmative, and we agreed that we would go to the security centre to see if they had seen anything that could help before we stopped by the police precinct to report the assault.

Before we got to the security centre Cal was walking towards us, wondering why I was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses on a relatively dull afternoon.

"Hey guys, what's up with the dramatic get up Josh?" he asked, before I removed my glasses and cap, showing him my appearance. "Jesus, what happened to you for fuck sake?" he yelled at us, and I explained that when we said our goodbye's the night before I had been walking back for about five minutes, and I was jumped, and explained about the guard that saved me and my treatment at the centre.

"I knew I should have walked you back, I fucking told you I should!" he yelled. "Fucking knew it!"

He was mad at me. "Two of them? Fuck!" and I nodded.

"I should have walked you home, Josh," he said with some sorrow in his voice. "Then what? You walk back, and you get jumped? I never heard them until it was too late, Cal, and by time you would have left me, the security guy would have already passed and you could have been killed. All I got was roughed up a little. You could have been killed!" I pleaded with him, and he was then holding me and kissing me on the side of my face.

All four of us stood in the foyer of the security building waiting to speak to the supervisor. A middle-aged lady came and talked to us, and I explained what had happened the night before, and wondered if anything got picked up on CCTV that could identify my attackers. " I will check, Mr Miller, as officer Kip did submit a report of the incident in question. Please bear with me a moment please," she said, and she left the office for a few minutes.

She returned with a disc and placed it in her laptop to show me what had been captured. It was dark, but you could see me walking along the footpath, and then one guy followed by a second jump me, but it was too dark to make them out, and then I saw Ben come into the picture and they ran off.

"Sorry it isn't any clearer, Mr Miller, but it is dark in that area. We need more lighting." I had to agree. She then packaged up the disc so I could take it to the police, despite the fact that nothing could be gleaned from the images on the disc, apart from you could see me being assaulted. That part is not in dispute.

Afterwards we went to the police precinct. As expected, they took my details in a statement, and said they would look into the case. But they also told me to inform campus security of even the smallest detail of harassment towards me, and also they would inform the dean about my statement, as they knew about the zero tolerance policy and decided they should start to properly act on that policy.

By now it was late afternoon, and we decided to go for some pizza, as none of us could cook for shit, and we settled on the little Italian place just inside town. We ordered our choices and Todd filled us in on his brother's themed party and we had to giggle at some of the photos he took. Then Cal leaned over and whispered to me, "You okay?" and I nodded and he kissed me on the cheek.

And for once I didn't care who saw, I was now at least out at college, what difference does here make to anyone anyway? "We interrupting?" Todd asked, with me again blushing, but I don't know if it could be seen under my bruises. "No, just showing Josh some love, that's all," says Cal, looking into my eyes, or, should I say, "eye."

"Do you want us to leave?" laughed Dale, back to his usual annoying self, which, for one I missed, and I smiled at him. "Dumbass," I retorted, with Cal holding me close.

"If it was not for your face looking like you have been sparring with Mayweather, I would be kissing your face off right now, but I can wait," he said in full hearing distance to my two friends, sitting directly in front of us. I smiled and answered him, "I look forward to that," and he kissed my cheek, and I watched as Todd and Dale tried hard to smile, and I laughed at their discomfort for a change. "Sorry guys, I know you are not comfortable with guys showing public displays of affection, but this is all new to me, okay?" I spoke to them not wanting them to hate being in Cal and my company. I want us all to be friends.

"Josh, do you like him? And, I don't want to embarrass you in anyway, but I have to ask, okay?" he asked, and not wanting to embarrass me, yeah right! Good job, so far…Dick!

"Todd, I cannot believe you asked me that with Cal sitting right here! Did you not notice this dark-headed hot guy," now, looking at Cal, "Sorry," then looking at Todd, "sitting right beside me?" I scowled.

"Josh, you are 19, and for as long as I have known you, you tend to go all over the place before you get round to do anything. I'm just cutting short the trip is all," he said with a smile. And Dale, pissing himself laughing–god I have missed his laugh, and I am pleased that issue is behind us–anyway the question Todd has asked is still hanging: "Well, Josh, do you like me?" asked Cal, and I am looking into his eyes, and I can see he really wants to know. This dark-haired-Adonis-sex-on-legs wants to know if I like him. "Yes, Cal, very much so," I replied with a smile. "Good. Thank you. I like you a lot, too," he smirked, looking at Todd, and slowly began to laugh at the pair of them whilst holding me into his side.

"Okay you two, Dale and I will bid you good day," he said trying to act sophisticated and failing badly as they left the pizza place, while Cal and I finished our meal, me more carefully, as I was eating on one side of my mouth.

"Back to mine, for a film, and no arguments," and I mocked protest and smiled. I cannot help smiling around this guy; he brings a little joy in an otherwise poor day. I know it might sound soppy, as I have only known him for a few days, but I can see myself falling for him in a big way. Christ, I sound like a teenage girl at a Beiber concert. Get a grip Miller, I told myself.

We walked back to his dorm without incident and got to his room. He does not have a roommate as he dropped out after only one week–yeah right one week, he gave it a shot didn't he, I laughed to myself–but it wasn't Cal's fault so his rent didn't go up. But he gets his dorm roommate-free for this semester; his room has two beds and, like ours, a small living space. The only difference is he has a separate kitchen area, and his AC works just fine, thank you very much, as ours only works if there is an 'R' in the month.

And, as I found out that his TV has cable and we chose a film we were both happy with (we both like sci-fi so we chose Star Trek, and, for a remake it is supposed to be okay). Cal got us a beer from his fridge; I don't know how he got it without getting carded as I have tried and always failed, but, hey, good luck to him. He sat down next to me and raised his arms, and I just fell into his side, feeling his warmth, with him kissing the top of my head. It just felt right.

"If you want you can sleep here tonight," he said to me whilst holding me close. "There are two beds you know," he continued "and I won't try to rape you while you sleep. I promise," he said with a giggle in his speech.

"Yeah, I would like that if you don't mind. At least we can spend some time together," I said. "I just wished my face didn't look like a punching bag," I finished.

"No, I would love you to spend some time with me, and, Josh, those marks will be gone in a week, and the cut is in your brow, and if it leaves a small scar it will be sexy anyway," he said with a genuine boner smile. Please stop doing that smile! It kills me, I said to myself.

I rang Todd and told him I was staying at Cal's. I got some horn dog remarks, and, "…don't forget my condoms," all that shit, and he said that Dale was there and they were playing Xbox, and asked if he could crash on my bed. I also took great pleasure in informing them that Cal has beer, and doesn't get carded. That really pissed him off, demanding Cal's dorm number to help him use up his ration of beer, and, as you may have guessed, I was not forthcoming with said information.

We watched the movie, commenting on the engineering aspects of warp drive, and whether that theory could work in the future. (Well, we are both majoring in engineering, so yeah we would always have conversations along those lines.) The night drifted on and we started to talk about our feelings and us.

"Josh...Josh. I know what you said about us only knowing each other a few days, but I have to tell you and hope you don't freak out. Okay?" he said talking to the back of my head whilst I lay there.

"I know this just sounds stupid, but I have some very strong feelings for you, and I don't know what they are, but I know I care strongly for you. I know it's full on but I don't ever hide my feelings, even though sometimes I should for my own sake. But with you, I won't," he said with affection, kissing the top of my head again and I liked that.

Here was Mr sex-on-legs, pouring his feelings at my feet! Is he telling me he loves me? I have known him for less than a week, and yet he has these feelings, and I have to admit, I do have some feelings for him. But I don't know if its love or lust–maybe a bit of both–as I am here with him and not even contemplating having sex, but I still want to be here with him.

"Cal, I have to admit that this comes as a bit of a shock–not a bad shock–as, yes, it has only been a few days, and yet I have to also admit to feelings for you. I just don't know what they are, but, like you, I am willing to see where this goes and to find out."

He kissed my head again and said, "That's good enough for me. yes that's good enough for me" he repeated.


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