Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 32

Published: 20 Apr 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I woke up first, and the smell of coffee permeated the air, as well as the smell of bacon. I looked over at Cal, and again that goofy smile he always induced came to my face. I leaned over and lightly kissed his cheek.

"Good morning, babe," I said, and he smiled back at me.

"Love, something smells good. And I don't mean the bacon," he smiled and returned the kiss.

'Knock, Knock.'

"Come in," I said, and Dale walked in, covering his eyes with his hand. "Not disturbing, I hope," he laughed. "Dork," I replied. "Breakfast is almost done guys, and the girls want to run. So hurry, okay?" he added. "They are hoping to catch Zac running or something. Delusional chicks," he said. Then, he turned and walked back out of our room. "Okay, babe, you wanna see if we can entice Channing Tatum into a three-way?" laughed Cal, hitting me with a pillow. "Five months ago I would have jumped at that idea, but, babe, you are more than enough for me," I said, kissing him once more. "Okay, shower, then eat," he responded.

We showered, dried each other and dressed for running before we headed downstairs for a quick breakfast. "You are kidding right? He was so much hotter in 'Hairspray,' than 'High School Musical'," proclaimed Laura. "Zac Efron?" I asked, looking at Dale and Todd, not believing this argument going on between the girls. "Ten minutes, they've been at it," said Dale, "No we haven't," scolded Lisa, with a silly smirk on her face.

We sat and ate a light breakfast, as running on a full stomach isn't the greatest idea, and then we headed out to the truck and Dale's car, and drove to the beach. It was still cold, but made for good running conditions. We did not spot anyone famous and the girls were somewhat disappointed. And since Cal jokingly mentioned a three-way with a certain Channing Tatum, I was hoping to spot him again, not to proposition him I should add.

We completed our run and headed back to our vehicles, when we spotted some guy giving out flyers, and he approached us. "Hey guys, can I interest you in a new club venue?" he asked, and we took a flyer and looked at it. "It's called Hang Tight. The address is on the flyer. Come with the flyer and the first round is free," he added. "What kind of club is it, music-wise?" asked Lisa. "Covers, all popular, plus some rock mixed in," he replied. "Danny, Danny Roberts. It's my brother's place," he introduced himself. "Yeah, hi Danny. Josh, Dale, and Todd, and the girls are sisters," Cal said, slapping himself for being a dork. I mean, come on! They are twins for god's sake; of course they are sisters! "Lisa and Laura, and I am Cal," he concluded, and shook Danny's hand and held on a bit longer than necessary, I thought. "You live round here?" Danny asked. "Yeah, about half a mile away. We are here for the weekend, but will be here permanently after our freshman year," added Cal. I found myself looking at him, wondering if he was flirting with this guy. Talk about insecurities.

"My brother is buddies with Zac Efron, and he's opening the place," Danny informed us, and before we had a chance to respond, we all heard, "We will be there!" from the girls, in total unison. "Dudes, you are so screwed," Cal said, looking at Todd, and then Dale. We climbed back in our vehicles and headed back into town.

I sat next to Cal, brooding all the way into town. The girls were with Dale and Todd, and Cal asked me why I was pouting. "I am not pouting," I stated in a harsher tone than I actually meant. "Okay. What's up?" he asked. "You were flirting," I responded. "With who?" he responded. "Kidding me, right?" I retorted, and he pulled the truck over and asked again. "Josh, what's wrong?" he went on, looking at me, and, okay, I was overreacting. "You were flirting with that guy," I continued. I cannot believe I was acting like a jealous schoolgirl. "Josh, I was just being civil, that's all. Besides, we don't know if he was gay, do we?" he replied. "No, but we don't know if he is not, do we?" I spat back. "Love, you are the only one I want and need. Don't get all jealous when there is no need, okay?" he said back in a harsh tone, fully intended. "Have I given you reason to be jealous?" he asked, as he started the truck, heading back into town. "Not until now," I replied. "I don't believe this shit," he responded. "Just take me back home!" I demanded. "Josh you are being a child," he retorted. "Stop the fucking truck!" I screamed at him. I was totally pissed off and I wanted as far from him as possible. "I mean it, Cal. Stop the truck."

He stopped the truck, and I got out and slammed the door. Okay, I know this started off with me overreacting, but he was being condescending and it pissed me off. So, I walked back towards the junction leading back to the house.

"Josh...JOSH!" he yelled at me, but I ignored him and walked on. I turned sometime later and watched as Cal drove away, heading towards town. I walked on a few hundred yards, sat on the grass and just balled my eyes out. Why was I being so emotional? I had just had my first argument with Cal, and it was over something so fucking stupid. And, I caused it. I tried calling his cell, but it went straight to his voice mail. I got back on my feet and walked up to the house, realizing Cal had the key. I just sat and began to wait. I was freezing by the time Todd, Dale and the girls came back an hour or so later. "Guys, head inside, okay?" said Dale, giving Todd a key, obviously given to him by Cal. Dale sat beside me. "You want to tell me what's going on, Josh?" he asked, and tears again began falling. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Todd came back outside, handing me a blanket to wrap myself in. "Thanks, dude," I said, and he went back inside. "Well?" Dale asked. "How's Cal?" I asked, with tears in my voice. "Pissed at you," he replied. "Dude, you practically accused him of cheating, in front of you," he added. "I said he was flirting, is all," I responded. "He said he asked you if he had given you a reason to be jealous, and you replied 'not until now'," Dale said, looking at me, judging me. "Josh, he was just being Cal," Dale added. "You know that, right?" he concluded.

"I don't know what's the matter with me. I am getting jealous, possessive. Fuck...needy. My therapist is so right. I need to be more, well like I used to be, you know. Look, I love Cal with everything I am, but I need to be more...well, more...if you know what I mean," I said, looking at Dale, awaiting a response. "Well, first off, Todd and I are taking the girls out to that new place tonight. You and Cal need the space to get over this stupid fight, okay?" he responded. "And, yes, Josh, I know what you mean, and again, yes, over the past few weeks you have, depended, on Cal, and I think that's what your therapist was hinting at," he said. I had to acknowledge the fact I had relied on Cal for so much since I had been snatched. I had to get some resemblance of my independence back, without hurting what I have with Cal. I don't want to lose that.


The guys had just left, and still no sign of Cal. I lay down on one of the overstuffed chairs and drifted off to sleep. I was startled awake when I heard Cal's truck pull up. I waited for him to come in but some ten minutes passed and he still had not come in. I went to the door, looked down the drive and saw that Cal was just sitting in his truck; I walked down to his truck and climbed into the passenger side.

"Hey," I said in a soft tone, an apologetic tone, but got no response. He just had his hands on the wheel and his head tilted back. He looked like he had been crying, and I started to speak, but he cut me off.

"Do you want to end this Josh? If so, just say," he said, not looking at me. I couldn't respond. I was stunned at that question. "Are you looking for an easy way out, Josh? I will make it easy if you want out. I won't fight. I won't argue. I won't cause a scene," he said, again, not looking at me. "As I see it, and I have had time to think about this, you said yesterday that you needed to take a step back and look at us," he went on, " and today, causing an argument for me being nice to a stranger," he added. "It just makes sense that you are looking to end us," he said, now looking at me. His heart was breaking in front of me, and the question was valid. Have I, subconsciously, been sabotaging our relationship? Do I want to end this? Do I want out? I thought for an entire second, and the answer was a resounding 'NO.' Christ, what signals had I been sending out? What had he picked up on? I had a shit day, and he sees it as I want out? I placed my hand on his and started to reply to his words:

"Calumn...Calumn, look at me, please," I asked. He turned his head and looked at me intently. "Babe, I don't know what you thought I wanted. But out? Never. Never in my worst days do I want out. I over-reacted today and I was a dumb fuck. Okay? I love you more than life itself. You are my heart; you beat for me. Your mere presence helps me breath. You are my everything. And, what you said to me a few weeks ago, and—okay, it is a corny line from a movie, but you are correct in its meaning— you complete me," I said, leaning over and kissing the hand I was holding. "Cal, I am so sorry f...," he cut me off by planting his lips on mine. "Stop talking. You had me at 'Hey'," he smiled. "Josh, I have never had feelings this strong for anyone, and I mean anyone. You are my life. I won't stray. I cannot say I won't flirt. But I assure you of one thing, that's all it is, okay?" he said, again kissing me tenderly, and then putting our foreheads together. Cal then said, "Let's not have a day like this again, okay? It fucking sucks." I lowered my head and kissed him again, replying, "Never."

We removed ourselves from the truck and headed into the house, holding hands. We entered the living room and sat together in one of the overstuffed chairs. We made out like teenagers and we couldn't have cared less about the rest of the world.

About an hour later, near nine-thirty, my cell went off.

"Hello," I said.

"Hey, Josh, you guys okay now?" asked Todd. "Yeah, Todd, we are fine," I giggled out. "Fuck, I haven't called while you guys are fucking have I?" he added. "No, dipshit, do you think I would have stopped to answer the phone?" I laughed out. "Fair point," he replied. "Dude, are you two coming? This place is fucking ace. And get this: Lisa and Laura have both danced with that Zac guy, and, fuck, I think I am getting laid for sure," he informed us. "They have a live band on at ten, so are you getting your fat asses over here?" he asked with some demand in his tone. "You wanna go?" I asked Cal, and he nodded, squeezing my leg as he got up. "Be there as soon as possible," I said to Todd, and he hung up.

I went upstairs and walked into our room. Cal was getting some Levi's out and began to strip. I admired the muscular tone of his body even more every time I saw it. He removed his shorts and I couldn't help myself. I walked over to him, planted a kiss on his lips, and slid my hand into his boxer-briefs. It was only seconds later when I felt the sticky substance of his pre-cum. I broke the kiss, dropped to my knees and pulled his briefs down. I licked the tip of his leaking cock, and savoured the very nature, the essence of my lover. "Ohh, babe," he moaned out, as he slid down my throat. He took over the motions, and started off slowly ploughing my throat. "Ahhh, loveee," he grunted out as he picked up the pace. Then he pulled out, lifted me up to my feet, and kissed me deep. This was not the sensual kiss of earlier; this was animalistic, powerful, manly kissing. He pulled down my shorts, turned me around, and dropped to his knees. He grunted out, slamming his face into my butt-crack. "Ohhh, yeahhh, eat my ass!" I demanded. He pushed through, and he was eating my ass. My pucker just opened at his very touch; he slid in two fingers, and soon thereafter, three. I was open for his pleasure.

"Cal, fast and hard...NOW!" I demanded, and he laughed out in a lusty tone. "You want it bad, don't you?" he teased. "Cal, if you truly value my love and devotion, you will stop fucking teasing me and...FUCK ME...NOW!!!" I demanded. Like again, he had me slutted, and I was begging for his cock. "You ready, babe? You ready for my love truncheon?" he laughed out. "Sorry love, couldn't help with the porn reference," he added. "Fuck, Cal...FUCK ME NOW!!!" I screamed out in desperation. And, fuck, if my dad could hear how hungry, how needy I am for cock, he would totally disown me; despite the fact he knows I am gay. But I'm a total slut where Cal is concerned. That titbit of information I had no intention of ever divulging to anyone.

He pushed me back onto the bed, lifted my legs to my chest and lined up his cock. Since he had worked my hole so masterfully, there was no need for lube. I was wet and slippery enough from his tongue. He leaned into me, kissing me as he pushed into me, and, as instructed, he power fucked me, driving me into the bed. He power fucked me, driving me to a cataclysmic orgasm. I spewed my load all over both of our torsos, as he also came deep inside me before collapsing on top of me. Breathing was laboured, and our heartbeats high. During our fuck my cell phone sounded, indicating I had received a text. When we came down to earth from cloud nine of sexual fulfilment, I reached over and picked up my phone to read what had been sent.

And the text, from Todd, read: 'OK...I take it u 2 r fucking now. band is awesome. hurry the fuck up!' I showed it to Cal and we just sniggered. "Quick shower, then we hit it," I said. He grabbed me, dragging me into the shower.

Twenty minutes later we were in his truck, heading towards the new club. We soon found it, but couldn't find a place to park, as the club was packed. We parked some distance away, and, after a ten-minute walk, we were in the club. We started to look for the guys and spotted Lisa first. She was talking to some surfer dude with bleached out wavy blond hair. Then I spotted Todd and Dale, sitting in the corner. We made our way over to where they were sitting. "'Bout fucking time," Todd said, getting up to hug me and then Cal. "Who's the guy?" asked Cal, looking over at Lisa. "Dude, he bats for your team," he laughed out, just before the band came out to do their second set. I recognized the band immediately. "The Calling!" I yelled. "Yeah, they have been fucking de-bomb," yelled Dale as they struck up their instruments.

We stayed until about two in the morning and we were introduced to the owner of the club. He seemed like a great guy. We missed Zac; he only stopped for an hour or so, but at least the girls had something to talk about. "Looking forward to stopping here permanently," Cal said as more of a statement than a question. We agreed. Since we all had been drinking, we would call a cab, and collect our vehicles the following day to avoid any D.U.I.'s or accidents. I've had enough visits to the emergency room to last me a lifetime, thank you very much.

We arrived back at the house just after 2:30am and we didn't talk long as we were leaving first thing in the morning to head back to campus. The cleaning company would be here at 10am, and the security ribbon would be set back up at midday. We went to bed, and soon we were out cold.


We all were up, and Lisa prepared breakfast with Laura's help. We ate while chatting about our weekend, highlighted by the fact we would be on a TV show, and one of the girls favourite ones at that. I had seen Channing Tatum, and, okay, I did have a very pleasant dream involving myself and Tatum and Cal, and various members of The Calling. But, that's beside the point. An old friend once said to me that just because I was on a diet doesn't mean I cannot look at the menu. Or, just as Cal stated, he would never stray, as I would never contemplate the idea of straying. I can still admire what is there.

We left just as the cleaning crew arrived, leaving them the key, as they would return it to the security office. We headed back to school, with my first of two classes being just after lunch: engineering, and then English Lit. I have the first one with Cal, and the second one with, as I found out yesterday, Laura. I think I am inheriting a fag hag, I laughed to myself. As we approached the campus, we went for some food. We chatted with Nick and David and the girls told tales of their weekend, and showed various photos shot on their cell phones. Talk about excitable; they were jumping around, showing everyone who would listen. It was clear to see that they enjoyed the weekend as much as the rest of us.

The remainder of the day went well; I had my favourite subject and the assignment about the Brooklyn Bridge was going well. The professor read our notes and loved the take on how this project would be handled in today's techniques. My English Lit. class was a blast, as we had now started to read Shakespeare. I had covered most all of the Bard's work in high school, and we were set to do a modern take on how a famous passage would translate into modern day literature. Laura had glued herself to my side (as I said, fag hag). "Do you wanna study this with me, Josh?" she asked, and I said, "Sure," and we talked about nothing in particular, except the name Zac kept coming up. Poor Todd, he doesn't stand a chance.

Over the next couple of days we started discussing what majors we would be concentrating on from sophomore year. Cal and I will be concentrating mainly on engineering—all aspects of it. I will be adding business studies to the mix, as we will, in a few years, have a major company to run. I, for one, don't want to be responsible for fucking up Cal's legacy, so business school will be a must. I recommended that also to Cal. "You wanna intern at Kenner Engineering during some of our breaks?" asked Cal, and I very enthusiastically said yes. "A little experience wouldn't go amiss," I responded, and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Your next session with the good doctor is tomorrow, isn't it, love? You want me to take you?" he asked. I remembered what Dr Benet said, and Dale's words, that I depended too much on Cal. Despite it only being a lift, I decided against it. (Little steps, and all that.) "Thanks babe, but I will be fine," I replied, and he just smiled at me. "You want a drink, or something?" he asked, heading to the fridge. "Water, please," I replied.

Although Ty already moved out of Dale's room, Cal is still in his, as he agreed with campus housing he wouldn't move rooms until the following semester. That is when Aaron and Kyle would move in, and I was sort of pleased with that, as we could have our alone time. We have made very good use of that me.

To be continued...

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