Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 14

Published: 15 Dec 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"What do you mean there's been a car crash?" I asked, with genuine panic in my voice. Dale was now glaring at me and Cal was wrapping his arm around my neck, so I immediately placed the call on speaker mode so we could all hear.

"Josh, I don't know," she started crying. "Mrs L!" I yelled, "Mary!" I yelled again. "Sorry, Josh," she started talking again, "He's in Mercy General," she informed us. "Is he bad?" I asked. "I don't know. All they said is he was speeding and lost control," she said, obviously distraught. "Where was he going?" she asked. "I don't honestly know, Mrs L. He had an argument with his girlfriend; that's all I know," I lied, wanting to spare her the details of her son's sex life, and the misinformation that Candice bestowed on him before he left.

"Okay, Mrs L, we are leaving now, but I will ring you as soon as I find out anything. Can you ring the hospital and let them know that I am coming in. If you don't give me permission to ask, they won't tell me anything because I am not family," I informed her. She replied with some sorrow in her words, "Josh, you are family." But she said she would contact them as soon as I rang off.

Just as we were about to leave for the hospital there was a knock at the door.

"What the fuck do you want?!!!" Dale hissed.

"I have come to talk to Todd," Candice replied, with a pissed off tone in her manner.

"You have some fucking nerve, lady!" Dale continued. "First you fucking lie to him about him being the father of your mistake, and now what are you going to tell him? What? Come on bitch, what?" he spat out to her with venom.

"I want to see what lies you have told him!" she demanded. "Fucking priceless," Dale spat out, and went on "Lies. You have the fucking monopoly on those, Candice. The fucking monopoly!!!" he yelled.

"Dale, we have to go, this can wait!" I yelled at him.

"Candice, just 'fuck off'! You have done enough damage!" I was now yelling at this heartless harpy, and Cal was holding me back before I did something I wouldn't probably regret at that precise moment, but would later.

"Look, you bitch, your fucking poisonous words have had Todd's head in a spin, and he wigged out and crashed his car! So do us a favour and f--." I cut him off, "Dale we need to go!"

We left my dorm room, leaving Candice with her mouth agape, and headed down the stairs heading to our parked cars, when my phone went again.

"Hello," I said, waiting on a response.

"Mr Miller?" the person asked.

"Yes, who is this please?" I asked.

"Sir, my name is Officer John Lynn," he informed me.

"Sir, I have just come off the phone with Mrs Layton, your roommate's mother," he said.

"Yes, officer I am aware that my roommate has been involved in a crash. We are heading to the hospital now," I informed him, with Cal getting in the driver's side. "That's good. I will speak to you when you arrive then," he said. "Yes, we shouldn't be long officer. Sorry, can you tell me how Todd is doing?" I asked, hoping for better news than what I was thinking. "Sorry, Mr Miller, all I can tell you is he went into surgery two hours ago, and I have not heard anything since," he stated.

"He's in surgery! Fuck!!!" I screamed.

Twenty minutes later we were pulling into Mercy General and parked our cars close to the main entrance. We ran in, almost knocking over a paramedic on the way. "Sorry, man," I shouted, and ran straight to the reception desk where the same middle-aged woman was sitting when we came to see how Connor Brian was doing. I realised it has almost been two weeks since his attack and he still hasn't woken up.

"Todd Layton...he was brought in almost three hours ago, can you tell me how he is? Please!!" I pleaded. "Are you a relative?" she asked, and I thought, here we go again! "My name is Joshua Miller and I am the family's representative," I informed her. She started typing into her computer and said "Layton, Todd, RTA" she said looking at me, "Yes ma'am," I replied. She then picked up her phone and paged a doctor to come and talk to me.

We sat in the family waiting room for what seemed like ages, with Cal holding me close to his chest, lightly kissing my cheek, and reassuring me. I hadn't even managed to contact Aaron yet; Dale was pacing the floor pensively, wanting to know what was happening. It had been almost forty minutes since she paged that doctor to come and talk to us.

I was just about to go back and talk to the receptionist when a young doctor who didn't appear to have been older than 24 arrived; we stood up, eager to hear what she had to say.

"Mr Miller?" she asked. "Yeah, that's me," I replied.

"Is it okay to speak in front of all of you, or would you prefer privacy?" she asked. "No, they are my family," I replied. "And, Dale is his best friend. So, is he?" I asked, looking very, very worried.

"He is a very lucky young man," she said, and relief appear on all of our faces.

"His injuries were not life threatening," she went on.

"He has a broken left arm, four broken ribs, and a large cut to his side that required twelve stitches. He has a broken leg that required minor surgery, but he should be fine with care," she finished. "When can we see him, doctor?" Dale asked. "He is in recovery now, but should be moved up to a room in about an hour," she informed us, and smiled and left.

Dale stood up and started looking down the passage and said, "She said an hour, right?" And I looked at him, "Yeah, why?" and he just said, "I think I will see how Connor is doing." Then he said, "I'll be back in thirty, okay?" And with that, he left the room.

Cal just held me, and I started to cry. "Hey, what's this? Look...he's okay." He held me close, and I just lost it. I couldn't help it. "I thought they were going to tell me he was dead," I just broke. And I knew Dale was somewhere doing the exact same thing. "He's okay," he said, kissing my head, and I turned and looked him in the eye, wiping the tears out of mine. I could see the concerned look in my boyfriend's eyes. "I know he is," I sniffed out. Then my phone rang again.


"Hey, Josh, you been trying to reach me. What's up?" Aaron asked.

"Your phone was off," I replied, about to ruin his perfect day with Kyle. "Yeah, we sort of got side tracked," he said whilst giggling. "There's been a car crash," I told him. "Josh, please tell me nobody got hurt...Josh?" he asked, and I informed him, "Yeah, Todd got banged up pretty bad, Aaron. He's in Mercy General." I waited for him to say something. "Is he going to be okay, Josh?" he asked with concern in his voice. "The doctors think so; we haven't seen him yet, but we will soon," I informed him. "I will find it on my GPS and be there right away!" he said, and then the phone line went dead.

Twenty minutes later Dale came back in, informing us that Connor had been moved to a facility nearer to his family home, and that his mother had left her address and her phone number. But as far as he found out there had been little change in Connor's condition.

A nurse then arrived informing us that Todd had been moved and was in room 112 on the first floor. Five minutes later we were at his door. We went into his room, and were shocked at his state: he was in a full leg cast, his arm was in a sling, his face was bruised badly, and he had on an oxygen mask. He looked awful.

"Fuck, Todd, you scared the shit out of us," I spoke to him softly. He let out a quiet moan in return. "Don't speak, Todd. Just get some rest, okay?" I said, and got a hug from Cal that brought a smile to my face for the first time in hours. We all felt such a relief just to see Todd alive. "I haven't told you this in a while," Cal said, looking into my eyes. "I love you, Mr Miller. My heart is yours." I kissed him deeply and passionately as my friend slept, knowing he was going to be okay. "Your heart is safe with me. I love you, too," I replied, holding his forehead to mine. A slight pretend cough sounded from the direction of my best friend, who, for at that moment, I forgot was there.

"Sorry Dale," I said sheepishly. "What for?" he asked. "You are relieved this dumb ass will be okay, and you're emotional and you're being comforted by your boyfriend." He smiled at me, and I just give a wan smile and nodded.

With Todd dozing most of the day, we decided to go get something to eat and headed out. Aaron had been there just over an hour along with Kyle. We all piled back into Cal's car and went seeking sustenance, and found a McDonald's and just ate burgers and fries as we wondered what the hell Todd was doing speeding along that highway anyway. "Do you think he was kill himself?" asked Kyle. Christ, that never even crossed my mind. Could he? Would he? Did he try?

I came to the conclusion that it was an accident, but still I couldn't shake Kyle's question out of my thoughts.

The conversation I had with Officer Lynn when I was at the hospital was brief, just confirming that Todd had left after his altercation with his ex-girlfriend, and crashed shortly after, and there was nothing more I could tell him.

We got back to Todd's room about an hour later and he was awake and alert. "Hey, Todd!" Dale said to him as we walked back into the room. "Pleased your awake, dude," I said, and he just said "Sorry guys, I don't know what happened. It's all just a blur, this thing with Candice and my's just so fucked up."

"It's not yours, Todd!" Dale blurted out. "She lied, dude! She was fucking some guy called Steve, and she had been fucking him for as long as you two were together," he continued.

"Steve?!" Todd spat out. "So I am not the dad then?" A look of relief came across his face. "Dude at this point I am not even sure she is even pregnant!" exclaimed Dale, and he went on to explain what had transpired with this Steve earlier in the day. Todd just looked on in total disbelief. "She had me fucking fooled," he spat out.

We talked for about an hour as Todd began to drift and Cal whispered into my ear, "Let's go. Come on now," he demanded in a joking way. "You have been stressed all day and I have the perfect remedy to de-stress you," he whispered into my ear, biting gently on my lobe, with Kyle sniggering beside us. "Okay guys, we are shooting off," I said to all in the room. "Yeah, if Cal kept that up, you would be." More sniggers were coming from Aaron and Kyle. "Oh, shut up!" I laughed back. "Todd, I will see you in the morning dude. I am relieved you are okay. Really I am," I said with emotion, and walked over and kissed his forehead. Todd whispered, "Sorry I worried you, dude." And I just said, "Don't do it again, I care too much about our little family." He just gave a weak smile, I said my 'see you later' and shoulder barges to Dale, along with my now customary hug, and we left.

Cal and I walked to where we had parked the car and then I asked, "Okay, what's up?" He looked at me and put his hand to my cheek and replied, "You have been stressed all day, Love, and you need to chill for a while, and besides I need you."

"You need me?" I asked, looking into his sexy deep blue eyes, and his smile that gave instant boners to any guy he looked at.

"Yes, I want you tonight, no distractions; I want you to fuck me. I want you!" he said, and again that girly, goofy smile that betrayed me so often was there, plastered right across my face. "I don't want to fuck you," I replied.

"What!?" he asked. And, again I replied, "I don't want to fuck you, Calumn," with a low pitch in my voice.

"But I thought you..."

I cut him off. "I want to make love to you, babe," I finished. A broad smile flashed across his face that could have made me blow my load right there and then. We got into his car and he drove back to his dorm.

How I managed to keep my hands off him the whole time was impressive. But, with Todd's accident, I resisted the temptation to play with him in the car.

As we pulled up to student parking my phone went off, and it was Dale on the other side.

"Hey Dale, what's up?" I asked, getting out of the passenger side of the car.

"Nothing, dude, just letting you know we are heading back is all," he replied.

"Todd's mother turned up just after you left though," he informed me. "Yeah, she got emotional," he continued. "She scolded him for speeding; he was like a lost puppy," he quipped. "So, we let them be, and told him we would see him tomorrow," he said. "Dale could you do me a solid?" I asked. "Yeah, sure," he replied. "Could you sort Aaron and Kyle out for a while?" I asked, hoping. "Special time is it?" he laughed. "Sort of," I blushed. "Yeah, dude. Have fun," he finished, shutting up his phone.

It was dark outside when I walked around to the driver's side where Cal was standing looking at me, and he asked, "Everything okay?" and I replied, "Couldn't be any better, babe," and leaned in and kissed him. And then we heard it...

"No fucking wonder you faggots get your asses busted over!!"

We heard it from across the quad, but not seeing anyone, "Always one fucking retard" I said to Cal. "Love, just fucking ignore them, I do," he replied, and I kissed him again as we walked into his dorm complex.

We entered his room, and within seconds I was pressing him against the wall, kissing down him, parting his lips with my tongue, and he was reciprocating with his. Light moans from both participants filled the small room. I lifted up his shirt and he mine, as I explored his torso with my eager tongue, revelling in the dry musky scent of him. I loved it. I craved it. I needed it. And I was taking it.

"Christ, Cal, you taste great," I moaned out as I licked down his body. He approved, moaning as my tongue flicked over his nipples and my hand rubbed his now leaking cock. He sat up, grabbing my face back to his wanting lips, and his tongue re-entered my mouth and once again did battle with mine. He flipped me over and started returning all the gestures I had applied to him, and he again had me moaning like a female freshmen being banged by the hot star quarterback.

"Oh, fuck Cal!" His hand was now in my shorts and his thumb was rubbing over my cockhead and applying just enough pressure to send my eyes to the back of my head. I had to pull him off, as I was getting too close to the edge. "Slow down; I want this to last, babe," I begged, and he retreated. It was again my turn to assault his battlefield, and I had the manpower to just accomplish my mission.

I slid down his body and in one swift movement removed his pre-cum stained boxers and slid my mouth over his ever-leaking cock. I had never seen so much pre-cum. But, again, I don't have a lot to reference with; but he could feed the gay 100 if he had the chance. But I digress. "Oh, fuck Josh! Ahhh!" he screamed my name as I was giving him my 'A' game, and I was showing my lover, my boyfriend, my sex-on-legs, what he means to me.

I slowly–while sucking as much of him into my welcoming mouth, my expert mouth–I applied a little pressure to his ass and slowly inserted my index finger, and slowly rotated. Moans from him encouraged me to continue my attack; he was fucking loving it. The sheer pleasure in his eyes as I assaulted his cock and his ass would end when I entered him with everything I could offer. My goal would be to drive him crazy, as I would slowly enter him and make love to him.

I removed my mouth from his cock, and then applied pressure to his ass with my tongue. His awaiting ass just spread and my tongue dug in deep, spreading his velvety ass even further. His moans reminded me of myself being fucked by my two best friends; that early experience that drove me to such a frenzy. But apart from that, Cal–because I felt such deep love for him–had driven me to such a powerful crescendo when he first made love to me. Now, here I was, returning the favour with so much love and tender attention. I was sending him on a sexual adventure, as my tongue was doing its work in driving him utterly wild.

"Please Josh, what are you doing to me?" he moaned out while scratching his nails in my back. It's as though he was attempting to hang on to reality. "Just...Josh I need you. Stop teasing!" he desperately cried out, like the cheap whore he typically turns me into. I raised myself up and lowered myself over him again, locking lips, and our battle recommenced. While our tongues duelled I placed my cock at his ass and spread natural lubricant over his eager hole. I pressed in; I could see pain in his eyes as tears started to fall. I pressed my lips to his to stifle his cries, and after a few seconds the pain in his eyes had evaporated and were replaced with wanting lust. I slowly removed my cock and re-entered slowly; I was going to make this last. I continued this pace for almost ten minutes and it was driving him insane.

I took my cue to speed up, and with that I pressed forward with short, fast strokes, then with varying depths of penetration and speed, and then with slow, long strokes that had him blowing his load all-over himself soon after. "Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuck, Joshhhhhh!" he screamed out, with his nails digging into me and driving me over the precipice. It had me blowing deep into his ass and spewing copious amounts out of my cock four, five, six shots deep.

I collapsed on top of my lover, kissing him, clinging to him with want and desire as only I could provide and he to me. The seventy-minute love making session was awesome, and would be repeated a couple of hours later with Cal making love to me.

After we came down from our orgasmic bliss, we talked for a short while and shared some of our feelings and our fears, and asked some questions and well...I sort of needed to know if what we had was real and not some college fling that would inevitably end.

"Cal, I do love you, and I am not just saying that for effect," I informed him, kissing his cheek.

"Well, why wouldn't you?" he replied, kissing my hand. "I love you so much, Josh" he replied. "I know it is such a cliché, but I loved you the first time I saw you, Josh. I don't know why. I just did, you know. But where do you see us going?" I asked. "What do you mean?" he replied. "Is this just a college thing? Or is it something else?" I asked, looking deep into his eyes, leaving a long moment of silence drifting between us.

"It is what it is, Josh," he replied.

I was now looking at him quizzically. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, wanting to know if he saw this going past college.

"Josh I cannot really answer that. Look, you are only 19 and I am only 20. Do you really want to bandy the word commitment around at 19?" he said. I now had a lump in my throat. "You said you loved me?" I asked. "I do love you," he replied. "No, you don't. It's just something you say to someone you just had sex with, or a fuck buddy, I thought we were more than that," I said out loud whilst sitting up, grabbing my clothes. "You said to me my heart was safe with you, and I said yours was safe with me... You lied!" I said with tears falling freely.

"Josh, you're overreacting," he replied while trying to hold my shoulder. I was shrugging it off, hurt.

"I never set out to find love Calumn, but I did, and obviously it is unrequited!" I said, now bawling. He just lay there, staring at me, and then he spoke, "I just don't want to hurt you." I looked at him, I loved him so much it hurt. "You asked me to make love to you, and I did. And now I know it was just sex. Just fucking sex. And it hurts. So, Calumn, you have failed on the hurt aspect, haven't you?" I said whilst pulling on my shirt. Nothing was said for a while, and I stood up to leave.

"I thought it was just me," he said softly.

"What?" I replied.

I was not really interested now, as he has made it abundantly clear this is no more than a college thing. Five weeks ago I would have accepted that, but now? I want more than that from him.

"I didn't realise you also felt like that," he said, now arousing my interest somewhat.

"Explain what you mean, because the signals you are sending out are fucking with my head. Calumn, are you just playing fucking games with me?" I said walking for the door.

"Tell me the truth, Josh. I need to know before I put my heart on the floor for you to stomp on. Just tell me the truth please."

"About what?" I asked, now sitting back on his bed. He responded, "I've always held something of myself back as a safety blanket. I cannot stand people walking away from me like my parents did. I just can't leave myself that vulnerable. But with you, I believed I could. So, can I Josh? Can I?" His tears were now flowing, but not with sobs. Just flowing tears down his perfect features.

"Cal, I have told you I love you...shit...I am in love with you," I said, hoping he could hear what I was saying and how I was saying it.

I continued, "When I first saw you in class I boned up. Okay, it was lust at first sight, but when we talked and I got to know you I started to fall and fall hard. And okay, at first I thought, yeah, it would be great to have a guy through know. But Cal, I fell deep. Really deep. And for the first time in my life I was looking beyond college." I was holding his face, gently wiping away some of his tears.

"Cal, the word commitment does not scare me. It invigorates me. It strengthens me. And yeah, I am only 19, but I turn 20 soon but hey, I know what I want. And a college fling isn't what I signed up for," I said, still caressing his face in my hands whilst tears fell from both of us.

"Josh. I am so in love with you. I have always been in love with you, and I thought this was just 'a thing' for you and that's all. Just 'a thing'," he cried with pitiful tears. These sorrowful words came out in such a sad voice. He was struggling to cope with this conversation. I held on to him tighter.

"Look, Cal, what do you do if you find 'Mr Right' too soon, like you feel that's how I see it. Well I don't. If I have found 'Mr Right,' there is no such thing as too soon. If I have found him, I am keeping him. I am keeping you for as long as you want me. Do you understand?" I spoke truly from my heart, and hopefully he will be my life partner. But things in life are never certain and surprises do tend to pop up and kick you in the ass. All I know is I have never held someone this close to my heart...ever.

Then he shocked the fuck out of me.

"Josh...Joshua...MARRY ME!"

To be continued...

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