Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 13

Published: 08 Dec 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I woke up around 11.30am and thanked God this was a Saturday, and that I had no classes after the early morning's drama with Aaron and Kyle. I was lying next to my boyfriend and he was the most beautiful, man...that I had ever seen. His complexion was flawless. His jet-black hair fell perfectly down his face. He is, and I do mean totally, he is perfection; God did his job on this guy, and cut no corners. I watched him sleep a few more minutes, thinking, he is mine, all mine, and I was his. Totally. Heart and soul.

"Morning, Baby," I said, stroking the hair away from his face. He reached up to grab my face for a morning kiss, and I resisted. "Wait, please, morning breath," I protested, but he still pulled me into his embrace, planting his lips on mine, with his tongue demanding access. He pursued my tongue with reckless abandon, and wasn't accepting any prisoners. He sucked on my tongue and my cock just had its own agenda, and also demanded equal attention; and this did not go un-noticed by Cal. His hand went straight to my cock and squeezed the head and rubbed the tip with his thumb. "Ahhh, Fuckkk," I moaned, and he chuckled and said, "Good morning, love." I leaned into him, demanding my own access to his tongue, and licked his lips and started to kiss his chin, and then his neck, and I then, without mercy, attacked his nipples, as I knew from past experiences with Cal these most definitely pushed his buttons.

After a few minutes of giving him pleasurable torture, I headed south, working his abs. Then, smelling the musk that was his balls, I worked my way up to sucking his cock, the only cock I ever wanted again. I had only experienced three other cocks in my sexual awakening, and all were perfect in their time with me, but this one was mine and I didn't want to share it...ever.

He pulled me up and flipped me onto my back and attacked my torso with his tongue, torturing my neck and then sucking hard on my nipples that were equally as sensitive as his. "Oohhhhh myyyy Godddd!" I screamed. "Ohhhh fuckkkkk," I moaned again, what can I tell you, yes, like a horny bitch.

Cal then worked his way to my balls and sucked on them individually, as he also knew how to press my buttons. "Oh my love, your balls taste amazing," he moaned, in a husky, sexy voice. He then licked down to my rosebud, and pressed his tongue, which, yes, activated bitch mode all over again, and I was panting like a Las Vegas whore, in need of attention.

He worked at my hole until it gave him access, and that was it for me; I was his and he could do whatever he wanted without complaints. He turned me back into his bitch, and I never put up a fight. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me right now!" I begged him. Yes, I fucking begged him to fuck me.

He got up and went over to his bedside drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube and a couple of condoms and came back and lay beside me, kissing me, and, before we continued he requested, "Later today, my love, we go and get tested, okay?" I looked and wondered, "Okay, but why?" He smiled and just said, "I love you, and want only you. I want to be able to make love to you, and you to me, without barriers, without precautions, without these things separating us," pointing to the condom he held in his hand. I kissed him, and agreed, and to be honest I wanted him bareback, and only bareback, and I do trust him. But being tested reassures both of us, and I knew I would never cheat on him now, or ever, as I not only love him, I was totally in love with him.

He placed me on my back, as he always wanted to see my face when he fucked me, and today I was going to get fucked, not made love to...just fucked senseless. He leaned into me, planting his lips on mine, and then pushed his cock deep into me, and stopped, so I could adjust to the welcome intruder. "Mmmm, ohhhhhhh, mmmmm," I moaned out loud. Yeah, bitch was hot tonight, I thought. He started out slowly, as he knew this drove me crazy, and over the next few minutes picked up the pace, and the momentum.

"Oh Baby, I fucking love you so much, ohhhhhh, mmmm." I kissed him during this and he rammed deep into my hungry hole, my wanting fuck tunnel (corny porn reference, sorry) and he relentlessly pummelled me without mercy. I was powerless to stop his total domination of me, and I fucking loved every inch of him. He had me sweating, and every touch he gave me sent sparks of lust and desire through me. I was lost in a fog of want and sex and lust. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, and he knew he was in total control, but control he knew I gave willingly.

With every stroke of his cock: slow strokes, fast strokes, deep slotting and shallow strokes, he had me on edge, and there was nothing I could do to prevent the inevitable outcome, nor did I want to. Since he entered me I had not touched my own cock, and I was seconds from exploding, as was he. "My love, I'm close," he moaned. "Me too, baby. I want to taste you. Let me finish the job; please baby, let me." I was yet again begging.

He pulled out of me, ripped the condom off, and instead of lying over me, he lay down me, sliding his cock into my mouth, as he took mine into his. I could feel he wasn't going to last much longer, and he thrust deep into my mouth, and not for the first time penetrated my throat. That was more than enough to send us both over the edge. I had one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced, and it actually knocked me out.

"Josh...Josh," I heard him speak into my ear, and I opened my eyes with that goofy smile he almost every time put on my face. There, towering over me, smiling down, sweating and breathing heavy, was my lover, my boyfriend, my baby, my sex-on-legs. "That was amazing. If you can do that to me, I will bottom permanently," I promised, and he said, "No way, my love. I get to experience this thing," he said, while grabbing my very sensitive cock, "as often as you experience mine," he informed me while lowering himself on top of me, and indulging in a post-orgasmic kiss.

We lay there basking in our endeavours when my phone rang.


"Good afternoon," Dale announced. "Well, you missed breakfast, dude, so you are not getting anything to eat," he informed me. I let out a small giggle whilst looking at my lover. "I already had something to eat" I laughed, and asked, "So what's up then?" He replied, "Umm, hospital." "Oh yeah, when do you want to go?" I asked. "Well, it's 1.35pm, so how does now grab you?" he laughed. "Okay, give me ten minutes, and I will see you downstairs, okay?" and he laughed again, like he knew exactly what we had been doing. Either that, or someone was tickling him with a feather.

I got a quick shower, went over and kissed Cal and told him I loved him and I would see him later on today. I started to leave, but dived back on the bed and kissed him again. He smiled and just reiterated what I had said to him, and with that I headed downstairs.

"Somebody got laid," Dale said with a smirk on his face. I couldn't help it, his statement was true, and, yes, that goofy smile that has so often betrayed me was there right on cue. "Oh shut up!" I said, without anything to back it up, and he slapped me on my back and again just laughed at me.

"So, everything okay with Todd this morning?" He just shrugged. "I didn't wake them," he replied. And with that, I reached for my phone in my jeans pocket and hit speed dial 3 for Todd.

"Hello, who's this?" Kyle asked.

And before I responded I was beginning to wonder—as lately I have rang Todd and somebody else answered his phone—has he developed an aversion to answering his own bloody phone all of a sudden?

"Err, Kyle, its Josh," I answered. "Where is Todd?" I inquired. "Some girl called Candy rang, and he ran out, not looking too happy, I may add," and I digested what he said. "Candy? Do you mean Candice?" I replied. "Could have been, Josh. He wasn't making much sense when he ran out," he responded.

"Okay, Kyle, I am heading over to the hospital with Dale. If you need me, just text and I will get back. Okay, dude?" I informed him. "Hospital? Is he okay?" he asked. "Just visiting someone, Kyle," I informed him and ended with, "I will explain later on, okay?" and then I flipped the phone closed.

"Fucking Candice again." I looked over at Dale, and he had that what-has-fucking-happened-now-look on his face.

"She rang him this morning, said a few things, Kyle hasn't a clue what, but Todd left in a hurry cursing her name." Why the fuck can't she just leave well enough alone. She is a walking disaster area, and he gets the fucking fall out. Enough is enough, I thought to myself.

Soon after we arrived at the hospital, we walked over to the desk and Dale signed us in. We stood outside Connor's room looking through the glass, and looked at the monitors beeping away. There were still tubes and wires coming from his body, a necessary air tube attached to his face. Most of the bruises had started to fade, but the half-body cast was more than evident. The swelling at least had gone down.

"He's starting to look a lot better; thanks for coming boys." We turned and saw Connor's mother standing beside us. "The doctors think it is up to him to wake up now," she said, with tears slowly falling.

Dale placed his hand on her shoulder to support her and said, "I'm sure it won't be long now, Mrs Barnes. He will wake up soon," he said. I admired how compassionate Dale could be, when he had to be. We stayed there for about an hour, and Dale looked at me and nodded for us to go. "Okay, Mrs Barnes, we will pop in again soon, okay?" Dale said, and again she stood up and thanked us for coming. We responded with, "That's the least we can do," and we left. "God, I hope he wakes up soon, just to see that he is okay, you know," Dale said when we exited the hospital.

I switched my phone back on and immediately received a text from Kyle's phone, but from Todd, It read,

Need to Talk, come back please

It took us 20 minutes to get back to campus, and into our room. Todd was slumped on his bed, and Aaron was sitting with Kyle on the futon. "He wouldn't talk until you two got here," Kyle said.

"Todd, what's up dude?"

"If it's true, I'm fucked, good style," he moaned out, looking at all of us.

"What do you mean? If it is true, what is?" Aaron asked.

"She can't be, it can't be mine, I always wore a condom, always!" he whimpered out.

"Candice is pregnant?" Dale asked, and Todd with his head in his hands, and tears now falling, nodded.

"I asked her how sure she was it was mine, and she just said I was the only one that was fucking her, and I couldn't speak. I was devastated with what she had told me," he said. He looked shattered.

"Eventually I said I would stand by her and the baby financially," he said, which I knew he would do anyway. Todd is one of the good ones, not shirking any responsibility. "She told me to fuck off with that, she doesn't want a kid at her time of life; she wants me to pay for an abortion." He cried at the very thought of it.

"I told her no fucking way am I destroying a human life, especially if I helped create it," he said. He again held his head in his hands, and sighed. "So what's happening now?" I asked. Even though this is one of my best friends, I have told you many times now, I am a nosy person, and the need for gossip is a must.

"I am meeting her at 5pm for more fucking talks," he moaned out loud. "I just want to sleep," he said crawling under his covers.

So we left him and headed out to get something to eat. We headed just off campus, when Dale noticed something. "Josh, look over there," and he pointed to a guy sitting on a park bench being berated by Candice. "Wonder what that shit's about?" I asked, looking at Dale, who now had a smile plastered on his face. "I will give you one guess what that is about. Does that guy look like he's getting good news, or bad?" Dale said, and from where we were standing, he looked like he was getting the shit kicked out of him, by her scolding.

So we thought we would walk over, just to have a check if Dale's hunch might be correct, when we heard.

"You are fucking paying Steve. You knocked me up, and you are going to fucking sort it!" she yelled. Dale's hunch was right, and then I couldn't stop what happened, nor would I have tried.

"Well if it isn't 'four cock Candice,' as I live and breathe," Dale spat out, as my jaw dropped open. The guy stood up and tried to defend the honour of his girlfriend, but Dale came back with, "Steve, sit your ass back down, I am about to save you a whole lot of heartache and grief." Dale said this looking dead in the eye of Candice, with her for once lost for words.

"You see, Steve, Candice here is what you and I would call a slut," Dale said, and again the guy protested. "You see, she has already told my friend Todd, less than two hours ago, that he was the daddy, and she was sure it was his, as he was the only one that was, in her very words, fucking her."

"What?" Steve asked, looking right at Candice, "You were fucking this guy?" he demanded to know, and she began to speak, "They are making it up sweetie. Honest, you were the only one," she protested. "Okay, she has a tattoo on her inner thigh of a balloon. Todd, told me," Dale finished. "You fucking slut!" Steve shouted at her, and walked away still shouting, "How fucking many, you bitch, how fucking many?" And, we walked away saying, "We will let Todd know you won't be bothering him again." Dale was very happy with himself and we were all pissing ourselves laughing, now knowing that Todd was off the hook.

We got to the gate to leave, when we noticed the police officer who interviewed me when I reported the attack on me after Connor had been assaulted. As I passed her, she spoke to me, "Any more trouble Mr Miller?" Detective Valdez asked. "No ma'am, just the odd 'fag' comment, but no threats of late. But thanks for asking." She came over and handed me a card, with her details on, and told me to contact her anytime if there is a problem, "We don't want a repeat do we?" she informed me, and I thanked her as she headed into campus with a uniformed officer.

We arrived at the diner that Cal and I worked at, or at least we will next weekend, as this weekend was a bust due to some re-decorating being done. It wasn't open, except for us, as we work there, and Cal and I were doing the cooking with the owner's permission, as it went down as training for me, and Cal was happy to oblige.

I managed without burning the diner down, cooking up ham and eggs, fluffy blueberry pancakes, and fresh coffee for my friends. With a kiss off Cal for a job well done, we ate and chatted about how much Candice tried to screw Todd over. "Bet she isn't even pregnant," Dale said, with a scornful tone in his words addressing all of us.

Sitting there for a while as Cal was clearing up and started the washing, I received a voicemail message. "It's from Todd," I announced.

"Hey, Josh, just letting you know I am getting out of Dodge for a while. I need to get my head round this shit with Candice. So don't worry, okay? Speak to you soon. Can you let Dale know and say sorry to Aaron for me. Sorry I had to bail but I need to get out of here." If you wish to save message, press 3 the message ended.

I told the others and replayed the message on open speaker mode, and Dale tried ringing him, as did Aaron, but got nothing, not even voicemail.

"Shit, look we have to go back perhaps he's still there," Aaron announced, and we piled out, leaving Cal to lock up the diner. By the time we got back on campus, Todd's car was gone. We tried in vain to ring him again and we were now getting worried about his state of mind, as Candice really did a number on him.

About three hours passed. Cal was now back in my embrace, and Aaron and Kyle had gone out for a meal and some alone time. Dale was pacing the room, looking pensive. "That Bitch!" he yelled, and that made Cal and myself jump just a tad. "Dale, for fuck's sake!" I yelled back, as my phone rang.

"Todd, is that you?" I said, out loud.

"No, Josh, its Mrs Layton," Todd's mother said, and she sounded like she had been crying.

"Oh. Hi, Mrs L," I said. "What's up?" I asked.

"Josh, there's been a car crash."

To be continued...

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