Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 15

Published: 22 Dec 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I looked directly into his eyes with trepidation and wonder, and he said it again:

"Josh, please. Would you marry me!?"

I just continued staring at him, not truly believing what was being asked of me, and he just looked at me, staring intently, waiting on my reply. And I, not for want of a better word, didn't have one.

"I'm freaking you out," he whispered. "Sorry Josh, I didn't want to do that." He paused for a while, looking at the ceiling.

"I had a sort of relationship in junior year in high school, and, well, let's just say it didn't end well."

"Didn't end well," he repeated.

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to give myself a little more time to figure out what I wanted to say about the 'will you marry me' question.

"Jake. Jake Atkins," he started.

"We were friends, and…good friends first…and things just developed into something more. I was already outted, thanks to dear old mom and dad, and he avoided me at school and joined in the taunts. But I grew a thick skin. Well, you do don't you…you have to," he continued with me still avoiding the original question.

"But back home we were lovers, boyfriends. My heart was laid out and his to take, and he did and I had his, but then the shit hit the fan so to speak," his demeanour somewhat dipping.

Six weeks from the end of junior year, rumours travelled round about Jake, and he got wind of them and he thought I had started them. He confronted me in front of his jock friends, and I was stunned. The guy who said he loved me, and I knew I loved him, demanded what I had been saying about him. I denied everything, as I had not breathed a single word to anyone. I wouldn't out him. I had that done to me and I wouldn't do that. He just kept calling me a disease, and said I should be eradicated from the school. He was verbally killing me; he was ranting like a mad man, his friends were taunting me, and the kids around would just walk past, ignoring my plight. I was in stunned shock that this boy…my boy. And… he hit me; he hit me over and over again. I couldn't defend myself. I was in shock as his blows rained down on me, and it took three of his jock buddies to pull him off of me. And they walked away laughing, with Jake cussing me something rotten. So, yeah…a few insecurities," he sadly chuckled, obviously remembering the good times with this Jake as well as the bad.

"So what happened to Jake?" I asked, now really wanting to know who else had a place in his heart before he ripped it out.

"The whole thing was caught on camera and he was expelled from school. I didn't press charges and he got admitted into another school. He tried calling me, and tried to say he was sorry, but how do you forgive something like that? I have refused to talk to him since that day, and that was almost two years ago," he finished, and again nothing was said for a while.

"Josh, what I mean about us it's…" I cut him off.

"Marriage though, Cal, do you really want that?" I asked, now knowing what I have to say. I do really love him and want him as my partner. But marriage at 19, okay 20 in two weeks. But still–young–and with us being gay, life is already fucking hard. Why make it impossible?

"Not yet, but yeah sometime, and with you I hope," he replied. "Josh, I asked you to marry me just as a bit of a security blanket. I love you so much. It's just, with what happened with Jake, I laid my heart out and he stomped on it. And so when I asked you to marry me, I mean when we have gotten through college. Not next week," he giggled. "It is just that if we make that sort of commitment to each other now, we both know it is not a college fling. It is more…you know."

He gently kissed me on the lips and I cried just a little and replied,

"Yes…yes…yes…yes!" I yelled. "Okay, yes I will marry you after college," I said whilst kissing him hard and with tremendous passion. I was now again getting boned up at his touch.

"Three and a half years. Let's not fuck this up," I whispered into his ear, before once again we made love, with him doing the loving. Shortly afterwards, we drifted into a post-coital sleep.

Several weeks passed, as did my 20th birthday. I asked my parents if I could postpone my party a month or so until Todd had recovered from his injuries, and they were great and agreed. When Todd returned to college after a few weeks back home and after his casts came off, he was desperate to return to some sort of normality and happily got back into the swing of things. Dale regularly contacted Mrs Brian to check on Connor, but nothing changed, even after all this time. The investigation into Connor's attack was getting cold, and the size of the police presence on campus started to dwindle. I was getting apprehensive with the lack of movement in the attack investigation; information requests were going unanswered and the police were at a loss with the lack of information they were receiving. On the social side of life, I was spending a lot more time with Cal, and I wanted our situation to improve to the standard that we could eventually move off campus sophomore year. With Cal and I and Todd and Dale as roommates, we could get an apartment to rent that would just be perfect.

Saturday morning, several weeks after the proposal, and Todd's accident

I woke up with Cal staring at me with a smile on his face that would have boned me up if I hadn't already been in that condition. I did have that goofy smile plastered all over my face.

"Morning," I yawned out. "What's up?" I asked. "You, by the looks of the tent you are building," he giggled. And I just said, "Yeah, it happens."

"You going for a run this morning?" he asked. "Yeah. I'm late, but yeah."

Knock! Knock!

Cal went over opened the door and Todd and Dale walked in.

"Interrupting are we?" Dale asked, with Todd laughing at what, I hadn't a clue.

I just said, "Give me a couple and I will be out of here." I got out of bed, not caring that I was naked, and went into the bathroom to sort myself out. A few minutes later I returned with a towel around my waist, in an attempt to reclaim a tad of modesty that may still be mine.

"Okay, guys, enjoy your run," Cal said, heading out to the diner, and reminding me that my shift starts at ten sharp. I kissed him before he walked out the door.

"Shit, Dude, I forgot you start back at the diner today," Dale chirped in. "Yeah, it was supposed to be yesterday, but something was wrong with the electrical service, so it's today," I replied.

"Aaron and Kyle came back yesterday, dude. I tried calling you, but your phone went direct to voicemail," Todd announced. "Yeah, we were…umm…preoccupied," I laughed out.

"He and Kyle are considering transferring to here next semester," Dale joined in.

"Really?…Wow!" I exclaimed. "He wants to give himself and his Dad some more time apart. His dad has been better, but he thinks some time apart would be beneficial to both of them," Todd said.

"Yeah, time heels most wounds, as they say," Dale added. "He's only here for the weekend though," he concluded.

"So, he's going back tomorrow then?" I asked Todd, and he nodded. "Yeah, I think so," he said, as we readied ourselves for our run.

"You sure you are okay to run, Todd," I asked. "Yeah, just a bit stiff at the moment. There is a little pain, but nothing I cannot handle," he smiled back, and slapped my ass playfully.

We went down the hall and down the stairwell into the quad. We walked over to my tree to do our stretches to prepare for our run, but with me unable to complete my full burn, as I had to be at the diner in 45 minutes.

"What's he glaring at?" Dale spoke to Todd. "Who dude?" asked Todd.

"Terry Reynolds," he said. "His eyes have been on us for five minutes now," he concluded.

I turned around and Terry was staring right at us, but more in my direction, and his glare turned into a smirk. I didn't know what his problem with me was, but if it was the obvious, well, he is a sad shit that's all I can say.

"Just fucking ignore him dude," Todd said, placing a hand on Dale's shoulder.

Terry whispered into one of his friend's ears, made some blowjob gestures, and then laughed, pointing at us, and that got Dale's piss boiling.

"Fuck this!" shouted Dale, as he marched with purpose over in the direction of Terry and his friends.

"What's your fucking problem, Reynolds?" yelled Dale, with Todd and myself backing him up if needed.

"What's my fucking problem?" he snapped back. "You are the one doing the shouting, you fucking dipshit," he continued, as he again smirked. But just as this confrontation was about to continue the announcement system come on, which was strange as this was Saturday. But we listened.


"Students and faculty, it is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce that student freshman, Connor Brian, passed away early this morning from the injuries he sustained by the attack some several weeks ago. He died with his mother at his bedside. All classes have been cancelled for Monday, and if anyone has any information regarding the attack on Mr Brian, please do not hesitate to contact this office. All information will be held in strictest confidence. Thank you."

Everyone around us just looked numb. Dale just lost it, dropped to his knees and sobbed. I dropped beside him and held him, with Terry looking down on us smirking, and Todd now glaring at him.

"Just say one word, Terry, please; just one word and I will drop you where you stand…get me!?" he yelled. Terry just shook his head and walked away, with his three friends following behind him.

I looked at Dale, and he just looked shot. With Todd's help we got him back to the dorm, and he curled up on my bed and just wept. He did not know this kid, but he did find him, and obviously had the images of Connor planted in his brain and could not shake them. After a couple more minutes, Dale's phone rang. It was Mrs Brian letting him know, and he informed her that the college had already broken the news. He passed on our condolences and our respects to her and gave us the address so we could send some flowers for the upcoming service.

I received a call from Cal and I let him know what had happened. He told me to stay with Dale, that my shift would be covered, as Peter said it was okay for me to be here where I was needed. For that I was thankful.

"Murdered," Dale said, in almost a whisper. "Nineteen and murdered. And for what?" he started to liven up. "FUCKING MURDERED COZ THEY THOUGHT HE WAS GAY…F U C K!!" he shouted "Dude, I am not fucking gay, but from this moment on, I'm a fucking gay activist with a stick up my ass," he proclaimed.

The morning and that afternoon drifted by with us speaking our minds in respect of what could be done, not just to protect the gay students, but all students on campus. The security was weak at best. Yes, I know Ben Kips saved me from a beating, and more than likely saved my life. But at a campus with over 1800 students, and half of those living on campus, one security officer doing night patrols isn't good enough, and that has been sadly proven.

Over the next few days the police presence was evident, and the day Aaron and Kyle went home their car had been searched, even though they arrived after the attack occurred. But they didn't object, and assured us that after this upcoming break and my birthday extravaganza–that was postponed from my birthday due to Todd's accident and put back to our next break–they were going to move heaven and earth to be transferred here for the next semester.


"I wonder if Cal would like to move in with me," Dale asked. "What?" I replied. "Tyler's dad is ill and when this semester is up he's transferring so he can be closer to home," he finished. "Ty's leaving? That sucks, dude!" Todd interjected.

"So, do you think Cal would??" Dale asked again. "And, if Aaron and Kyle do get a transfer they could have Cal's dorm room," he smiled at me, thinking he had this all figured out.

"I will ask him. That's all I am saying I will do. I will ask him," I spoke…eventually.

I told them that Cal finished soon and I would go to his dorm and spend the night there. "Dale, why don't you use my bed," and he nodded and gave me a hug. "I know it's tough, but they will get caught. They will," I said to him, breaking my embrace.

"You want me to come with, Josh?" Todd asked. "There are enough cops out, Todd. I think I'll be fine, dude," I said whilst leaving. "Laters!" I yelled, closing the door and noticed a slip of paper stuck to the door. I pulled it off and read it:




"FUCK!" I shouted, with Dale and Todd bursting out of the door. "What the fuck, Josh!" Dale yelled at me, and I handed him the note.

"Is this shit for real?!" Todd lamented. "Call the police right fucking now," I continued. I went into my wallet and pulled out the card Detective Valdez had given me several weeks earlier, and I rang her.

"Hello, 17th precinct, Detective Valdez speaking," she said.

"Yeah, hello, detective, it's Josh Miller," I said. "I have received a written threat," I informed her.

"Okay, Josh, where was the threat?" she asked. "Stuck to my dorm door," I replied. "Okay, has anyone else besides you touched the note?" she asked. "Yes, Todd…Todd Layton and Dale Jackson." I informed her that my friends came out of the dorm as I was leaving to see Cal, and they had heard me shout and they read the note.

"Okay, we are going to need all three of you to be printed, to compare anything found on the note."

We agreed and she sent someone to collect the evidence, and took us down to the precinct to have our prints taken.

We were stuck at the precinct until just after 10pm, and the guys dropped me off via cab at Cal's, who was expecting me. As I walked over to the entrance I heard someone laugh, but I couldn't see anyone, so I was going to just ignore it. But when I opened the door to his complex I heard the laugh again, but punctuated with,

"We won't make that mistake again, faggot!" and it was born out of hate, those words oozed hatred and why? Because I am gay? I fucking refuse to be a victim in all this!!! I fucking downright refuse!

"HEY FUCKWIT I AM HERE!" I screamed out. "YOU FUCKING WANT ME DEAD? COME FUCKING DO IT!" I continued my yelling, until a car pulled up and Ben Kips got out.

"You okay, Mr Miller?" he asked with authority, and I informed him of the written threat and the verbal one I had just received. "Ben are there any guests on campus now that were here when Connor was attacked?" I asked and he radioed into the gatehouse to check their records. It came back that there were three guests currently on site but that they were not here when the Connor Brian attack happened. "That narrows the search down somewhat; they have to be either student or faculty," I concluded. "Nothing else explains it," I went on, "and I am aiming for student; he didn't sound old enough to be a teacher or professor," I said. "Mr Miller we only take names of visitors at night, during the day all the gates are open, so there is a flaw in your logic" he reponded

He then walked me back to Cal's dorm and I went upstairs and knocked on his door.

"Hey, sexy," he smiled at me, and I went into a hug, and started crying like the wooss I am turning out to be.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" he asked, and I explained everything that has happened today. It's been a real shit day, and now I am in the arms of the person that can make me feel so much better. And love me. I need him. I want him. I have to have him. I don't want him to make love to me; it was one of those times I just wanted to be had. And when I mean had, I mean HAD.

"Cal…F U C K M E S E N S E L E S S ! "

"I need to know I've been fucked, and fucked hard!" I demanded

I dragged his clothes off his body, stripping him naked, diving head first onto his now rigid cock, just to get him ready to plough my eager hole. I wanted him to treat me like a cheap slut. I needed him to just use the fuck out of me. I have had a day from hell, and just needed him to have his way, fulfil all his fantasies, and fuck whatever hole he desired.

"Josh, suck the spunk out of my balls!" he yelled, and I just went for it like he was paying me. "Fuck yeah, swallow my dick." And I did just that; his cock was now sliding effortlessly down my throat, his thrusts becoming more intense. Then he pulled out of my throat, filling my mouth with his warm, salty seed, and I worked like that cheap whore and devoured every drop of his essence. "Oh, fuck, Josh," he moaned, grabbing my hair, stabbing his cock back down my throat, and demanding, "Fuck! Keep sucking! Keep me hard," he continued.

He then pulled out, lined up his cock to my ass, and ploughed straight in. I didn't care about the short burst of pain, as I demanded, "For fuck's sake, don't wait! Hammer me!" He started with long, quick thrusts that had me moaning like the neediest bitch on the planet. I am at this point a musical instrument and he was the maestro; he knew every key, every note he wanted me to play.

I was shortly screaming his name as he drove me to orgasm, "Calumn, Fuckkkkkkkkk," I continued, "OOHHHHH…AHHHHH…YEAHHHHHH…FUCKKKKKK!!!" I shot all over his torso; he didn't flinch, not missing a fucking stroke! He knew what I needed and he was giving it to me with plenty to spare! "Turn over, Josh!!" he commanded. And I did so. He was now slotting me from behind, and it was sensational. He had me screaming like a cheerleader being fucked on prom night. I was sweating buckets, and every sensation was now flooding my body, as he was soon driving me to my second orgasm, as his second was also coming up fast. "Fill my ass, Cal! Fill me with your cum!" I insisted, as I shot my second load without touching myself. He shot again, powerfully filling my colon and collapsing on my back, as I collapsed under him in a satisfied coma. Fuck. We were one.

"That's how you keep me happy," I kissed him as he rolled off me. "You complete me," he said, and I burst out laughing at that, "Been watching Jerry Maguire have we?" I asked. He smiled "Never-the-less it's true," and he kissed me. We drifted off to a blissful sleep, happy in the knowledge that tomorrow has to be a better day than this one.

To be continued…

Thanks for the comments, as they are very much appreciated. Just a heads up: this story has been mostly seen from Josh's point of view, but in upcoming chapters you will get a view from Todd's, Dale's, and Cal's side as well, but still mainly Josh's. As always, e-mails to



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