Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 28

Published: 23 Mar 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart

Cal sat down in the law firm's main boardroom and opened the letter left for him with his grandpa from his dad.

Dear Son,

I don't know how old you will be when you read this letter, but I know if you are reading it, something has happened to me and I am incapable of expressing my regret on how I acted towards you. When I was arrested for attacking you and sentenced to six months imprisonment, it gave me time to reflect on my actions. I couldn't see a way to apologise to you in person, as I forfeited that right when I raised my hand in anger.

Because of the love I have for your mother, I did the one thing I have regretted ever since: ended my relationship with you. Son, it pained me not to be a part of your adventure into life. But I am pleased my father gave you the stability that I could not provide. For this, I am truly sorry.

When you turned eighteen I contacted your grandfather, seeking his help in steering you to continue your studies towards the engineering field. I was pleased when he told me that your ambition for this had not been tarnished, despite my and your mother's actions. This pleased me very much. Calumn I am proud of the person you are and will no doubt be.

Calumn, I do love you very much, and wish you great joy and happiness. If by time you read this you have someone special, I hope he brings you this.

I am sorry I failed you as a father; I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive an old fool.

Your ever-loving father,

Calumn James Kenner

Cal read this a couple of times and handed it to me to read. I read it and put it back into the envelope, and handed back to him. He placed it into the inside pocket of his jacket and stood up. "Let's get out of here," he said, and we walked out of the room to where his grandpa was waiting for us. "You okay, child?" his grandpa asked. "Yeah, Gramps. Just overwhelmed I guess," Cal replied. "Anything you want to ask me?" Gramps asked. "Yeah, loads. But can we go home and do it?" Cal asked, and his Grandpa placed a warm hand on his shoulder and said, "Yes, child, we can do that." We walked out of the building, where his old Bentley had been brought around, and we headed back to his grandpa's home.

We walked in and went straight into the living room. Cal had not spoken since we left the law firm. "Grandpa, Dad wrote that he spoke to you when I had my eighteenth birthday. Is that true? And if it is, why wouldn't you tell me?" Cal asked, sitting across from his grandpa.

"He did, child. But, he asked me to keep that secret, as he didn't want to upset you," he replied. "You should have told me," Cal responded in a tone a bit harsher than he probably intended. "We could have talked. Okay, I might have been mad at him for a long time...but I could have talked," Cal spoke. And then he said, "Missed opportunities."

They spoke, and I kept my counsel and just listened as the two men talked about his dad, and obviously his continued rejection by his mother. "She's still mad at me, but now mad at Dad," Cal went on. "Why did he change his mind about me, Gramps?" Cal asked. "He still loved you. He loved his wife, and he wasn't a strong-willed man. Your mother dominated him over family matters. Now, work-wise, he could show anyone a battle in the boardroom. But at home your mother ruled. He gave up his relationship with you and he regretted that, Calumn," his grandpa went on.

"I told him to come and see you, but he said he didn't have the right to disrupt your life anymore. He hated himself, child," he concluded. Cal began to cry. I pulled him into my shoulder and let him cry into me. "He still loved me. He still cared for me, Josh," he sobbed out. "I would have forgiven him, you know...eventually," he went on.

"I forgive you, Dad, and I love you," he cried into my body, tears soaking into my shirt, and my hand on his head, holding him.

As his grandpa looked on, I gave him a slight smile. "Do you boys want a drink? I could sure use one," he asked. "Coke, if you have some. Cal?" I answered and asked Cal. "Yeah, please, Gramps. A beer, please," he answered, and his Gramps went to get them.

"You okay, babe?" I asked, looking into his reddened eyes. "He still loved me, Josh. It's just good to know that. I just wished he had told me, you know," He said in a small voice. "Yeah, but, he did in the end. That must count for something," I said, kissing his forehead. "It does. It does," he replied, as Gramps returned with our drinks.

"Okay, down to business," his Gramps said, looking at Cal. "I have been named guardian of your assets, Calumn, so I will tell you what is going to happen, okay?" he started, and Cal just nodded and let the man speak. "The company, I will run until such time you can take over, okay?" he said. "Are you up to it, Pop's? I mean, you retired eight years ago. I don't mean ability-wise, you understand. But, you retired for a rest, remember?" Cal finished. "Child, I have had my break, so I am okay to run things. Besides, I do have a staff, you know," he lightly laughed.

"So, the remainder of your assets I will administer responsibly on your behalf," he went on. "Financially, you will be well off when you reach twenty-five, but I can access that on your behalf when needed," he informed Cal. "I am pleased you met Joshua when he thought you were poor, or working class, anyway, so I know he is not after you for your inheritance," he laughed out loud at that statement, and Cal squeezed my leg. "Okay, what I propose is this. I will increase your allowance by three thousand dollars a month, so you can quit the job at the diner on weekends, and concentrate on your education. You are going to need it, okay?" His gramps informed him and Cal nodded.

"The money will come in handy, Grandpa, especially when we get married and move off campus with the guys," Cal informed him. "Yeah, we will be looking for a suitable size place for six people to share in our sophomore year after the summer break," Cal informed him.

"Why are you looking for a large place for six, anyway?" Gramps asked, looking confused. Cal replied with, "It's for Josh and myself, Dale and Todd, and two other friends of ours. So four bedrooms are a must," Cal passed the information to his grandpa.

"No, what I don't understand is, why are you looking, child?" Gramps asked, looking at Cal. "Sorry, Grandpa, I am not getting your meaning. We need a bigger place is all," he said, and his grandpa gave out a huge barrel laugh. "Oh, silly child, didn't you listen to anything today?" he asked. "Child, you own three homes, and one happens to be in the Hamptons," he finished. Cal just looked at me as our jaws dropped, and the shocked expressions on our faces must have been a sight; his grandpa was still laughing out louder than I had ever heard anyone laugh.

"S H...I T!!!" we both said in unison. "It's your home, child...use it," he finished, and stood and walked out of the room, still unable to control his laughter.

"Shit, Josh, a place off campus, but the Hamptons...the fucking Hamptons!" he yelled out, pulling me into a hug. "The guys are going to shit a brick," I said. "Too fucking right, they will," Cal said, kissing me on the cheek. "But, better still though is," he stopped and looked at me, "We have an engineering company to run, babe," he said, smiling at me. "We?" I asked. "Yes, love, WE!" and I grabbed him and pulled him into me. "Our company, my love. Our company," Cal reiterated, kissing my forehead. "Cal, I love you so much, it fucking hurts," I said, looking deep into his boner-inducing eyes. "I have been in love with you since you first spoke to me, babe," he said, kissing my lips. "Ahumm," suddenly there was the sound of Grandpa re-entering the room, and two now no-doubt dark red faces looking back at him.

"Sorry, Gramps, it's just been one of those days," Cal said to him, as he re-took his seat. "It's okay, child, I know what you mean. I wanted to scream at that woman," he replied. "Err, Gramps, you did. You called her a harpy," Cal got out. "No, Calumn, that was in defence of you. I wanted to yell at her cold heart for not telling a father or mother that their only child had passed," he said mournfully. "Sorry, Gramp's," Cal replied. "When are you heading back to Florida, Gramps?" Cal asked. "Tomorrow morning. My flight is at 9am," he informed us. "So, we can share a cab," he continued, as since he booked our tickets he knew that our flight back to New York was at 10am.


"Okay, you guys hungry?" Grandpa asked, as we looked on and answered, "Always." Cal laughed out. "Okay, we will go eat out, and then Cal, you can show Joshua around Chicago," he replied. "Yeah, great idea, Gramps."

We went into the city to a local Irish pub that does meals that his grandpa frequented often. We ate a hearty fare, talked for a while and laughed at some corny jokes his grandpa remembered. We reminisced on some stories about Cal's dad, and they laughed at some of the things that his dad and some of his friends had gotten in to. "He was a happy child," Grandpa said with a sigh. "I miss him," he went on, and I could see that Cal shared the sentiment.

"Okay, boys, have fun and I will see you back at the house." His grandpa left, and we decided to walk by the lake. "It's beautiful here," I said, walking beside Cal. "Dad used to bring me here when I was a toddler to look at the boats," Cal said, obviously remembering a happy moment. "I don't know what changed in him. Mom...well I don't know...she just...well...I don't know how to explain...she just," he said, and couldn't find the right words to describe her. 'I can. BITCH,' I thought to myself.

"She had a bit of a fright when I was about 13 years old. Cancer, I think," he said. "She prayed in church, hoping for some help. The doctors helped her, but she believes the church saved her. And, well, the Catholic Church has never been a fan of 'us,' have they?" Cal said in a shallow tone. "The priest recommended she concentrate on the Old Testament," he continued. "And, suddenly, over a few months, she went from caring, loving, wife and mother, to religious nut," he lamented. "But, Dad loved her," he said, in a sad manner, as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. I would have hugged him, but public shows of affection are probably not good at 4:20 in the afternoon in Chicago. My ass kicked I do not want, despite Bruce Lee being on my arm.

"Let's head back to Grandpa's, okay?" he said, and we hailed a cab and headed back into the suburbs, back to the place that took him in after his parents gave up on him, despite his father's apparent change of heart.

The remainder of the afternoon and night comprised of talking about his dad's exploits as a teenager and projects his granddad undertook when he ran Kenner Engineering. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Then, just before 11pm, Cal shocked me when he asked his grandpa a question.

"Grandpa, the company, is the name changeable?" he asked. "Why do you ask?" his grandpa responded. "Just want to know if I wanted to, when I take over, can I change the name?" Cal continued. "Child, when you take over, it's your company. You can call it 'Cal's Happy Cat Farm' if you want to," he joked out. "But, what did you have in mind, child?" he asked. "Well, Pop's, when I take over, Josh and I will have been married almost four years, and he would be my partner, my life," he said to his grandpa, but looking at me.

"So, I take it you want it to be called 'Kenner and Miller Engineering'," Grandpa replied. "Yeah, that would be perfect," Cal said, again looking at me.

"Son, if that's what you want, do it. I won't object to it," his grandpa said before standing up and saying, "Good night, boys. It's late, and it has been a long day for me." He walked towards the door. "Yeah, goodnight Grandpa. Happy dreams," Cal said, before kissing me.

"Babe, it's your turn to fuck me," he whispered into my ear in his husky sexy voice, nibbling my lobe, sending bolts of electricity straight to my balls. "Yeah, don't I know it, babe. My dick is all yours." He reached down and gave it a squeeze.

We made it upstairs in double quick time, and we stripped faster than any other previous sexual encounter. "You want to shower first?" I asked. "Why? We only have to shower again when we're finished," he replied, with that boner-inducing smile, despite that I had been hard and ready for action for about ten minutes anyway.

I moved him backwards until his legs buckled with contact with the bed. I pounced and lay prone to his body, sweat already evident. "You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen," I said, devouring his lips. A soft moan escaped his mouth as I nibbled on his neck. "Fuck, Josh, you turn me on so fucking much," he moaned out as I made my way to his nipples.

"Fuck, Josh, that feels ohhhhhhhh," Cal moaned out in pleasure, as I used my tongue and lightly teased his nipples with my teeth. "Ohhhhhh, loveeeeeeeee." He pushed my face deep into his chest. I continued my assault on his abs, lightly biting, until I buried my nose deep in his black pubic hair. His scent was pure male. I huffed his scent deep, and let out a satisfied moan. "Fuck, Cal, you smell so incredibly good." I let him know that his scent was pure sex to me. By now his cock was rigid stone, leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. I lapped at his cock for all I was worth; the taste was as sweet as always. "Fuckkkkkkkk," Cal cried out as I engulfed his cock all the way to the base, all in one fluid motion. I held his cock deep in my throat and allowed my throat muscles to work their magic.

While I was doing that I had started working small slow circles around his ass, pushing ever so slightly, until my remote control finger hit the correct button and he opened up. I pressed forward and began to penetrate his hole, which caused him to moan, lifting his hips, forcing his cock to push deeper into my throat. "Ohhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk, Joshhhhhhhhhhh," he screamed out in sheer pleasure. The sweat on both our bodies shone in the moonlight that streamed through his bedroom window.

"Jo...Josh...Please," Cal begged and pleaded. "What do you want, babe?" I asked. Again, with my experience with Cal I knew what he wanted, no, needed. "Stop teasing me. Ooohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkk," he screamed as I pushed a third finger into his ass just as I had re-taken his cock back into my mouth. "Fuckkkkkk, Joshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he yelled out, pulling his cock from my mouth. "He came up, pulling me to his lips, and attacked my mouth, tasting his pre-cum on my lips. "I fucking love you. I would be happy to die tonight. I couldn't be happier if I tried. I want this moment to last," he whispered into my ear, as he nibbled my lobe. "Now stop being a cock, and use yours to fuck me!" he demanded in a husky, sexy voice.

"All you had to do was ask," I teased him, pushing him onto his back, lifting his muscular legs over my shoulders. I leaned over, taking his lips once more as I pushed into him. I bottomed out, and held my position until he had adjusted to my invasion. "Love, you feel great inside me. Ohhhhh," he yelled as I began to move in and out of his love canal (fuck, another cheesy porn reference, sorry). Knowing we needed to be up early for our flight in the morning, I fucked him hard, deep, and fast. I knew neither he nor I would last long. "Fuck, yeahhhhhhhh, that's it, loveeeeeeee," Cal screamed out as I hammered him from all angles, making sure his prostate got the required attention. Soon afterwards, he began to shake in an intense orgasm. His cock erupted at the same time I was deep inside him. We came almost at the exact same moment. I kissed his lips and we both moaned into each other. The orgasm lasted almost a full minute, but it took us a hell of a lot longer to come down from it. I collapsed onto Cal, welding myself in his cum and our combined sweat. Our breaths were laboured and we couldn't talk. We kissed each other softly and drifted off into a post-coital, blissful sleep.

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