Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Over the last couple of weeks my bruises have begun to fade and my ribs are not as tender, and I received only the occasional odd comment walking down the halls. I saw Cal every day and we started to get a lot closer. I have decided today is the day I want to take the next step with him; he still has the dorm to himself and I am no longer anxious over my feelings towards him, or he towards me for that matter. He has not pressured me in any way; and we still have the best make out sessions I have ever had.

My relationships with my two best friends are back to normal–well, as normal as can be with those two, who still take the piss out of me at every opportunity–and the only downside for me is that Dale dumped his girlfriend that he had all of two weeks. Apparently she was talking to him about me, when she mentioned that she could not believe his best friend was, in her words, a faggot. Her feet never touched the ground; she was put out of his room faster than Usain Bolt.

But Cal, I actually want to have "the" conversation with him tonight. Yes, we have been going out, but I think some clarity is needed in what our relationship is. I have not been seeing anyone else, nor do I want to, but I don't know if he is seeing anyone else. I mean, yes, we see each other every day, but not every night. I still go out a few nights with Todd and Dale to play pool, go to the cinema and such. So, Cal, and dating someone else, I need to know. I really need to know.

And, besides that little chestnut with Cal, I am going home in two days, and I think it is now time to have another conversation, but this time with Mom and Dad. This one I am not looking forward to, but Todd is driving me home, so at least I have his support. And, of course, I have to tell my brother, Lucas. He is going to be one unhappy kid when I tell him. Okay, he's 16, but Dad keeps telling me that he looks up to me, and we are close; but I just don't know how he will take this news.

I woke up bright and early, or should I say I was shocked out of bed by Dale, "Come on fuckface! Are we running or what," he said, while bouncing on my bed, really pissing me off. "For crying out loud, don't you ever stop!?" I yelled, whilst throwing my pillow in his face.

"You said run at 6am. Its 6.10am, so fucking shift your lazy ass!" he yelled right in my ear.

"Okay. Okay. Give me time to wake up," I said tiredly. I got up, moved to the bathroom, drained my bladder and washed my face. I will do my teeth when I come back, I thought.

"Where's Todd?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders and just said "He was out with Candice last night. Perhaps he got lucky," I sniggered, and we headed out for our usual run, just not normally this early. We were doing our normal stretches when I heard someone shout. I didn't know if it was intended for us at the time, but then I spotted Scott running towards us.

"Hey guys, I didn't know you ran this early," he said. "Mind if I tag along?" he asked. "Yeah, no problem," Dale said to him, and I just nodded that it was okay. I had only met Scott a couple of times, the first being when Terry was taken out by Bruce Lee–oh sorry, Cal–and again when we were playing pool in the student union. He seems okay, not brash or mouthy, a little stressed out perhaps but who isn't. And I know he is in my engineering class, but never puts himself forward and sits right at the rear of the lecture hall.

"Josh, I have been meaning to talk to you about something!" he said. "My dad owns a construction company in New Jersey, and I need some help," he asked, and I looked at him whilst running, wondering what he could want help from me for. "You grasp all this engineering stuff, don't you, concept and schematics and things, right?" he asked. And I replied, "Yes, I love it. Why?" and I watched, and he stopped and said, "I just can't grasp it. Can you help me understand what's in front of me? Please? I could sure use your help, Josh." He was almost begging me.

"Yeah, sure I can help, but you have to do it on my schedule," I informed him, and he smiled and just said, "Thanks man, you are a lifesaver!" We continued our run, and it felt good to get a physical sweat on, and not because the damn AC is fucked yet again! Okay, I am not going to rant, but fuck! What are we paying rent for?

Dale, for some reason, decided he wanted to set a campus record by doing the last mile at top speed. We know that from the oak tree back to our dorm is approximately one mile. So he set his stop watch to time us: he finished first, and Scott and I way, way behind, and said, "Almost, dude. Almost." The record stands at 4 minutes, 12 seconds on this campus. But not this route. He just wanted to see if he could get close, and said if he did he would work on it, and would better the record by end of freshman year. His time was 4 minutes, 17 seconds, so he will work on it, and if anyone has the determination to do it, it's Dale.

It was now 7:15am and Dale suggested we go for some breakfast, so we headed out to the diner that Cal worked weekends, and ordered ham and eggs, waffles, and some fresh orange juice, when someone came over and spoke to me.

"Hey, Josh, nice to see you again," Mr Lewis said. "Yeah, hi, Mr Lewis," I replied. "Peter, please," he responded. "Okay, Peter, this is one of my closest friends, Dale," I introduced Peter to my friend. "You still thinking about this job, I hope?" he inquired. I explained to Dale that on the night I was attacked, which came as shocking news to Peter, that Cal and I attended a party at which Peter was a guest, and he offered me a job here at the diner, working weekends with Cal.

"And!?" Dale asked. I looked at him quizzically and said "What do you mean 'and'?" He just smirked, whilst stuffing his face, "Are you taking the job!?" I stayed quiet for a second, and looked at Peter and said, "Could I start a week from Saturday, as I go home this weekend?"

"Perfect," he replied, and he told me the hours and what was expected. I would be shown the ropes by Cal early on Saturday morning, and take turns out front and the back–no innuendo implied. And I thought to myself that a little spare money in my pocket couldn't be a bad thing,

We walked back to our dorms with me needing a shower badly, and Dale needing a de-stinking also. We said our customary see you later shouts, and I walked into the room and saw a collapsed Todd on top of his bed, fully clothed and very drunk. I could smell him from where I was standing.

"Todd, you okay dude!?" I asked, shaking him, and only getting a light moan. Nothing. So I did what I did for him the first night we were here (our first night of freedom he got smashed); I just moved him on his side in case he threw up, and covered him with a blanket, and left him to sleep it off.

I did not have a class until later in the afternoon in English Lit, so I spent time on assignments set from other courses, and got quite a lot done. I then called Cal to meet at his place later on, and I told him I would bring pizza, he could provide the beer since he doesn't get carded for some reason. He said there was a new movie at the Cineplex, and asked if I wanted to go there first. I said I would rather not, as I needed to talk to him. "Anything wrong, Josh?" he asked, and I said "No. Just wanted to talk to you about something, that's all," I informed him. "Okay. Seven all right?" he asked, and I said yes, and the date was set.

I went to my only class of the day, and it was informative, and again more assignments were given to be completed for next class. It had to be done, as it accounted for 10% of our overall grade, so total concentration would be required on this one.

I made my way back to my dorm and entered the room, with Todd looking none too clever, a bit of green in those cheeks. "Good night was it!?" I asked, and he ran to the bathroom to throw up. And by the looks of the bathroom it was not for the first time today, and it stunk. "I'll take that as a maybe, then," I laughed to myself. "Never, ever again!" he cried, from the toilet bowl "As God is my witness," he moaned before throwing up again.

"Todd, take a shower. It might liven you up some," I yelled at him, seeing him grab his head, begging me to stop shouting. I couldn't help but laugh at his discomfort. "Fucking evil, Miller, sheer evil!" he shouted, while climbing into the shower almost fully clothed.

Time was getting on, and I told Todd I would not be back tonight, and again he couldn't help himself, calling me a slut, and, "Don't forget the condoms, don't want any nasty surprises," he taunted. He doesn't realise, though, just how close to my plans for tonight he is.

"So Todd, what happened to you last night?" I asked, as he sat down looking a little better than he was.

"You really don't want to know!" he remarked with a sigh, and I had 30 minutes to kill, so I pursued my line of questions: "No, go on. Really, what happened, dude 'coz you were wasted," I informed him, as I was standing looking down on this sorry site. Feeling sorry for himself, he looked up and just blurted out, "Candice," he said, looking at me. "Fucking slut!!" he said in a raised tone. "What do you mean?" I asked. Again, as I mentioned, I am a naturally nosy person, so I had to dig. "I caught her last night blowing two frat guys," he sighed. "Fuck off!!" I bellowed out. "Fucking slut. She went to this frat party with me, and she started chatting to these other girls, and I was shown where the keg was, and I ended up having a conversation with some frat guy. We talked about football, and what our chances were for the upcoming season. And then I went to see if she was okay and couldn't see her so I went looking for her and I couldn't find her," he went on, and I wondered what happened, as he sounded a bit pissed off.

"And I spotted the two girls she was chatting to an hour earlier, and they said they thought she went to the upstairs bathroom, so I went to see if she was okay, and I heard her voice, and there she was. Four guys in the room, and she was on her knees blowing two of them, and she shouted at me! Do you believe that shit!! She fucking shouted at me to get out! So I did, and I went back down stairs and just got shitfaced."

I could not believe what I was hearing from Todd. No wonder he's pissed.

"And get this for a fucking joke. She comes back downstairs an hour later, with a fucking grin like the Cheshire cat, and said 'Can we leave now? I'm tired.' Fucking slut!! Who was she kidding?" he said, and then I asked "And what did you say to that shit?"

Looking at him, his face getting redder as he seethed even more, "I told to her she could go fuck herself, and get a cab, and she could blow the driver for her fare," he said, with just a hint of bitterness, and who could blame him? Not me, that's for sure.

"And then I woke up still shitfaced about 6am and left. She was nowhere to be seen, probably upstairs being gang-banged, which now I don't give a shit, and I managed to get back here, and just dropped on my bed," he added. I just left it there for now, as time was pressing.


I told Todd I would see him in the morning, just as Dale arrived for yet another night of Xbox, and arranged our morning run for 8am the following day and then left them to it.

I arrived at Cal's dorm just before 7, and he let me in. I told him the pizza was coming around 7.30, and he smiled, kissing my cheek. I sat down on the futon and he sat next to me. "So, what do you want to talk about?" he asked. I knew I wanted to get things more settled, before I get too deep with him, as he has said he had feelings for me; I just need to know what they were.

"About us…" I said, looking at his blue…his beautiful blue eyes. Focus, Josh. Focus!!

"What about us, what do you mean exactly?" he asked, giving me his undivided attention. "I just want to know what this…IS…are we just dating…are…is it...well…More?" I asked while trying to gauge his response.

He then looked directly into my eyes and reached for my hand and then spoke softly, "Josh, I wasn't looking for this, honest it's just…well…I've never had feelings like this…before…and it frightens me honest to god, and I don't know what this…IS…but I want to find out if you will let me!?"

I looked at his face, his perfect face, and I could see true affection there, and I had to ask him this question, or it will drive me mad, despite the night I spent with my two friends, and at that point I hadn't really had any sort of commitment to Cal, but right now, I want there to be.

"Am I the only guy you're dating?"

I asked, the reason I had to ask this, well let's face it, he is fucking smoking hot. He could have his pick of any guy he wanted, Gay Guy that is. Okay, I might be showing a few insecurities, but it's nice to know if you are the only one, you know.

"Josh, I will be totally honest with you, when we first met I was seeing someone, but that ended quite soon after I felt things for you. So at this minute you are the only person I am seeing, and to be even more open and honest, I do not want there to be either," he said, whilst holding my hand and gently stroking it with his thumb.

"So…are we boyfriends then?" I asked. "I hope so," he replied, and kissed me softly on my lips. He stroked the back of my neck as he pulled me even closer and kissed me with raw passion, and just as we started getting hotter…

Knock, Knock!!

"That will be the pizza," I said, whilst getting myself together, trying very hard to conceal my very apparent boner.

After we ate and sat down again to watch a movie, for which I had no interest, and that was spotted by Cal, he asked "What's up!!?" Apart from the hard on I had been sporting for an hour, I just wanted him, and I mean "wanted" in a very bad way.

"I'm ready for bed," I informed him, waiting for a positive response. "You tired already?" he asked, and I just smiled and gave a soppy response, "Not the least." I looked at him and his face and it looked puzzled for a second and then he asked, "So why do you want to…ohhhhhh I see," and he leaned back over and kissed me with passion and he held my neck again, pulling me into his body.

I pulled him close to me while trying to remove his t-shirt and caressing his perfect body and stroking his nipples with my tongue. This brought out a light moan from him as we slowly removed most of our garments from each other, and we continued to taste each other's bodies. He tasted fantastic.

We stood up and walked over to his bed and we sat down. "Are you sure you're ready for this!!?" he asked, while stroking my hair. "We haven't even talked about sex yet," he said. I wondered what there was to talk about; this was a time for action, not words. "I mean what do you like? Do you top, or bottom, or both, and anything else I cannot think of…" he babbled, like a teenage idiot, a fucking hot idiot though, I may add.

"Cal, I like both equally, I don't prefer one over the other. I love both ways. What about you? What do you like?" I asked, smiling myself like an idiot. Oh fuck off, we have all been there, one look at a cute hot guy and your face takes on a life of its own.

"Josh, I knew from the minute I saw you we would fit. I would love to be the one taking what you have, but I like the idea of giving back also, and anything else…well we will see what we can learn, can't we?" he said, with his now infamous, I-can-get-you-boned-anytime smile of his.

With that, he pulled me back in for a soft, sensual kiss, stroking the back of my neck as we slowly lay on his bed. Lying side by side, he stroked my side and then started to stroke my back, and myself mimicking what he was doing to me, and it was driving me crazy! He stopped kissing my lips, and moved to lightly kissing my neck, slowly moving down my body. I moaned at his gentle touch; my boyfriend, now my lover, was pushing every button, and he was truly playing me.

Kissing down my chest, licking my nipples, drawing another light moan from my lips, he concentrated on those sensitive little circles, and he had me moaning out even more, his hand now stroking my rampant boner, which itself was begging for attention. He worked purposely slow, to heighten the experience, which was making me insane at his touch.

He gripped the waistband of my boxer briefs, and tugged them over my rock hard member, and it slapped against my abs, spraying pre-cum over my stomach, which he made very little work of to clean with his tongue. Then I felt his warm mouth envelop my cock, and with his tongue circling my cockhead I was in heaven, and the sensations Cal was giving me were well…heavenly. He continued to suck my cock, taking his time to savour every inch of my throbbing, leaking, cock in his sensual mouth, and he really knew what to do with it. Soon I was panting heavily and I knew I was close as I could feel my balls tightening. "I'm gonna!!...I'm gonna!!..." I couldn't speak. "I'm gonna!!" No, I couldn't get the words out, but I think he got the gist, as he speeded up the attention he was giving my cock, and that was it for me, "AHHHHHH, Fuuuuuckkkkkk!!!!" and I shot deep into his mouth, and he lapped at my cock like a puppy suckling at its mother's tit. He cleaned and milked me clean.

I was in a post-orgasmic haze, and he climbed back up my body, and with passion kissed my lips. My mouth opened to accept his tongue. I could taste myself in his mouth, and then I shocked him with my request:

"Cal…Cal…Make love to me…I want to feel you inside me. Please! Make me yours!" I begged him, pleaded even. I wanted my SEX-ON-LEGS to take me, use me, have me. I wanted to feel his love, and now I was begging for it.

He smiled down at me and whispered in my ear, "Your wish is my command," he leered at me before placing a soft kiss on my lips

He reached over to his bedside drawer, and removed a small bottle of lube, which looked unopened, and a full box of condoms; he opened the lube, and slowly poured some on his fingers, as I knew he was going to get me ready for him to make love to me.

He worked his fingers on my ass with a sensitive motion, and with a slight bit of pressure his finger entered my eager hole, working me, spreading me, getting me ready for what I need, my boyfriend making love to me. I like that, my boyfriend!

After using three fingers for a while, he had me moaning like a cheap whore, panting for him not to stop doing what he was doing to me. I was now on my back with my legs up to my chest, giving him total access to what would be his soon enough. His fingers were working their magic, and, if not careful, I would be blasting my second load. He stopped and rolled on a condom, and spread a generous amount of lube over his erect cock, and then placed it at my wanting, waiting hole.

He leaned down, placing his tongue in my open welcoming mouth. We shared our tongues as he slowly entered me, and I let out an appreciative moan into his mouth as he slowly began to make love, with long slow even stokes. There was no rush, and the most pleasure I was hoping to receive, he was delivering with gusto. I was screaming in his ear "Fuck Cal, ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddd." I whimpered out loud as he continued to stroke in long fluid motions. He had me banged to rights. I was his; he could get me to do anything at this moment. I was his without reservation.

He started to pick up the pace, and was driving his cock deep into me, and I had no complaints, as he was about to make me blow my load without me touching myself. "Oh Josh, you are so fucking hot!!" he yelled in my ear, with me hanging on to him for dear life, a sheen of sweat on both our bodies, and the breathing from both of us becoming more erratic. Again, he gave a hard burst, and that was enough for me. I just blew, "Ohhhhhhh Fuuuuuck Cal, ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck." I shot a long string of cum over my shoulder onto his headboard, and over my chin, and that was about the time he shot deep inside me. I could feel his body tense and shake and his guttural scream of a man spending his load into me. It was a truthfully wonderful sight in his eyes as he came, "Ohhh…ahhhhhh…yeahhhh…ohhhh…myyyyyy…fuckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!" he screamed.

He lay on top of me for a few moments before withdrawing from deep inside of me, kissing my cheek, and sensually parting my lips for a very passionate kiss. This wonderful sexy-as-fuck human being had just made love to me, and the goofy smile on my face was there for anyone to see. And then he said it:

"Josh, I think I love you!!"

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