Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

He looked at me and just smiled. "Sorry, Josh, but I need to be somewhere I can talk in private, okay," he said. As he drove away, I wondered why his car wasn't private enough. "What's the matter? Don't want to be seen with a faggot?" I said with anger. "Stop the fucking car and let me out!" I demanded, and he looked at me with sadness in his eyes.

"Please, Josh, just five minutes," he pleaded again, and I just sat and sighed, waiting to get to where we were going.

We pulled up near the old cannery that closed down when the economy died its death a couple of years before. We sat there for a couple of minutes, as he seemed to be composing himself.

"Josh, I am sorry man," he said. "I know I was an asshole tonight," he continued. "It's just…I didn't know what to say to you," he went on. "Dude, I am sorry, and Todd was right. We were…are friends," he finished. I looked at him and he just looked sad.

"You didn't have to drive me here to say that, Aaron," I said, and he just slightly shook his head. "I know," he replied. "I can't believe I treated you like that. Fucking asshole," he berated himself.

"Josh, can I trust you man?" he asked, looking at me, waiting for an answer.

"Sure," I said, and he waited again, trying to compose himself. "Dude, you cannot tell Todd about this. Swear!" he insisted. "What are we, nine?" I asked. "Josh, I am serious," he said. "Okay, I won't say a thing to Todd, but I thought he was your best friend, Aaron?" I asked.

"He is. I just can't tell him about this, not at the moment."

"Okay. Your call," I said, waiting on this apparent world-shocking revelation.

"I don't know what this is yet; I am only just fathoming it out for myself," he went on.

"I am dating someone," he said after a deep sigh.

Fuck sake! Alert the media. Satellites get ready. News choppers are heading our way as we speak! What an ego this guy has to think this is earth shattering news.

"So…you are dating someone. So, why the melodrama?" I asked, "Who is she, man?" I asked, 'coz, as I have told you many times, I am a naturally nosy person, and I love gossip.

He stared at the radio, then out of the window, and then at me. "Who is she, Aaron?" I asked again and he let out another deep sigh, stared at the floor, and said:

"Kyle Lewis."

"Fuck. Off. Really? Kyle? For real? So you, you're…" he cut me off. "Gay, yeah," he said, and again that deer in the headlights came back just one more time, and my jaw dropped.

"Wow, dude, Aaron, since when?" I asked, and he said, "You," and, again, my jaw dropped. "Whhaaat do you mean…me?" I asked.

"When the rumours went around about you, I began to question myself, and I got the answers with Kyle. About six months ago now," he replied.

"And he's kept quiet?" I asked. "Yeah, why?" he replied. "Aaron, it was Kyle that told his friend that we hooked up and voilà," I said, "And now I am out!" I finished. "Yeah he told me," he replied, "He hasn't told Gary nor Jen about us, he knows what they did regarding you."

"Yes, Aaron, but be careful. If you are not ready to come out, well you know, just watch what you do when you are around Kyle. Don't get me wrong. He's a great guy. But he talks, you know. He talks," I said with concern for him, despite the total dick he had been earlier.

We talked and laughed a little bit longer, and agreed we would have breakfast the following day, as I told him I was meeting Todd at Jitneys at 10am. I suggested he could show Todd there were no hard feelings between us, and he agreed.

Then he drove me back home, and apologized again. I leaned over and lightly kissed his cheek. I told him I was fine, to stop worrying, and that I would see him later. He smiled and drove away. As I watched him drive passed the grocery store, I turned and entered the house, and got the shock of my life when I saw Cal sitting there talking to my parents.

"Hi, sweetheart, have a good night?" Mom asked, as my eyes never left Cal's. "Yeah, Mom, great. Thanks," I replied, and Cal stood up and I walked over to him, with my parents watching our interactions, and he said, "You miss me any?" He smiled that boner-inducing smile in my parents' presence, which could go wrong on so many levels.

"No…not at all," I replied before I reached over and pulled his face to mine, lightly caressing his lips.

"Errhumm, time for us to go to bed, love!" Dad said to my mom, who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Sorry, Mom, Dad, it's…just…that…well you know," I tried to get it out. Dad smiled at me, brushing my hair with his hand and said, "Yeah, Son, I know." He smiled while taking my mother off to bed.

I looked intently at my boyfriend's eyes and kissed his soft lips again. I had missed doing that so much. Then our foreheads touched ever so gently, and I said "What are YOU doing here?" and he replied, "I missed you!" He kissed me again, softly, "Yeah, I know what you mean," and he held me close to his chest; it felt good, it felt warm, it felt right.

"I got a shock when I got here, mind you!" I asked what he meant. "Your folks are nice," he said. Again, I asked "Shocked?" and he laughed, and then replied, "Oh, when I got here I introduced myself as a friend from college." "Your dad replied, 'No you're not!' and I said 'Sorry, sir, but I am.' And he asked, 'Is your name Calumn Kenner, son?' and I softly said, 'Yes, Sir'."

"And he said, 'You are not a friend of my son.' Well, I was shocked at his matter-of-fact answers," Cal said, "And then he came back with, 'I do believe the term is Boyfriend' he said, with a laugh in his voice."

"And he grabbed me in for hug, and welcomed me into his home, and then your mother kissed me. My mother would have never done that; it was nice, it was affectionate." He smiled while re-living it in his mind, and then turned his attention again to me.

We sat down and before we knew it over an hour had passed us by. I sat down next to him and cuddled into him, his scent always a soothing aroma to me, I just cuddled and started to drift off, before he spoke again.

"So, I take it this means telling them went great," he kissed me, and held my neck as only he could. "You tired?" I asked, as it was now 1.44am and I am bushed. "Yeah," he said, "Just get me a blanket and I will be fine down here." I smiled at him. "What?" he asked "Why?" I replied. "Why what?" he responded. "Why down here?" I responded, with a cheeky, goofy grin that he seemed to give me.

I stood up in front of him, held out my hand and said, "Come on, let's go to bed, Cal," and he smiled, taking my hand. "No funny business, Kenner. This is my parents' home." He smiled and then said sweetly, "Holding you and falling asleep with you will do for me." I turned around on the staircase and just kissed him, and said, "Well put. I love you so much. You know that?" and he replied, "Love, the feeling's mutual." He called me 'Love,' hmmmm, I liked that, and I went to bed with my lover holding me tight. "How did you know I was here, anyway?" I asked. "Dale told me and gave me the address when I asked," he replied, and with him holding me close I fell into a contented sleep.


They lay there sound asleep, with Cal's head on Josh's chest, when Josh's mother softly knocked on his door and came in. Looking down on the two young men sound asleep brought a tear to her eye. "Joshua," she said, trying to awaken her son. "Joshua!" she repeated. "Oh, morning, Mom," Josh said, yawning and rubbing his eyes, as Cal also woke from a cozy sleep. "Morning, Mrs Miller, he said. "Good morning to you, Mr Kenner, she replied with a smile.

"Breakfast will be on the table in 20 minutes if you want some, she informed them.

"Thanks, Mom, but I am…we are meeting Todd at Jitneys for breakfast. But thanks anyway," he said with an appreciative tone in his words.

And with his mom heading back downstairs, he leaned in and gave Cal a very passionate kiss. "And good morning to you, love," Cal said, after kissing his boyfriend.

After we showered, we eventually got dressed, after Cal insisted on returning the kiss I had presented him with sometime earlier. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

Cal drove and we appeared at Jitneys just as Todd was arriving. He and I embraced and he shook Cal's hand, as he was surprised at the appearance of the dark-haired visitor. He filled him in on why he was there in Boston.

"You sure put a smile back on his face anyway, so it's all good," Todd, responded, and we headed inside for breakfast.

"Well his fucking attitude better have improved," Todd, said when looking over as Aaron walked through the door. "He's fine Todd. We talked some last night after I left you." I informed him of some of the conversation from the previous night. "Yeah, but his attitude was shit," Todd reminded me and I said, "It was fine, and he did apologize."

"Morning, guys," Aaron said whilst he sat down in our booth. "Aaron, this is Cal," I introduced, and they shook hands. After a short time passed Aaron asked, "So, Cal, you at the same college as Josh?" with Todd, staring intently, waiting for his best friend to fuck this up as he did the night before with me.

"Yeah, we have the same interests, so to speak," Cal said, with a silly smirk coming across my and his face, as his innuendo eventually hit Todd, and he let out a small chuckle.

"So…I take it…you two…are, well you know," he tried to get it out, but was failing. "Boyfriends," we both said, whilst smiling like idiots.

"Do you have a problem with that?" asked Todd, again waiting on his friend to fuck it up.

"No, not in the slightest," he replied, with Todd now easing off back into his chair, and myself smiling at Aaron.

The coffee shop slowly began to fill and get busy, and I hadn't noticed until now that Kyle and Jen had walked in and sat in the booth opposite ours. I noticed the glances being shared between Aaron and Kyle, and I was sad that Aaron wasn't ready to be as open about his relationship as I was with mine.

"What was that smirk about?" Todd, asked Aaron. "What smirk?" Aaron retorted. "Do you know what, Aaron? If you have a problem with gays, just say it. No smirks. No comments like you did last night!" Todd continued, with anger in his voice.

"Todd, you don't know what you are talking about, you really don't," Aaron said, again staring at Kyle. "Okay, enlighten me then," Todd shot back.

"I would like to, I really would, but I can't. Not yet." Aaron spoke softly, again looking at Kyle's eyes.

"Bullshit! You're a fucking homophobe. Admit it!" Todd was now getting louder and getting attention from the rest of the patrons in the coffee shop.

Aaron again smiled at Kyle, and, with a little nod of his head, before responding to Todd's accusation, said, "Kyle," staring at his secret boyfriend, "I need to do this, okay?" Kyle said, "You sure?" Aaron just slightly again nodded his head.

"Come on! Enlighten me!" Todd repeated.

"I'm sorry!" Aaron said, softly.

"It's not me you should fucking apologize to," Todd fired back.

"Todd...please…let me finish," Aaron requested and Todd silenced himself. "Okay."

"I don't hate…I don't hate gays," he said quietly. "I made my peace with Josh, and he accepted my apology," he continued. "And, as for Kyle…I don't hate him, Todd…I don't."

"Aaron?" I tried to rescue him before he said something he couldn't take back.

He smiled a worried smile and looked back at Kyle, then me, nodding his head. A tear now appeared in his eyes and he said, "Josh, it's time…and I am tired…you know," and I nodded back slowly, and he continued.

"Todd…I DON'T…I don't hate him. I Love him!" he said softly and I could see his eyes moistening up.

A shocked look fell across Jen and Todd's faces. It was like you took a picture of five-year-olds being told Santa doesn't exist.

"Sorry…wh…what?" Todd asked, not believing what his best friend had just said to him.

"I love him," he repeated, smiling at a blushing Kyle, as his relationship had just become public.

"How long…how long have you…" Aaron cut him off.

"How long have I known? Or, how long have I been seeing Kyle? Or how long have I loved him?" Aaron asked.

"Well. Yeah!" Todd asked softly, knowing this was hard on his friend to finally admit to.

"I have always thought there was something missing, and when the stories were going around about Josh, I began asking myself questions, you know," he said.

He continued, "And about six months ago I bumped into Kyle, here as it happens, and we talked about nothing in particular. We went for a walk, and when we got somewhere nobody could see us, he kissed me."

He was smiling at Kyle. This scenario sounded awfully familiar regarding Kyle, except my encounter was behind the bleachers at school. But never the less, the same.

He continued, "I was freaked at first, but it felt good, and there was a spark that hasn't been there with girls, so I sort of worked it out from there."

"And the love bit," he said, "I have just realized that bit," he finished.

"Kyle, I do love you," he said, now holding his boyfriend's hand.

Kyle stood up, wrapped his arms around Aaron and kissed him passionately. He then said, "Aaron, I have loved you since the first conversation," and I couldn't help but kiss Cal on the cheek as Kyle said those words. Jen was now not looking happy, not happy at all.

"I cannot believe you never told me," she said in a stern voice.

"You're kidding? Right?" Kyle shot back.

"And what's that supposed to mean exactly?" she asked, wanting to know his meaning and wanting to know right now.

"You are a gossip, Jen," he replied. "If I told you it would be all around town before supper time!" he spat out. She sat there pouting, totally offended, as she couldn't really argue, for when he said that he stared over at me, and she knew exactly what he was referring to.

I was now concentrating on Todd, who hadn't spoken in almost five minutes. His eyes had never left Aaron, and his frown had now become more evident.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?" Aaron said softly to Todd. "Please, Todd?" Todd responded with a nod of the head.

The two guys, now sitting in Todd's truck, were having an animated conversation, and we could all see it from our vantage point in our booth. Kyle was looking a little pensive for almost half an hour. Finally, we saw Todd place his hand on Aaron's shoulder, rubbing it ever so slightly. Aaron was nodding and then there was a small hug, and Aaron said something like "thank you."

Todd returned to us and got down on his haunches and spoke to Kyle.

"He's my best friend…well, more a brother really…take care of him, Kyle…Please!" he said in a very caring way, as he always thought of Aaron as a brother, even when he was being a prat. But I knew he would never be mad at him for long, because Todd didn't have that in him. "He's waiting for you outside," he finished, and Kyle said his goodbyes and left the coffee shop.

"You okay?" I asked, as he sat down again, with Jen exiting the shop without saying goodbye.

"Yeah, actually I am," he replied. "And I think he will be, eventually," he said.

"He said he will be telling his dad tonight," he continued. "He doesn't think his dad will take it well though, but he said he has to do it, he's tired of lying."

"You worry for him." It was a statement, not a question, and he nodded.

We left the coffee shop soon after and headed back to Todd's home to play a little Xbox. Getting slaughtered was the usual outcome, as Todd, with his many hours of practice with Dale, saw to that. Shortly after, Cal and I went back to my home to collect my clean and pressed clothing— thanks to Mom—and packed for our journey back to college.

I decided to travel back with Cal, with Todd leading the way. I used Cal's phone to try and contact Dale to give him time to get our room back into some sort of order. Let's face facts; if it wasn't for Ty, his room would resemble a dump, so a warning was always given.

We arrived back in town several hours later, and headed straight to our dorms, when we noticed a large police presence around campus, and some crime scene tape near my tree.

"What the fuck" Todd said pulling alongside Cal and I.

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