Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 24

Published: 23 Feb 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"Are you sure, Josh? I don't want to hurt you, love," Cal whispered into my ear while nibbling at my lobe, sending bolts of electricity through my body. "Yeah, just take it easy to start with," I responded with laboured breath, feeling my lover's touch.

I stood in front of Cal as he carefully and lovingly removed my clothing. All my bruises had faded. Apart from a few marks around my torso and legs, and a small line above my eye, which Cal says looks sexy (he's a strange boy), and apart from some residual pain, I am for the better part healed, physically anyway. It's the mental side I am struggling with, but hopefully Dr Benet can help with this side of me.

Cal kissed down my cheek and nibbled again on my lobe, sending shocks straight to my groin, and sending me into moaning mode. "Yeah, baby, that's it," I said in a husky tone. He then made his way south, nibbling slightly on my nipples. Before experiencing Cal, I never knew that these were so sensitive. Go figure. He then kissed my abs tenderly, sending me close to slut mode, as I needed him to work me. I am glad that we had agreed to be tested and that had resulted in "all clears" across the board, as since we are committing to being faithful to each other and trusting each other, condoms are no longer required. Feeling my lover instead of a slick mould of rubber feels far better. "God, you smell good, love, and taste even better," he sexily spoke out. He then started to lick the pre-cum that had pooled around my belly button and cleaned me efficiently. "Yeah babe," he moaned as he engulfed my cock, taking me in deep. He lubed up a finger whilst sucking me, and pressed forward, forcing me to raise my hips off my bed. "Ohhhhhhh, babe, yeahhhhhh," I cried out, trying to stifle my cries of pleasure, pleased that my parents were on the other side of the house.

"I take it it's not hurting you, love?" he asked before he smiled at me and took my throbbing member back deep into his warm, velvety mouth. He then pressed in a second finger, stretching me open. "Ohhhh, fuckkkkkkkk, Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal," I cried out, in total, full on, begging, slut-bitch-in-heat mode. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I yelled, sweating, breathing heavy. "Not yet, love…sorry," and I looked at him, pleading to be taken, to be made whole again by my `sex-on-legs.' "Now, damn it!" I demanded. "Nope…be patient," he laughed out. I was panting like the cheap two-dollar whore he makes me. "Please, baby, I need it," sounding like a junkie pleading for a hit. Cal smiled at me and just replied, "Now you're ready," as he removed his fingers from my well lubed up hole. He leaned over me and kissed me whilst pushing in slowly, so not to cause me any pain. "Oh yeahhhhhhhhh," I whined out. "Please, Cal, I need you," I said, breathing heavier and struggling to find the words to say. "I don't want to hurt you, baby," he whispered in a husky voice.

"You are not causing me any pain, only pleasure. NOW FUCK ME," I pleaded, begging him to service me. I have never in my life ever needed to be wanted, to be adored, and to be loved, to be royally fucked by someone who wanted me for me. I am looking deep into my lover's deep blue eyes, knowing this is the sex god that can accomplish all of the above.

He then proceeded to slow fuck me in long, deep thrusts, pulling almost all the way out of me and then pushing all the way in, bottoming out, and repeating that over and over again, sending me into a quivering mess. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, babyyyyyyyyyyyy," I moaned out, as electricity powered through every junction of my body. He quickened the pace, deep slotting me, driving me insane, as the first earthquake of an orgasm hit me. "Ughhhhhh, ohhhhhh mmyyyyy godddddddd," I cried out, as ropes of cum shot over my head. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk," as a second volley smacked into my torso. My lover was relentless, showing no signs of stopping. "Turn over, baby," he asked, and, as I was still coming down from my orgasmic high, he had to turn me over, as I was a mess, a happy, pleasured mess, but a mess none the less. He lay flat on top of me and pushed back into me, and began to fuck me hard, ramming deep inside me hard and fast, as I liked it.

"You feel good, baby," he whispered into my ear, as moans of pleasure came from my lips. To be honest, he could have been speaking Russian to me and it wouldn't have mattered, as I was lost on my own slut-craven paradise pleasure island and I have lost my plane ticket, so I have to stop a bit longer…shame, that.

He had been fucking me now for over an hour, and he looked like he had just started. My sex god has stamina and I was sapping his strength like Delilah taking Samson. He drove me to a second powerful orgasm just as he was hitting his. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk," we screamed in unison. "I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" Cal screamed out as he was coming down from his high. He collapsed down on top of me, panting, as we tried to get our breaths back, our bodies clamped together in sweat and the heat of passion.

"That was by far the greatest fuck of my life," I panted out, as he rolled off me. "Babe, I will be the bottom in this relationship. I love you," I said, kissing his face, licking the sweat from his lips. "No fucking way, there is no bitch in this relationship my love, strictly fifty-fifty," he informed me. "I love being fucked by that piece of meat you have," he continued to inform me, as he was boning up again. "I love you, babe," he concluded. "Cal," I said, stroking his hardening cock, "Yeah Love?" he replied. "I am exhausted, but I need you," I said in a pouting manner. "Can I sleep with your cock inside me…please?" I begged, yes, I fucking begged for my boyfriend's cock to be inside me while I sleep, like my own personal safety blanket. "Anything for you, love," he said, as we spooned and he pushed his cock back inside me…where it belonged, and I, `we' drifted off into a very contented sleep.

8:47am Saturday

`Knock!! Knock!!'

"Come in," I said, just waking up, rubbing my eyes of the sleep I had just woken from.

"Morning bro…jeeze it stinks of cum in here. Better spray some freshener before Mom comes up bro," Lucas said with a candid snigger. "Breakfast in fifteen, bro," he said exiting my room. "Thanks, Luc," I replied, and turned to look at my sleeping prince.

"Hi," I said as his eyes fluttered open.

"Hey, baby, sleep okay? No bad men?" he asked, as I leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips and replied, "No, babe, your cock kept them at bay." He laughed and responded, "It's your personal sleep aid, babe," he laughed out. "Wow, it smells like sex in here," he commented. "Yeah, I know. Lucas just said," I responded. "It's freezing, but I will crack a window when we go down for breakfast. Ten minutes, by the way. Come on, quick shower. We will share to save time," I got out without breathing.

We made it out of the shower, just about managing to behave ourselves, and got dressed; remembered to open the window, closed the door and headed down for breakfast with my family.

"Morning, Mom, Dad…Duffus," I said, smirking in Luc's direction. "Sleep well, boys?" Dad asked, smiling his `I know what you did' look. "Erm, yeah, Dad, thanks," I replied. "Coffee, tea, or juice?" Mom asked. "Juice will be fine, Mom, thanks," Cal, replied. "Bacon, hash browns, and scrambled eggs are in the warming oven. Help yourselves," she concluded, and we went into the kitchen to retrieve some food. "I think Dad knows we fucked last night and I know Luc does," I said to Cal. "Yeah, I sort of picked that up as well," Cal replied. "You glow a bit, you know," he continued. "I what?" I responded. "When you are happy and contented you let off a bit of a glow," he responded. "Really? I didn't know that. It must be the way you satisfied me totally, babe," I replied, planting a soft kiss on his lips before we returned to the dining room.


"Harry Potter? Are you serious?" I responded to Cal's desire to go and watch the latest and, thank god, last, of the Potter movies. "Yeah, I read all the books and saw all of the movies, so yeah, I want to see the last one," he replied. "I want to see it as well. Can I come?" asked Lucas. "I'm going to regret this, but okay, see what time it starts," I said.

"Yes!" Cal exclaimed, high fiving Lucas, and fist punching in mid-air. Why they started doing that I don't have the foggiest.

I called Dale and Todd, told them of our plans, and was shocked to discover they also wanted to see this movie. So, before I knew it, Todd, Mark, Dale, Liam, Tom and Chris, along with Aaron, had joined our merry little troop to go and see fucking Harry Potter. All I am going to say is J K Rowling has a lot of things to answer for. Crimes against literature for one; Tolkien she is not.


We all arrived outside the local cineplex and purchased our tickets, and queued to take our seats. "Where's Lacy, Tom?" I asked. "She thinks Potter's lame," he laughed. I for one have to agree with my newfound friend Lacy. I love you; you had the sense to back out. I, however, did not.

I sat through the movie not as bored as I thought I would have been, and was shocked at how intent my friends watched this film. Not one of them spoke during the whole thing; in fact Cal, fucking cheek of it, shushed me!!

The movie ended and we went to Jitneys for coffee, and we started talking about what we had planned for tomorrow morning and what time we were setting off. Todd told us that the insurance money had come through for his car, but he was holding on to it until he could add to it so he could get a safer truck for the following year. "What're you looking for, Todd?" I asked. "Well, Josh, that crash shook me up somewhat, and I am twenty years old and would love to get a bit older, a whole lot older. So, something sturdy, but stylish. So no fucking Volvo for this young stud," he said laughing, posing like an underwear model, which, in my honest opinion, he could do in a heartbeat.

"So, I'm looking at an open-backed pick-up," he continued. "What, like Cal's?" I replied. "Yeah, but with no dents and no rust and four tires from the same manufacturer," he laughed out. "Hey, that was my Grandpa's!" he mock protested. "My Mom's the one with the cash now, I suppose, but she fucking hates my ass," he said sadly. "The reason I wanted to learn engineering was so I could eventually work for my Dad," he went on. "What do you mean?" I asked. "My Dad owned Kenner Engineering and I think my Mom will sell that off now," he said sadly. "My Grandpa's dad started it off, and Grandpa took over and then passed it on to my Dad. I envisioned myself taking over it someday," he said with some sadness, and I leaned over and hugged his shoulder.

"So, your folks were well off then?" Todd asked. "Yeah, filthy," he replied, but I never needed nor received anything from them…ever," he continued. "Everything I ever had, I received as gifts from Grandpa and Grandma, or I worked paper routes or delivered milk. I worked for what I had," he said proudly. "So when they turned on me, and cut me out of their lives, financially it never stung. I have a good work ethic, and, yes, that does stem from my Dad and Grandpa. To some point it was ingrained into me.

"When I was thrown out, Dad had just bought a house in the Hamptons, but I never got to see it. We were going to spend summers there, and I had always intended to go to college in New York, so it would have been ideal," he said, thinking about what could have been. "The Hamptons! Fuck, so filthy, filthy rich then," exclaimed Todd. Cal just nodded.

"Yeah, Great Grandpa Calumn James Kenner started the company with next to nothing when he came over from Scotland. And, well, the rest, as they say, is history," he concluded. "Calumn. The family thing. Right?" I said, whispering into his ear, and he just gave me a shallow smile. "Yeah, I am the eleventh in the line with that name, and if we adopt or use a surrogate when we have kids, I hope you will let me name our first son Calumn," he asked me, whispering, hoping only I would hear. "Yes, I would be good with that," I replied, and he smiled giving me a small peck on the cheek.

"Hey, Lacy, what kept you?" asked Tom as she came and sat down next to her boyfriend. "Oh, I thought I would give you guys time to discuss how lame Harry Potter was," she said, giggling, before kissing the side of Tom's face, and that brought a smile to mine.

"So, Aaron, what's the date you transfer schools, anyway?" Todd asked, and we all looked on and I think the question startled Todd's best friend. "Erm, the 9th of January, I believe," he responded. "Don't know about Kyle though," he continued. "His mom's not crazy about the idea. He's been accepted and all, but since his dad split, she's been kind of needy," he went on.

"When did his dad split?" asked Todd, "You never told me."

"Just after he came out," he said quietly. "He never spoke a word when Kyle told them. He just picked up his coat and walked out. His Mom called the police the following day and they came around with the information that he was safe, and that they were not to attempt to contact him. The divorce papers came this morning apparently, so Kyle is re-thinking his choices." He stopped talking, but looked sad.

Soon after that, Aaron received a text, read it, and said he had to go. He said his goodbyes to the group. Todd followed him out and they talked for a few minutes and embraced for a few seconds. Then Todd returned with a solemn look on his face. "He said if Kyle doesn't go he won't go either," Todd said, looking down in sorrow.

We chatted and passed around contact information: cell numbers, e-mail addresses, and such, so we wouldn't lose contact and could keep each other informed on stuff, as we all know the drama in this town is unreal.


Okay guys, we are going to split," I said. "Come on Luc, you as well," I said, and we headed back to Cal's truck and travelled back home in the freezing cold. "Good people," Cal said. "Yeah, shame about Aaron and Kyle, though," I said. "Don't worry about it. It could still work out," Cal enthused.

"Hi, Mom, Dad," I said, coming in through the door. "Hi, Son. Had a good day?" Dad asked, looking at the three of us. "Yeah, Dad, despite being forced to watch Larry Trotter," I joked. "Hey, don't dis Harry Potter," Lucas mock moaned, whilst smiling. "Had a great day, Bro. Going to miss you when you go back," Lucas said, hugging me, before heading into the kitchen to stuff his face. I am going to miss him just as much. What Dale said to me the other day stuck with me: "He's you Josh." I hope he is like me: level-headed, with a vision for the future. Just none of the pain…Christ, none of the pain.

"Okay, Mom, Dad, see you both at breakfast," I said, as right now I am exhausted and actually just want to sleep.

"Okay, Sweetie, sweet dreams," she said, and I hope I would, as recent ones were far from sweet.

We walked into my room, which was freezing, as I forgot to close the fucking window. The heater was on but it would take a while for the room to warm up, so we stripped down as fast as we could and dove under the covers and stared at each other. "Looking forward to getting back, love?" he asked. "Yeah, but we have a busy week," I replied. "Yeah, but nothing you and I cannot handle, love," he responded, and kissed me softly. "Cal?" I asked softly. "Yes, love." "I am exhausted, and I don't need sex, but I slept great last night and had no nightmares, so can…" He cut me off.

"You want your sleep aid, babe?" I smiled and ducked my head into his shoulder. "Yeah. Do you mind?" I asked, and he just kissed my forehead and replied, "Babe, if my being in you helps you get a comfortable sleep, no I don't mind. I don't mind one bit."

I turned around, getting ready to spoon, when he slid his finger down the crack of my ass and pressed his finger into me. His magic fingers worked like a remote control. My ass opened on command, and he slowly replaced his fingers with his solid cock. "Mmmmm," was all that came out of me, and he kissed the back of my neck and said, "Sweet Dreams, my love." I believed I would have sweet dreams, and slowly, but contently, drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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