Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 29

Published: 30 Mar 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart


I woke up with my head still buried in Cal's chest. The room most definitely had a smell of sex to it, and the scent of Cal filled my nose, boning me up instantly. "Morning, love," he huskily said, kissing the top of my head.

"Breakfast is on the table in ten, boys!" we heard Gramps shout.

"Morning, babe. Suppose we better make a move," I responded. "We better get cleaned up first; we both smell and we are sticky," he replied.

We got out of bed and went into the guest bathroom. We both climbed into the shower. I cleansed his perfect body as he did the same to mine. We jacked each other off to get rid of our morning wood; I took Cal's load into my mouth as he did mine. We decided a while ago that if his load wasn't in my ass, it would be devoured, as would mine. That was an arrangement I could happily live with. We dried each other tenderly and dressed before going down to breakfast. "It's in the warming oven," Gramps said, as he was talking to someone on the phone. "Yes, dear, he's here now," Gramps said, looking at Cal.

"Child, your grandma wants to say hi," Gramps said, before handing the phone over to Cal. "Hi, Grandma, you keeping okay?" Cal asked.

"Yeah, I am good. Just shocked with Dad's will is all," Cal replied to a question his grandma asked.

"Yeah, I love you too, and see you soon. Bye, Grandma." Cal handed the phone back to his grandpa.

"Yes, dear. See you in a few hours. I love you, too," his grandpa said before ending the call.

"She rang to say it was raining in Florida," Gramps said. "She worries too much," he went on. "Okay, get something to eat. Our car will be here soon. And wash things up when done, okay? I am going for a wash," Gramps said. He headed to his room. We ate our food, cleaned up, and collected our things just as the car Gramps had hired to take us to the airport arrived.

The house was secured and we headed back to the airport, arriving some thirty minutes later and checking in. We sat in the departure lounge for about an hour. Gramps' flight back to Florida was called first and we hugged him goodbye. "Have a good Thanksgiving, child, and we will see you at Christmas, okay?" and they hugged. "Child, in case you thought I forgot your birthday, here, open it when I have gone, okay?" his Gramps handed over a white envelope and walked away to catch his flight.

"He's an amazing man," I said, and Cal nodded, with a small tear in his eye. We sat back down and he opened the envelope. He pulled out a letter and what looked like a birthday card, read the letter, and then handed it to me to read:

Dear Calumn,

When you were born, you took your Grandma's and my hearts. And when we became your guardians we never wavered in our affections towards you. We are proud of the young man you are, and the man you will eventually become. We love you more with every passing day. You are our only grandchild and we couldn't have asked for better. We love you, child. And, just so you can have some fun besides working on your education, I have deposited ten thousand dollars into your account. Enjoy yourself!


Grandpa xxx

"Wow, he loves you so much, Cal," I said, holding his arm. He simply nodded, and soon our flight back to New York was being called. The flight was okay, nothing eventful, and a few hours later we arrived back at JFK airport. We hopped in a cab and headed back to campus.

We arrived back in plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before our engineering class. We headed into the cafeteria and grabbed something simple and sat down. Soon, Nick walked over to say hi. "Hello, boys. Good trip?" he asked. "Okay, I suppose. It was good to see my grandpa," Cal responded. "I heard about Todd and Dale's bust up. Dude, I would have paid my allowance to have seen Todd's face when he found out Laura had a twin. Fucking priceless," Nick said, restraining a laugh. "Yeah, it was tense until Laura turned up, though," I responded. "Speaking of the devil," I said, as Todd and Dale walked over.

"Hey, when did you two get back, and why didn't you call?" asked Dale, looking at me. "Check your phones," Cal said, looking at both of them. "Shit. Missed calls," Todd said. "Fuck. Me too," responded Dale. "Sorry, guys...we have been...a...little...preoccupied," said Dale, looking a bit sheepish. "Things going okay with the twins, I take it?" I asked, looking at my two best friends. "Yeah, you could say that," Todd replied.

We finished the thing this place classified as food and stood up, as did Nick, who said his goodbyes and headed off to his class. "Look, Todd, Dale, we have something to talk about later, okay?" said Cal. "Like?" asked Todd. "I will explain later tonight, okay?" Cal finished, and we headed to class.

We sat together and listened to the professor, who was discussing the construction techniques of the present industry, and how they had overcome certain problems. Our assignment was centered on the problems that arose during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, and why so many people died during its construction.

"Interesting one, love," said Cal as we stood up and walked out of the lecture hall. "Yeah, and looking forward to doing it, babe," I replied. We walked out of the building. I checked my phone, as did Cal. "Gramps got back okay," he smiled. I had a missed call. I didn't recognize the phone number, so I rang back.

"Hello Dr Benet's office. Dr Benet speaking."

"Eh, hello doctor, you rang me earlier. It's Josh Miller."

"Oh, yes, Josh. I was just calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow!" she said. "Yes, doctor, thank you. Eleven o'clock, right?" I replied. "Yes, Josh, see you then. Bye till then, okay?" she said before ending the call.

"Okay, our day is done. Wanna head back and talk to the guys?" I asked Cal. "Yeah, I wanna see their reactions when they find out," he sniggered.

We went to my dorm room and waited for the boys to return. We found out earlier, when eating, that Ty had already transferred to be near his mom, and we never got the chance to say our farewells to him.

About thirty minutes passed when Todd bounded in, throwing his stuff on his bed. "Shit class, dude?" I asked. "No, I wanted to see Laura tonight, but she is trying to pledge some sorority with Lisa. Just bummed is all," he said, with a hint of being pissed off. "Where is Dale?" I asked. "It's been five minutes and his room is empty, so what do you think he's doing?" Todd laughed out, and a mental image of Dale jacking off appeared in my head. "Okay, thanks for that image," I said, and Cal and Todd cracked up laughing, just as Dale walked in. "Dude, that was quick," Todd laughed out. "Sorry, you've lost me," Dale replied. "Never mind," Todd said, calming his laughter.

"So, Cal, how was your trip home?" asked Dale, and I decided to let Cal have the floor. It was his news anyway.

"Very interesting," Cal teased. "My dad sprang some surprises, is all," Cal still teased.

"Did he leave you anything though, Cal?" Dale asked, hoping his dad hadn't completely disowned him. "You could say that he had a change of heart," Cal continued to tease.

"What do you mean, didn't he disown you or something?" asked Dale, and a frown crossed Cal's face. He reached over, grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair, and retrieved the letter written by his dad. "Here, Dale, read it, please." Dale opened the letter and read the contents. The look on Dale's face was one of bemusement. Then he handed it back, but Cal indicated to hand it to Todd. When they both had read it, Dale was the one who spoke first. "Cal, that is just sad. Why didn't he just try and talk to you? I mean, you could have reconciled, couldn't you?" Dale looked down when he said that. "Yeah, I would have forgiven him, eventually, yeah," Cal responded. "I am just happy he still loved me," he said with a wan smile.

"So, I take it you inherited something. Anything good?" asked Todd, with a look of 'have you gotten the family jewels?' or something. "Yeah, I got the company," Cal replied. "You got what!?" asked Dale. "Kenner Engineering. It's mine. Well mine and Josh's when we marry," he said, smiling at me, and I reached for his hand and brought it to my lips.

"Wow, dude, that's outstanding. So, are you leaving college then?" asked Dale, and Cal shook his head and responded, "No, my grandpa will run it until I am twenty-five, or I graduate with my engineering degree," and a smile crossed his face. "So, you are like stinking rich then?" asked Todd. "When I am twenty-five I will be, well, we will be," he said, holding my hand, bringing it to his lips. "My allowance has been increased though, so I can quit the diner," he informed the guys. "I will do this weekend, as will Josh, then we finish." I looked at Cal and said, "Babe, I am not quitting. It's your money, not mine, and I won't have you paying for me. Understand?" I said that harsher than intended, but it seemed to me he was making a decision for me. I love him, but I make my own decisions in life.

"Sorry love, I didn't mean anything by's just...that, you only took the job...was so you could see more of me...didn't you?" he replied. This was making me think for a moment. "Yeah, but it's only twelve hours, babe, and the money does come in handy for me," I responded. "Okay, I won't argue about that. But love, I will argue once we wed," he responded, and I just smiled and nodded at him.

"Oh by the way, I think I have found a house for us. Four bed, two bathrooms. It's about two miles from campus, but we have cars, so it should be okay," said Todd. "Yeah, the guys living there now graduate at the end of this year, so the house will be available. I told them we would go look at it," he continued. "I looked at Cal and he, me, and we just laughed. "What's fucking funny?" demanded Todd. "Oh, nothing," Cal replied, laughing like an idiot. "Want to share the fucking joke then?" asked Dale. "As you said that we were going to rent a house and move off campus, or have things changed?" Dale continued. "Guy's, we already found a house," Cal informed them. "What, without even asking for our opinion? That just fucking stinks!" Todd spat out, and we were again in fits of laughter. "Stop fucking laughing at me, dipshits!!" yelled Todd, with his face going bright red.

"Todd, you will understand when I tell you, okay?" Cal said, looking at Todd, trying to dampen down his laughter, as Todd's anger was not calming at all. "I got a house in my dad's will," Cal said, looking at Todd, and Dale. "He lived in Illinois, though," said Dale, with Todd calming somewhat. "Yeah, but he bought a home out here for the summer. It's about ten miles away, but, as you said, we have access to cars, so it shouldn't be a problem. Rent wouldn't be an issue, just utilities and essentials is all. "Wow, fucking serious dude?" asked Todd. "Yeah, totally," replied Cal. "So, is it in the city?" asked Dale. Cal shook his head, and a very wide smile appeared on our faces.

"No, it's not in the city," Cal responded. "So, where is it then?" asked Todd, with a bemused expression on his face.

"The Hamptons," responded Cal.

"What?...No...No fucking way!!!" screamed Dale. "Yes, way," Cal replied. "The Hamptons. 'THE Hamptons'?" Todd asked. "Yeah. 'THE Hamptons'," I responded. And the room just erupted in laughter. "And we are going to use a house in the Hamptons as an off campus residence?" Dale asked. "Yup!" answered Cal.

"Fancy going to see it this weekend? We cannot move off campus to live in it until sophomore year, but we can still scope it out," Cal announced. "Keys, babe," I said to him. "Security company has them, love. I just have to give them a call. The house is in my name now, so they should know by now, anyway," Cal said, still holding my hand. At this point I was pleased that Aaron and Tom drove the cars back, so we could get around. It was a stupid idea to leave them, but that's history, and The Hamptons was now on the agenda.

"So, guys, this weekend?" Cal asked again. "Fuck yeah. Can we bring the girls?" asked Dale, and Cal just said, "Yeah, of course." "They will freak out," laughed Todd.

"We could go Friday afternoon after classes," announced Dale, and I had to say that we could, but it would have to be after I had seen my therapist.

"I have my first session with Dr Benet at eleven o'clock first though, guys," I said. Dale just said, "Cool, if all is well we can travel from there," and I just agreed. Cal was on the phone to his grandpa getting the details of who the security company was and how to get the keys.

"Okay, we are set. Gramps is contacting the security firm to remove the security seal from the house for tomorrow, and it will be re-sealed on Monday afternoon," Cal said with a smile. "So, after Josh's appointment we need to get some supplies and head to the Hamptons for a nice weekend," continued Cal. "So, what's the house like?" asked Dale. "I have no idea. I haven't seen it," replied Cal. "Dad bought it just before they threw me out," Cal continued, with a frown.

Soon afterwards, Dale left to get showered and changed. Todd decided he was going to have a short sleep, and Cal and I headed back to his dorm for some 'us time.' We entered his room and just sat down on his bed. "You worried about tomorrow, love?" Cal asked. "No, not really. I just hope she can help me," I responded. "Cal, it's been a long day. Can you just hold me tonight? I just need to feel safe, and perhaps, if we wake up, I would love to have you in my mouth at some point. But for now, will you just hold me?" I asked, looking into his eyes. "Love, anything you want that is mine to give, you can have," Cal replied kissing my forehead.

I lay in his arms until I drifted off to sleep. Perhaps knowing I was due for my first appointment, my sleep was disturbed once again by images of my persecutors. As always, Cal was the one being hurt. I don't understand that one bit; Cal never got hurt, but in my nightmares he is. I hope the good doctor can interpret these horrible dreams for me.

A couple of hours later, my lover's breathing soothed me, and I felt safe once again. I could feel his cock pressing against my leg, and I reached down and just lightly stroked him. Light moans of contentment came from my lover's lips. I moved down until I was level with his cock and I opened my mouth, taking him in. "Ohh, yeahhh," he moaned out, as he began to move in and out of my mouth. He groaned in pleasure. I looked up into his eyes, and he was awake. He stroked my hair as he slid in and out of my mouth. It wasn't long before I could taste the pre-cum flowing onto my tongue, as I opened my throat and let him slide deep into the warmth and the contractions of my throat. Soon after, I felt his cock thicken and soon again I could feel the eruption of his cock as he emptied his nut inside me. "Ohhhh, fuckkkkkk," he moaned out, holding my head in place as he thrust the last few shots inside me.

I pulled off him and moved back up to him, locking lips. He thanked me for an amazing blowjob and I just said, "Get used to them, babe," kissing him deep. "Oh, yeah, I could very well get used to them, love," he said, returning my kiss with gusto. "You want me to do you?" he asked. "No, when we wake up, I intend to make love to you. But in the morning, babe," I replied, once again snuggling against his chest. I knew I would sleep until morning because of Cal's wonderful scent, the sense of safety I felt in his arms, and, especially, from what I asked him next. "Cal, babe?" I looked at him. "Yes, love?" he replied. "I think I need something to help me sleep," I said, looking deep into his eyes. "Okay, love, turn around so I can spoon." I did as he asked, and a couple of minutes later I felt his cock being pushed into me as my own personal sleep aid, and I soon drifted off into an uninterrupted sleep.

To be continued...

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