Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 26

Published: 9 Mar 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart

I slept for the most part, with only the occasional, odd vision of that sadistic bastard coming into my dreams. Sometimes he was just in the background stalking us, sometimes he watched from afar; but knowing he was there caused fear to pour through me. Thankfully, waking up to feel Cal's arms wrapped around me soothed my fear to the point I could drift back off to sleep. But it's now time to start my day.


"Hey babe, it's time to get up. We have a class in half an hour," I said, shaking him to rouse him from his sleep.

"Eeeyhhhe, huhhh? Oh, morning, love," he yawned out, stretching and pulling me down for a kiss. "Phew, morning breath," I protested. "Sorry, love, I couldn't resist," he said, dipping his head to apologise. "Come on, we don't have time for this...yet," I sniggered at him. "But, I require some attention later on," I said, kissing his chest. "No way. I get you tonight, my love," he informed me. I smiled at him in mock protest. "Okay, it's only fair I suppose," I said with a definite pout in my words. "Don't worry, lover, I will provide you with what you need tomorrow, okay?" And that brought me out of my funk, as he knows what I like and what I need, and his sex playing of me turns me into a quivering mess. But, I also have the same effect on him, and further more...he knows it,

We sharply got out of bed and headed down to the showers where we shared a showerhead. There were guys in there but no comments were made. Well, we were only getting washed, its not as though we were washing each other, although I certainly wouldn't have minded. A few of the guys did take stock of the marks on my body, for there are many, but fading, and I got a few nods of their heads and a few shakes of their heads. This happened not in a way I was used to; it was more in sympathy, as seeing the scars and marks on my torso told them I had been hurt. Badly hurt.

We got dressed and left the dorm with our messenger bags to head to class. It was my only class today, thankfully, as I had the interview in the city at eleven. The class was over and I found it extremely interesting, exploring concepts of exact applied mathematics and their correlation with engineering. In my chosen field I would have to be master of both.

We were both heading out of campus when Nick approached us and asked how I was doing. "Yeah, good, thanks," I responded. "Where you both off too?" he asked. "Heading into town to catch a bus to the city," I replied. "You wanna ride into town? It's no problem." Nick offered. "Look, Nick, Cal told me what you said about being a jerk," I replied. "No, he said I was a fucking douche bag, I believe I said," and Cal laughed, nodding in agreement. "Okay, that then," I responded. "As I told your boyfriend, Josh, before Connor..." he trailed off. "Before Connor...was hurt...I wouldn't have given the likes of you...shit that sounded worse when I said it out loud...fuck!" he berated himself. "Look, Nick, I get what you are trying to say, okay?" I tried to let him off the hook. "Look, Josh, dude. I have some prejudices I am working on. My dad was a bigger asshole than I was...But, hey, I am working on it," he went on.

"Look, Todd...Todd sort of tore me a new one, and, fuck...He was right. And I told him if you need help and I am have it. Okay?" Cal looked at me, and then him. "Dude, stop beating yourself up, okay?" Cal said to him. "Guys, I'm not that person anymore," he sighed. "Fuck. Wait there. Okay?" he said, and ran into student parking. He pulled up next to us and said, "Get in. Fuck the bus. I'll take you to the city. Okay?" he informed us matter of fact in his statement. "And I will wait and bring you back. Consider me your driver, okay?" he concluded. "You sure, dude?" I asked. "Fuck yeah," he said with a laugh, and we got in. I was still a bit apprehensive, as I trusted that sadistic bastard as well and look where that got me.

"So, where is Dave?" asked Cal. "He went home. He doesn't have a class until Wednesday, so he won't be back until tomorrow at some point," he finished. "How are you, man? And be honest," he asked, looking in his rear view mirror, and he looked sincere. "Physically better, but having some issues," I told him. "Bad dreams?" he said, and I nodded. "Yeah, my sister had those after she was raped by my dad," he informed us. "Fuck, dude, are you serious?" Cal asked. "Yeah, my mom died when I was young, and dad started drinking a lot," he went on. "Yeah, dude, but your sister. How old was she?" I asked, and he replied, "Fifteen the first time." I spat out. "He raped her several times," he went on. "She started having seriously bad nightmares, and she had to go to counselling, and she told her therapist," he went on, and Cal and I couldn't believe what we were hearing. "My aunt Lilly, from my mom's side, took her to see the therapist, as she had problems," he said. "And, because my sister had only just turned sixteen, the therapist told her she was alerting the authorities. But my aunt beat her to the punch.

"So, how long ago was that?" I asked. "Oh, eight years ago," he replied. "So, where are your sister and your dad now?" I continued. "Oh, my sister is in Texas, with her husband and two kiddies. She's happy, and Chuck is a great guy. He loves those kids. He would die for them." He smiled at us, but the happy expression disappeared as soon as Cal asked, "And your dad?" "Oh, that fucker killed himself shortly after he was arrested," he spat out with so much disdain. "My Aunt Lilly took guardianship of Carol and me, and she has been fantastic. I don't remember my mom much, you know. I cannot remember her voice. I have pictures of her though," he said, with a sad voice. "My dad was always an asshole. He found out his kid brother had a boyfriend, and he and some buddies beat him half to death. My uncle never spoke to any of us ever again. I don't even know where he is. I didn't really care until all this shit happened, and I started to revaluate my values. I don't want to be like that dumb fuck," he spat out. "Okay, there is Manhattan, so what's the address and I will put it in my GPS?" he asked. I gave him the address and the zip code and twenty minutes later we pulled up outside the D.A.'s offices. "Okay, guys, here is my cell number. I will go park. Just ring me and I will be here in two shakes of a donkey's tail," he said as he pulled away.

"Hey, Cal, it's true what they say. You just don't have a clue what happens behind someone else's four walls," I said before walking up the stairs into the offices of the New York District Attorney.

"Hello Ma'am, I have an appointment with Sarah Watson," I said to a smart looking older lady sitting at the reception desk. "May I have your name please, sir?" she asked in a pleasant tone.

"Joshua Miller," I responded. "Oh, yes, Mr Miller. It's on the seventeenth floor. Office 1702. She's expecting you." And she directed us to the elevators and told us to turn left when we got off on that floor. We walked along a passage until we came to a glass-fronted set of offices with the correct number above it. We walked in and a young guy sitting at the front of the offices approached us.

"Hello. Mr Miller, right?" and I nodded. "Sarah will be out in a second. Can I get you some refreshments while you wait?" he asked. "Water, please. Cal?" "Water for me as well, please," we replied, and we sat down. A couple of minutes later he returned with two bottles of water, as a middle-aged woman, about forty I would say, but quite good looking, approached.

"Josh?" she asked, and I stood up and shook her hand. "And you are?" she asked Cal. "Calumn Kenner." Oh, yes. Mr Kenner, you are Josh's partner. The one with the magic watch," she laughed out. Please come into my office. "Tony, will you ask Mandy to join us, please?" she asked the guy who met us coming in. "Yeah, sure, Sarah," he replied. "Mandy will be taking your statement, Josh. Okay?" I nodded. "Mr Kenner..." Cal interrupted. "Please, call me Cal. My grandpa is Mr Kenner," he smiled out.

"Okay, Cal, for the purposes of this interview, you cannot speak, nor enter an opinion. You are here at the request of your partner as moral support. Do you understand, Cal?" He nodded, squeezing my arm, as we both knew this was going to be tough.

Soon after, an older lady with some sort of machine sat down and spoke to Sarah, and then Sarah added, "Josh, for the purposes of clarity, we will be taping this interview on video as well as digital audio. Do you have any objections to this?" she asked, and I said I was fine with whatever she needed to do.

"Josh, did you know Mr Connor Brian, freshman?" she asked. "No, ma'am," I replied. "I never knew of him until I returned to campus the day he had been found and I was informed of his assault." "Thank you, Josh."

"When did you first meet Derrick Reynolds?" she asked. "I met him after I was first attacked, a few months ago. But I knew him as a security guard called Ben Kips," I informed her. "And at that time, what was your opinion of him?" she asked. "I thought he had just saved my life," I told her, and she just nodded. "And when did you meet his cousin, Terry?" she went on. " A couple of days before I was attacked, and again, when I was in class. He threw some insults at me and was thrown out of class by the instructor," I informed her. "What was the nature of the first encounter?" she asked. I had just arrived at my dorm and I kissed my now boyfriend, and he called us faggots and wanted to provoke a confrontation," I said. "And how did that end?" My friends came to our aid, but Cal wanted this to end. He didn't want it to fester, you know, so he offered Terry a straight up fight to end anything right there and then. Cal took him down without much contact, and as far as we were concerned, that was that. But apparently not. "Yes, young Mr Reynolds has told us pretty much the same story." "Oh, he's cooperating?" I asked. "Josh, I ask the questions," she informed me. "Erm, sorry," I replied. "But, yes, he is being very helpful, should we say," and she smiled at me.

Over the next hour I told her of everything that had transpired, from the moment I was kidnapped to the time I blacked out when I was rescued by the FBI. She thanked me for helping and said she would let me know when I would be called. My case was secondary to the murder case, but would help show cause. I didn't really care, as long as they got what was coming to them. The words of Todd came to me: 'say hello to Bubba,' making me smile. "Glad that's over," I said, going down in the elevator, holding Cal's arm. We left the offices and headed across the road to where a Starbucks was situated. From there we called Nick, letting him know our location, and he told us he was on his way.

Twenty minutes later we were back on the motorway heading back towards the college. To be totally honest, the deposition to Sarah was like a therapy session; a lot of relief came over me, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. "So, how did things go?" Nick asked. "Good, actually," I responded, and Cal squeezed my shoulder. "He was awesome in there, Nick. Fucking awesome," Cal spoke out in admiration, as he knew how hard a time I was having. "Terry is singing like a canary," Cal said. "CAL!" I yelled. "You shouldn't have said that," I berated him, as I was still a little unsure of Nick. "Josh, dude, don't worry. I won't say a fucking word. Promise. Not even to Dave, okay?" Nick assured me, and I had to hope he wouldn't. "Sorry, love, I didn't think," Cal said in a sorry tone. "No, I am sorry for snapping, okay?" I apologised, squeezing his arm. Christ, I need some attention. I am stressed out now, and I felt great ten minutes ago.

I leaned over and whispered into Cal's ear, "I owe you a fucking to remember, babe," I said. "Dude, you whisper for shit," Nick said, and I went my usual shade of deep red. "Sorry, Nick," and he busted out in fits of laughter. "Don't worry about it, Josh. Just a little TMI, if you know what I mean," still laughing, as we pulled up into his parking spot.

We thanked Nick, and offered to pay for the gas, but he refused, saying you don't charge friends. That brought a smile to my face and I hoped he could be just that: a friend. He left us, saying, "Have fun," and he smirked and giggled as he walked away. I called Todd and told him we were back. He told us he was arranging a date with some girl called Laura, so he would catch us later. Next, I called Dale, but his phone was off.

So, I looked at Cal and just said, "I have a promise to keep, remember?" with a leer in my eye. He smiled and said, "Follow me, lover." I softly giggled and smiled that boner-inducing, goofy smile, giving him the same look on his face, and I was lost in his gaze. I was going to ask him to fuck me as I needed it, I needed to feel him deep inside me, I knew I was going to be panting like a whore before too long, and fuck do I need it.

We made it to his room in double quick time, and he stripped me faster than I had ever been stripped. "Cal, I know it was my turn to have you but, I need you in me, so badly" I said with a leer in my eye. He threw me face down on the bed, and proceeded to eat my ass. His tongue worked hard opening me up, and he proclaimed, "Josh don't ever touch your cock. I am going to fuck the cum out of you three times before I am finished. Believe me." And I fucking believed every word, as my man was a sex god.

He reached for the drawer, poured some lube on his fingers, put two fingers in place and dove straight in. Hard and fast. No pain, but enough to force my ass off the bed. "Ohhhhh, fuckkkkk yeahhhh!!!!!" I screamed out, and soon he had three fingers in, and I was begging him to fuck me. "Cal, you promised me," I begged. "Not yet, my love." He fucking teased me. "Ohhhanhhhh, wowwww." He worked my hole like a championship player going for gold. "Caaaaaaaaaaaallllll, ohhhhhhhhh," I moaned out. He removed his fingers and quickly slid in his cock, hard and fast, trying to bring on my first orgasm. It wasn't long before he did. I was now in full on fucking-screaming-slut mode. This bitch was in need of some serious cock. It had been my only wish, and my lover was doing exactly as promised. "One down. Two to go," he announced. "I fuck..." I couldn't breathe. "I fucking lo..." I tried, but I couldn't finish. The electricity flowing through me was mesmerising. He was driving me hard.

"I FUCKā€”ING...LOVE...Y O U!!!!" I screamed out. Someone had to have heard me, but I couldn't give a shit. "Turn over!" he ordered me. "On all fours, babe." I did as instructed. He did something he hadn't done to me before: He MOUNTED me. Yeah, actually mounted me, dick deep, with him lying on my back. He rammed me hard, driving me ten minutes later to my second earth-shattering orgasm. This one was more powerful than the last. "Ohhhhhhh, shhhhhiiiiiittttttttttt," I screamed out in my own little fog of a lust-filled universe. "Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal." I came all over his bedspread, and I was sweating more than I had ever sweated in a gym. This was the greatest workout I had ever been involved in. "You like?" he sneered.

"You want more of me?" he asked, sniggering at the complete mess he had made of me. He flipped me over again and pushed my legs up to my chest, then drove his cock straight back into me. "Yeah, babe, that's it, just there," I yelled at him, my eyes now rolling back into my head. Some fifteen minutes later, "Ohhhh, Fuck!!!...I'm cummmmmmmmminnnnggg!!!!" he rammed deep and held it there, as he emptied his cum deep into my bowels. He stayed still for a minute, then continued to fuck hard, long, and deep. His stamina was amazing. He pounded my ass for about another ten minutes, and, as promised, drove my body, my soul, to a third amazing climax. Soon we were completely spent. We collapsed on top of each other. Glued once again with cum and sweat, and without much waiting, we drifted off into a comatose sleep. No Nightmares...I hoped

To be continued...

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