Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 34

Published: 4 May 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Cal woke first and looked down on his lover. This had been the first night that his lover had not waked him in the midst of a nightmare. Josh looked so peaceful and calm; it would be a shame to wake him. But if he wanted to eat before the first of three classes he had today, he would have to, so he gently leaned over and began to lightly and repeatedly kiss his face, and slowly he began to stir.

"Morning, sleepy head," Cal whispered. With a light yawn and a stretch, he grabbed Cal down for a more passionate kiss. "I had a dream about you," Josh said, and Cal responded, "I take it I wasn't stabbed in this one," he chuckled out. "No, there WAS stabbing involved, but you were doing the stabbing, and NOT with a knife," he leered. "Horn dog," Cal said, kissing his lover. "I might have to make your dream come true," he added. "Mmmm," was all that Josh could muster at that moment. "But, I don't have time. Neither do you," he whispered.

We sat in the cafeteria and had some eggs and bacon, and for once they were not half bad. Perhaps they taste better if you're half starved, I thought to myself. "Is that the Luke guy you had problems with?" Cal pointed over to a kid sitting by himself, staring over in our direction. "Yeah, it is. He looks lonely," I added. "So, fuck, his choice. Look, Josh, you told me last night the doctor said you had a problem with being too trusting. I can see in your eyes you want to go talk to him. But don't, okay?" Cal, said. "I don't have to. He's coming over," I replied, and once again, Cal stood up, facing Luke Satter as he approached. As he came closer, Nick sat down next to me, with a coffee.

"Can I help you with something?" Cal said, staring intently at the approaching Luke Satter. "Can I just say what I have to say, and I will be out of your hair?" Luke said in a non-aggressive manner. "Unless it's the apology you owe him for the last altercation, then, no, you fucking cannot," Cal spat out, and I continued to eat my eggs. "Cal, your breakfast is getting cold," I said, and Cal turned, and just said, "So. They will keep," and returned his glare at Luke. "Miller, can I talk to you, please?" he said, looking at me. "What the fuck do you have to say to me, apart from insulting me?" I spat back, remembering his bigot attitude, and how I wanted to hurt him and hurt him bad. But that would make me as bad as his former roommate.

"Josh, please," he pleaded. "Oh, it's Josh now. Not 'Miller' or 'faggot'," I again spat out. "Dude, I have known Terry for over three years. And okay, I did not think he could have done what was going around. But, Josh…those photos…fuck. And he's pleading, or so I've heard…shit…Josh I am sorry. Fuck…I cannot get them out of my head…the photos, I mean…Josh," he said, staring at me. And he did look bad; he looked betrayed by his former friend. "Luke, the shit you spouted yourself, dude, you have to take responsibility for your own mouth, dude," Cal said, but not as angry as he had been.

"Yeah, I know. I have had an education lesson from Billy Ray. He found out that Dale was talking at the rally, and he demanded I attend," he said with a solemn tone. "And when Billy Ray demands, you jump," he lightly laughed out. "And, Dale…dude, he has your back," he said, and I nodded and smiled. "And those pictures came up…and the disgust I felt for Terry. Fuck," he spat out. "Don't worry about it, dude; he won't see freedom for a while," I replied. "And the whole faggot thing. Shit, Josh. It's just the way I was brought up. Shit man, I am sorry," he said, and Nick responded, "Luke, I was exactly the same, when Connor was attacked…" he was cut off. "Fuck. Connor…he killed Connor…did I really know this guy at all?" Luke added. "As I said, I was like you, brought up in ways that people like Josh, and Cal, and other like them were there to be shot at. And fuck, dude, Connor's death…that woke me up. I am hoping eventually that my former attitude will be forgiven and these two will classify me as a friend," Nick said, looking at Cal and me.

We sat for another ten minutes and I headed off to English Lit, and Cal to calculus. We said we would meet up for lunch, and I said yeah, by the tree, I suggested. But Cal countered by saying, "Shit, it's freezing out there," and I hadn't really thought about the cold. But, yeah, it is fucking freezing, so we agreed to meet at Starbucks just off campus. "You need to study tonight. You wanna hit the library?" he added. "Yeah, my exam is tomorrow. I think I will be okay with it, but some review wouldn't hurt," I replied.

My English Literature class was better than expected, as it took the professor an inordinate amount of time until Laura grasped the concept that had been given. I mean, try to analyze any character from a Shakespearean play and portray them in a short scene as a James bond bad guy. I was going for Hamlet, cross-bred as Julius Caesar, as in my mind that would work. Lisa looked stumped, and it was funny to see. After that class I had some spare time until lunch, so, as instructed by my therapist, I headed out and went for a walk. I walked past my dorm and headed past Cal's complex. He was still in calculus for another thirty minutes, so I walked past, spotted my tree and headed towards it. I noticed that all the flowers had now been removed, and as I turned to walk away, I noticed Luke walking towards me.

"Hey, Josh, not interrupting anything am I?" he asked, and I just shook my head and said, "No, just seeing if the flowers were still here," and started to head back towards the buildings. I wasn't feeling panicky in anyway, just not wanting to be in a situation where I have to second-guess my own decisions regarding trust. "Josh, I meant what I said. I am truly sorry. I know I don't deserve it, but can you at least listen to me?" he asked. I looked over at him and just said, "Starbucks." He nodded, and we made our way just outside campus and headed into the coffee shop, ordered our desired beverages and sat down.

"He rang my cell this morning," Luke said, and stupid me asked, "Who?" He just replied, "Terry," and then went on, "I asked him about the attack, and he said he had done it. I didn't want to believe it, but after those photos, dude, I knew it was true," he added. "He wanted me to bring his stuff, his IPod and shit," he went on. "Luke, that's up to you and your conscience," I replied. "I hung up and tossed his stuff." he replied. "I felt dirty just touching them, you know," he added. "Josh, I just want to advance my education, get a good job, meet a nice girl, kids, the whole shebang, you know. Hate, I don't want, nor need time for. Dale was right on that score," he smiled as he ended his statement. "Luke, that's all I have ever wanted. I didn't come here to be the gay celebrity. I came here to learn engineering. I didn't admit to my friends I was gay until I came here. I wanted to get through college first, and deal later. But things happened and my friends found out. And that's where we are. Except some didn't like it," I added, and he just stared at me.

"Yeah, it's hard to hide anything here," he said, shaking his head, and he stood up and held out his hand for me to shake. I stood also, and he added, "Josh, I hope you will get what you want and need from college. Not just the bad shit, okay?" He shook my hand and walked out of the coffee shop just as Cal walked in.

"Trouble?" he asked, and I just shook my head. He headed back to the counter to order some drinks, as the one I had was consumed, and he ordered a deli sandwich. We sat back down and waited for our order.

"Thanksgiving is next week," he said, and I had not forgotten about that. "Drive or fly?" he asked. "Boston weather, I would fly," I added. "Okay, we will talk to the guys. I assume they are heading back." Then, I decided to bring up a subject I had never broached. "Christmas," I said, and I looked at him and asked, "What about it, babe?" and he smiled. "I am going down to Florida to be with the grandparents, and wondered if you wanna come with," he replied. I had not thought about that far on. I barely had thought about Thanksgiving. So, I said, "I would love to, but I will have to run it past the folks first. I don't want to piss them off," and he smiled and said, "Cool. I can live with that." I smiled back at him. I would go about anywhere with him and he knew it.

"Do you want to pick a date, love?" he asked, looking at me. "For what? OH! 'THE date'?" I asked. "Yep. I was thinking March or April. Then, we move to the Hamptons soon after that," he added. "Mom's birthday is in April, so we could do it around then," I informed him. "Okay, we will have a talk with Mom and Dad over Thanksgiving," Cal said. "I love the fact you call them that," I said, staring into his blue eyes. Despite the fact I begged to die not long ago, and looking forward to the trial, so I can see them pay, I am sitting across from the person that brings my life meaning, and I never want to be a day without him. "I love you so much, Calumn," I said, and didn't care who heard. I was just stating a fact, and he picked my hand up, brought it to his lips and kissed my palm. "Ditto," was all he said.

We finished our lunch and headed back to the campus. We got a few waves from people who had obviously attended the rally. I just smiled and said, "Better than being slated," I said, and Cal put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into a hug. "See you later on in the library, okay?" then he kissed my cheek.

My classes went by with enjoyment. I had some conversations with people who usually avoided me. And Nick patted my shoulder as he passed by. Things were looking up. I didn't feel anxious; I felt calm. I cannot explain it. I just felt calm. Perhaps the sessions with Dr Benet are helping me. Following her advice has not done me any harm; okay, I am still too trusting at times, but people have my back, and it does feel good. I rang Cal shortly after six and said I would meet him in the library at seven, and he agreed.

I had some food sitting with Todd and Dale. They had plans later on with the girls. They planned on taking them to the movies. "Original, guys," I said. "Okay, what would you do?" Dale asked. "Well, a meal, a club, a show. Christ, guys, we are half an hour from Broadway, for fuck sake," I insisted. "Go on the internet. Book tickets. It isn't rocket science," I continued. "Shit, why didn't we think of that? Chicks love that stuff," Dale said. "Okay, guys, I'm off to the library to meet Cal. Have fun," I said, as Dale was scrolling through some web sites, trying to get tickets. "Yeah, later dude," he waved, not looking, and I smiled, walking out of the door.

I walked into the library and noticed a few people taking advantage of the facilities, and headed over to the far corner. I sat down and cracked open my books, and soon, very reminiscent of one of our first study periods, Cal walked over carrying two cups of coffee. "Thought you might need this," he said as he sat down, facing me, pulling out his books. I smiled at him, and we set about studying. We sat for about two hours and I had to stand up and stretch. Cal did the same, and then looked around the library and noticed only a couple of people left at the far side.

I sat back down and Cal came around and started to rub my shoulders. "You feel tense, love," he said, and I just said I was tired. "No, you feel tense," he repeated. "Follow me," he said, and headed for the stacks. "Where are you going, babe?" I whispered, and he pulled me into the stacks. He shocked me by dropping to his knees and pulling my zipper down. He reached in and pulled my cock out. I franticly looked around as he took my cock into his mouth. "Fuck…Cal, oh yeahhhhhhh," I moaned out as he used his tongue like a professional. "Ohhhh, shittttttt," he sucked me into his throat. I grabbed his head and slowly began to thrust in and out of my lover's mouth. He pulled out. "How's the stress level?" he grinned out before assaulting my cock once more.

"Fuck, love, you taste amazing," he said softly, before enveloping my cock once more. I returned to ploughing my lover's throat. His muscles were working their magic, and soon I couldn't hold out, "Ohhhhhhhh, Cal…" I unloaded, and my lover savoured every drop. I was panting hard. I knew if I walked out now, anyone seeing us would know what had transpired between us. So, when Cal stood up I grabbed him for a deep passionate kiss, tasting myself on his lips.

"You want me to do you, babe?" He shook his head. "I am going to leave that until we get back. I think you need a good fast fucking to get you ready for your exam. That will help you sleep, don't you think, love?" he whispered into my ear, while nibbling on my lobe. "But for now, love, study," he insisted. We headed back out to our books to continue our study period. I was well sated for now at least, I smiled to myself.

We left the library just before eleven. We headed straight for Cal's room, and before he had the door open his hand was down the back of my Levi's. "Horny much?" I said as we entered his room. "Very," he said, nibbling the back of my neck. "You smell good, love," he said, slowly stripping me like he was opening a present. He reached inside my shirt and rubbed my nipples. "Ohhhhh," I moaned out. He removed my shirt from behind me, his erect cock poking into my ass through his shorts. "Someone needs this bad," I giggled out, and he pushed me onto the bed and pulled down my boxer briefs. He then rutted into my ass crack, and I felt his wet tongue pressing into my ass. "Oh, yeah, eat me out," I instructed. "My intention, love," he grunted out, and soon his tongue was inside me, pushing for further access. I relented. I soon was heading head long into what I call full-on slut mode. Yes, I was slutted. "Oh, Cal, now fuck me fast and hard. Show me no fucking mercy!" I demanded.

"Your wish, my love, is my command," he sniggered out as he positioned his cock at my very, and I emphasise this, very, eager hole. He pushed in one go, all the way into me. "Ahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh," I moaned out, pushing back. "Now, fast and hard!" I demanded, and soon he was using his tool like a fucking jackhammer. He was relentless. He pounded me. I was panting like the cheap whore he makes me. "Ohhhhh, fuckkkkkk," I was gasping for every drop of air I could suck into my body. I was breathing like a guy smoking three packs a day. "You like?" he gasped out. "Fuckkkk yeahhhhhhh," I got out. He pulled out and turned me over so he could see my face, and re-entered me. "Oh yeah, that's the shit. Right there," he moans as he sees the expression on my face. He knows he is smashing into my prostate at every thrust; I was sweating like a fat guy in a queue for a hot dog, except it's my boyfriend's hot dog slamming into me.

"Cal!" I screamed his name as I was entering an earth-smashing orgasm. I felt him also tense. I started to shoot copious amounts of cum all over my abs just as he erupted into me. His face contorted in pleasure, and he looked awesome as he brought me to climax at the same time he hit his. We floated on an amazing high. He fell on top of me, squashing our bodies together. The combination of cum and sweat welded our bodies together as one. We soon drifted off to a sated sleep.

I woke up at just after 8am, kissed my lover and headed for a shower to get rid of the dried cum and sweat. I was totally relaxed—no nerves—and as it transpired I flew through my two exams. I felt like they went great, all from the support of my future husband. I was as relaxed as I could possibly be. Just after 2pm I headed back and went to the cafeteria for some much needed sustenance. I spotted Cal walking towards me, looking like shit. "What's up, Cal?" I asked, and he vomited. "Shit, what's wrong, Cal? Talk to me." "Stomach flu," was all he could say before he vomited again. "Have you been to the medical center?" I asked. "Yeah, they gave me this," he handed me a brown bag with some meds. "Come on, let's get you to bed," I said, holding onto him. "Love, I don't think I am capable right now," he sadly laughed out. "Rest. And plenty of it. Get your mind out of the gutter," I said, squeezing his shoulder. "I am going to take care of you," I said, kissing his cheek. We entered his room. I stripped him down and put him to bed. I tucked him in. I went to his meds and gave him the prescribed dose.

"Sleep. Okay, babe? Try and get some sleep," I said. "The meds should bring your temperature down and settle your stomach," I informed him. "Shit, Cal, you could have said you were under the weather. That sex was awesome, but fuck, it sapped your strength some," I said, stroking his forehead with a cool cloth. "Worth it, love," he said before he slipped off to sleep.

Over the next few days Cal had gone through many ranges of his illness: he vomited enough to fill several buckets, but eventually his fever broke and he started to recover enough that he was able to go back to class by Friday. He was so relieved that I never caught his flu bug. We ate breakfast, and he was able to retain what he ate. I had my third session with Dr Benet at one, and Cal had a class at the same time, so I asked Dale to take me.

"Thanks, Dale. It's too cold to wait for the bus," I said gratefully to my best friend. "Dude, no problem. My schedule is clear until Monday, anyway," he responded. We soon pulled up in front of the clinic, and Dale said he would go for a coffee, and for me to give him a ring when my session was over.

"Good afternoon, Margaret," I said to the receptionist. "Good afternoon to you, Josh. I will let the doctor know you are here," she responded.

The session was going well. We talked about my nightmares, and how they were starting to subside, and how I was coping with the upcoming trial. And then, she said something that had me panicking, and I didn't know how to respond. Before I could say anything, my session was at an end. I wanted to say something, but she just kept saying, "Keep it for next week, Josh." I left and called Dale, still with a bit of panic inside.

"What's up, dude?" asked Dale, as I climbed into his car. He could see I had a worried look on my face. "Fuck, Dale, they haven't got all those involved. I am fucking sure of it," I said with a sound of trepidation in my voice. "What do you mean? And how do you know?" Dale asked as he pulled over to the side of the road. "She asked about the nightmares, and all the voices that were involved, and she assured me that all three of those people, you know with those voices, were awaiting trial," I said and Dale nodded. "But a couple of days before I was taken, the day they announced Connor had died, I was outside Cal's dorm. Someone shouted out to me, "They wouldn't make the same mistake twice," I told Dale, and he looked shocked. "Why am I only hearing about this now? Fuck, Josh," he said to me, shocked. "Dale, I told Ben Kips, oh sorry, Derrick Reynolds. He pulled up when I shouted at the voice, to see if I was okay. It just slipped my mind. Shit," I said, looking at my friend, and my stomach was doing somersaults.

"Dale, there is still someone out there who has it in for me. Fuck," I sobbed out. "Fuck!!"

"Okay, we need to speak to Detective Valdez," he told me. He started his car up, heading to the precinct station.

To be continued…

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