Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 27

Published: 16 Mar 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart

"I Love you so much, Cal. Please hold on, don't leave me," I watched as his eyes closed and blood poured from his chest. "You thought I couldn't get you, didn't you Miller?!!!" he yelled like a maniac. "What did we ever do to you?" I cried out. "You exist!" he shouted, with anger directed at me.

And just before Ben Kips was about to strike, "Josh, you're safe, babe. Wake up," I heard a soft voice say.

"Come on, love, open your eyes," the sweet voice of an angel called to me. A sweet voice. A kind voice. A safe voice. Cal's voice.

"There you are, my love. You are safe. He can't hurt you," he said, as my tear-filled eyes opened, and he kissed my forehead. "Sorry, babe. Did I wake you again?" I said, as he held me to his chest. "Never mind that. Are you okay?" he asked with love and concern. "I need some help, babe. I know that. I even know he cannot hurt us. But in these dreams it just seems so real, you know," I said softly, kissing his chest, the scent that made me feel safe. "It will take some time, love, but you will come out stronger, okay?" he said, kissing the top of my head.

"Okay. We are meeting Todd and Dale for breakfast, remember?" he reminded me. "Yeah, shower first though, okay?" I said. "I am soaked in sweat," I said. "And covered in sex as well," he chuckled out.

"Yeah, that as well." That goofy grin and a dark shade of red covered my embarrassed face, as he had slutted me again. That's my word for multiple slut-motioned sex: slutted; and I was a grade one slut earlier, and he was fucking awesome.

"So we are meeting the guys at ten. What time do we head for the airport?" I asked. "We check in with e-tickets grandpa bought at the American Airlines desk at the airport," he informed me, "at two-thirty," he concluded, as we walked towards the building that housed the cafeteria. We entered the hall and got our food, and walked over towards the rear of the hall where we spotted Todd talking to this rather attractive blond girl. "Hey, Todd. Where is Dale?" I asked. "Couldn't wake him. Lazy shit," he replied. "Hey guys, this is Laura," he introduced us. "Laura, this is Josh and his partner, Calumn," he continued. "Josh, Calumn, nice to finally meet you," Laura said. "Yeah, likewise, and please call me Cal," Cal replied.

"Sorry, guys, but I have a class in twenty minutes. Todd, see you later, okay," she said before kissing Todd, then Leaving. "Dude, she's nice," I said. "And not a slut," Todd responded. "Todd, not all college girls are like Candice, you know," Cal said, looking at Todd for some sort of retort, but none came. "I have only known her about a month, but we left for break just as we were getting on. And, well, then 'you' happened. But, we bumped into each other last night, and I asked her out. Well...I like her, guys. What can I say?" he said, with a slight blush appearing with his admission.

"Good for you, dude. Good for you," I said, punching his upper arm softly. "Todd, don't forget to pick up any assignments that have been given," I reminded him, handing over the list of courses and the rooms they were in to him. "Dude, don't panic. Between that lazy shit and myself, its covered, okay?" he said. "You getting a cab to the airport?" he asked. "Yeah, not much luggage. We will be back on Thursday morning. We have an engineering course in the afternoon, we should be back in plenty of time for that," I informed him, and he nodded at that. "So, Dale wouldn't get up?" I asked. "I banged on his door, and all I got was 'fuck off,' for my troubles," Todd got out. "He could have had a girl with him," Cal said. "Like who, dude?" asked Todd. "Fuck do I know, but he could have," Cal continued. "Josh did brag that all Dale had to do was smile, and some female would drop them for him," he said, and I looked shocked as he gave that bit of information. "Yeah, I have seen him pick a chick up without speaking," Todd sniggered out.

We hung out at the canteen for about another thirty minutes until Cal said, "Okay, we'd better go get our stuff and head out. Security checks and shit." And we all stood up, walked out of the cafeteria, and headed back towards our dorm, when all of a sudden Todd stopped dead in his tracks at a sight that had his face growing red with anger. Outside the girls dorm complex was Dale locked in a rather passionate kiss with Laura. Todd just ran over and pushed Dale against the wall. "What the fuck, dude!!!" Todd screamed at him, and Dale was just stunned. "Todd, let him go, let him go now," I demanded, grabbing at his arm. "Fuck, Todd, what are you doing?" Yelled Cal. "Fuck off, he has shit deep on me, and you, you fucking slut!" he yelled at us and then to Laura. "What the fuck are you going on about? Get the fuck off me!" Dale demanded. "Fuck, dude. Why her, eh, why her?" and Todd turned, tears pouring from his eyes. Laura was suddenly on the phone. "Wait just a minute. This can be explained!" she shouted. "No, it fucking can't," as Todd threw a punch, catching the side of Dale's head.

Todd was on top of him, ready to smash him again, before Cal wrapped his legs around him, immobilising him. Dale got up and landed a punch of his own. "Fuck, Dale, pack it in!" I yelled. "He fucking started it!" he spat out. "You're fooling around with my girl, you fucker!" he shouted out. "I'm what!?" Todd yelled out. "The fuck I am. What the fuck are you going on about, you dipshit?" Dale continued yelling at Todd. "Guys, calm down, please," I implored. "Lisa, can you explain this please?" Dale asked. "Lisa? It's fucking Laura, you retard!" Todd shouted out. "No, its Lisa," she informed him. "So, you fucking even lied to me? Shit!" Todd said angrily, with Cal still restraining him. "Cal, just let me go...please," Todd asked calmly. "I've been a fucking idiot. Everybody just treats me like a fucking idiot," he said while getting up. "Friends. With friends like you, Dale...well...fuck," he said, as he was about to walk away. "Fuck, Todd, wait," Dale yelled. And before Todd responded his cell rang.

"Hello!" he yelled.

"What? Who the fuck is this?" he demanded.

"Your who? Serious. Really?" he said, and turned around. Looking back towards the cafeteria building, he sighted a blond girl walking towards him. He turned, did a double take at the girl nursing Dale and the girl approaching him. "Shit. Really." He flipped his phone shut. "Hey, Lisa, thanks for the call, Sis," Laura said, looking at Todd with a bit of concern, seeing the tears coming from his face. "Twins. You are a twin," he said. I looked on in total astonishment. "What's the chance of two friends who have met twins getting together like this under these circumstances?" Todd said, looking at both girls. "Dale, fuck...I hit's just, l like know...and I thought. You..." he stopped talking and walked over and grabbed Dale in a tight embrace. "I should have known you wouldn't," Todd said, holding tight to Dale. "Yeah, fuckwad, you should have," Dale hugged back. "Dude...I am so fucking sorry," Todd said, and Dale just nodded. "Yeah, it is fucked up," Dale eventually laughed out, and Todd agreed.

"So, Lisa, you are going out with my Todd's best friend then?" asked Laura. "Yeah, seems like it, doesn't it, Sis," Lisa replied, and both giggled.

"Let's get our bags. I think this will sort itself out, Josh," Cal said, pulling me away with a look of astonishment on my face very apparent. "Todd, Dale, girls, catch you Thursday, okay?" I yelled, and they just waved as they were deep in conversation as they walked over towards my tree.

"Too much fucking drama," Cal moaned out, and I sniggered at that. "Yeah," I replied. We collected our small bags of luggage and headed out for our cab. We arrived at the airport and printed our boarding passes and headed for a coffee. "We should have driven back from Boston, or at least one of the cars anyway. I mean, it's only a few hour's drive at most," Cal moaned. "We could have used one this week, but Nick was a big help, wasn't he?" I replied, and Cal agreed. Soon our flight was being called and we were on our way to Chicago.

The flight was uneventful. We talked about the incident with Todd and Dale. To be honest, despite the punches thrown, we found it pretty remarkable and very funny; it's definitely a story to tell the kids, anyway.

We arrived in Chicago a few hours later, collected our luggage and hailed a cab to head into the suburbs. We pulled outside a large colonial style house and walked up the small driveway. An old-style Bentley was parked in the drive. "Grandpa's home," Cal announced, as we walked up to the door. Cal just opened the door and walked in, and was approached by a grey-haired man. I would have said he was in his mid-sixty's, but looking quite healthy. "Gramps!" Cal called out, and embraced him in a lovingly manner. I was in awe at how much they obviously cared for each other.

"Calumn, you look good, child," his grandpa spoke. "This must be Joshua," he said, looking at me. "Yes, Gramps, this is Josh," Cal introduced me. "Hello, Sir, nice to meet you at last. Cal speaks so highly of you and his grandmother," I said, shaking his grandpa's hand. "Why, thank you, Josh. It's nice to meet the person who has stolen from me," he said, looking me dead in the eye. "Sorry sir, what do you mean, 'stolen'?" I asked curiously. "My grandson's heart," he informed me, and I broke out in a painful smile as he grabbed me into a hug. "It's nice to see him so happy," he continued. "Come on. Dinner is almost ready. Hope you like steaks?" asked his grandpa. "Who doesn't?!" I replied. "Good answer, good answer," replied Cal, grabbing my arm lightly, leading me into the kitchen. "It's a lovely house, sir," I said to his grandpa. "Thank you, Josh. And, please, call me 'Gramps'. Cal does, especially since, if what the child has told me, you are going to be my family soon enough," he said to me, looking over to his grandson. "Thank you, sir...I mean...Gramps," I replied, and he laughed out.

"We sat at the breakfast nook, as the rest of the house had been covered in sheets for the winter months. His grandparents spent most of their time in Florida, where the climate is more fitting for a healthy lifestyle for people of their generation, so the house looked like it had been 'moth-balled,' so to speak. "Calumn, when you are ready to sleep...or whatever," we blushed at that, "your room is still covered up. But the guest room across from yours is ready, so please use that one, okay?" Gramps said. "Thank you, Grandpa," Cal said, hugging him.

We withdrew to the living room and started talking about what might happen tomorrow. "Gramps, I don't even know why I have been asked to attend," Cal said, looking at his grandpa. "Look, child, all I know is this. Soon after your parents abandoned you, your dad had his will changed. He had to tell me, as certain things in his will concern me. Then, two years ago he amended it again; to what end, I do not know, but we will soon find out," he replied. "It still doesn't explain why I have to attend. My father made it quite clear I was dead to him, and well...Mom...wished I was dead," he said sadly. "Her loss child. Her loss," Gramps said.

"So, Josh, what are your ambitions after college," he asked me, changing the subject. "Well, sir, to be totally honest, I want to be an engineer. It's been a passion of mine ever since I could remember. I constructed and designed my tree house when I was ten years old. I got books out of the library, learned all about design and building techniques, and I just built it. That was ten years ago and it's still there," I informed him. "My hero is Brunel, sir," I added. "Impressive engineer," he replied. "Yes, sir. He was born before his time, though. Most of his community thought he was insane," I went on. "Yes, Josh, most great men are considered insane sometime in their life," he informed me. "Calumn, I like him...keep him!" he laughed out. "Don't worry, Gramps. I intend to."

We talked for hours about different aspects of engineering, the cost-effectiveness of importing cheap steel from abroad for construction purposes, and the labour that it involved. We continued on about what was the greatest engineering feat ever undertaken by man, and debated theories on who built the great pyramids, and a myriad of undertakings regarding different engineers. I could talk for days with Gramps on this subject, as obviously he holds it close to his heart, as do I and so does his grandson, my lover.


"Okay, boys, it is way past my bed time, and since we have to be at the law firm at 10am, I suggest you turn in also. "Yes, good idea, Gramps. We will see you in the morning, okay?" Cal said, hugging his grandpa goodnight.

We went upstairs and entered the guest room. It was a massive room with a four-poster bed. The bed was at least a hundred years old, with drapes on each corner of the darkest red. It was a piece of art. The room's bay window had a fantastic view of the city. The panorama was breath taking. "Wonderful view, Cal," I said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "You are a great view. That is just okay," he said, kissing the back of my neck. "Cal, calm yourself down. We need some sleep," I said, turning to face and kiss him. "It's been a long day and we need to be right for tomorrow. You will see your mother, remember," I said, and his smile dissipated. "Don't remind me," he said softly. "Sorry, babe, but you have to go in there and show her she is the one who has missed out," I told him, but not in a stern voice. "Yeah, I am lucky. I have you, and Gramps, and Grandma," he said, his words tinged with a little bit of regret. "Look, Cal, whatever we are, or should I say, whatever you are doing there, we will face it together. Just smile. Don't show her any emotion that she might gain joy from," I said, hugging him. "I think she might expect red horns and a tail from me by now," he laughed.

"Do you wanna go and visit a store and buy some and scare the shit out of her?" I asked, and he fell in fits of laughter. "Halloween is coming. Stores are bound to have horns and tails now," I continued. "Stop it. You are killing me," he coughed out, gasping for breath, as he continued laughing. "Oh jeeze, I needed that," he said, pulling me down for a kiss. "Let's get a shower and get some sleep," he said, kissing my nose. We made quick work of the showers, dried, got on some sweats and T's, and climbed into bed. Surprisingly, we fell asleep almost straight away.



"Shut it off!" yelled Cal, as the alarm on my cell went off. "Come on, babe. It's eight thirty. Time to shake that cute ass of yours," I said, shaking him. "Five more minutes...pleeeease," he begged. I jumped on the bed and he eventually relented. "Okay, I give," he responded to my jumping and bouncing. We washed, changed and headed downstairs. We could smell fresh coffee and toast. When we walked into the kitchen Gramps was sitting at the breakfast nook, and a tall man in a suit was drinking a cup of coffee. Cal came around to him, "Hi, Uncle Marty, how are you doing today?" Cal said, giving the man a hug. "I am good, Calumn, thanks for asking. And I can see you are good. You look happy. I take it this young man is Joshua?" he asked, looking at me. "Yes, sir, he is," Cal answered. "Come in, Josh, I won't bite," he laughed, and I went over and shook his hand. "Pleasure to meet you, sir," I responded. "Marty, please," he insisted. "Thank you, Marty," I replied.

We sat, drank some coffee, and ate some toast, before we headed into Chicago to the offices of Shultz-Weitz-Lieberman, Attorneys at Law.

We arrived at nine fifty, and Marty led us in to one of the main boardrooms where we waited for the executer of the will and any other beneficiaries of Cal's dad's will. Not long after we arrived, two men, obviously lawyers, entered the room and handed a letter to the lawyer, independent of the will reading, an observer of sorts.

He asked for the attention of the room. "Thank you. I have a letter from Mrs Mary Kenner she would like read out before she comes into this room. So bear with me as I read it out," he asked.

"Mrs Kenner requests that nobody from her husband's family address her directly, nor indirectly, and that the person known as Calumn Robert Kenner especially does not address her. Is this understood?"

"Cold bitch!" Cal's grandpa spat out. "Yes, we understand!" Grandpa stated. "Get her in here so we can get this over with," he concluded. "Her loss, child," Grandpa said, tapping his grandson's knee.

His mother walked into the room. A tall, slender woman around forty years old, with jet-black hair tied back, she looked cold. Not once did she look in Cal's direction. However, Cal's eyes never left her, wondering why this woman who he still loves can't stand to be in the same room as him. The executer of the will came in, sat down at the end of the table, went through some preliminary business, and then began with a short statement from Cal's father:

"I, Calumn James Kenner, being of sound mind and body, here declare this my last will and testament on the date of our Lord the seventeenth of May two thousand and nine, and in the presence as witness to my assets, are Justice William Baker and my good friends, Tony Rogers and Michael Wallace. All are signed to verify, so no contests to this will, and it is binding."

"To my loving wife I leave all monies held in our joint account." his mom smiled at that. "I also leave as a final financial settlement from my business account the sum of fifteen million dollars," he went on, and she interrupted, "What does that mean, final financial settlement?" she demanded. "Please, Mrs Kenner, let me continue," the executer stated, and she shut up.

"The three houses I leave to my son, Calumn Robert Kenner, who I failed in life, but will not fail in death," he read on. Cal looked in total shock next to me, but Grandpa smiled like the cat that got the cream.

"This is wrong! My husband rejected this!" she screamed, pointing at Calumn. "Shut up, you harpy!" yelled Grandpa. "I will not, old man. You did this. You have had his will changed. My husband would not accept this...this...abomination of god...he just wouldn't," she insisted. I am in shock of what things were coming from his mother. Frankly, I detested the vile woman.

"May I continue?" the executer asked, and Grandpa said, "Carry on, sir," and he continued.

"And, furthermore, my intention was for my son to takeover Kenner Engineering when he is able. And that is still my intention. So I leave from the reading of this will the Company and all assets, except the money destined for Mary Kenner, to the guardianship of my father, Calumn Martin Kenner, former CEO of said company, until such time that my son can take over. This is the last will and testament of mine. Signed, C J Kenner," and he ended. "That concludes the last will and testament of my client," he concluded and said his goodbye's.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo," his mother cried out, and had to be escorted, in tears, out of the offices by her representatives. I, in all honesty, couldn't feel sorry for her. She was a hateful, vindictive woman. Calumn didn't even see her leave the room; he was in shock from the proceedings.

"Why...why would he do this...he hated me...I don't understand...Grandpa?" Cal seemed to be at a total loss. Why did a man who professed to hate him, who attacked him physically when he was sixteen, have such a change of heart? I must say I didn't understand it either.

"Grandpa?" Cal asked. Grandpa reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Cal. "I will let your dad explain, and when he has, I will answer any questions you have. Okay, child?" he said. He kissed his head and walked out of the room. "Take all the time you need, Calumn," Marty said, and closed the door behind him, leaving Calumn and me alone.

"I don't get it, Josh. Honestly don't get it," Cal said barely above a whisper. "Sit, babe, and read what he had to say, okay?" He sat back down and proceeded to open the letter.

To be continued...

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