Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 23

Published: 16 Feb 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I looked across the square, watching as my friends approached, walking along the long wide path leaving the main campus library, when I heard the sound of sirens coming down the drive. I looked, as did everybody else, but turned back to watch my friends approach me. But they had vanished and all I could see was my tree; the area around me had changed. In that split second I was back in the warehouse, tied to a frame, and Ben Kips was yelling things at me, "You fucking think they would stop me from fucking killing you, Faggot?!!" he said, maniacally. And, as he started to strike me, the area had changed again; I was back by my tree, but holding Cal in my arms, with a knife stuck firmly in his chest and Ben Kips standing over us, laughing, and me crying for help.

"Help. Please, help me!" I yelled out. "Nooooooooooooooooooo!" I screamed out.

"Josh…Josh…wake up, baby," I heard.

"Baby, wake up…Josh!" I heard Cal shout.

"Wha…What's up…Cal?" I asked, with tears falling from Cal's eyes.

"You were screaming out…baby…you were shouting for help," he cried, holding on to me." You wouldn't wake up," he cried out. I was soaking in sweat. My nightmares were getting more intense. I was shaking and Cal was holding me. I feel safe when I am being held by him, but I knew I would have to get help with this sooner rather than later.

"I'm sorry, babe, I didn't mean to wake you…sorry," I said whilst he held me. "I love you, you idiot. It will never be a bother," he said, kissing the side of my face. "You wanna tell me about it?" he asked, and I nodded, and he watched me as I sat up, wiping his own tears from his face.

"It's always the same thing. Ben Kips, and you with a stab wound. And you are lying in my arms. Cal, I cannot lose you, I just can't!" I cried out. Cal lightly stroked my hand with his thumb, and pulled me tightly into his chest. His scent calmed me down, slowly, as it always did. His arms wrapped around me made me feel safe.

"He's in jail, love, he cannot hurt me; he cannot hurt us," said Cal in a calm, rational voice. "It is just a bad dream, love," he said, and I knew he was right. But the fear was real; the pain of the moment for me seemed all so real.

"Yeah, I know, babe…I know," I said in a small voice, barely above a whisper. He held me close and his warmth soothed me to the extent I felt safe, as I always did when Cal held me in his strong arms. His scent, apart from being the trigger for my normal boners, also soothed me, and after about an hour I drifted back into an uneasy sleep.


I woke and a slight panic hit me as I was alone in my bed, but I could smell fresh coffee brewing and the sweet smell of cinnamon drifting from downstairs. I rose from my bed with the morning wood pointing towards the bathroom. I had to piss in the shower, as I was so hard it now pointed to the light on the ceiling. I knew it would hurt to bend my cock to piss off my morning flow; I turned on the shower, stood inside, and let the flow go. I stood under the shower for only a couple of minutes when I felt two hands reach around my waist.

"Morning, love," Cal said, kissing my shoulder. "How do you feel this morning?" he continued. "Better," I lied. But it was not a complete lie, as I always felt better when he was with me.

"I made you breakfast," he said, nibbling on my neck, and I could feel his engorged cock pressing into my back. "Hot or cold?" I asked. "Sorry?" he asked, with a confused expression. "Breakfast. Hot or cold?" I repeated. "Oh. Cold croissants and cinnamon rolls, but hot coffee," he responded.

"Good. Nothing that won't keep," I said with a shit-faced grin on my face, as I turned around facing my lover, the water beating down on our bodies. "I love you, Calumn Kenner. Have I told you lately?" I said, looking into his deep blue eyes, as the water cascaded down his jet-black locks on my man, my sex-on-legs. "Yes, you tell me every day. And may I just say, why wouldn't you love me? I was born to be yours, and you were born to be mine," he said, kissing the tip of my nose.

"Josh, I want you…I need to feel you now. I have never loved or been loved the way I feel for you. And marrying you is the single most important thing that I will ever commit to, and I will be faithful to you always. Now fuck me!" he smiled, and I laughed out. "Hmm. Subtle, very subtle. I feel the same, babe. I never want to be alone. I want you with me every day. I need to sleep with you every day. I want you to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see when I wake. When we are married, my bed will always be where you lay…now turn the fuck around," I sniggered, and he duly complied.

I grabbed the bar of soap and washed and lubricated his ass. After the previous night's exploits he opened up at the slightest touch, like my fingers had a remote control that at my touch would open my lover to me. I pressed in two, then three fingers, which had my lover breathing hard and fast. I nibbled on his shoulder as I pressed him against the wall of the shower. The glass bricks that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom were his only support.

"Please, Joshua…please," he huskily moaned out. "What, babe?" I asked, again teasing him, as I already knew what he demanded. "Joshua, please…don't tease me…fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard!" he yelled out, and I laughed out, as again, he was begging me to satisfy his wanting lust.

"Babe, all you had to do was ask," I teased him with a small laugh. "Josh, you ass. Fuck your lover. Fuck your lover now," he demanded. I bit down on his shoulder, but not hard enough to cause any discomfort, as I pushed forward hard, bottoming out in his ass very quickly as I waited for him to adjust.

"Oooohhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkk," he moaned out, pressing his face hard against the brick wall that was holding him up. "Oh loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee, God," he moaned louder, as I started to pull almost all the way out, and rammed straight back into him. I liked when he fucked me this way, so I am damn fucking sure he was getting what he needed.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck!" he cried out. "I F U C K I N G L O V E…" he stopped and moaned out as a wave of pleasure ripped through him. "Y O U," he finished, and soon he was covering the brick tiles in his cum. The shower water was slowly washing it away, as I was going through my own intense orgasm as his ass muscles clamped down on my cock. I filled my lover's ass with my essence, and we just held on to each other as we came down from our orgasmic high. "Babe…Babe," I couldn't get my breath. "Yeah, I know," he replied.

We stepped out of the shower and Cal softly dried my body from the first shower I had since my attack and re-applied the couple of dressings he deemed still necessary. Most of the welts on my body had all but faded, as did a lot of the bruising. My hair was growing at a rapid pace, and since the dressing on my scalp was no longer necessary, my confidence started to return. That was evident when I suggested going for a run.

"No way, love," Cal responded. "Look babe, you have still got some healing to do. You don't need more ways to hurt, trust me!" Cal continued, and I just looked at him. I am sick of just sitting around and watching life pass me by. I want to get back to normality; I needed to get back to me. "How about a walk? Problem with that?" I asked, and watched for a reaction. "No, not at all," he replied. "Just give the rest time," he said, kissing me softly. "Just a while, okay?" he said softly, and I had to admit he was probably right, but I wasn't actually going to tell him that; well, it's a guy thing. "Thank you," I said.

I rang Dale so he could send Lucas home if he was sick of him. "Sup, Dude?" Dale asked. "You can send Luc back if you haven't killed him yet," I laughed out. "He's still asleep, dude," he replied. "If you need him back I will gladly throw ice water over him. It won't be a problem, trust me," Dale said with a wicked giggle. "No, just send him back when he becomes a pain," I said. "Josh, he is you, just a little smaller, and well…not gay…at least I don't think he is. Well, I got you wrong, didn't I?" he was pissing himself laughing over the phone at his last statement. "Dick wad," I replied to that. "Sorry, dude, couldn't resist that. What're you and Cal up to anyway? Hang on…don't think I wanna know," he eventually finished. "Going for a walk…he won't let me run yet," I complained. "He's right though. You know that, don't you?" Dale replied. "Yeah, I know he is. Just don't let him know I know he's right," I responded. Dale again laughed at that. "Yeah, guy thing, right," he said to me, and then we said our usual `see you later's.'

"You ready, love?" Cal asked, wrapping his arm around my waist as I flipped my phone closed. "Yeah," I said, and kissed his cheek. We stepped outside and felt a cold breeze hit us. I knew winter was only just around the corner. For October, it had been unusually mild, but not today.

"What are you doing for Thanksgiving anyway?" I asked, walking down towards the park. "Wow, where did that come from?" Cal asked. "Just felt the chill and realized it is only a few weeks away is all," I replied. "Well, Grandpa and Grandma usually stay in Florida `til March, so nothing planned, really," Cal said with touch of sorrow. Just as I was about to say something, Cal's cell went off.

"Hello, Grandpa!" Cal said.

"Hello, Calumn. You okay, child?" his Grandpa said.

"Yes, Grandpa, I am fine. How's Grandma?"

"Oh, you know how she is. Nothing bothers her. You know that," and Cal giggled at that.

"Look, Cal, what I am calling for is your father's will gets read out next week and you have to be there for it," his grandpa informed him.

"Why do I have to be there?" Cal asked.

"Because you are a beneficiary," he responded.

"I doubt that very much, Grandpa," he said with a touch of scorn.

"Trust me, child, your mother is in for a shock when it's read out. Trust me," his grandpa said with a smirk in his voice.

"Okay, where is it at, Grandpa?" Cal asked, looking at me and smiling.

"It's in Chicago, child, a week today," he informed him.

"Okay, Grandpa. I will make it. Can you text me the address or e-mail me it, and I will get it when I return to college on Sunday? And, Grandpa, can I bring Josh?" he asked.

"Sure, child, I would like to meet him," he went on.

"You are going to be there, Grandpa?" Cal asked.

"Yes, child, just to make sure everything is above board. My lawyer, Marty Lieberman, will be present also as your representative, as I think your mother will be a bit shocked when the will is read," his grandpa responded.

"Okay, Grandpa, I will see you on Wednesday night, okay?" Cal concluded, and then flipped his phone shut and filled Josh in on the conversation he just had with his grandpa.

"Wow, your dad left you something?" I asked. "Did your grandpa say what?" I asked. "No, but I think he knows what, and he knows Mom will not be happy about it. He's having me represented by Uncle Marty," he said.

"Uncle Marty?" I asked. "I thought your dad was an only child," I went on. "No, he isn't my real uncle. It's just what he was introduced to me as when Grandpa was made my guardian, and it just stuck," he replied. "You will come with me, won't you, love?" he asked, staring into my eyes. "Babe, I go where you go," I responded, as we walked around the park.

As we started to walk around for the fourth time, I spotted Tom holding hands with someone I had never seen him with, Lacy Coleman. She was a good-looking girl but had one fatal flaw: her father was none other than Reverend John Coleman. He preached fire and brimstone, and I know exactly what he thinks of the likes of me. That's the reason Todd's family no longer attend his church, for when Jack, Todd's cousin, came out, he was banished from that church and every Layton and my parents stood up and walked out. For that I couldn't have been prouder.

So for that exact reason, we eventually joined the same church that the Jacksons went to, St. Martin's. It is an Episcopalian church, and their stance on gay lifestyles is better than the Catholic or Anglican Church by a fair distance.

"I can't believe Tom is seeing Lacy," I whispered, and explained to Cal about the good reverend.

"Hi Tom, Lacy," I said, looking at Tom, and he looked a bit embarrassed. "Oh, hi guys," Tom responded. "Yeah, hi, Joshua," Lacy replied. "Who is your friend? I haven't seen him before," she asked. "He's his friend from college," Tom said quickly, and I looked at him with a scornful look on my face. "Tom, what gives with that dude?!" I spat out. "Why, what's he said wrong?" Lacy asked, staring at Tom. "Lacy, this is Calumn Kenner, but prefers Cal, and, yes, he is a friend from college, and…" She cut me off.

"He's your Boyfriend, right?" she said. Again, people keep doing this to me. I want to reveal something and somebody ends up telling me what I was going to tell them. First, Todd told me he knew I was gay, and that shocked me; then Lucas told me he knew; and now, Lacy Coleman, the daughter of the Reverend `All-Gays-Should-Burn' fucking Coleman, is telling me she worked out that Cal was my boyfriend.

"Well, erm yeah, he is. But how did you know that?" I asked, and looked on, searching for a response from her. Tom looked rather shocked along with me.

"Well, Josh…" she fucking giggled out at me, and I was getting angrier by the second. "Well, Josh, you holding hands is a bit of a giveaway," she laughed out. I looked down, and indeed we were holding hands, and I didn't even realize we were.

I looked at Cal and he looked at me and we both just cracked up. Tom looked at us like we were mad or going insane. "Sorry, Lacy, do you hate me now?" I asked. "Joshua, I am not my dad. Besides, I don't live with him anymore," she informed us. "I live with my mom now," she went on. "Dad is, well, a bit…out there…you know," she went on. I just nodded and said, "Just a bit." I laughed out.

"So you and Tom…how long?" I asked. "Oh, what…well, about two years, give or take," she replied, with Tom nodding and smiling. "Wow, and you never said anything to me about it," I said, looking over at Tom. "Josh, you are one to talk," he said. I knew his exact meaning. "Yeah, back at you," I replied.

"You okay now, Joshua? Tom told me what happened," she asked, looking up at me. "I will be, I replied. I am pleased your dad doesn't know though. He would probably send the assholes a `try better next time' card," I spat out, but not at Lacy, just at the situation. "Yeah, he would have," she replied. "But, as I said, Joshua, my mother and I are not my father, okay?" I nodded, leaned over, and hugged her. "Thank you, Lacy," I whispered into her ear.

"You up for going for a coffee, guys?" I asked, and they nodded. I called Todd and Dale so we could meet up at Jitneys for a drink. I also rang Liam, as he is trying to re-connect and I was willing to let him try. We arrived first, and one of the jocks from the night I blacked out was sitting in one of the booths. He just slightly nodded at me, and then looked back at the girl he was with, smiling. I was just relieved that he didn't say anything, but then remembered that I had Bruce Lee on my arm and that brought a smile to my face.

"What's with the smile?" Cal asked, and I just replied, "Oh nothing, I just remembered something, that's all." Fucking Bruce Lee, I laughed to myself, and soon after we had our drinks the rest of my friends came and joined us. Liam said hello to his friend in the far booth before joining us, and we just talked about anything and everything just as we had always did. It was nice, it was great, it was…perfect.

"So when are you all heading back to college?" Tom asked us. "Sunday afternoon," replied Todd. "I wish I had better grades and was going with you all. Aaron's going with you, isn't he?" continued Tom. "Yeah, after the Christmas break. So is Kyle," I replied. "Sounds like a blast," Tom went on. "Hmm, let's think about that for a second, Tom," I started. "Okay, I have been assaulted, then kidnapped and tortured. Todd crashed his truck and was almost killed. Dale's having a whale of a time. Me, Todd, not so much," I concluded. "Yeah, but you met Cal, didn't you?" and I had to smile at that one. "Yes, I did," looking into Cal's eyes. "Yes, I sure did," I finished.

"So, Tom, you doing Lacy then?" asked Mark, who just arrived with Lucas. "Wow, that brain takes some waking up, doesn't it, Bro," whipped Dale. "Jeeze, what have I said now?" Mark sounded bemused. "Dude, think before you speak," Dale went on. "She's the preacher's daughter, so, no, he isn't," Dale concluded. "Actually, we are," responded Tom. "HA!" came from Mark. "Not so fucking dumb after all," he went on. "Guy's, we are getting married," Lacy announced, showing her ring that before now was worn around her neck. Tom looked like the proverbial cat that got the cream. "Oh wow, the reverend will be pissing fire on Sunday," announced Liam.

"Oh, I cannot wait to see his face," he went on. "He doesn't know yet. He's not invited," Lacy commented. "He treats my mom and Tom like lepers, so, sorry, he isn't getting to know from us," she spat out. There was definitely more to this than meets the eye. "Does Brian know?" asked Liam. "No, not yet. He's in Nebraska with Simon. I will let my brother know when he's back."

"What's he doing in Nebraska?" asked Dale, and Todd gave Lacy a strange look, like they were sharing a secret, but were about to impart some of that to us. "Simon's grandmother works in an orphanage and he went out to help. "Yeah okay, but why is Brian with him?" asked Liam. "And why so many secrets?" he went on. "He's out there because he is defying Dad," Lacy informed him. "He stuck by Simon and that infuriated Dad," she went on. "Dad demanded that he had nothing more to do with those people, as he put it," she continued.

"Why, why would he stop him?" Liam looked on, wondering what could have pissed off the reverend so much he wanted his son to stay away from his best friend. "Simon being gay was always a bad thing for a start," she replied. "Oh, Simon's gay…and Brian?" Dale asked, and Lacy just burst out in hysterics.

"No, Brian is not gay. He just won't abandon his friends is all," she said while still giggling.

"Friends, you said friends. Who else?" Dale asked.

"Jack," she replied. "Jack…Todd's Jack?" Liam asked, looking at Todd. He knew that Jack had been excommunicated from Reverend Coleman's church but had no idea it was because of him and Simon.

"So, Jack and Simon?" Liam asked. "So where is Jack while Brian is rebelling?" he went on. "Jack is with Simon, helping out, but they are back for Thanksgiving," she concluded.

The rest of the afternoon went on with small talk and the subject of my kidnapping was broached on several occasions. I answered them as best I could, not allowing myself to get depressed about it, and then we decided we better head back home, as Lucas had said dinner would be on the table by five o'clock, and it was now near four-thirty. We said our goodbyes and headed off home.

"Plenty of drama in this town, love," Cal said, kissing my cheek. "You can say that again, babe," I responded, kissing him back.

"What do you wanna do tomorrow? It's our last day before we head back," I said, holding him outside my home. "Two weeks went very quick, babe, but we have to go back to the real world. So, what do you wanna do?"

"Anything, as long as it's with you, anything," he said, with his head buried in the crook of my neck.

"I love you, Cal," I said, kissing the side of his face. "I love you, Joshua," he responded in kind. "Let's get in. It's getting colder," I said. We went inside and were greeted by my mom and dad. "Hey, boys, have a good day?" Mom asked. "Yeah, thanks Mrs M…sorry, Mom," said an embarrassed Cal. "Yeah, it was good, nice meeting some more of Josh's friends," he went on, smiling at me.

We ate our meal perfectly prepared by Mom, and we just talked about college stuff and the events we had to attend next week, like my visit to the D.A's office, and Cal's visit back to Chicago for his father's will reading. I am looking forward to meeting his grandpa, but not so much the woman who abandoned him. I'll have my first appointment with Dr Benet, my psychotherapist. God, I hope she can help me, as I need to get back to being me, and I think Cal needs me to be me. It will be a tough week, but we will cope. We have to. We just have to rely on each other for support, that's all.


I looked over at Cal and smiled, and then I stood up, stretched, fake yawned and looked at my parents.

"Okay Mom, we will see you in the morning. Night, Dad," I said, hugging both my parents, as I wanted, needed, some `me time' with Cal. "Okay son, Cal, see you both in the morning," Dad responded, with a subtle tone in his voice, a knowing tone. We climbed the staircase to my floor and into my room.

The smile that crossed Cal's face was priceless when I said, "Cal, babe, I think I am ready to be fucked, babe. And, babe, I love you!"

To Be Continued…

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