Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 30

Published: 6 Apr 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart

The following morning, as promised, I made love to Cal, gently bringing us both to a satisfying climax. We held each other for about thirty minutes, rose from our bed, stripped it down, placed the dirty sheets in the hamper, and re-made the bed with clean linen. We then showered and got dressed for the day to come.

"You hungry, love?" Cal asked. I replied in the affirmative, and we made our way from the dorm. As we were approaching the building where the cafeteria was situated, my phone rang.


"Hi, Josh, it's Sarah Watson."

"Hello, Sarah, how are you today?" I asked.

"Good. Thanks for asking. Hope you are, too," she replied. I told her that I was getting there, and then she informed me that a date for the murder trial had been set, and I would be called at some point to testify on behalf of the prosecution.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, Sarah. What is happening with my case?" I asked. And she responded to the question, "Okay, Josh I will be straight with you," she started. "Terry Reynolds has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with us. You see, Josh, he was facing, as are his two co-defendants, the death penalty for the murder of Connor Brian. But, he has pleaded, so we won't be asking that for him. But, be assured of this, Josh. He will be in prison for a long time!" she assured me. I agreed to go in and speak to her and her team in a few weeks, as the trial starts at the end of November, shortly after Thanksgiving. I wasn't angry that they might not face trial for what they did to me, but rather for the murder of Connor. So, as I saw it, justice will be served one way or another.

"That sounded intense," said Cal, as we entered the cafeteria. "They have set a date for the trial," I replied. We collected some food, or what this place called food, anyway, and headed towards the back. We spotted Todd talking to Nick as we approached.

"Yeah, he's eager to talk to them, I can assure you!" Todd said, talking to Nick. "What's up, guys?" I asked. "Dale has been called as a witness for Connor's murder trial," Todd replied. "Fuck yeah. Coz he found him, right?" Cal replied. "Yeah, he wants to look in the faces of the bastards who did it and make sure the jury hears every graphic detail of what he found," Todd went on. "Yeah, I have been called as well. I think they are going to use me to establish a link, and obviously the resemblance that Connor and I shared will be a factor," I replied. And we continued to eat.

"Look out," Todd said, as a couple of Terry's friends approached the table. By the looks of them, they were looking a little embarrassed, but Cal stood up anyway, in case of a problem. "Can we help you guys?" Todd asked.

"No, can we just have a talk, please?" one said, looking at Todd, then at me. "Josh...Josh we are sorry for what our former, and I will emphasize that again...former...friend did to you. We knew he was an asshole, but never thought he could do this shit. To be honest, we were only friends with him because we were teammates," the guy went on. "Look, we are not like him. My name is Donny, and this lug is Billy Ray," he introduced themselves to us. "I know we probably won't be bosom buddies or anything. Josh, I don't care that you are gay. Believe me, I have a cousin who is...well...that way, and I love the guy like my brother. So, I just thought we should let you know you will not get shit from us because of Terry. Okay?" he concluded. Cal relaxed and sat back next to me. "Thanks, Donny. I appreciate that. And, okay, buddies will be a stretch, but just a 'hi' when we pass wouldn't hurt, would it?" I replied.

"Yeah, we can live with that," replied Billy Ray, and the two jocks walked away. I did feel a little less apprehensive about college, and how I would be treated now. "Well. That was a bit surreal," said Nick. "Why?" I asked. "Just felt like rats leaving a sinking ship, is all," he replied. "You think they just wanted to buddy up to us to distance themselves from Terry Reynolds?" I asked, and Todd responded, "Look, let's give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Okay?" and I nodded in agreement, and left it at that. "Okay guys, we have geometry in about five minutes, so we have to shoot. See you all later," Cal said. We stood up to walk to our first class, and for me, my only class of the day.

The class was the usual mundane stuff that I grasped quickly enough, and then it was over. Cal had agreed to take me to my first appointment, and wait for me. I arrived at Dr Benet's office with some ten minutes to spare. Cal came to the office with me, and said he would hang in the waiting area.

"Hello, I am Joshua Miller. I have an 11am appointment," I said to the middle-aged lady sitting at the reception desk. "Take a seat, young man. I will let the doctor know you are here," she responded, and I sat and waited.

"Nervous, love?" Cal asked. "A bit, yeah," I responded. "She's here to help you. Remember that," Cal said, squeezing my arm reassuringly.

"Josh," a woman wearing a navy blue trouser suit introduced herself. "Dr Silvia Benet," she went on. "Hello, doctor. This is my boyfriend, Calumn Kenner," I made the introduction. She looked us over intently. "This is a one-on-one, Josh. You know that, right?" She said. "Yes, I know that. He just brought me here, and is waiting to see if I am okay. Then, to take me back. That's okay, isn't it?" I said in a tone that sounded harsher than intended. "Sorry, Josh. That sounded wrong from my point. Hello, Calumn, nice to make your acquaintance," she responded in a friendlier manner than on the first attempt. "Okay, Josh, do you want to come with me? Margaret, can you get Calumn a coffee or tea, please?" she said, speaking to the receptionist.

We walked into her office, which looked anything but one. She had a nice furniture set with some overstuffed chairs, and invited me to sit. I sat down and she took the chair opposite me, and asked me what has been going on to bring me to her office. I explained, over the next thirty minutes, everything that had transpired in my life over the past few months. I ended with the attack and my kidnapping, and the subsequent torture and brutalization I was subjected to.

"So, is there anything else you want to tell me, Josh?" she asked, looking straight into my eyes, like she was trying to read my soul. "I am having trouble sleeping, without re-living it, and lately they have gotten worse," I said, waiting for some insight. "Well, nightmares I can relate to the stress you are under. Have the persons been caught?" she asked. "Yeah, all three are in jail awaiting trial," I responded. "So, what do you mean they have gotten worse?" she asked. "Well, the past week or so, it's been me being attacked. But in the end, it's Cal being stabbed, and that I find more frightening," I replied.

"When you see Cal with the stab wound, is the attacker still there?" she asked. "Always, and laughing at me as well," I replied. "Okay, Josh. After you have had these nightmares, do you feel frightened, helpless, vulnerable?" she asked. "All three, to be honest, but when Cal is there it's not as bad. He helps me feel safe," I replied. " I just want to get back to myself, doctor," I added.

"Josh, you have suffered a traumatic experience, and your mind also has been assaulted. Your wounds are one thing, but you have to be as careful with your mind also. I can help you, but you have to work with me on this one. You need to face down your demons. At the trial you will have a chance to do just that. You should see your attackers get justice, and that will ease the burden on your mind. In my opinion, you seeing Cal attacked is your mind's way of asserting some independence. As you have said, Cal makes you feel safe. Your subconscious wants you to feel safe, on your terms, but over the next few weeks, we will address those issues," she informed me.

"Don't get me wrong. Cal seems to be good for you, but you need to be able to function alone as well as with him. If you become too dependent on Calumn, you may slip into some sort of reclusive state, only doing things outdoors when Calumn is available. Like today, was it the fact that Cal gave you a lift here or was it more like it was Cal the one giving you the lift here," she asked. To be totally honest, "Yeah, it was the fact it was Cal," I replied.

"Josh, before you come to see me next week, I want you to start going out on your own, during the day, when there are plenty of people about, so you won't panic. Go have lunch somewhere. I am sure Cal cares about you a great deal, but he must have things to do also. So don't monopolize his time," she went on. "Can you do that for me, Josh?" I responded in the affirmative. "We will address the nightmares in more detail next session, okay?" she said. And I couldn't believe that and hour had passed by so fast. "Thank you, Dr Benet. See you next week," I responded. "And, Josh, you will be you again. Okay?" she said, squeezing my shoulder. I nodded, "Thanks."

Cal was talking away to the receptionist when I came out. "Schedule Josh Miller for the same time next week, Margaret," Dr Benet instructed. We said our goodbyes and walked out to the parking lot and headed back to campus to meet the guys. We were eager to head out to the Hamptons but wanted to get our provisions first. "So, how was it?" Cal asked. "Well, she thinks I am too dependent on you, for one," I responded. "Do you think you are?" he asked. "Yeah, I have been somewhat needy," I replied. "So, I am going to take a step back and have a look at us," I replied. He slowed the truck down and pulled over. "You're breaking up with me?" he looked like he was going to cry. " gave you...that idea?...Babe, you are the greatest thing to happen to me. No, I love you," I responded, "It's just when you said that you were taking a step back, is all." "No, I need to be me, and not depend on you so much. That's all I meant," I said, squeezing his shoulder. "I mean, having you in me so I could sleep. Things like that," I continued, "Needy."

"But, I like falling asleep like that," he said with an evil grin on his face. "Yeah, me too, but not for a while. Let me get my head straight first, okay?" I replied. "Okay, love," he responded.

"I want to pop into a car dealership first, love. If we are going to live in the Hamptons, I am going to need a better vehicle," Cal said. "Babe, this is just fine. You can look when we come back. Let's just get some provisions, pick the guys up and go," I said, being more assertive. Cal looked at me and smiled. "Independent, hmmmm," he laughed out. I just grinned. Twenty minutes later we pulled into student parking and rang the guys up. They said they would be about ten minutes. Cal and I got out of the truck and stretched our legs. "You can't see it now, love," he said. "What?" I asked. "The mark above your brow. It's almost gone," he replied, and I looked in his side mirrors and he was right. You could barely see it, and that cheered me up a bit. Apart from the marks on my body from the cuts, all of the other marks had faded. I just have the mental scars to deal with now. To be honest, I think they will be a bit harder to handle.

"Hey, guys!" Lisa and Laura shouted as they approached. "Thanks for inviting us," Lisa said. "But where on earth are we going?" "The two wanna be Backstreet Boys wouldn't let on," Laura said, and we laughed. That was not a bad description, as both guys were ripped enough to grace any pretty-boy, boy band.

"You will find out. Have you packed for the whole weekend?" I asked, and they nodded. "Josh, my man!" shouted Dale. "How did it go?" he asked. "I think she can be good for me," and I left it at that. And soon after, Todd pulled up in Dale's car. "Come on, we have some rich neighbours to piss off!" Todd yelled. "Kidding!" he finished. We drove out of the college area and pulled into a Target and got some provisions, and then stopped at a supermarket to collect the rest. Shortly, we were off to the Hamptons, still not letting on to the girls about our intended destination.

Soon enough, though, we approached a sign saying "Welcome to The Hamptons," and the girls, just as Todd predicted, freaked out. "Who do you know that lives in the Hamptons?" asked Laura, and we just looked at her and responded with, "US!" They freaked out, again, and Cal explained his dad left the house to him and we will be living here next year. We pulled up to the security office and Cal introduced himself and provided the relevant information. A guy came out, jumped into a buggy style vehicle, and asked us to follow him. We passed some pretty snazzy houses, some amazing mansion-style homes. "I am sure that was Zac Efron!" Laura said, as we passed a guy, and, yeah, it did look like him, but I couldn't be sure.

Soon, we pulled up outside a Georgian style house that was massive! It had to be at least six bedrooms, and I was awe struck. "Fuck me!" said Cal. "Maybe later," I laughed out, and we exited the truck, as did the girls. All our luggage and provisions were with Dale and Todd. "Shit, Cal. This is fucking amazing," proclaimed Dale.

"Here, Mr Kenner, are the alarm code and the keys. We will be back on Monday to reset the security ribbon," said the guard, before he jumped back into his buggy and drove off.

We opened the door and walked into a huge hallway, then entered what looked like the main living room. Extremely well furnished, it looked like something out of a magazine. We continued to explore the lower floors, and suddenly, "Fuck, guys, take a look at this!" yelled Dale. We rushed towards him and he led us down some stairs into a huge room containing a very nice sized swimming pool. Todd, getting more excited by the second, declared, "Look, the roof retracts for summer days." "Fuck, this is unbelievable," proclaimed Cal, "I didn't think it would look like this," he went on. "When I was in the security office, they told me it was six bedroomed, all with private bathrooms." "JACKPOT!" yelled Dale. "So, Aaron and Kyle can move in then?" asked Todd, not wanting to step on each other's toes. "Well, that was the idea, wasn't it?" asked Cal. "Nothing's changed on that score," Cal finished, and we walked back upstairs to check out the bedrooms.

"Well, we will sort out our permanent rooms while we are here now, so no arguments later," Cal instructed. "When we move here for sophomore year, Josh and I will be partners, so we will have the master room. For now, we will take a room each," Cal said, and I looked like a stunned animal that just had its meal taken away. "Or not," I responded. And Cal smiled at that, as did the rest of the group.

The rooms were already set up for use. Grandpa had a cleaning company in earlier in the day to get it ready, and they will return to clean again before the security ribbon is replaced. "Wow, these rooms are awesome," Dale proclaimed. The rest of the rooms were of a very high standard. All had flat screen televisions on the walls, and all the bathrooms had roll-top Jacuzzi baths in them. This was one hell of a house, I thought, and it's our off campus residence, I laughed to myself.

The girls decided they would cook while us guys went for a swim. The water was cold, as the pool's heating had not been switched on until we arrived, but we swam anyway. We had a hell of a water fight going on until Lisa shouted down to us, "Children, food is on the table!" She called out to us with a snigger in her voice, and all to a man got out, wrapped towels around our waists, and headed up to the dining room.

There was a large oak table with seating for twelve or so. It was a magnificent room. Lisa and Laura had done the simple thing for males to eat: steak and baked potatoes. I noticed earlier that we had quite a few bottles of wine in the rack, so we opened a couple of bottles to go with the meal. It was an amazing night, with jovial conversations and good food provided by the girls.

Soon after dinner, the girls snuggled up to the guys, and since it was almost eleven thirty, we decided to make ourselves scarce. "Okay, guys, see you in the morning. Help yourselves to anything," I said. "Or anyone," added Cal, grabbing my hand, leading me upstairs to our bedroom. "You are so fucking hot," Cal leered at me. "Strip. Strip now," he demanded. I walked over and told him, "Unwrap me." He pushed me down on our bed and proceeded to remove each item, slowly, while rubbing over the apparent bulge in my Levi's. "Mmmm," I moaned out, as he pulled down my jeans and boxers in one motion. He moved back up, licking my rigid cock until he got to the head, and took it in to his willing mouth. "Babe, bring me off. We can fuck when we wake. Just bring me off," I begged. And he did as requested. He deep throated my cock until I exploded deep into his guts. And I returned the favour. I took him deep, licking his balls first, and then engulfing his cock down my throat, just before he exploded, coating my mouth with his cum. The essence of my lover was the most erotic taste I have ever had. I will never get bored with taking him, as he did me. We lay there, thinking about how life could be for us. By fuck, we were due some good fortune, as the past few months have been nothing short of a nightmare.

We snuggled together and fell asleep without my own personal, sleep aid. I was hopeful to have a good sleep, without nightmares, or at least not serious ones like those of the past few weeks. Anyway, still holding each other, we both drifted off to what I hoped would be a comfortable sleep. I was wrong!

I woke up about four o'clock, sweating heavily, and breathing hard as well. Cal was sitting across the room, in an overstuffed chair, and he looked like he had been crying. "Cal, what's up, babe?" He came over and grabbed me, pulling us tightly together. "Babe, talk to me," I asked. "You had a nightmare and you talked all the way through it, Josh. I am so sorry for what they did," he wept out. "Hey, babe, there was nothing more you could have done, okay?" I tried to assure him. "Josh, in your nightmare, I heard you beg to die. I heard you say goodbye to me," he went on. His heart was obviously breaking, as tears fell freely down his face. "Look, Cal, I survived. And I will be okay. It will be tough for me, mentally. But as God is my witness, I will be stronger for it," I said, holding him into my chest. "I have a lot to live for, babe. Trust me. I will be okay," I said, kissing his cheek. "Just trust me," I repeated.

"Josh, I love you so much, I cannot stand the thought of you being hurt in any way," he said, wrapping himself into me. "Babe, I love you more than life itself," I said, wrapping the duvet back over us, and we held each other close in the hopes of drifting back off to sleep.

To be continued...

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