Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 12

Published: 1 Dec 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I was puzzled. "What do you mean, 'here'?" I asked Aaron.

"Here at the campus gates," he replied, leaving me confused as hell.

"Josh, can you come down and vouch for me please?" he asked. "Security won't let us in," he continued. "I have parked in town, and we have walked to here. I tried calling Todd, but as I said, his phone is off."

I replied quickly, "Yeah, dude, on my way down!"

I phoned Dale and Todd answered his phone, "Hey, Josh, what's up dude?" he asked. "Hi, Todd, what's up with your phone, dude?" I asked. "Shit, Josh, my charger is fried and it's flat, why what's up?" he responded. "I am on my way to the campus gates to let Aaron and Kyle in," I replied, while breathing heavy, as talking and walking fast down stairs and the hall are not strong points in my physical routine.

"Say that again?" requested Todd. "Long story. I will let Aaron tell it. Meet me at the main gate, Todd."

"Yeah, sure, on my way," he responded, flipping shut Dale's phone.

I arrived at the main gate, with Aaron standing talking to the guard, who I did not recognise, and with Kyle standing behind him. Aaron looked like he had been in the wars, sporting a very painful looking black eye and a very swollen fat lip. I approached the guard, produced my student I.D and he allowed them both in after they signed the register of guests, and allowed us to proceed.

"Fuck, Aaron, you're dad's an asshole," I yelled at him, whilst feeling his face. "He just needs time dude; that's why I've come here, to give him time."

"You okay, Kyle?" I asked, while holding Aaron's arm. "Not really," he responded. "His dad was pretty rough, called him all sorts, Josh."

"He said he shamed his family, and wished he had him terminated before he was born," he spat out, and from the look on Aaron's face, what Kyle was saying was the truth.

"Yeah, he took it bad guys, really bad," he spoke in a low pitch, close to tears.

And with that being said, Todd and Dale arrived, and the look on Todd's face did not need a question to be asked of Aaron to answer. "Your dad did that, right?" and Aaron just nodded, and went to Todd, where he embraced his best friend, and said into Todd's ear, "He just needs some time, that's all, just some time." But then his emotions got the better of him, and the tears flowed.

"Can we stay here for a few day's Todd...please?" he begged with tears still falling, and Todd replied, "We will sort something out, don't worry, so yeah, you can stop."

We all walked back to Todd's and my room, and entered with Todd still holding his best friend as close as he could.

Aaron sat on the futon with Kyle holding him close, not wanting to leave him. He showed some very loving affection, stroking his arm and holding him with the other. Dale and Todd sat on his bed, and Cal and I sat on the floor, using my bed as a backrest, waiting for Aaron to tell us what had happened.

"Sorry about this guys," he said, looking at all of us whilst rubbing tears away from his eyes. We just sighed, and Todd spoke for us, "Just tell us what happened, okay?" and he just nodded, with Kyle rubbing the back of his neck.

"We had just finished dinner and I decided that now was a good as time as any," he started. "And I was scared, very scared, on how he would take it. But I had to tell him, I was not going to live a lie, I had to do it."

"So, I cleared the table, while he made coffee, and he went and sat down, and I sat across from him. He didn't look like he had a bad day, so I started to talk," he continued.

"'Dad, I have to tell you something,' and then he cut me off, and said, 'If you're gonna tell me you have knocked up some little bitch, I am not going to pay for no abortion, you hear?' He was joking, and I just smiled, knowing that was never a possibility for me," he went on, with us totally engrossed in what he we telling us.

"No, Dad, it's not anything like that," he went on relating his tale of woe.

"And, I just said it. I didn't sugar coat it, as I thought we had a good relationship, so I just plucked up enough courage and said it. 'Dad, I am Gay!'" and he had tears in his eyes, as he continued to spill his coming out to his dad story.

"My dad stood up, walked over to the kitchen door and said, 'Get out! Get out of my fucking house! Get out of my fucking house now!' he kept yelling, and the fury that was in his face was apparent, and I was frozen to the spot. He came at me. He punched me in the face, and grabbed me and threw me outside," he went on. And I watched Cal's face, as he knew what Aaron felt; he could relate to him, as he also had this reaction from a parent.

"I got up off the ground outside and Kyle was there. But as he held me, Dad came at me again, pushing Kyle away as he hit my face again, and grabbed my neck, yelling with fury that I was a disgrace and brought shame to my family, and that he wished my mom had me terminated," he said, with the tears re-surfacing.

"Shit, I am sorry Aaron," Todd said, walking over to him. Dale just shook his head in disbelief and said, "Makes you appreciate what we have sometimes," and I agreed with him.

"I was going to tell my mom," Kyle said to Aaron, "But I just don't know now though," he said, looking at Aaron.

"That's up to you, Kyle. That has to be your decision," Aaron said softly, holding him close. "But you have me, so know that. You have me," Aaron said, kissing his cheek. Kyle smiled, lightly nodded and then softly kissed his fat lip.

I held onto Cal, as this was having an effect on him, and I kissed his cheek in the same manner that Aaron had kissed Kyle's. And about another 20 minutes passed, with Todd getting us some beverages. Then, all of a sudden, Aaron's phone sounded.

"Who is that at 2.35am?" Dale asked, looking at Aaron.

"Shit!" Aaron said out loud.

"It's Aunt Carol," he said, and we asked, "Who?"

"My Dad's sister," and he answered, walking into our bathroom, but not shutting the door, and we heard his side of the conversation.

"Hi, Aunt..." he stopped talking.


"But I..."

"But Aun-"

"Yes, but..."

"He hit me!" he shouted.

"Yes I am," he went on.

"Yes I know you do."

"Thank you."

"I know he does," and he started to cry, talking to his relative.

"I love him too, but the things he said to me, Aunty,"

"My eye is closed and I have a fat lip," he went on.

"He doesn't drink."

"I couldn't lie anymore."

"Yes, I do," he said that looking over at Kyle.

"Yes, I would love you to meet him," smiling over at Kyle.

Kyle then stood up to walk into an embrace from Aaron, and during the embrace his phone dropped. Kyle picked it up, but accidently pressed the speaker option on the phone; Aaron begged us to stay silent, and we did.

"Your Dad loves you Aaron," Aaron's aunt said.

"He's broken; he cannot believe he reacted that way; neither can I, to be honest," she said.

"Will he talk to me, Carol?" We all heard the man's voice on the other end of the call, and the tears were falling again on Aaron's face, and his face turned red at the prospect of talking to his dad.

"Do you want to talk to him, Aaron?" she asked, a long pause ensued.

"Aaron?" she repeated, with all of us staring at Aaron, with concern in our gazes.

And, eventually, Aaron responded,

"He wished I was dead, he said I shamed our family, so why does he want to talk to me?" he said in a surprisingly calm manner.

"He said that?" she replied.

And then she asked his dad if it was true. He admitted that he did, and it sounded like he too was crying, and he sounded really distraught.

"Please ask him to talk to me, Carol. Please." We heard his dad beg for a chance, and Kyle squeezed Aaron's neck in support.

Todd and I looked at each other, as did Cal and Dale, hoping that this could end better than the situation with Cal and his parents. "Aunt Carol, can you put my dad on please?" we heard Aaron ask, and we gave a sigh of relief, as a few seconds later his dad was on the other end. Aaron was making no effort to make the conversation private by hitting the speaker function, so we continued to listen to the conversation.

"Aaron, are you there? Christ son, I am so sorry. Believe me, I am so sorry I hit you," his dad cried out, and Aaron just listened.

"I know I acted wrong when you told me you were a Fa- gay," he corrected himself and went on.

"It was a shock, son, and all those terrible things I said...Fuck...If I could go back, son, I would. You are my life, and what I said...may God strike me down for saying those to you. And I hit you, I hit my baby boy," he sounded very distraught and obviously full of remorse.

"Dad, I am 19, almost 20. I am no longer a boy. I just hoped you would have reacted better. Dad I am still your son, despite my being gay, I am still your son, and I do love you despite you acting like this. I do still care." Aaron was now getting to say what he wanted to, when he told his Dad earlier.

"Where are you son?" his dad asked, still full of emotion. "Are you coming home?" he begged. "I need you here," he went on, "I need you to forgive me, Aaron...please!"

"Aaron...please," his dad pleaded, with more crying sounds coming through the phone line.

"I forgive you Dad, but do you still love me?" Aaron asked.

"Aaron, I have had some time to think about what you told me," he started.

"Simple question, Dad. Do you still love me?" Aaron interrupted.

"Son, I am sorry. But, yes, with all of my heart, I love you with all of my heart!" his dad cried out with pure emotion.

"I forgive you Dad, and I love you too, but you need some time to accept this about me. You need time." Aaron said to his dad, who was inconsolable on the other end of the phone.

"Aaron, please come home, where are you? Please tell me?"

"New York," Aaron replied, "I came to get support from my friends, Dad. I needed it."

"You're with Todd?" his dad said. Todd looked over at Aaron, giving a little smile, knowing his dad knew his son was safe, as he knew that Todd always backed his son in anything, without reservation or judgement.

"That's good...that's good," his dad repeated.

"I will be home after the weekend dad, okay? We need the time apart, so we can get past this," Aaron said, without any animosity in his words. "Time, Dad," he said.

"Okay son, I love you so very much," he said, with more emotion. "I wish I had reacted better, that's all," he said. "So do I, Dad. So do I." Aaron replied, with a tinge of sorrow in his response.

"Speak to you soon, Dad, okay?" he said, with a calm manner, but still tinged with tears. "I love you too, son, and, Aaron, I will do everything in my power to earn that trust back. Believe me, I will use everything in me for you to trust me to be your dad, okay?" his dad said. Tears were building up in me, and definitely in Todd's eyes also, but not in Dale's. He just looked numb.

"Good night, Dad," he said. "Good night, I love you, Aaron," his dad said, and the phone line went dead.

Aaron just broke down with pure emotion into Kyle's arms, and it looked like this night was ending on a better note than it looked like it was going to be. I looked over at Dale; he still looked numb.

He stood up, hugged Aaron and Kyle, and said he was happy for him, and that he was bushed. He was headed out of the room, but I grabbed him and dragged him into the bathroom to ask him why he was looking so vacant.

"Sorry, what do you mean?" he asked me. "You looked pretty pissed when Aaron's dad was begging for forgiveness," I added. "Oh, that," he replied.

"Bullies. I cannot abide bullies, and that's what I saw tonight. With Aaron's dad all I could think of was Connor Barnes," he said quietly. "It's just that. Nothing more. Just bullies," he finished. "Look, I am pleased for Aaron, but who says his dad won't act the same again toward him, huh?" and I looked at him and said, "We don't know. We just have to hope, that's all."

"Look its 3.21am. Let's get people sorted, and we can have a late...a very late breakfast, okay?" I put my hand on Dale's shoulder and we walked back into the room.

"Josh, Aaron and Kyle are going to use the spare bed in my room, okay?" Cal informed me, and I nodded in agreement.

"You sure? They can stop here you know, it's not a bother. Honest," Todd reiterated, looking at me and then Aaron.

Aaron walked over to Cal and me and said, guy's thank you for your offer, but I would like to stay and talk to Todd, if that's okay with you; perhaps tomorrow night if the offer is still there?

We just rubbed his shoulder and said whatever he wanted. We told him we were pleased his dad didn't dwell too long on his serious mistake and apologised for his bad reaction. Then we hugged Aaron and Kyle, and walked out with Dale, after fist punching Todd.

(Don't know when the fuck we started doing that shit...such fucking jock-like actions.)

Cal and I walked Dale back to his room, with me asking him, "You okay now?" He hugged me, and then said, "I am going to see Connor tomorrow afternoon. Come with, please?"

"Sure, anything for you," and I hugged him again, and then we left for the short walk back to Cal's dorm complex.

Just before we entered the complex we saw a car approach and noticed the security car slowing down and the door opening. "Hello, Mr Miller and Mr Kenner; how are we this morning? Not drunk, I hope," Ben said with a hint of humour in his words.

"Nah, just spent some time with friends, and time got away from us, that's all," I said. "Quiet night?" I asked, really wanting to know if anything else had happened since Connor.

"Pretty much, pretty much," he replied, and wished us a good night, got back in his cruiser and drove off.

We got back into Cal's room, slowly stripped and climbed back into bed. There was no energy left for anything more than a small kiss as we spooned and drifted off to sleep.

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