Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 17

Published: 5 Jan 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

The search continued but nothing was being found. The agents approached the detective for more information that she might be able to help with, and she suggested they should involve the three guys as they might be privy to some things that Josh may or may not have told them.

"Dale, may we talk to the three of you?" Valdez said. "Shit, he's dead, isn't he?" Todd cried out. "No, we haven't found him yet. Actually, we might need your help on identifying a couple of people, that's all." And Todd let out a sigh of relief, but not much of one.

Detective Valdez showed them two photos of possible suspects, and they looked at the first one and asked who he was. "His name is Michael 'Duke' Lawson, and he was spotted by security earlier today. His known associates concern us, and are the reason why we are now opening an investigation on the campus security as we speak, specifically about this guy, Derrick 'Kip' Reynolds," and the guys in unison shouted, "Fuck!" Dale continued, "That's Ben Kips. He saved Josh's life. He can't be involved, surely." Detective Valdez then informed the guys that Derrick Reynolds, aka Ben Kips, had served six years for assault on a sixteen year old kid who he assumed was gay. And, he had assaulted his cousin with a baseball bat to the extent he couldn't be identified. "How the fuck did he get a security job here, then?" Cal demanded. "That's what we are investigating Mr Kenner. Believe me, heads will roll." She answered shaking her head.

"Wakey, Wakey," Derrick yelled into Josh's ear, as Terry watched his cousin work. "More pain time. Sorry," as he laughed and he began to whip his legs with every inch of strength he could muster. "Do you think when I fucking kill you it will be my first 'fag' hunt?" Derrick screamed out. "Fuck no, and it won't be my last!" he continued, "Did you think I was your hero, do you know how much I fucking hated stopping my cousin from stopping" he screamed, as he hit Josh. "My heroes are the two guys who fucking offed that faggot Mathew Shepherd, and you are fucking next!" Derrick beat with total hatred on a person he knew very little of, except that he was gay, and that information came from Terry, after the altercation he had with Cal.

"Don't worry, little faggot," he spoke like a crazed maniac as he kept punching him in his back. "Your boyfriend is next. He hit my cousin, and that in itself is punishable by death!" he screamed out loud. Josh heard only 'boyfriend,' and 'death,' and he died a little more inside, as there was nothing he could do except hope that very soon this crazed maniac would end his suffering as soon as he was done having his fun, and all he could think of during this brutal onslaught was to say sorry to his lover, his Cal, his sex on legs, and once again with tears streaming, he blacked out.

Back in front of the dorm complex where a temporary incident room had been set up, the agents were still coordinating the search. A helicopter was now circling the area, and the guys were now totally exhausted, when Todd asked Cal what the time was. And Cal all of a sudden jumped up and yelled,

"Fuck! Fuck! You fucking idiot!" he berated himself, and Todd looked on, as did Dale, totally confused at this moment.

"Todd, was Josh wearing the watch I bought him for his birthday?" Cal asked, hoping. "Yeah, he never takes it off. Why?" Todd inquired. "Is the box upstairs?" he asked. "Yeah, I think so, why?" and Cal took a deep breath as he was starting to hyperventilate. "It has a security chip in it so it can be traced if lost or stolen!" he announced. Todd jumped up, darted up to his room, kicked his door open and rummaged through Josh's drawers until he found the watch box containing the code. He ran back downstairs, and ran for all he was worth, handing the box to Cal, and ran their way over to where Detective Valdez was standing.

"Detective, we might have something!" he shouted and they were summoned over, and Cal began to explain.

"I bought a watch for Josh's birthday and it has a tracer chip in the watch in case it gets lost or stolen, and he's wearing it!" he informed the agents. Agent Sam asked if he had the code, and Todd handed over the slip with the code on it. She opened up her laptop, went onto the FBI main frame and started a search. Several anxious minutes later, "Got it Sir" she yelled, "He is less than a mile away, sir. In the fourth storage unit near the rear exit, sir," "Scott, get the men ready we are going in. And, Scott, quietly; I want these bastards," he informed him, as Agent Scott talked to his team on his radio.

Josh, by now, was begging to die, he couldn't endure anymore of this torture, which amused Derrick and Duke very much. They just played with him, slapping him, tormenting him to the point where he started to taunt them back so they would just kill him. "You fucking pansies, you don't have the balls to fucking finish the job," he taunted them, and he got punched for his trouble. "Is that all you have? My baby brother hits harder than you fucking dipshits!" And they got angry. Derrick pulled out a knife and went to finish him off. Josh closed his eyes, welcoming death, now knowing his torment would soon be over. He said one last thing before it happened, when he whispered to himself, "Bye Cal, I LOVE YOU."

And, all of a sudden, pandemonium and shouting ensued. Josh was just out of it, but before he blacked out, he heard...


Derrick made a lunge at Josh to strike a deadly blow, when Agent Scott fired a shot hitting Derrick and he dropped, he stood on the hand the knife was in and then pointed the Beretta directly at his head and Derrick Reynolds yielded, he was not seriously hurt just a flesh wound, but Agent Scott knew if he had to fire a second shot he would have without hesitation, but his boss wanted them alive.

Josh was unconscious and seriously hurt, and paramedics were there almost immediately. They placed him very gently on a stretcher after the FBI took multiple photos as did the NYPD of his injuries. Valdez just wept, as she looked down on Josh, and said to agent Scott, "These bastards should fry for this." He nodded and went over to the suspects and read them their rights. "Derrick Reynolds, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of one Connor Brian, and the kidnap, torture and attempted murder of one Josh Miller. You have the right to remain silent, but anything you do say will be taken down and used in a court of law. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?" Reynolds nodded and he was taken away. The same rights were read out to Michael 'Duke' Lawson and he was also taken away. The third person at that point that had not been identified and had not been there at the point of rescue.

4 long hours later...

Cal, Todd and Dale were sitting in the waiting room awaiting the news on Josh when Lucas came running in. Dale grabbed him, pulling him into a tight hug. "How is he, Dale?" cried Lucas, as Josh's parents came into the waiting room, also being embraced by Todd and Dale. Mr Miller walked over and knelt down in front of Calumn, and said, "How you doing, son?" and Cal just wrapped his arms around Josh's dad and the flood gates opened. "I thought they killed him, Mr Miller. I thought he was dead." He continued to cry. "Hey, call me Dad, okay? You are part of my family now," he said softly, and Cal nodded. Lucas was now putting his hand around the back of Cal's neck, and Cal was touching his hand just to console him.

"Have you seen him boys, how is he?" Mr Miller asked. "They tortured him and molested him with..." and Todd couldn't continue. "His rectum was torn, Dad," Cal started. "He's in surgery now," he concluded, and Josh's mom just wept for her precious son. "They counted over two hundred strikes around his body, from fists, boots, and whips. It's a miracle he survived," Dale wept out. "My boy is strong Dale, you know that," and Dale just nodded through the tears, and said, "The strongest of us all."

Several hours passed until the doctor came and informed the family of his condition. He listed all Josh's wounds and how he was being treated.

"He has thirty-two lacerations on his torso, and twenty-seven to his legs and arms, which are superficial and will heal quickly. I don't wish to speculate, but it looks like they fully intended to make his pain last, as He has no broken bones, despite the severe bruising to his body. He has no internal bleeding so far, but we will continue to closely monitor him for signs. His rectum required surgery, as it was torn, and that will also heal in time. We will give him soft food when he is able to consume food so it will pass with little to no pain. His burn to his face is not deep and will heal and will fade after a few weeks, so no scaring will be apparent. All in all his physical injuries will heal, although I do not need to tell you that what Josh was subjected to was unimaginable and excruciating.

"Therefore, for what he has been through, there will be some psychological trauma and I would advise he gets counselling as soon as he is able." And, with that, the doctor insisted that Josh needed rest, as he was exhausted. He recommended quick visits with Josh and informed us that the police would be in soon to see if he can remember what had happened. And then, he said his goodbyes.

"Thank you, doctor," Mr Miller said, and cried into his wife's arms as they consoled each other. "How can someone do that? How?" he cried out. Lucas rubbed his shoulders with obvious signs of anger showing in his face.

"Can I go see him, Dad?" asked Lucas. Mr Miller looked at Cal, and Cal just nodded. "Quick though son, he will want to see Cal, okay?" and Lucas went over to Cal, hugged him, and said, "Thanks, bro" and went down the corridor to see his brother.

Lucas opened the door and was shocked at the vision that lay in front of him. His brother was battered and broken, and his body was covered in a cage to keep the blankets from touching, due to the severity of his wounds. His right eye was closed, and his left blackened and swollen. His hair had been shaven to dress the wound that was on his scalp. His face was swollen; his lips were cut and had a couple of sutures. Lucas couldn't help himself; he started to sob and held his brother's hand and continued to weep for his hero, his big brother.

He sat for about ten minutes as his brother slept. He did not waken when he left to allow Cal to see him, and he will be crushed when he does so.

Cal walked into Josh's room and let out a gasp, despite the warning Lucas had just given him. He wept for his lover, so beaten and broken. He looked at his boyfriend at least in the knowledge that he was alive, and he was thankful for that.

After a good while, Josh stirred slightly. "Hey, you," Josh said roughly, as he looked up at a face he thought he would never see again.

"Hey, Josh. I love you so much," he wept out, holding his hand tight to his lips.

"I didn't think I would see your blue eyes again," Josh spoke with emotion. "I never thought I would hear your voice, or feel your touch..." he started to cry. "...I begged them to stop, Cal, but they wouldn't."

And at that point, Cal broke down, holding onto Josh's hand. He was inconsolable. And then, he heard so much despair come from his lover's lips: "I begged them to kill me. I hurt so bad, I begged to die," he cried out. "I said goodbye to you," he said, as he held Cal, "But I survived, and I am here with you now, and, Cal, I love you."

Knock! Knock!

Cal looked up and saw Detective Valdez standing in the doorway with one of the FBI agents. She asked, "Are you up to answering some questions, Josh?" and Josh nodded. "Can you give us a few minutes, Mr Kenner?" she asked. " He stays!" Josh protested, and Cal sat back down re taking his lovers hand in his,

She smiled and relented, and started with the information she had at hand. "Okay, Josh, we viewed some CCTV footage. What we want to know is what happened from there."

And over the next thirty minutes he recounted the night to Detective Valdez, and then she butted in, "Yes, we have both of them in custody," she informed him. "Both?" he asked. "Yes, Michael Lawson and Derrick Reynolds," she finished. "No. You have missed one!" Josh cried out. "Who?" asked Cal. "Terry...Terry Reynolds. He was the one who..." he struggled to say those words. "He stuck something..." he cried, as Cal held him. "Was Terry the one who sodomised you?" asked the FBI agent, and Josh nodded.

"Ben Kips...why...why did he save me? My head cannot get around that?" asked Josh, looking confused.

"Okay Josh, we believe it was a trial run for something bigger, and you were always the intended target. We have not determined if they were responsible for Mr Brian's murder yet though." "They were!" Josh interrupted. "Terry and Duke were talking about it when they had me," he continued, "and they laughed about it," he went on. "Duke just said 'wrong guy, right place, wrong time, and bad things happen to good people,' and he laughed it off," he finished.

"Okay, Josh that's enough for now. We will see you after you have some sleep, okay?" Detective Valdez placed her hand on Josh's hand, and walked out of the room with the FBI agent.

As soon as she was out the door, Detective Valdez opened her phone, talked to her precinct, and had an APB put out on Terry Reynolds.

"You okay, Love?" asked Cal, even as he said it he knew it was a stupid question, but Josh just shrugged and said, "No," and held onto Cal's hand until he drifted off to sleep.

Cal looked down on his sleeping lover, and walked out of his room and back to his waiting friends and family. He waited until Josh's parents went down to see their son before he started to speak to Dale and Todd and a newly awakened Lucas.

"Terry Reynolds!" Cal spat out. "Fucking Terry Reynolds."

Dale, Todd, and Lucas looked on. "Terry Reynolds helped with this," he went on. "He molested him guys. He rammed a pole or something up Josh, to fucking hurt him bad," he cried out. "I am going to kill him! I fucking promise you that!" he screamed out, before breaking down, with Lucas holding him, knowing how much this guy loved his brother.

"I could have prevented this," Cal whimpered out, and went on, "I could have saved him from all of this." He berated himself as the others looked on. "What are you talking about?" asked Todd. "Study," he said. "If I stopped and studied at my room, he would be okay," Cal cried out, holding his face. "Don't do that! Don't do that to yourself!" Todd scolded him back. "They were waiting for an opportunity to grab him," he went on. "If it wasn't tonight, it would have been tomorrow," he continued. Looking straight at Cal, he emphasized, "They selected him, dude." He tried to convince himself as well as Cal that there was very little they could have done to protect him, as they did not really know the true extent of the threat.

"Dude, you remembered the watch. You fucking saved his life! Remember that!" Dale shouted at an inconsolable Cal.

"Why did it take me so long to remember that? Why did it take me so long? I could have saved him sooner," he said, cursing himself.

"He's been sedated," Mrs Miller said, walking back into the waiting room. "He needs sleep to help him," she went on. "We are going to book into a motel and get some rest. You guys do the same." Todd nodded and then said that they had exams the following day, and that they would see Josh's professors and get a stay for him so he could complete them when he is able. "Thank you, Todd." Mrs Miller hugged him, and they all left the hospital, with Dale wrapping his arm around Cal's shoulder.


The guys walked back onto campus, talking about the day's events. Todd asked if Cal wanted to sleep in Josh's bed for a while, which he accepted, as he didn't feel like being alone. As they headed back towards the dorm complex they heard a scream coming from the direction of the quad, and spotted someone running and being chased by two cops. Then it was Cal that shouted before running straight for the runner. "Fucking Reynolds!" and Todd and Dale watched on in awe as Cal jumped high into the air with a straight karate kick, taking Terry down with a foot straight to his chest, sending him back and into the clutches of the chasing cops. Cal was trying to further get at him, but Todd and Dale held him back. But then, Todd couldn't help himself and landed a straight punch to Terry's jaw, and the cops ordered him to back away.

Todd made this statement to Terry: "Do you know fucking what Terry? I am pleased you look young and pretty so you will always have company in prison, you piece of shit. Say hello to 'Bubba' for me!" He blew him a kiss and walked back to the others, with Cal staring daggers at Terry. Soon, an unmarked police car pulled in front of the officers and Detective Valdez got out. The officers spoke to her for a few seconds and she walked over to the waiting boys.

"Cal, thank you for your assistance, and, Todd, my officers did not see you strike the suspect," and she walked away, with a smile on her face, as she approached the suspect.

"Terry Reynolds, I am placing you under arrest for the kidnap, torture, and rape of Joshua Miller." She went on and completed reading him his Miranda rights and bundled him into the squad car.

"Who the fuck is 'Bubba'?" asked Dale, looking at Todd. "What?" he replied. "Oh sorry, there is always a 'Bubba' in those fucking prison dramas on TV," he said, and the three of them smiled for the first time in a long while, and they headed up to the dorm room just to have some rest before going back to see Josh later on.

"I asked him to marry me, you know," he told them, and Todd and Dale just smiled. "Yeah, we know," Dale spoke back. "He told you?" asked Cal. "No secrets. We promised each other that," and Todd looked on and stared at Cal. "You okay, Cal?" he asked.

"He begged to die. He was in so much pain; he begged them to kill him. He told me he said goodbye to me and begged to die," Cal cried out, and Dale wrapped his arm around him, kissing his head, and silently weeping for his brother, his rock, his best friend, with Todd crying into his pillow.

To be continued...

Sorry for this being so dark, but it carried the story to where it is now. I would appreciate some opinions of what you think of my writings thus far. As usual, email me at

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