Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 16

Published: 29 Dec 2014

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Over the next week we studied like demons, burning the midnight oil with study sessions galore. We all had exams coming up for our mid-terms, and these would be the grades sent back home for our parents – or in Cal's case, his grandparents – to see how college is working out. My grades were good and heading towards the 3.1 I was aiming for the freshman year, and hoping to improve that to a 3.5 as a sophomore. The thing holding me back at this point was a physical education credit to improve my grade point average. Now, unlike Dale, Todd, and even Cal, they all did sports; me, I am pretty useless at most sports, so I need help from my friends to up my grade, most colleges don't require a physical education but this fucker does.

"Do track. You can run, dude," Dale said. "Josh, you run four miles every day. You are fit. So try it. If it fails, try something else, like Swimming, you did that shit in high school" he continued, and I agreed. I don't know why I had not thought of that myself, to be honest.

"Did you ask Cal about sharing with me, by the way?" he asked. I smiled and said he was going to see his R.A. and ask if he could move for next semester. And, since Kyle and Aaron have successfully had their applications accepted, his room would not go empty. So, all looks well.

"Fucking excellent!" he proclaimed. "I didn't want some slob moving in and destroying my chi," he bull-shitted and smiled at me.

"How're your grades coming, anyway?" I asked. "So-so; they could be better. But with all this shit going on it's had me bummed, dude," he said solemnly. "I think I will end mid-terms with a 2.7 though," he finished, smiling over at me.

"Looking forward to next week, dude?" he asked me. "Yeah. Fuck yeah. My late birthday party bash!" What's not to like about that, I thought. All my friends, my boyfriend, and my best friends partying the night away. Plus, looking forward to seeing my parents and Lucas. I am surprised at how much I miss my brother. We talk a couple of times a week, but I miss the personal contact and the roughhousing we do. I am so happy that dimension of our relationship hasn't changed since he found out that I was gay.

"Is Todd traveling with you?" I asked. "Since he wrecked his truck, yeah. You traveling up with Cal?" he asked, and I answered in the affirmative.

Todd walked through the door with a grin that says he got laid, and we just waited for confirmation of said fact.

"Well?" Dale asked.

"Well, what?" replied Todd with that shit-eating grin of his.

"You fucking know what, you shit," Dale responded with scorn, and me trying not to giggle, yes fucking giggle.

"Dude, I don't even know how it happened," he started. "I was in our study group. Me, three guys from my class, and two sexy-as-fuck girls. We studied for like forever, and decided to take a break. I went into the stacks and was followed by one of the girls; and she just came right out and said, "Todd, you look tense. Can I help?" I just looked at her and replied, "How?" "Guys, she just dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out and blew me right there in the library! I was awestruck! I tell you, I blew my little guys in her mouth, and if God was my witness, she didn't spill a drop. Has Candice turned all the girls here into sluts or something?" he said collapsing onto his bed.

"That shit never happens to me dude," Dale protested.

"Dale, study in the library. You won't be disappointed," replied Todd.

"God, it's fucking warm in here," I complained. "This fucking AC is pissing me off; it's been fine for a month, and as soon as it gets fucking unusually warm for this time of year, it fucks up, and now I am cranky."

"Fuck this; I am heading over to Cal's," I said, grabbing my backpack and heading for the door. "Dude, hang fire. We will walk you over," Dale insisted, and they got up and walked me to Cal's dorm and watched me enter the building before walking back to our complex. I walked up the stairs and knocked on his door. No answer. I knocked again, and again still no answer. I rang his phone and it went straight to voicemail. I left a message saying that I came over and to call me when he gets back in.

I considered ringing Todd to say Cal was not in yet, but decided I didn't want to be a burden on my friends every time I went out alone. I walked outside and started to walk the half-mile back to my dorm, when I heard footsteps behind me. I quickened up my pace, as did the footsteps following me. I started to run when I felt a hand on my shoulder spin me around, and then...

Cal looked at his watch.


Look guys, I'm worn out. My brain is fried. Can we continue this tomorrow? Cal's friends agreed; they had been studying since 4pm, and rightly so. Give it up for another day. He left his friend's apartment off-campus and switched his phone on. He had two missed calls and two voicemails. One was from his grandparents, asking how he was doing and letting him know that their plans for their Florida trip were all set, and to enjoy himself at Josh's home. The second was from Josh, telling him that he had been round. I will call him when I get back, he thought to himself.

I came to sometime later and heard voices, mumbling at first, then I heard them talking about me.

"Don't fuck this one up T," one of them said. I didn't recognise the voice. God, my head was throbbing. I couldn't see a thing, as my entire head was covered. My hands were bound behind me, painfully tight.

"Hey, I didn't fuck the last one up, you dipshit," the other one said. And if I wasn't mistaken, it sounded familiar to me.

"When is your cousin getting here, anyway?" the other one said. "I'll ring him," he replied.

"Hey cuz. It's Terry." I fucking knew I recognised his voice. Fuck.

"Yeah, we nabbed him. You coming over so we can get this fag done?" he said to the caller on the other end.

"Yeah, he's out cold," he continued. "Why wait?" he bemoaned the person on the other end.

"Yeah, okay. But no later. Yeah, he'll keep," and he hung up.

"What?" the other one said. "He's working till 6am and his supervisor is on with him, so he can't get away till then," he responded. "And it's his gig, so we wait," Terry finished.

Cal went into his room, flipped his phone open, speed dialled Josh's phone and got nothing. He tried again, got nothing, and he knew that Josh had not re-activated his voicemail, so he rang Todd.

"Hey, Todd, is Josh there?" he said. "No, he's with you. We walked him there a couple of hours ago," Todd responded. "I was at a study group up until twenty minutes ago...shit!" Cal replied.

"Cal, we are on our way over. Walk towards us and we will meet you. Don't panic, okay?"

Todd ran down the hall, burst into Dale's room, who was caught with his hand down his shorts and his face went red. "Dude, no time for that. Josh is missing," and he filled him in on the way out of the complex and headed towards Cal's place. As they walked, Dale stepped on something; it was Josh's wallet. And Todd spotted his phone, smashed. "Okay, now fucking panic," proclaimed Todd.

Terry continued to talk to the second guy, and asked "What do you think the plan is for this faggot anyway?" and he replied "Well, you know how he feels about fags, T," and Terry just said, "Shame about that Connor kid though," and the second guy replied, "Wrong guy, right place, wrong time. Shit happens to good people," he sniggered, the bastard. I was now panicking. I am in the hands of the people who killed Connor Brian. And then one of them walked over, as I could feel him next to me, and he whispered into my ear through the hood,

"Faggot, it fucking sucks to be you right now."

Cal caught up to Todd and Dale, and Todd was on the phone with the campus security, explaining that Josh was missing. They said someone who has only been missing for two hours cannot be declared missing, and Todd replied "Look, you idiot, he has been getting harassed and threats and now he is missing, and I have found his smashed phone and his wallet! Now fucking get off your fat, lazy, ass and do something...fuck!" he yelled, getting frustrated by the second as the line went dead.

"She fucking hung up on me! The bitch!!!" he yelled. "The fucking bitch!"

Cal looked shattered and broken, and started to sob silently, and turned away from the guys. Just as he turned, he spotted something in the bushes, and his heart sank "Todd, please, I cannot look, but there is something in that bush. I cannot look. I can't." Todd went over to a black lump pointing out from under the bush and pulled it out, and Todd said, "It's okay, Cal. It's Josh's backpack." The look of concern now more evident.

Dale was fishing through Josh's wallet and found what he was looking for: the card for detective Valdez, and he dialled her number.

"Hello, Vera speaking," she said.

"Can I speak to Detective Valdez, please?" Dale said, with fear in his voice.

"This Is Detective Vera Valdez. To whom am I speaking, please?" she inquired.

"Sorry, detective. It's Dale. Dale Jackson," he said. "I am Josh Miller's best friend, detective," he continued. "I think someone has taken him," he continued, informing her of all that had transpired over the past couple of hours.

"Sit tight, Dale. I am on my way, and I will call this in. I am off duty at the moment but I will be there as soon as I can, okay?" she informed him. "Thank you, detective." Dale flipped his phone shut.


"Is he still out?" the second one asked. "Duke, go and fucking check yourself," Terry insisted. I heard footsteps walk towards me and pull off the hood. The lights blinded me and I squinted, and he spat in my face and yelled at me, "You fucking faggot, you are going to get yours. I can guarantee that!" And he punched me in the face and stuck the hood back over my head. I heard laughing before somebody kicked me in the gut. "That's just a fucking taste, you fucking disgusting dreg of humanity," Terry yelled and kicked me again, and I whimpered.

Dale looked down at the broken phone that belonged to his best friend, wondering if the same fate had befallen him as with the boy he found almost two months ago. It filled him with such dread. He looked over to Cal who just looked broken with the fact he couldn't think of what he could do to find him. It was dark and all the evidence was here: his phone, his backpack, and his wallet. All were indications he didn't go willingly. Now we waited for the police to arrive, and the fucking campus security will be getting shit for this. Mark my words, Dale thought to himself, then we heard sirens coming along Dorm Drive, and Detective Valdez got out, along with a young cop looking fresh out of the academy. She re-introduced herself to us and we told her and showed her what we had found. She collected the evidence and made several calls to various agencies, including the FBI, as she now proclaimed this a kidnapping, for which they had jurisdiction.

"What have campus security said?" she asked. "Nothing. They hung up on me, as he had only been missing two hours," Dale informed her, and she just shook her head in disgust. "They are going to get hell from me. I will promise you that," she proclaimed with annoyance.

Twenty minutes later the FBI turned up and introduced themselves to Detective Valdez. "Hello, detective, I am Special Agent Leo Scott, and my partner Special Agent Don Lutz," the agents informed her. She passed on all information she knew of, and offered her assistance, as she was close to the case. They agreed, as long as she was aware all decisions went through them, as they had jurisdiction in this case, and she agreed.

An immediate search of the area started, and all buildings on campus were being searched, but the campus was fairly large. Many buildings on the site contained storage, and would take some time, and manpower at this time was low. The main search would not take place until first light and that was some eight hours away. The boys were clearly feeling frustrated.

The hours passed and nothing was being found. The night was fast disappearing. The boys now seriously believed that something bad had happened to their friend. Was it only a matter of time before his body would be found? All three, quietly to themselves, began to weep.


Josh regained consciousness:

I now realise I am tied up in a standing position. I am cold. I can feel a breeze on my skin and I realise I am naked. My hood has been replaced with just a blindfold, and my legs and arms are spread and tied at opposite ends to some sort of frame. I hear talking again and someone else's voice in the room...a third person. But it was muffled and I can't make it out...but then I heard what was being said.

"I want this faggot to feel pain! You hear me? I want this vermin to suffer before we kill him. He demeans the word humanity. The Nazis were right with the Jews, and we are right about these. Kill them all, and stop polluting the human gene pool!" What the fuck is this sicko talking about? We don't fucking breed! The fucking idiot.

My blindfold was removed and I had hot coffee thrown in my face. It stung like hell. It was in my eyes, and it blinded me for a time, as punches rained into my back and sides by two of my attackers, while the third issued orders: "Whip the faggot!" A long thin length of cane was smashed against my skin! "Why?! Please stop! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Please! Why??" I pleaded I begged for them to stop, and I lost consciousness.

I was woken by a bucket of ice cold water thrown over me as the third man continued to bark out his orders, "White, straight men run this world!!!" he screamed out, with his voice getting clearer by the second, despite the torture I was enduring. The tears were now coming from my body uncontrollably as the punishment continued, and then Duke said, "Shove this up his ass. He will like it." And I braced myself for more pain. What felt like a large, round pole was being rammed repeatedly up my ass, I felt my ass tear and I was in fucking agony, it hurt more than anything they had been doing to me thus far. I just wanted to die. It was too much. I tried pleading with them. "Stop. Please. Stop. Ahhhhh. STOP!!!" I begged, whilst screaming. "Yeah, fucking take it, you faggot," Terry yelled out, with encouragement from the third person in the room, and with the pain, I heard laughter and more force being applied and I blacked out again.

Agent Scott interviewed Todd, Dale, and then Calumn, and all three wanted to help as much as possible. The boys filled them in on everything that had been going on with Josh since they arrived freshman year, including the threats and the previous attack he had suffered and how security at that time had saved him from worse. The agents went over and spoke to Detective Valdez and talked at length and she made a phone call. "Can you provide us with a photo, detective?" Agent Lutz asked. She nodded and soon the agents received a call back from security on campus and directions were given to where they were located on campus. Twenty minutes or so later, a third agent arrived with a security officer. The agent, Kelly Sam, was a young lady, and she was carrying some tech equipment with her, and she went to work with someone eventually from campus security.

"Who the fuck said you could flake out, you fucking faggot? Fuck!" Terry screamed in Josh's ear. He was now completely out of it, and in so much pain. Blood was coming out of his ass and the welts on his back were far too many. The marks on his face and the blisters from the hot coffee were weeping and stung as he cried. He was at the point where he just wanted it to be over, and the only thought in his mind was that of Calumn. In his mind he was saying goodbye, as he was certain this event would end in his death. At that point the third person walked around in front of him and smiled. And, with utter dejection, on top of now wanting to die, he saw the face of...

Ben Kips.

"Hello, Mr Miller," he said, before punching him, with a leather clad fist knocking him out cold.

To be continued...

I hope you understand with this chapter why I had to use multiple points of view; I would love to hear what you think of this story thus far, as this is my first real attempt at writing a long story. I have only written single chapter stories in the past, so your comments are appreciated at


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