Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 21

Published: 2 Feb 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"Jake Atkins...'The'...Jake Atkins?" Josh asked. "Yes. The asshole Jake Atkins," Cal replied. "Calumn, please. I get off in ten minutes. I need a chance to explain..." Jake got cut off. "Explain...explain...This will be good. You are going to explain how you betrayed me..., attacked me,... and broke my fucking heart... You are going to explain that, are you?!!" Cal spat out. "If you let me," Jake replied in a quiet tone, both just stared at each other, one with daggers, and the other with hope.


Cal stared upwards, contemplating what to do. Should he let Jake explain his actions and perhaps get the closure he needs? Or should he just leave it buried? He looked at his boyfriend for guidance, but all he saw in his eyes was concern.

"Josh, babe, do you mind?" Cal said, looking at his boyfriend. "I think I need to hear this," he continued. Josh looked at Jake, then Cal. "Sure, but I am staying," he informed them, and Cal leaned over and kissed his lover on his brow. "Thank you," he said.

Moments later, the three of them left the coffee shop, walked towards the harbour and found a place to sit.

"Thanks, Calumn, for hearing me out," said Jake, whilst sitting on a bench near the harbour. "Okay, explain Jake," Cal said, glaring at his former best friend and lover, explain how you could do that to me, you had such fucking rage against me, I thought you could kill me, Cal sobbed, getting out what he needed to say.

"It's been over two years, Calumn. I know I fucked up, and I tried reaching you. I understand why you refused to talk to me, and, Calumn, I miss our friendship so much," Jake said. "Not so much that you attacked him, and hurt him though, right?" Josh spat out. "Josh, please let him get this out, then we can go, okay?" asked Cal, squeezing his hand.

"Yeah, I did, and I regret that every day. Believe me," he went on, staring at his feet. "I was 18, Calumn, still dependent on my folks. And you know how my dad was. Christ, he would have killed me. And we had been together for six months when the rumours started," he went on.

"I had just finished practice, and was grabbed by two of my teammates and was called a fag. It just stung; I was being taunted by them. I kept denying it, kept pleading for them to drop it, but all I was getting was your name thrown at me. I thought you must have said something to someone and...then I saw you and...and...I reacted and...reacted badly," he said, with moisture in his eyes. "I thought if I confronted you and I threw a punch, and you being like..." he struggled for words. "Like Bruce Lee," Josh said. "Yeah, like that. You would defend yourself...but you never...I was being urged on by the same ones that suspected me of being gay. I continued, with my tirade and I called you such disgusting names, and ...Christ, I have hated myself every day for that," he said. "I tried for weeks to talk to you. I got so depressed and was thinking some really dark things, Calumn. I even got to the point when I just said to myself, `Fuck it,' and told my dad I was gay.

"What? You told him?" asked Cal, looking shocked. "Yeah, he kicked me out of the house," Jake said with a smirk, "But I was at an all-time low, and as I said dark thoughts" He added, with tears now falling freely, "Shit, Jake...look, I'm still pissed as fuck at you...but I never thought your dad would do that to you," Cal said with not as much disdain in his manner. "Mom left his ass," he went on. "She gave him the unconditional love speech, and he said he wouldn't have a queer for a son, and she walked out with me," he said, "And she kissed me, and said we didn't need his lazy ass anyway" he added.

"So, you moved to Boston?" Josh asked. "No, Mom still lives in Chicago," Jake said. "So, what are you doing here then?" asked Cal. "You are joking, right?" asked Jake, and a bemused look came over Cal's face. "Fuck Calumn, don't you remember anything?" Jake continued, and that bemused look still spread over Cal's face.

"Fuck, Calumn, when we were not messing around, what did we talk about?" asked Jake, and Cal looked at Josh at that statement. ", movies we liked, and schools we would like to...shit! didn't!" said Cal. "I did," responded Jake. "You got accepted into M.I.T.?" asked Cal. "Yes, full scholarship. But I have to work to get some spends, you know."

"And you? What happened to going to New York for engineering shit, to follow in old Kenner's footsteps," Jake asked. "It's where we met," announced Josh.

"Yeah, we met at college, and, Jake, sorry I should have introduced you to him," said Cal. "Josh, right?" said Jake, and Josh responded, "Yeah, Josh Miller," and Jake looked at Cal, and then Josh. "I can see you love each other," Jake said without malice. "Yeah, we are getting married here in a few months," Cal informed him. Jake smiled at his former best friend. "You deserve to be happy, Calumn. And, Josh, it's nice to meet you," he said, shaking Josh's hand. And with that, Jake's phone went off.

"Hey, you," said Jake, talking to someone on the phone.

"Are you...look over towards the harbour, yeah I can see you. Come over. I want you to meet some people,... an old friend actually," he said, looking first at Cal, and then Josh, before flipping the phone closed.

"So who was that?" asked Cal. "You will meet soon," Jake responded.

With that, a tall young man with light brown hair—not long but not short either—and about the same age as Cal walked over and kissed Jake on the cheek. "Hey, babe," responded Jake. "Calumn, Josh, this is husband," Jake announced. Calumn looked like a deer in headlights. "Wow, when did you..." he got cut off. "We met first when I transferred high school. I was so hung up on you and, well, I became reclusive. Travis pulled me out of myself," he said. "It took a while, but he did, and I fell for him," he went on, looking at Travis with such love. "Okay. Wow, you are Calumn Kenner, I take it?" asked Travis. "Oh, sorry babe. I should have said," he replied, squeezing his husband's waist. "Nope, I should have worked it out," Travis concluded.

"So, married. How long?" Josh asked, before Cal had the chance. "Oh, just a couple of months, but we are happy," he said, kissing his husband's hand. "Babe, Calumn and Josh are going for the old ball and chain also," Joked Jake. "Really? Wow, that's wonderful!" proclaimed Travis. "Thank you," said Cal. An awkward silence passed before anything further was said

"Calumn, I know what Jake did to you. To be honest, knowing this man as I do now, I found it hard to believe he was capable of it. When he asked me to marry him I first said no, as I was not going to be in any sort of abusive relationship. No way, no how. But I have never seen him raise a fist in anger. I just don't think he has that side in him anymore," he said, still being held by Jake. "He hated himself so much, and I have had him crying on my shoulder many times over it. I do hope you can get back to being friends, because from what I have heard from Jake you were best friends, right?"

"We were that," said Cal, looking at Jake. Jake had that goofy grin I thought only Cal did to me, and it made me smile just a bit. "I just don't know if I can be friends with him, that's all, I trusted him with everything and So much was said, and the hate the rage that was in his eyes then...I just don't know if I know," he said, and looked at me and stood up... "Jake, I am pleased that things panned out, but I need some time to think about things, okay?" Calumn and Josh started to walk away when Travis caught up to them a few minutes later.

"Calumn, please look at him." Calumn looked over to where Jake was sitting and he could see he was sobbing. "He misses you dude," Travis said. "Look, Calumn, I know you both have issues. Christ, some of Jake's issues have issues, and I am not threatened by his affection for you. I know he loves you, but I know he is in love with me. But you were his best friend, and never mind lover. He misses his best friend," Travis said with concern for his husband. Calumn watched Jake for a while, and could see he was remorseful. He looked broken. He looked shattered. And he did feel sorry for Jake.

Calumn slowly walked over and crouched down in front of Jake. "Hey, doofus," Cal said, looking at his `friend' that he had also missed. "Hey, back," he said, with sorrow coming from his voice. "I fucked up, Calumn. And I miss you so much," he cried out. "I have never hit anyone before or since. It just fucks things up," he said, looking at Cal's eyes. "I just want my best friend back," he wept. "I am willing to work on it, Jake. If I am honest, I have missed our friendship the most. The lover's bit was always going to get messy. We should have stuck with being friends. But I did love you, though," said Cal. "Me, too," replied Jake. "I am sorry I ever laid an angry finger on you, Calumn," and they both stood and embraced. "Please let me back in Calumn. Let me back into your life," he begged. "I would like that. I would like that very much," Cal replied, and he kissed his friend's forehead. With moisture in both of their eyes, they walked over to their respective partners.

"You okay, babe?" Josh asked, holding his lover's waist. "Yeah, I think so, my love...I think so." And Jake and Travis agreed to meet up for dinner with them over the next week and swapped cell numbers to remain in touch. Cal looked like he had found a bit of closure from the relationship. If he was honest from the outset, perhaps the sexual relationship should have been resisted. Now he could work to rekindle a friendship that he had missed, knowing that sometimes sex and friendship don't work. Of course, for Josh and Calumn it did, as there was sexual attraction there from the outset. With Calumn and Jake it was gradual and perhaps an error on both his and Jake's part.

"If things go okay, love, I want to invite them to our wedding. Is that okay with you?" Cal asked, and Josh smiled. "Babe, of course you can. I like them, and, okay, you have some issues with Jake; but be honest, you missed him, didn't you?" Josh asked, looking at his lover, and a smile came across his face. "Very much. I loved him, but the sex fucked things up," he said. "I do hope we can get it back," he concluded.

Josh thought to himself that his lover looked more relaxed he had ever seen him, and that if getting his best friend back in his life was the reason, well... And then he thought, what if Dale had walked out of HIS life? Could he cope? And he struggled to find the answer to that question, as when Dale freaked out a few months earlier it hurt, and that was only a few days. Cal hadn't seen his best friend for over two years.


"Hey, Mom. We're back," I said, looking around the living room, but smelling something roasting coming from the kitchen. "In here, sweetheart," Mom shouted, and Cal and I walked in to the kitchen, noticing a pile of uncooked pies queued along the bench. "Feeding the five thousand, Mom?" Cal asked. "Josh's late birthday party food," she replied. "When the chicken comes out, they will be cooked, then chilled for the weekend," she continued. "You need help, Mom?" I asked, already knowing her response, as Mom does not like people working in HER kitchen. "No sweetheart. You go lie down for a while. I can manage," she smiled. "Where are Dad and Luc?" I asked. "Fishing with the Laytons," she replied. "Dinner will be at six," she said, as we walked out and headed to my room.

I walked in and Cal put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. "Well, I know your cock works," he said in a husky whisper, sexily nibbling at my earlobe. " I know I can't fuck you for a while, so how do you feel like fucking me?" he said in a pleading manner, inducing his boner-rising smile that gets me instantly hard just from his look. "I want to so much, but I don't want to injure myself, babe," I said apologetically. "Love, if you lay on your side and I lay on mine, you could enter me without much stress to your magnificent body." I laughed at his logistics of fucking whilst injured, and he slowly removed every item of my clothing before he removed his own, and I spotted his cock already dripping with pre-cum.

"I need to taste you first," I stated with my goofy Cal smile.

"Sixty-nine, babe?" he suggested. "Fuck yeah," I replied. He reversed himself and lay down my side, taking my cock into his mouth for the second time today. Then, I turned my attention to his engorged member that I loved so much, especially when he was fucking me. But for now, that would have to wait.

We sucked each other for over thirty minutes, but I was also applying lube with three fingers to Cal's hungry ass. He was like I am with anal sex, a dirty filthy wanting slut. His moaning only served to spur me on to drive my lover wild with desire to get him so desperate for sex he would beg me, as he knew that's what he did to me.

"Stop fucking teasing me. FUCK ME, Josh!" he demanded. I giggled at that. "Your wish is my command," I laughed at his order.

I turned myself around and snuggled into his neck and sucked on his earlobe. "You want it baby?" I asked again, already knowing the answer. "I am fucking divorcing you before we are even wed unless you get that magnificent cock in me NOW," he demanded. "Patience, patience," I said lightly, biting his shoulder. "Josh, stop fucking teasing me...FUCK ME!!" he cried out, and with that I positioned my cock to his eager ass and pressed forward, with him raising his leg to allow me easier access. "Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkk," Cal cried out as I pressed into him. "Fuckkkk. I needed this, ohhhhh," Cal moaned out, and I quickened up the pace. "Fuck Cal, your ass is amazing around my cock...fuckkkkk!" I cried out as his velvet cocoon wrapped itself around the piston that is my manhood. "Ohhh Fuckkkk Joshhhhhhh," Cal cried out in utter pleasure. He was lost in a fog of want and desire. "I fucking love you. Ohhhhhhhhhh, Joshhhhh!!!!" he screamed as I started to deep slot at different paces, followed by shallow, quick thrusts. "Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!" Cal screamed out as he shot his cum all over my bed. I was nowhere ready to stop, so I ploughed on, trying to bring my lover to a second crescendo.

"Oh yeah Josh, fuck me, fuck me harder!" Yep, the slut mode had kicked in. I knew that all so well as it always happened to me when I was on the other end of this treatment from Cal. "Oh yeah, baby likes me fucking him hard," I whispered into his ear, with sweat now pouring out of both of us. "Fuck yeah, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!!!" he screamed as he shot his second load onto the sheets as I unloaded inside my lover. "Ohhhhh Fucckkkkk Calumnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!" I screamed out.

We lay there in our post-orgasmic bliss for over twenty minutes, with myself trying to get my breathing back to some sort of normality and Cal lying on my chest. "I love you, Calumn Kenner," I said softly. "The feeling's mutual, my love," Cal replied, and we drifted off into a post-coital sleep.

30 minutes or so later...

"WAKE UP, YOU FUCKERS!!!" Lucas yelled. "Fuck, it smells like sex in here," he continued. "Dinner is in ten minutes," he yelled, heading back towards the door. "May I suggest a shower before you come down," he said laughing as he shut the door. "I could have sworn I locked that door, you know," Cal said. "It doesn't lock fully, so a little nudge and it opens. Lucas knows this. Mom does not, however," I informed him. "You were magnificent," Cal said, kissing me. "He's right about smelling like sex though. Will you clean me down, babe?" I asked. "My pleasure, my love."

Cal took his time and carefully cleansed his lover's body with tenderness and love, carefully removing the dressings before cleaning his lover's bruised and battered, but healing body. But he admired his lover's beautiful definition of his abs and torso. This guy was built, and he was his.

"Pass my Nirvana T, will you babe?" I asked Cal, and he tossed it from my closet.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in," I lightly yelled to whoever was knocking.

"Oh, hi Dad, we will be down in a couple. Sorry," I said. "What's up, Dad? Something wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know how to put this or say this to you boys," Dad spoke softly. "What is it, Dad?" I asked again.

"Josh...Josh, what room is under yours?" I looked on wondering what he was getting at and then I answered, "The kitchen, Dad?" "Exactly. Your room isn't sound proof, Josh." I looked on wondering what...oh shit. "Oh no. You are kidding, aren't you, Dad?" I asked. "What's wrong?" Cal asked. "Boys, I am pleased you have a healthy sex life, but please have some consideration for others," Dad said, but with no hint of scolding in his tone.

"You mean...your...Mom...heard us?" Cal asked. "Every grunt," Dad replied. "Oh, shit...sorry, Dad," I said, looking sheepish. "Guys, we are not prudes, and we know you have sex. We are not stupid. Just be considerate. That's all I am asking," Dad went on.

"God, it's like being caught masturbating all over again," I said. "Yes, Josh, but that was your grandmother, I believe," Dad finished. Cal was now rolling in fits of laughter on the floor. "If you dare tell Todd or Dale and we are over, got it?" I told my lover. "Okay, Dad, we are sorry. We will apologize to Mom when we come down, I promise."

And with that, Dad headed back downstairs, and we burst into laughter, looking into each other's eyes, saying, "Love you." "Love you back, babe."

We headed back downstairs and walked into the kitchen where Mom was finishing loading up the serving dishes for our meal. "Sorry, Mom. You shouldn't have heard that. I am sorry for that also, Mrs M...sorry...Mom," We said, with Mom showing signs of an embarrassed smile. Then, out slipped a short giggle.

We walked into the dining room and placed the dishes on the table when my cell phone rang. I didn't recognise the number, but recognised the area code for New York.

"Hello," I answered.

"Joshua Miller, please."

"Speaking. Who is this, please?"

"Please hold for Assistant District Attorney Sarah Watson."

"Hello, is this Joshua Miller?" Assistant D.A. Watson asked.

"Yes, how can I help, Ms Watson?"

"Sarah, please."

"Okay Sarah, please call me Josh."

"Okay, Josh, when can you come in for an interview regarding the up-coming trial of Derrick and Terry Reynolds and Michael Duke Lawson?" she asked.

"Sorry Sarah, I won't be back in New York until a week Sunday. I am in Boston on break," I informed her.

"Shall we say a week Monday, 11am, my office, Josh?" she asked.

"Yes, That would be fine," I replied.

"Okay good. Enjoy your break, Josh, and we will see you then," she finished and the line went dead.

To be continued...

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