Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 11

Published: 24 Nov 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Todd showed his student I.D., as did Cal, and we drove over to student parking and spotted some students milling around, talking and pointing towards the tree. Toddointing towards the tree. He saw a couple of guys he knew from the gym and started to ask what was going on.

"Sup, dude?" he asked one of them. "Some faggot got his ass beat up last night," he replied, and Todd ignored the remark. "Yeah, who?" he asked. "Fuck do I know, and fuck do I give a shit," he replied.

"Do you know what? You are some piece of work, you know that?" Todd responded.

"What the fuck is your problem?" the guy yelled. "What the fuck is my problem? Some kid got beat up last night, what for being gay, and its okay 'coz he doesn't fuck girls, you fucking prick!" Todd replied, angrily.

The guy's friend however, was more forthcoming, "I heard the cops say it was three guys on the CCTV, but they were in black, and they couldn't make them out. "Fucking three, I take it that's cool with you, is it?" looking back at the first guy, whom we found out was named Nick. "Shit, I didn't know that," he replied, "So he was attacked then," he responded. "Looks that way," said the second guy, who we subsequently found out was named Dave.

We looked on as police forensics in white paper coveralls were taking samples and photographs, we watched as they picked up what looked like a sneaker covered in what I am assuming was blood.

"Yeah, and as far as I've heard the police are asking questions, they are asking if anyone saw or heard anything around midnight," Dave said. "He wasn't found until someone went running around six this morning," Dave continued, "They did mention the guy's name who found him, and he went in the ambulance with the kid." "Jackson," Nick said, "The guy who found him, the cops called him Mr. Jackson."

"Dale Jackson?" Todd asked, and I now wondered exactly what Dale found, and this explained why he wasn't answering the phone.

"Yeah, I think that was his name. Why? You know him?" Nick asked. "Yeah, he's a friend of ours," I replied.

We stood there for about another 30 minutes, and then took our stuff up to our room. We sat down in the living area and just talked about what we had seen.

"Perhaps the police will find the scum who did this," Todd, said, looking straight at me. "Do you think it was the same guys that jumped me?" I asked. " Fuck I hope so," Todd replied. "You are fucking kidding, right!" I demanded.

"Nope. I'd rather be looking for one bunch of fucking assholes than two or three," he replied.

"True. I like your logic," Cal replied.

To change the subject somewhat, I asked how his weekend with his parents went, and how Cal got on with his grandparents, as he did say he was going for a week.

And just before Cal was about to reply, a quick knock on the door was heard before it opened for Dale to walk in, still wearing his running gear that he probably put on for his run this morning.

"You okay, Dale?" I asked, looking at his expression, as he looked very pale and exhausted.

"Can't get that image out of my head," he replied. "So much blood." He continued, "The kid looked like he had been mauled by a grizzly." He went on, "Fuck, whoever did this is fucking sick!" he spat out. "Guys, his head was so swollen, fuck!" he stopped, putting his head in his hands and sighing.

"How is he? Do we know him?" Todd asked, as we sat there waiting for his reply, and after a few moments he continued, "Connor Barnes." Dale said, again, "Connor Barnes, and I don't think I know him, but then again, you wouldn't recognise him, anyway."

"If you asked me what colour hair he had, I couldn't honestly answer it, so much blood!" he said, still holding his head, rubbing over his face and sighing.

"He's out of it. Hasn't woken up; they don't even know if he will," Dale went on.

He went on to explain that Connor's heart had stopped in the ambulance, going to the emergency room, and the paramedics managed to get it started again. "It was terrifying," he said.

He sat there, explaining how he came to find the kid lying near the tree, and what he looked like. He said he couldn't find a pulse, and thought the kid was dead, and that he called 911. The services showed up pretty quick, and he was just stunned when the paramedics found he was still alive, and he went to the hospital with him.

As he was talking, a knock came on the door. Todd stood up to answer it, and Ty stood there and said, "Hey man, is Dale here?" and Todd pointed him inside.

"Hey, dude, the police are here, and want to interview you. So, what's up!?" he asked. And with that, Dale stood up and walked out the door. As Ty was about to follow, Todd interjected, "Ty, wait up, dude," and Ty stopped, and Todd closed the door.

"Dude, what the fuck!?" Ty spat out. "Leave him be, he needs to do this by himself without distractions," Todd informed him. "Hey, he's my roommate, I have the right to know what he's done!" he again spat out.

"He hasn't done anything; he found the kid this morning with the shit kicked out of him," Cal informed him. "Shit, that was Dale?" and we all just nodded, not wanting to talk anymore.

About an hour had passed when Dale came back into the room with Todd, Ty, Cal and me still sitting, waiting to see what the police had said to our friend.

"His parents have turned up, according to the police officer who just took my statement," Dale said just above a whisper. "He's a freshman like us," he continued. "He's barely moved in here," he continued, "and this shit happened to him."

"Todd, can I have a word? In private, please!" he asked, and Todd stood and went into our bathroom.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but he had a newspaper with him, and about five minutes later they came out with concerned looks on their faces. Dale said, "We have to go to the precinct, Josh," and that worried look must have appeared on my face now, because Cal held me close to his chest, kissing the top of my head.

"Why?" I asked.

And he showed me a photo in the newspaper of Connor Barnes. "Josh, he looks a lot like you, and you were threatened earlier. Dude, it was dark around there, and Dale thinks that beating was meant for you."

I'm sure I looked shocked looking at the photo. It looked a few years old, but, yeah, he did resemble me just a bit. But if it was dark he could easily have been mistaken for me.

"Dude, I am not saying I agree, but, Josh…that photo. Man, I cannot rule it out. Besides, as far as what the police had worked out, even they believe it was a case of mistaken identity," Todd kept on filling me full of hope for my future at college………NOT!

"He wasn't gay, dude," he said. "Witnesses who heard the commotion heard the term 'fucking faggot' several times," he continued. "So yeah, I think we need to go see the police," Todd finished.

Then Cal spoke up, "Josh, you need some protection, as if this attack was meant for you. These guys seriously have a problem with gays, and they seem to have targeted you. And…well…you have been attacked already, and clearly they are not done yet," he continued. "I am not trying to scare you," he said whilst kissing my cheek, "But, yeah, we need help here, okay?" and I nodded, unable to trust my own voice.

We entered the precinct and asked to speak to anyone dealing with the Barnes attack and we were asked to take a seat, which we duly obliged. We sat there for almost an hour when a Hispanic officer called Vera Valdez came and introduced herself.

"Hi, how can I help you gentlemen?" she asked, and I then went on to inform her of my previous attack, for which she had been aware of, and then I also told her of the threat I had received prior to leaving over the weekend.

"Yes, but what makes you think this attack was meant for you, Mr Miller?" she inquired. "They were chased off from attacking me, but not from the Barnes kid, so, yeah, I am now concerned about myself. I know it sounds selfish with Connor in the hospital, but obviously they want to hurt me, and just because I am gay," I informed her, with emotion in my voice, and Cal holding my arm.

She sat there, writing things on a note pad, and occasionally looking up at me and Cal, with Todd and Dale sitting silent, but watching intently. "Ok Mr Miller I will look to see what and if we can help, But if anything and I mean anything happens dial 911, ok," she said, smiled and thanked us for coming in,

We left the station and headed back to campus when we spotted some graffiti:


This was scrawled over a sign for some car dealership. A reporter was there, taking photos of the offending sign, and Todd's face was going red with anger.

"Can we drop in to the hospital, instead of going back?" Dale asked. "I just want to see how he's doing," he continued. "Sure," replied Todd.

We arrived at Mercy General about 20 minutes later, and we went to the desk and asked how things were going with Connor Barnes. "Are you a relative?" the middle-aged woman asked, and Dale tried in vain to explain that he was the one that was with him when he was admitted.

Suddenly, the voice of a woman behind us spoke, "Hello, can I help you boys?" and we turned around to a small woman who continued, "I am Connor's mother. And who might you be?" she asked, politely.

She stared directly at me with a curious expression on her face, perhaps seeing the similarity in my features to her sons.

"Hi, ma'am, my name is Dale Jackson…"

She cut him off.

"The young man that found my son!" She wrapped her arms around Dale. He looking shocked, not knowing how to respond to this woman. "Thank you…Thank you!" she responded, and Dale just smiled and then asked, "How is he?" and we looked over to Connor's mother, waiting on a reply. "Doctors won't know the extent of the damage until he wakes up. If he wakes up," she said, trailing off at the end.

"You look like him," she spoke, looking at me. "I am sorry," I said with emotion and a tear forming with a lump in my throat. "I am genuinely sorry," I said with tears now slowly falling, and Cal wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

Dale continued his talk with Connor's mother. She added his name to the list of approved visitors so he could check on her son when he wished, and for that Dale seemed grateful. She also confirmed that she and her son had a very close relationship, and he told her everything, as they agreed to have no secrets. Thus, she confirmed her son was not gay, and if he were, that would never have changed their relationship one iota. This woman loved her son very much. We thanked her for her time, and we headed back to campus for some food, as it was now approaching


We were starved.

I told Todd and Dale I would be spending the night with Cal, as I needed to be near him, and they just hugged me and said they would see me the following day, and we parted.

Cal opened his door and we walked in, with him closing and locking the door behind us. "You okay?" he asked, and now all the emotions of the day got to me. Had this kid truly been hurt because they thought he was me? What if he dies? How am I going to cope with that? The tears flowed freely, and Cal held me tight to his chest until I calmed down. "Sorry for being a wuss," I croaked out, "It's ok…it's fine…just let it out," he whispered into my ear.

"I need you," I said. "I need to feel you next to me," I said, staring into his eyes.

"I need you to make love to me," I whispered into his ear, whilst nibbling at his lobe. "I need to feel that you love me," I croaked out.

"You sure? I was kind of hoping you would top for me this weekend," he came back with. I smiled, "Cal, please. I need you to make love to me. I need you," and he placed his soft lips on mine and said, "Love, anything you desire, I will do."

He stood in front of me and slowly undressed me, and I undressed him in between soft, sensual kisses. Soon we were both naked. I dropped to my knees before my Adonis and kissed his thighs, then the shaft of his now engorged cock, now openly leaking with pre-cum that I savored so much.

I took his cock in my eager mouth and slowly went to work with my tongue, as he slowly thrust deep, pushing at the back of my throat, slowly teasing it open and sliding inside. He tilted my head to one side and, with a quicker pace, started to plough my wanting throat, skull fucking me. I loved the control he had over me; I wanted to be taken by him, to pleasure him. I knew he craved that. I knew he also wanted me to fuck him, and this I will gladly do; but tonight I needed him to comfort me, to make me feel protected, and to be dominated makes me feel safe with him.

He soon started to shake and I could feel his balls tighten as he moaned loudly, "FUUUUUUUCK!!!" he screamed, "JOSHHHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH," he shot deep in my throat, allowing a small amount to blow into my mouth, and I savoured the taste of my lover, my boyfriend, my life.

He collapsed next to me on his bed and shortly after I felt his hand wrap around my cock. He slowly stroked me, and soon I felt his tongue working the cockhead, and he moaned as he worked it. "Love, you taste great," he moaned, and then he stopped, got up and went to his closet where he placed a few condoms and a bottle of lube for our action to continue.

He went straight to sucking my cock again, which made me whimper like a bitch, and brought out a giggle from Cal. "Like that, huh?" he said with a hint of humor. "Mmmm," was all I could muster.

He then poured some lube on my ass and pressed two fingers inside me. Once again, cheap whore mode took over. "Oh, yeah, baby! That's it! Ohhhhhhhhh!" I screamed like a bitch eager for a cock to satisfy her. But this was my life, my lover, my boyfriend who was playing my internal piano, and hitting all the right keys, and pun intended, but no bum notes. He played me like a professional.

His fingers were now deep, and my ass was well and truly spread. I begged…yes, I fucking begged for him to do his duty and satisfy me. I needed to feel him, and I wanted him to do me now. "Calumn, PLEASE!" I screamed, and without any further enticement he thrust deep inside me, bottoming out instantly.

I wrapped my legs around him as he hammered me for all I was worth, and he had me panting like the bitch that his hands or his cock had made me. I was begging him not to stop; his cock made me feel whole. He drilled me for what seemed like forever, and I could feel the pressure in my balls gather momentum, as I knew I was getting close. We had been fucking for almost an hour, and I never wanted it to stop. "You feel good, baby!" I yelled, as he planted kiss after kiss on my swollen lips. "I love you, Josh!" he screamed, as he thrust his cock deep into me, and that was it! I shot my cum out of my cock so hard it smashed into his face—not once, but twice—and he leaned into me as I cleaned his face with my tongue, and I fed my load into his mouth and he moaned, as he loves my cum as much as I worship his.

"I cannot believe how much I fucking love you, Calumn; I truly cannot comprehend how I feel, I just know I never want you to be away from me one single day," I said to him, now crying. But these were not the sad tears that erupted earlier, but happy ones. Soon, with a passionate kiss, I could feel Cal blow deep inside me, while moaning in pleasure deep into my mouth as his whole body was shaken by his orgasmic rush.

We were both breathing heavy when we collapsed into each other. We could not speak. We just stared at each other, then burst into laughter! We didn't know why, it just happened. He held me close, and when the laughter stopped, he repeated, "Josh, I truly do love and adore you." He kissed me again, and, as I have previously said, he makes me feel safe; and, after the events of the day I needed to feel that.

Our bliss was interrupted with the phone ringing.

"Hello…Hello, can I help you?"

"Hi," Aaron said, with sorrow in his voice.

"Aaron, you okay?" I asked.

"Where are you? Are you okay, Aaron?"

"Dad hit me Josh. He fucking hit me," he said whilst crying.

"Where are you Aaron, and where's Kyle?" I asked, concerned, with Cal staring at me wondering what was going on.

"I tried calling Todd, but his phone is switched off," he said not answering my question.

"I will ring Dale and get Todd to ring you ok?" I said to him.

"Thanks, Josh," he replied. "Kyle's with me," he finished.

"Are you safe, Aaron; have you contacted the police?" I asked.

"I am not calling the police on my dad; he just freaked out, and I will call him in a couple of days and see where I stand," he replied.

"Where are you Aaron? I need to know you are safe, man," I asked, again with concern for his well-being.

"Here," he replied.

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