Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 20

Published: 26 Jan 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"What's up? The little Mary fainted? Fucking limp-wristed pansy!" Wilkins laughed out, just as Todd's fist made contact with his chin, sending him sprawling across the floor, knocking him out cold. "Any other fucker says one fucking word...God fucking help you," he spat out, ready to do battle, with Chris and Mark at his side. The other Jocks were looking on, not even concerned for their fallen brother. "Is he okay?" one asked. "Go fucking check on him yourself, fuckwit!" Todd spat out again. "No, not him. Josh," he replied. And Todd then turned, looking over at Dale trying to wake Josh up, but not winning. Lucas, with tears falling down his face, was talking to the 911 dispatcher.

"No ma'am, he didn't fall, he just dropped."

"No ma'am, no drugs. Please send someone, please," he begged.

"Yes ma'am, Jitneys on 7th. Thank you. Please hurry," he finished.

"Oh, fuck, did I do this?" cried Mark. "Fuck, did my hugging him too hard?...shit!" he continued, berating himself. "Mark, shut the fuck up. We don't know what's wrong, okay?" cried Dale to his brother.

"Josh, please wake up...please, Josh," cried Cal, desperation in his voice.

"I don't understand what happened," asked Liam, one of the jocks, and once one of Josh's inner circle of friends in high school. "Liam, what do you care anyway? You abandoned your friendship a long time ago, didn't you?" Tom spat out, with so much disdain of his former friend.

"No, not really. We just never talked about it, Tom. And neither did you until a few weeks ago, right?" asked Liam. And Tom looked on, not admitting nor denying what Liam had just said. "He is still my best friend, Liam," he replied.

"Yeah...Yeh I know. And no matter what Joe Wilkins thinks, he is still my friend, and so is Aaron for that matter. I don't know Kyle all that well, but I will get to know him if Aaron lets me," Liam said, with friendliness in his demeanour.

"Hey, what am..." Josh was cut off by Cal, "Fuck, Josh you had me scared shitless," he said, kissing his lover's forehead. "What happened?" Josh asked. "You just blacked out, Josh," Cal informed him. "Shit! The fight!" he looked over to see Joe Wilkins out cold and he laughed a small laugh. "Who...oh, never mind I know, Todd, right?" he asked. "Guilty as charged," proclaimed Todd.

"Okay, again, I am going to ask what happened for you to be so fragile, Josh?" asked Mark, and Josh gingerly getting back to his feet, everyone looked at Mark then Josh. "Yeah, I would like to know what happened to my friend also, Josh," asked Liam, looking directly at Josh. Josh stared back at Liam. "Friend?" asked Josh. "Yeah, if you will still have me after being a dipshit," Liam proclaimed. "And the difference being what exactly?" asked Josh, with a broad grin coming across his face. "Wise ass," commented Liam.

The only ones in the coffee shop who didn't know the full story about Josh, were Aaron, Kyle, and Mark, as well as Liam and Chris.

But before he could start his story, Liam stood up. "Josh, wait a sec, okay?" He walked over to where Joe was still out, and talked to the other two guys, one hanging over Joe, and soon they were carrying him out, just as he was coming round. "Good right hook you have, Todd," Liam commented. "The left isn't bad either," Todd announced.

"Okay, Josh, sorry!" Liam said.

"Okay, simple. I was kidnapped by two people: one known to us, and a third I thought I could trust. I was wrong! I was tortured and molested and I thought I was going to die! They killed one person that we know of," Josh concluded, with a sorrowful tone and tears coming from his eyes.

"Fuck, Josh, is that why you look like shit?" proclaimed Mark. "Fuck, Mark, tactful as ever," scolded Dale. "Shit, I was just saying...fuck!" he replied. "Fucking dumb jock," spat Dale, again scolding his older brother.

"They were going to kill me," Josh continued. "But this thing," Josh pointed at the watch that Cal had bought him for his birthday, "saved my life," he finished. A bemused look came across most of his friends' faces. "It has a tracking chip in it in case it gets lost or stolen," responded Cal. "Ohhh," came from the now not bemused few.

"So who were they?" asked Chris, again looking at Josh. "One was a student that had a run in with us, and the other two were known by the FBI. The one I thought I could trust apparently staged a rescue of me to convince me that I could trust him. But he used his job to help with his plan to kill a gay student...And that was supposed to have been me," replied Josh.

"You said they killed before. Is that the kid that died last week...ehhh Colin Bryant, or something like that anyway?" Liam asked. "Connor Brian," replied Dale. "I was the one who found him, and guys, what they did to him...shit. I hope the fuckers fry," Dale concluded.

About ten minutes later the paramedics arrived. "Josh, you need to be checked out, okay? You blacked out and it's prudent to have you cleared," demanded Cal. "I am going with you," insisted Cal. "Lucas, tell your folks he's okay. It's just a precaution, okay?" and with that they headed for the area hospital.

We arrived in the E.R. about twenty minutes later and we sat in the triage area, waiting for Josh to be assessed. About another thirty minutes went by, when a young doctor came and talked to us as he took Josh's vitals.

"Good evening, gentleman, I am Doctor Mathews, one of the emergency staff. Can one of you explain what happened?"

"Yeah, Doc, he just blacked out and was out for about ten minutes," replied Cal. "Okay, what was going on at the time he collapsed?" he asked. "Well, there was an altercation going on near us," Cal replied. "Someone you knew?" he asked. "Is that relevant?" asked a bemused Cal. "Yes, very. This could just be a stress-related blackout," he continued. "Well, yeah, we knew the people involved," replied Cal.

"Okay, Josh, have you had these blackouts before?" asked the doctor. "Yeah, and both at stressful times, doctor," replied Josh. "The first time was when I was confronted about my sexuality by my friends," Josh said, "and then again when I was being tortured," he continued.

"Tortured?" replied the doctor. "Yeah, doctor, he was kidnapped over a week ago and tortured, and he was only discharged from hospital yesterday," said Cal, looking pensive.

"Okay, we will do some tests, and I will order a scan of his brain. But, to be honest, it looks more stress related than anything else. But we'll take the precautionary approach," he stated, and said his good byes for now.

About an hour later he was admitted for observation and waited on the results of the battery of tests they had taken.

"I will come back in the morning and see you and probably take you home, okay?" Cal said to Josh, kissing him softly on the lips. "I love you, Joshua Miller," he said, smiling down on his future husband. "I love you as much, Calumn Kenner," and hugged his lover before letting him leave.

Josh lay there, thinking of the events of the past weeks, how he had been kidnapped and seriously assaulted, and how he had actually begged for death to set him free from his torment. Now he has again ended up back in hospital, just hours after being released from one, before he slowly drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

He saw Cal walking towards his dorm, when he could hear what was being yelled and he couldn't quite make out what was being said. "Sorry, I can't hear you!" he yelled at Calumn, and he noticed something on Cal's shirt. Shit, was that blood? "Cal, are you okay?" he yelled, and Cal stumbled to the ground near his tree. "Calumn!!" he screamed as he saw Ben Kips standing over his lover. "I told you, Mr Miller, he would die, didn't I?!" and Josh screamed out, and woke up in a cold sweat, realising it was yet another nightmare, as the nurse came in to check if he was okay.

"Are you okay, Mr Miller?" asked the nurse. "Yeah, sorry, just a bad dream. I'm okay. Thank you," he replied, and the nurse left. Josh just lay there, wide-awake for the remainder of the night, thinking about that dream. He knew it could never come true, as the perpetrator of the dream was behind bars and more than likely would be sentenced to death, or a rather lengthy prison term.


Somewhere along the way Josh managed to fall asleep about when it started to get light. Cal walked back into his room, looking down on his lover, wondering if he could look more beautiful than he does right now. No worries. No concerns.

"Morning, love," Cal said, watching his lover wake up out of his slumber. "Hey. You're early," Josh replied. "I couldn't sleep without you," he said, leaning over, kissing his lover. "I missed you," Cal continued.

"Good morning, gentleman," Doctor Mathews said, entering the room. "What's the verdict, doc?" asked Cal. "Yes, just as I suspected. Nothing on the scans. And your blood work was fine. Your blood pressure was a little elevated, but that was to be expected. So, you are clear to go home. But, Josh, try and avoid stressful situations for a while, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks, doc," Josh replied.

"I will sort out the discharge papers for you to sign, and you can be on your way," he said whilst leaving the confines of Josh's room.

"Phew," exclaimed Cal, kissing Josh on the lips. "Let's get you sorted and get the fuck out of here. I have had enough of hospitals for a life time," proclaimed Cal. Josh nodded and kissed him in total agreement.

About twenty minutes later he was leaving the ward, when his parents, accompanied by Lucas, entered. "Shit. I forgot to call you to let you know he's fine and that we are leaving. I'm so sorry," Cal said, apologetically. "It's okay, son, as long as my beautiful boy is okay," said his mom. "Yeah, I'm perfectly okay, mom. It was a blackout brought on by stress, that's all," Josh said. "I just have to avoid being overly stressed, that's all," he finished.

"Don't worry, Mrs...Sorry...Mom, I will make damn sure he has a few days of stress-free living," Cal said, leaning over, kissing his lover's forehead, with Josh smiling at his caring lover.

They arrived back at Josh's home about half an hour later. Cal helped Josh, who insisted he could walk okay, but thanked him anyway with a peck on the cheek, as Todd walked over the road followed by Dale and Mark.

"Anything to get attention, eh Miller," yelled Todd, walking over, giving him a light hug, followed shortly afterwards by Dale. "Dude, don't fucking do that again, okay?" he demanded, and then kissed his friend's forehead. "Say it, Mark, you know you want to," said Josh. "Nope. I won't. I have been told to engage my brain first," proclaimed Mark, and everyone just burst into fits of laughter. "Fuck. What have I said wrong now...fuck!" Mark said, embarrassed again. "Nothing Marky boy. Absolutely nothing," Josh said, still cracking up.

"Okay boys, enough chatter. Breakfast time!" announced Josh's mother. "Don't mind if we do Mrs M," proclaimed Todd, with a cheeky smile spreading across his face. "Okay, I suppose I can rustle something up for the street!" she said, laughing, with Dale, Mark, and, of course, Todd, kissing her cheek and thanking her.

"So what are your plans for today, boys?" asked Mr Miller. "Gym, then swimming," announced Mark. Dale and Todd agreed.

"I am taking Cal to visit the city, Dad," spoke Josh. "Bean town, hmmmm," laughed Lucas. "He's never seen Boston, so I am doing my host duties and showing him the sites," Josh continued, and Cal kissed his cheek.

"I am marrying him here after all," he said, and Cal kissed him again. "Yes you are, babe," Cal spoke softly. "Someone get me a bucket," proclaimed Lucas, smiling at his brothers, and Josh playfully punched him.

"Okay, we need to change before we head off," said Josh, and he and Cal headed upstairs to his bedroom to change. "You need me to help you clean, love?" asked Cal. Josh smiled at him and said, "Please, babe."

Cal went over and locked the bedroom door so not to be disturbed while attending to his lover's every need. He slowly undressed his man, carefully removed his dressings and tenderly cleaned his body with extreme care. When he was cleaning down his lover's legs, he opened his mouth and took his cock into his warm, needy mouth. "Ohhh, Cal, mmmm," Josh moaned out. "That feels fucking good. Ahhhhoooo," he moaned out as Cal worked his magic and slowly drew his lover to climax, swallowing every drop his lover could nourish him with. "Ooohhhh, yeahhhh," he moaned deep, as his lover rose to his feet, kissing with utter passion and showing his lover that he was his to command at will. "I love you, Joshua," and kissed him softly on his lips. "The feeling is very mutual, love."

The boys got dressed, headed out and drove into the city, parking near the harbour to spectacular views with boats of all shapes and sizes. The day was beautiful, and students on their break also were milling around with family and companions alike.

"I could drink a coffee. What about you?" Cal asked. Josh replied, "Yeah, there was a Starbucks over the other side of the square. That do?" and Cal nodded.

Cal took his seat and watched as patrons came and went. Josh stood in line, waiting to be served and Cal got the shock of his life when he noticed the barista serving Josh, and Josh chatting away to him. Cal could not believe what he was seeing when Josh pointed out for the barista where they were sitting, and the guy spotted Cal, and his smile vanished. Cal didn't want to be there and when Josh came back he just said, "We have to go, Josh." And the barista showed up as they were about to leave. "Please, Calumn, wait!" asked the barista. Josh was now confused. How does Cal know someone in Boston already? "How do you..." Josh was cut off. "We are leaving," Cal said with a tone that Josh was not accustomed to. "Calumn, please. Just five minutes...please?" the guy asked, nay begged.

"I have nothing to say to you!!" Cal yelled, and was now visibly shaking with anger. "Please, Calumn," he asked again. "Will someone here tell me what the fuck is going on, please?!!!" yelled Josh, looking at both people, who obviously know each other and have a history.

"Nothing to tell. We are leaving," announced Cal. "Not until someone tells me how you know each other!" Josh yelled.

"Josh...Josh...this is Jake...Jake Atkins!!!" said Cal.

To be continued...

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