Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 35

Published: 11 May 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Twenty minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot of the police precinct, and headed inside. "May we speak to Detective Valdez?" Josh asked, and before the desk sergeant could answer, "Hello, Josh, is something wrong?" asked Vera Valdez. "Yes, I think so, detective." "Let them in, Bob," she said to the sergeant. "Thank you," I replied, as the officer buzzed us in.

"Okay, Josh, what seems to be the problem?" Detective Valdez asked, and I went on to explain what had happened the night I heard a different voice, the day Connor died, and we were told of it. "Yes, Josh, our investigations point to a fourth person. But we were not certain, and, to be honest, we didn't want to freak you out," she informed me.

"So, how does your investigation point in that direction, detective?" asked Dale. "Duke Lawson," she responded. "What about him?" I asked. "He was out of state the day Connor was attacked, and the footage showed three assailants. So there has to be a fourth," she added. "Did you recognize the voice, Josh?" she asked. "No. I can't say I did. But, he wasn't young; he sounded in his late twenties or early thirties," I responded. "Did he sound white, black, Asian, Hispanic?" she asked. I replied, "To be honest, he sounded white, with a New York accent."

"Well, Josh, all I can advise is stay vigilant, and let us know as soon as possible if something is amiss, okay?" she informed me. "We will see if Derrick or Terry knew anyone else on campus," she finished, and escorted us out of the station.

We headed back to campus, and very little was said on the trip back. "Dude, you will be okay. We will not leave you alone at all, okay?" he tried to reassure me, and I just silently nodded, as I thought to myself that all this shit was over. I had hoped that after the trial I could get on with my life. I was looking forward to Thanksgiving with Cal and my family, but now I am looking at shadows again. Just get past this week, and I can have Thanksgiving and worry about the rest of this shit when I return. The trial will be in less than three weeks, and hopefully the person who has not been found will just go away. Well, that's what I hoped anyway.

We pulled back into student parking and headed back inside. It was near three-thirty and Cal should be out of class. Josh pulled his phone from his pocket and speed dialed Cal's number.

"Hey you," responded Cal. "All go okay?" he added. Josh explained all that had transpired at the clinic and at the precinct, and he and Dale headed up to the room.

Josh and Dale wandered up and into the dorm complex, unaware that someone was paying particular attention to Josh. This quiet onlooker was happy in the knowledge that the note stuck to the faggot's door would get his attention and save his friend from going back to prison.

I approached my dorm room and noticed a note stuck to my door. "Don't touch it, Josh. Call Detective Valdez," Dale spoke out. "Fuck, Dale, this cannot be happening!" Josh proclaimed, as he took out the card for the detective and dialled.

"Detective Valdez," she informed him.

"Detective, it's Josh Miller. I have a note stuck on my door. What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Have you touched it, Josh?" she asked. "No, it is still attached to the door," I informed her. "Okay, Josh, I am on my way. Do not let anyone touch the note, okay?" she said and then hung up. A couple of minutes later, Cal and Todd came bounding up the passageway. "Cal told me what…shit! Not another fucking note. For fuck's sake!" yelled Todd. "Detective Valdez is on her way," I informed them. "Have you read it yet?" asked Cal, and I shook my head.

Some fifteen minutes later, a member of campus security arrived to make sure nobody interfered with the note. And soon afterwards, Detective Valdez and a young cop arrived and removed the note, careful to not disturb any evidence on it. She carefully opened the note, and it had just two words on it, in cut-out letters from a magazine:

Testify Die

"When was the last time either of you were in your room?" asked the detective. "Nobody has been in the room since nine thirty, ten o'clock," I said and Todd confirmed what I had said. "Okay, it's time I have another word with Terry Reynolds," said the detective, and she placed the note in an evidence bag, sealed it, and handed it to the young cop. "Okay, Josh, as I said, keep vigilant, and like today, call if something seems odd, okay?" she said, placing a hand on my shoulder, and then she left.

"Shit, Josh, I thought this shit was done with," said Todd, placing a concerned hand on my shoulder, as I sat down on my bed after entering the room. "You okay, love?" asked Cal, pulling me into a hug. I just sobbed into his chest, and both Todd and Dale left the room, knowing that Cal had this.

The guy watched as the police pulled away from the dorm complex, knowing his work to save his buddy was in motion. He also knew if the faggot still intended to follow through with his testimony, he would make sure he wouldn't live to give it. And that would help Derrick. Fuck, I might just off the fag anyway, he smirked to himself.

"It will be okay, love, I promise you, it will be okay," whispered Cal, holding onto me. His scent, as usual, gave me a sense of being safe, but I felt trepidation, a fear, a sense of foreboding, okay, panic. I had felt safe knowing that all the people involved were incarcerated. But now? Shit!!!

"Cal, I just want this over with. I cannot go through this again," I said softly, barely above a whisper, with tears in my eyes, full of emotion. "Love, you will not be alone while this is going on, okay?" whispered Cal. I smiled, believing the fact he would be with me. We only had two days of classes left before the Thanksgiving break, and we would be heading to Boston. At least there I could relax. And the trial would start soon after. "I love you, babe," I said, kissing his cheek.

We just sat in the dorm and waited for the guys to come back. My cell went and I answered it. "Hello," I said.

"Safe to come back yet?" asked Todd. "Yeah, I'm cool. Where are you, anyway?" I asked. "Dale's room," he replied. "Okay, you coming?" I replied. "Shit, dude, don't say coming. Not in this room. It stinks of stale cum. I think Dale is going for a record," he laughed out. "Fuck you, dipshit!" I heard Dale yell, and the phone went silent. Soon there was a knock at the door and they walked back in, roughhousing each other. "You okay, dude?" asked Dale, still fighting off Todd. "Yeah, it just got to me is all," I replied. "You wanna do something? It is Friday night, so any ideas?" asked Todd. "We can head into the city, hit a few bars," Cal suggested. To be honest, I am up for getting wasted. After the day I have had nobody would blame me.

"Okay, get ready. The city bus leaves promptly at seven thirty. It's now six ten, so you better start getting ready now, Dale," Todd laughed out. Dale did get up and leave, and we all cracked a rib watching him leave. When the laughter subsided, we agreed to meet in the parking lot at seven ten. Cal kissed me softly, told me he loved me, and left to get dressed. I never get tired of him telling me, and I don't think I ever would. Despite the fact that Dale left first, he was still the last one ready. "You guys not asking the girls?" asked Cal. "Nope. Boys' night out. We are not going out to hit on anyone, just a good night out with my bros," said Todd. I smiled at his term `bros,' as I really felt like we were, well except Cal and me, which would be incest. And Dale's little breakdown earlier in the year. Well, enough said.

We arrived at a bar on 23rd street north called Branigan's, a typical Irish bar. It was a good bar, and we never got carded, well, as long as we were cool that is. We stopped there for just over an hour and hit the next bar, on the same strip. This place had a flashing rainbow displayed in the window. I had been here before, but not with Cal, and before I was outed by my best friend. The music was good; a bit too much Lady Gaga for my liking, but the patrons loved the mix. I stood up and held my hand out facing Cal. "May I have this dance, sir?" I asked, looking intently, and he replied, "Don't mind if I do, kind sir." I led him onto the lighted dance floor. There were other same gender couples dancing, and soon I was shocked as hell when I spotted Todd dancing with a tall blond guy. He looked like he was enjoying himself. I spotted Dale, pissing himself laughing and taking some photos on his cell phone. The next song was slow, a more romantic song. Cal pulled me in tight to his body, and we danced as close as you could ever get—without the use of lube and a bed. I also noticed that Todd had retreated back to his seat, leaving his blond guy looking a bit forlorn, dancing alone. Dale was still laughing his head off.

"You look more relaxed, love," Cal said in a loud whisper, so he could be heard above the music. "When you hold me, I am," I replied, kissing his lips. We soon sat back down, chugging on a beer. It was hot in the venue, but it was good. I was having some much-needed fun. "Guys, I know we said we would head home on Thursday, but can we head up Wednesday instead?" I asked. "No reason not to. The girls are going back home Wednesday anyway," replied Dale. "Okay, want to hit another bar or another club?" asked Todd. "Bar. Need to get my hearing back," said Cal, and we agreed. We left the club and headed to Logan's. It was a nice bar, somewhat quieter. It had a jukebox, the old Wurlitzer type. We ordered our drinks and sat down.

"Okay, Josh, I know we have had a good night, but how are you feeling, really?" asked Dale. Both he and Todd were waiting for my answer, and I suppose Cal was also. "Guys, I won't shit you. The note freaked me out, and well…yeah, it got to me somewhat…it's just, well…I thought it would be over is all," I said out in a sombre tone.

"I'm hoping when I say what I have to say, at the trial, the guy will just leave me alone…you know…not wanting to join his friends…I hope so anyway," I said, looking across the table at my friends' concerned faces. "We have your back, dude, all the fucking way," proclaimed Dale. Both Todd and Cal nodded in total agreement. "Okay, cab and home," I said and all agreed. We had a great night. Todd dancing with a guy was Dale's highlight; mine was dancing with the man I love.

Sitting with his back to the four guys, listening to the conversation taking place at the table behind him, and hearing the faggot say he still intended to testify, he made his decision that the fag and anyone who was to get in his way would pay the same price as the filthy faggot and die. He also heard them talking about going home for Thanksgiving, and he made his mind up that the faggot would not be celebrating that particular holiday, not this fucking year. His decision was now cast.

The guys arrived back at the campus gates shortly after 2am, and were allowed back so they could get to their respective dorms. "Todd," I started to speak. "Yeah, dude. I know. Have a good night," he laughed. And I walked back to Cal's dorm, and we climbed the stairs, his hand firmly on my ass. "Flip flop," I said, and he smiled. "Does for me, love," and he grinned, and we walked into his dorm, and he pulled me to him and slid his tongue into my eager mouth. I sucked on his tongue and chewed on his bottom lip. "I need you, babe," I huskily whispered into his ear, while I nibbled softly on his lobe, as I knew this drove him wild. "I have never told you this, babe, but, fuck, every time you flash me that devastating smile, I bone up. Every time," I informed him, as I slid my hands up into his shirt, playing with yet another sensitive part of my lover's body. His nipples always made his cock leak, and that was the intended goal. Cal's pre-cum was like dessert to me. It always tasted sweet. It was nectar. I moved slowly down to my target, his shorts already sporting a large, damp patch. I pulled down his shorts and admired the creation of God. My lover's cock couldn't have been designed better. It was, in all, perfect; no other way to describe it. It was perfect. I went down on him like a hungry predator devouring its prey, savouring the taste. "Mmmmm," was all I managed, my eyes full of lust and desire. Cal forced his hips up toward my warm, welcoming mouth. "Oh, fuck," Cal whimpered out.

"You like?" I said, pulling his cock from my mouth, and then taking it all the way down until my nose was sniffing his pubic bush. The manly scent that lay there…he was all man, and he was my man…and boy I was letting him feel how much he was my man. He pulled me off him, "Not yet. I don't want to blow. Not yet," he smiled his infamous smile, and the usual goofy smile was evident on my face. Cal reciprocated my movements, and induced the same response. He dove head-first like he was eating a hot dog. But fuck, it was my hot dog. "Ohhhhh, fuckkkkkkk," I screamed out. He kept up a relentless pace, sucking me shallow, then deep, his fingers pressing forward, playing with my ass. Soon, I opened up, and he pressed forward, playing me. My ass was starting to burn. "Babe, lube please. It's getting a little hot," I asked, and he complied. He lubed up two fingers and pressed forward, opening me up for the upcoming pounding I know I wanted, and my lover was even more than capable of providing.

"Ohhhhh, fuckkkk, that feeeeeeeels, ohhhhhhhhh," I moaned out, none too quiet, I have to add. "Yeah, babe likes, yeah," he said. He knew how to play me, and I was getting to the area he liked me in, slut island. He had me travel there on many occasion, and, fuck, I loved the view. He loved the fact I begged him to dominate me, to use me, to keep me slutted, to fuck me for all he was worth. "Oh, babe, fuck the flip flop…just fucking do me, do me good," I begged to be fucked and fucked hard. "I promise I will satisfy you in the morning that way. But, babe, stop teasing me please…FUCK ME!" I yelled, and he could see the desperation in my eyes, and most definitely in my body language. "Oh, my God." I was sweating, as was he. I was lying on my back, knees at my chest, and he was hovering over me. "NOW, FOR FUCK SAKE," I demanded to be serviced by the man soon to be my husband, the man I fully intended to spend the remainder of my life with. He pushed all the way into me, bottoming out, not waiting for me to adjust. He pounded me.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh," I moaned out in lust and pleasure. "Yeah, baby, that's it," I continued to encourage him. "Fuck, your ass is so fucking hot," he said while hammering me with raw power. He was using me as I wanted him to. He pounded my ass for almost forty minutes on my back, from the side, even with me on the floor. He mounted me, and that was the position that blew my mind, and may I say, also blew my spunk right out of my balls. He never relented. He was driving me on to a second powerful orgasm and he knew it.

"Oh, babe, yeah, don't stop. I am going to…" I moaned out as my body just gave in. "Ohhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk," I shot again, covering my torso with more cum, and I could feel his cock thicken inside me and I knew he was about to blow. "Feed me, babe," I begged, as he pulled out of me. I dove for his cock as the first rope of cum shot out, hitting me in the face, and the rest shot inside of my mouth. I savoured his cum more than his pre-cum. That was just the appetizer. His cum was the main course and I loved every drop of it. He was giving me what I wanted, what I needed. His love, his sex, his body was mine, and he was happy. In fact, he demanded I take it, and, God, I would at every opportunity.

We lay there like always, struggling to breathe, still in a post-orgasmic high. We just stared at each other, love in my eyes, as it was in Cal's, and soon we just drifted off to sleep.

He stood outside of the faggot's boyfriend's door, listening to the disgusting sounds emanating from behind it. He decided the world would be a better place if these faggots were not in it. Derrick's words while they shared a cell just over a year ago had hit home. Derrick was right. They did not deserve to live. They had to die, and soon. He slid another note under the door saying their time will end soon. The change being, THEIR end, not just the faggot. And he walked away.

To be continued…

So, Josh's troubles seem to be still there.

Hope you are still enjoying this story. Again, please let me know what you think. It's you guys who keep me writing, so you know what to do…


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