Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 31

Published: 13 Apr 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Cal was first up. Josh was sound asleep and Cal thought, with the nightmare he had, he would leave him for a little while longer and go and make breakfast. He headed downstairs where the smell of fresh coffee hit him.

"Morning, dude," greeted Dale. "No Josh yet?" he added. The forlorn look on Cal's face spoke volumes. "You two fighting?" he asked. "No, nothing like that. He had another nightmare is all," Cal informed him. "Is he okay?" Dale asked. "He talked this time, and, Dale, it scared the shit out of me. It had me broken, dude," Cal said, with sorrow in his words. "Whatya mean?" Dale asked. "Dale, he begged to die. He begged the bastards to end his life. And when he thought they were about to kill him, I heard him say goodbye to me," he said while weeping. Dale looked stunned and approached Cal.

"Cal, we are all here for him, every fucking step of the way, okay?" Dale said, with his arms wrapped around Cal, consoling him. Just then Todd came down, followed by Laura. "Fuck, dude, Lisa not enough for you? Leave the boy alone," Todd laughed out, but he stopped, seeing the distraught look on Cal's face.

"Shit, Cal, you okay, bro?" asked Todd. Cal repeated all he had told Dale. "Shit, Cal, that must have been hard for you to hear, bro," said Todd, squeezing his shoulder. "It broke me, to be honest. He went through so much. I mean, we saw what he looked like when he was rescued. How bad did it have to be that you beg for death? How fucking bad?" Cal said with such sadness.

"Fucking terrifying!!" Josh said, walking down into Cal's arms. "But, as I said earlier, I will not let it beat me, babe. I will get better. I will be me again, I can assure you of that. Okay, babe? " Josh said, kissing a teary eyed Cal, with determination in his words. "Anything we can do, dude, just ask, and I mean anything...okay...within reason," said Todd, hoping he wouldn't elaborate, as I have not shared this titbit of information with the man I intend to marry. Besides, I don't think they want that bit of information hitting the girls' ears anyway. But it did make me smile when he began to backtrack.

"Okay. Breakfast. What's cooking, anyway?" asked Todd. "Okay, I will add more to the grill," said Dale. "I was cooking Lisa breakfast in bed, but since I can hear her its moot now. So, give me a hand, Josh?" asked Dale. "Sure. What do you need me to do?" I replied, as we walked into the kitchen. "Just tell me you are okay, Josh. I need you to tell me you are okay," Dale said, looking at me intently. "Wish I could, Dale. I wish I could. But at this precise moment, I can't," I responded, and he pulled me into a hug.

"If you need me," he said. I hugged him back and nodded and kissed his forehead, before breaking the intense moment. "So, breakfast," he smiled. "Yeah, just get the eggs from the fridge, and crack them for scrambled eggs, okay?" and I nodded, and did just that. Twenty minutes later, a large platter of scrambled eggs, grilled bacon, wholemeal toast, along with coffee and juice, was placed on the table for everyone to attack. And it was.

"So, down to the beach? It's cold, but we can still run," said Cal. We all agreed to run a bit later after we let the food settle first. "Shower, Josh?" Cal said, and I mockingly sniffed my pits. "You saying I stink, babe?" I smiled, walking over to him, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the shower. "I will be okay, you know, babe. will take a bit of time and effort from me is all," I said, pulling off his T and his sweats. "It's just that when I heard you say those things, broke my heart. It killed me to think you were ever in that frame of mind, love," Cal said, kissing my lips, softly. We stepped into the hot spray of the multi-head shower. It was like standing in a rainforest, water cascading from every direction. "Oh, babe, I love this shower," I said, kissing him, as washing each other was being done by this shower system. "Dad had some great ideas, but this is up there," Cal said.

"I am going to love living here," I said, as I dropped to my knees, kissing the head of his cock, before taking my lover inside my welcoming mouth. "Ohh yeahhh, babe," he moaned out. I lapped at his ball sac, tasting the saltiness that was all him. He tasted indescribable. He was perfect. His essence tantalized my taste buds. He was perfection. God cut no corners on this creation; I re-took his engorged cock again into my willing mouth.

I took him deep, but he stopped me, pulled me up and kissed my mouth, tasting himself on my swollen lips. He then dropped to his knees, spun me around and attacked my pucker. He licked at my ass like he was eating an ice cream, his tongue probed at my hole. On cue it opened for my lover and his tongue entered me. He worked my hole open for some time, driving me wild, me almost hitting my slut moment, but not quite. His intention was to have me slutted up before he fucked me. He continued to probe me as deep as his tongue would allow, and it was getting his desired result. Sure enough, bang! "Fuck, Cal, pleaseeeeeeeeee," I begged, in full on slut mode, and he stood up, pushed me against the wall, being well soaked by the multiple shower heads. He pressed into me, "Ohhhhh, Fuckkkkkkk!" I screamed out, "Yeah, babe, you like that?" he whispered to me as he fucked up into me. "Ohhh, fuckkkkkkk," he smashed hard, hitting my joy button on every stroke. Soon I was shooting against the shower wall, my cum being washed down the drain. He was relentless, fucking me harder, driving in deep, hard and fast. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, baaaabeeeeeeeeeeeee," he came inside me, ramming in deep, "I fu-...I fucking love you!" he screamed out, as we both came down from an extremely hot, and may I say, wet fuck. I turned around, and he planted a passionate kiss on my lips, sensing I needed it, and he would have been right.

We exited out of the shower with sated smiles on our faces, and dried each other off. As we dressed for our run on the beach, we stared at each other, not saying a word, as words were not needed. We just got ready and looked at each other, and kissed before we went down stairs.

And all we heard from Todd was, "Okay, dude. Twenty. Pay up," looking at Dale. "What's that about?" The girls were laughing. "They bet twenty dollars that you went upstairs for sex," Lisa laughed out. "And, I take it Todd won?" I asked. "You fucked, yes?" asked Todd, and the smile on my face gave him the answer. "See, I won. Horny fuckers, Dale. I told you," Todd informed Dale, and I couldn't argue with that statement, as Dale handed over the twenty. "So, are we running then?" I asked. "Can you run, dude, after sex?" Dale laughed out. "Fucking smart ass," I said, but Cal also busted out laughing.

"Oh, spare room tonight for you," I laughed out. "Good. Perhaps I will get some sleep," Cal said, and his face dropped, realizing what he just said. "Fuck, Josh, I didn't mean it like that," he added, and I just stood there, not knowing how to reply. I know he didn't mean it like he said it, but since he laughed at Dale's little pop at me, I thought I would milk it, so I just walked away. He called out to me, "Josh, love, please," I sat down, and he just looked like he had just pissed in my coffee.

Nobody else was talking at this point, as they could not gauge how I had taken Cal's little slip-up. "Josh?" Cal stood close to me, and I stood up and walked over with a sad expression on my face. "Fucking lighten up, I'm not that fragile," and kissed him, with a wicked grin on my face.

"You shit, I thought you were pissed at me," he said, kissing me back. "Fuck, are we running or what?" I said. Everyone got up, walked out of the house, jumped into our vehicles and drove down to the beach. Despite being cold, there were a few others running. We ran about half a mile and I was shocked to fuck when my dream film star ran past us. "Fuck! That was Channing Tatum. Fuck!" I said, and everybody just laughed.

"Cal, if I remember, before you came into the picture, he was his jack boy, if you know what I mean," Dale laughed out. "Oh really, is that so?" Cal asked, and I just nodded. "Fuck, neighbours with Channing Tatum. Damn, Cal, it's over. Sorry," I laughed out. "My house, babe. You have to marry me to stay. Sorry," Cal said, smiling at me. "Fuck, there is always a catch," I slapped his ass, and tore down the beach.

When he caught up to me, I was struggling for breath. Laughing and running aren't a good combination. "You tuckered out, love?" Cal asked, as he tackled me to the ground. "You look like a god to me, you know that?" I said for his ears only. "You are an angel, babe," he said, pulling me to my feet. We continued walking down the beach. We saw a film crew shooting a scene for the serial Royal Pains. "Wow, I love this show. Wow!" said Laura. "Yeah, me too, sis," said Lisa. "I believe that was Zac Efron yesterday, you know," Laura said again. I couldn't disagree with her, but again, I was not sure it was.

We started to head back, and someone shouted to us from the film crew. "Hey, folks, can you spare a little time?" and this guy approached us. "Look, could you spare us an hour of your time?" he asked again. "What for, dude?" asked Todd. "We need more people in this shot, so could you help?" he asked. "Shit, really?" an excited Laura said. "There is a party tonight if you can help," he added. "Fuck, yeah," said Laura, so she made our minds up for us. We walked our way over and the scene was of Dr Hank talking to his brother, while approaching a beach party. The scene wrapped up within the hour and the guy who was a runner for the show gave us the VIP passes for the wrap party later that night. We headed back to the cars. "Wonder if Channing Tatum will be there?" Dale teased, getting into his car. "Fuck wad," I replied.

I looked at the passes and saw that the party was casual dress and started at 8pm. We had ample time to do something during the day, as it was only 11:40am. "So, why don't we travel around to see what the Hamptons have to offer?" said Dale, and we agreed and drove off.

We drove around, took in a few local stores, and got some other things for lunch. We watched as a few celebrities walked past, mostly TV stars. And, yes, Laura spotted what I agree now was Zac Efron talking to another actor who I had seen but could not place. Laura waved as he walked to his car, a bright red Ferrari. She waved and almost fainted when he waved back. We cracked up laughing at her swoon. "Fuck, I've lost her, haven't I?" asked Todd. "Fraid so," laughed Lisa. "If Jude Law walks past, Dale, you are screwed," laughed out Laura. We finished our coffees and headed back home for lunch.

Lisa agreed to prepare our meal with Dale's help. We ate what was created, and it was worth the wait. "You fancy a movie?" asked Cal. "I never noticed a movie theatre in town, babe," I said, and Cal said, "Follow me." We got up, walked past the kitchen, and he opened what I thought would be a utility cupboard. I was very surprised when we discovered a media room with what looked like a 140-inch flat screen. It was awesome to behold, with nine lazy boy chairs, and a fully stocked beverage fridge. Best of all, there was an extensive library of movies on the wall, over a thousand by the looks of them. "Okay, girls, we will let you choose and we will watch, then we get changed and party our asses off," Cal laughed out. The picture of Todd and Dale's faces, when we gave the girls the right to choose the film, was priceless. "Fuck. Death by chick flick," proclaimed Todd, and we just burst out laughing. The girls shocked them, though, by choosing "G. I. Joe," and that made me smile a bit. "Mmmm, Calumn. Tatum!" and the guys just giggled out at me, lightly punching each side of my body.

We watched the movie with the help of some sodas, and we enjoyed it. The room was wired for surround sound and it enhanced the film to no end. Time was pressing on, approaching six thirty, so the girls headed upstairs to get ready. We all know it takes over an hour for girls, oh yeah—and Dale—to get ready.


Eventually, everyone was ready and we headed out of the door, going to the wrap party. We arrived at eight on the dot. A valet took our cars and we headed in, showing our passes to the door security. The guy who asked us to help greeted us. "Hey, guys, pleased you could come. The free bar is over there. You are over twenty-one, right?" he winked at us, and we walked over and got a drink, except for Cal and Dale, as they were driving. They stuck to soft drinks. Shame. I had a laugh at that.

We mingled, recognizing some of the extras from earlier, but Lisa and Laura were in their element. I did recognize the Fonze, however. We wondered around the party, with Laura pointing out various members of the cast. I did recognize the guy approaching us during his rounds of the party. "Hello, thanks for coming. Mark Feuerstein, nice to meet you," the actor said, whilst shaking our hands. Laura was speechless for once. "You helped out today, didn't you?" asked Mark. "Thanks for that," he added. "Have fun. Enjoy the party," he went on doing the rounds of the party. "He plays Hank," Lisa got out, and Laura couldn't stop giggling like a teenage schoolgirl.

I shook hands with the Fonze. My Mom would be stoked. So would Dad. I had Dale take a photo of us with him on my mobile. I immediately sent it to Lucas's phone, and added that we will be in a scene of the show on the up-coming series. He sent me a text back: "Mom said get his autograph." And a smile broke across my face.

We also met Paulo, who plays Evan. He is a very funny guy. Had us laughing from the moment he introduced himself. We had a fantastic time, stayed and partied until late, and then headed back home. "Dude, that was awesome," Todd said. He definitely had a buzz on: not drunk, but certainly not sober. "Christ, I cannot remember seeing so many actors, known actors, in one place," Laura said out. "I have loads of autographs," she added, smiling, and kissing Todd's face. He turned the shade of red that I know all too well.

The valet brought around our car and Cal's truck, we gave him a reasonable tip for his services, and we headed back to Cal's home, soon to be our home. Arriving about ten minutes later, we parked and headed in, "That was amazing. Shit, I am pleased we came this weekend," Dale said, sober but happy, none the less. "Coffee, anyone?" asked Lisa, and we all nodded, except Dale. "Hot chocolate, please, sweet cheeks?" he asked, and soon I asked for the same, as did Cal. We sat in the living room reliving the night, and we were still in awe of the party.

"Do you think when we move in permanently we will get more invites like that?" asked Todd. "Hope so, dude," said Cal. "Are we running tomorrow morning?" All to a person answered a resounding "YES," and we laughed at our unanimous response.

We watched some TV before we headed up to bed. We agreed to be up before nine so we could eat, then go to the beach and have a run to burn it off. We went straight to our room, as the guys went to theirs. Cal held me close. "Enjoy yourself, love?" he asked, kissing my nose. I smiled, returning the kiss. "Too fucking right I did, babe. This weekend, so far, has been exceptional," I replied. We stripped down from our good clothes, folded them, and placed on top of the drawers. We showered, dried each other, and dressed for bed...Not!

Naked and holding each other close, we drifted off to sleep, thinking of the day's events. I hoped I would sleep okay for the first time in weeks. I experienced only a small shock as my dream was interrupted by an image of my attacker. But, for a change, I was able to wake myself up. I was startled for a second, until I stared to my left and saw Cal, safe, lying next to me. Feeling safe, his light snoring soothed me straight back to sleep with a small smile on my face and a feeling for the first time that I may eventually, actually be okay.

To be continued...

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