Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 36

Published: 18 May 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Josh's nightmares had returned over the last couple of nights. He dreamt of his attacker, but this time his face was in shadow. Cal, again, lay beneath him, blood pouring from a knife wound, and the faceless figure stood prominently over both of them. Josh had started having this nightmare the night he found the note. It intensified when Cal discovered the second note pushed under his door, with a clear threat on both of them. Detective Valdez had posted a detail to watch for anything that could be construed as dangerous or suspicious, for safety reasons, and since Dale had a spare bed in his room, Cal moved over earlier than expected. Josh was pleased to have him so close permanently.

Today was going to be the last day of classes, and tomorrow they would be heading off to Boston. Detective Valdez had notified us that the person to look out for was called Rick Turner. He served three years for theft and assault. He had been recruited in prison by the Aryan Brotherhood, as was Derrick Reynolds. Their views on gays was well noted, and Terry had told her that he was the third person involved in the attack on Connor Brian.

Cal woke up first and heard whimpering. He saw that Josh was lying on Dale's bed, sobbing. "Josh, love, what is it?" Cal asked. "Josh, come on, babe, wake up." He stroked Josh's head. "Babe, you are safe, Josh…love…wake up." Cal soothed his lover's head.

"Cal…erm, what's up?" Josh said, looking into his lover's worried eyes. "You were crying again, babe," Cal said, stroking Josh's forehead. "I can't help it babe. It always looks so real. It feels so real," Josh said, holding Cal close, not wanting him to leave him.

I watched as Cal rose away from me and went into his bathroom to clean up. I followed him, to piss away my morning flow. "I am sorry if I woke you, babe," I said, now standing beside my lover. "I am just worried about you, love," he replied, staring at me via the mirror. "I just wish the police had this guy, is all," I said, sounding down. "They will. From what we have been told, he is not that intelligent, so he will make a mistake and they will get him," Cal reassured me, but not by much. We finished up and headed back into the room. I climbed back into the cozy confines of my (Dale's) bed.

Knock! Knock!

Cal walked over to the door and unlocked it.

"Hey, guys," said Todd, with Dale not far behind him.

"Mornin," I yawned out. "Get your fat, lazy ass out of bed. It's overdue a run, don't you think?" Dale informed me. To be honest, I was not up to a cheery Dale today. "Count me out," I informed him. "So that's it, is it? You are just going to mope in your room?" Dale berated me. "It's the plan," I replied, not looking at him. "Josh, I know you are worried about shit. But fuck!…you need to be out…you need to show you are carrying on…fuck, if you hide away…" I cut him off, "I am not hiding, okay? I just don't feel like running is all," I retorted. "Please, Josh, you need to leave this room. So, for me…" Cal said, looking at me with some doe eyes. Fuck. Why did he have to do that? Fuck!!

"O.K., Fine!" I yelled, getting up, grabbing a jock, some running shorts and a T. I went to the bathroom to change and a couple of minutes later we were walking down the hall, and down the stairs, and out into a freezing cold day. "Fuck, that will wake you up," proclaimed Todd, as the cold air smashed into his skin, and we started off with a steady jog, working our way to a brisk run.

Jackpot, Rick said to himself, the faggot is still here. Good, he thought to himself, sitting in a campus utility van, parked inside the student parking lot. He was tired and cold. Sleeping in the van was getting him down, but his plan, for what it was—to kill both of them before they set off for their Thanksgiving break—had him pumped. He had the master key for the dorm, thanks to Derrick, and he was going to use it. He would sneak in later that night and kill them where they lay, and that brought a smile to his weary face. He had tried to procure a gun, but people wanted money, so a knife would have to do. Besides, a knife would be more personal, more fun, he laughed at himself.

We made great time on our run, and I actually felt good when we were done. Cal and I shared a shower, and then headed for the cafeteria for some breakfast. We sat away from others and talked about the upcoming trip to Boston and our plans for Thanksgiving. I just wanted to get away from here as quick as possible. "So, what time do you think we should head out tomorrow?" Cal asked. "Noon, sometime," I replied. "Hey, guys," Lisa said, pulling up a chair. "Hi, Lisa, you good?" I asked. "Yes, looking forward to going home, you know," she replied, and I nodded, "Yeah, me too." "Dale and I are heading into the city for a show later. Todd and Laura are thinking about it as well," she said. "You want to tag along?" she asked. I looked over at Cal, and he gave me the, 'It's up to you' look. "Nah, you are alright. Go have fun. I think we will just hang here," I replied. Cal looked like I made the wrong choice. We ate our food and said our goodbyes to Lisa and headed to our lecture. "I have plans for you babe; I hope you are 'UP' for it," I emphasized the main part, and he glared at me. Then the realization of what I had said hit him, and the goofy smile appeared. "Oh yeah, and you know it," he replied, hugging my shoulder.

Rick watched as the faggots left the cafeteria building, and headed further into the campus. "Yeah, give the faggot a hug, it makes me fucking sick," he whispered to himself. "You both will die soon anyway, so fucking live it up," he added, again in a whisper. The van's rear windows were tinted. The maintenance person who was supposed to be using it was off sick, or was supposed to be anyway. In truth, he was tied up in his apartment, beaten and unconscious, and Rick had his keys. He was parked in student accommodation parking, but his view was unrestricted. He knew that the faggot boyfriend had moved dorms, and that was good for him; all the fags in one place, easier to observe. He was cold and hungry, but he also knew his day was here, and his friend would have an easier time if this was done. He lay himself down, wrapped himself in the tarp that was in the van, and went to sleep, waiting for tonight's opportunity to off these fags and complete what had to be done.

They went through the motions of their classes, knowing assignments were up to date and of a high standard, despite all the shit they had endured over the previous months. It was 6:45pm and Dale and Todd and the girls had headed out to the city to catch a show. He and Cal stopped in and caught a movie on TV. It was a classic movie, an old romantic science fiction film that held their attention until they were distracted by each other. Cal leaned in and kissed his lover's lips softly, and Josh reciprocated the attention. "You wanna take it to the bed?" Cal asked, and Josh stood up, pushing his hand into Cal's crotch. "Mmmm, you are 'UP' for it," he sniggered out. Cal replied, "When I see you, I am always up for it, love. They made love for over an hour, satisfying each other totally. The sweat pouring from both of their bodies, they stared at each other with love, and that love was total. They knew at that moment, when they were old and frail, those eyes full of love would always be there until death takes one of them. But, not for a long time, each thought to themselves; and soon, they drifted off to sleep, thinking of their trip to Boston.

Rick woke at around seven and watched as the faggots' friends had left campus, heading for the bus stop. "Good, one less complication," he said to himself. He sat and waited for the cop to change shifts, as he had done at 11pm each night. He waited, and soon the cop drove off, leaving the campus. He knew he had only five minutes to get into the dorm before his replacement showed. He made his move, headed over and entered the dorm complex using a security card provided by Derrick. He hid inside a utility closet on the second floor and waited. It was now almost midnight, and he headed towards the faggots' room. He knew that over the past couple of nights what room they had occupied. He stood outside of their room and heard light snoring, but he heard someone come into the building and again hid in the cupboard. With the door slightly open, he saw two students head down to the end of the passage and kiss each other. Fucking more faggots, he said to himself. They would keep for now, he thought. The two students closed their door and he again stood outside of the faggots' door. He could still hear snoring through the door. This is too easy, he smiled at himself, like shooting fish in a barrel, he sniggered. He silently pushed the key into the lock and opened the door. He saw the two faggots wrapped in each other's arms. The room stank of faggot sex, and it turned his stomach. He walked quietly towards the sleeping pair, looking down on them, and smiled as he pulled out his knife and leaned over.

"Fucking get away from them!" Todd yelled, rushing at the intruder, pushing Rick away from the bed. Rick was startled at the intrusion, but managed to lunge at Todd. Dale saw the lunge and smashed a foot into Rick's legs, causing him to stumble. Cal had awakened and seen what was going on. Josh was in shock, and frozen in fear as he saw Todd and Dale tackle the intruder. "Call 911, Josh, call them now!!!" yelled Cal. "Get the fuck off me, faggot!" yelled Rick, as he still had the knife, and he turned around, fighting Todd off him. Again, with the knife, he lunged at Todd, but a very naked Cal jumped up and kicked Rick with a roundhouse blow to his head, knocking him out cold. "Get me something to tie this fucker up with!" yelled Dale. Cal, getting himself pulled together, went to the drawer, pulled out two belts, and handed them to Dale. Todd was now sitting on top of the intruder and secured the restraints, tightly, with absolutely no regard for the fucker's comfort.

"The police are on their way," said Josh. But before he got his words out, the cop stationed outside had heard the commotion, came rushing in, and saw the intruder, knocked out cold, restrained, with Todd sitting on top of him. "Shit. You guys okay?" he asked, and added cuffs to the belts. He then radioed in that he was at the scene and the suspect was secured. "Fuck, how did he get in?" Cal asked. "And you guys, how…?" he got cut off by Dale.

"We just got back from dropping the girls off, and we saw your door open, and well…" he said. "And, fuck, if we were a minute later, shit…he had a knife just inches from you, Cal," Todd sighed out. "And look, there's a fucking key in your door. How the fuck did he have that?" Dale spat out.

Josh just sighed and lay down in a prone position on his bed, weeping. Cal went over, knelt down at the side of the bed, and stroked his head. "Is this shit over now?" Josh asked, and looked into his lover's eyes. "Yes, baby, it's over." he replied. "It's all over," he repeated, kissing Josh's forehead.

Soon the room was swarming with NYPD. And then Detective Vera Valdez, who Josh had become friendly with over the past few weeks, came over. "Yeah, Josh, that's Rick Turner," she confirmed, as the suspect had recovered somewhat and looked quite pissed to have been taken down eventually by someone he had intended to kill. "And he's somewhat of a loner, so I wouldn't be worrying anymore, okay?" she said, patting his shoulder. "Take this scum in, and book him for murder and two counts of attempted murder," Detective Valdez instructed the officers, as they took the suspect away. "You don't deserve to fucking share the same air I breathe!" Rick yelled, as he was pulled out of the room. "Shut the fuck up!" one of the officers said, pushing him out, with him screaming police brutality.

The police stayed on site, as did Vera Valdez, for a couple of hours, taking statements and photographs. By the end of it, the boys were too wired to sleep. They ended up sitting in the other dorm room talking, and the subject changed often. At one point, Josh stood up, with tears in his eyes, and walked over to where Todd and Dale sat on the futon. He asked them to stand up, pulled them into an embrace, and with tears of emotion said, "I love you guys. You saved our lives tonight. You know that? We will always love you no matter what," holding his two best friends. They were soon joined by Cal. "Guys, when we move next school year to the Hamptons, it's on me," said Cal. Todd and Dale looked on, contemplating what Cal had just said, and Todd responded, "Fuck that. Shit guys, you are our family. There is no fucking necessity for payback in family. We will pay our way, and no fucking questions, okay? But if we bring the girls back once and a while…no shit, okay?" Todd ended, and Dale agreed whole-heartedly. "Deal," said Cal, kissing the side of each guy's face, as did Josh.

"Look, let's crash here, and get some stuff sorted out in the morning, and head the fuck away from here for few days, okay?" Dale said.

I lay on my bed, with Cal holding me. It had been a few hours since Rick Turner happened, and we just lay there. Somehow we drifted off to an uneasy sleep, only after I checked that the door was locked, and placed a couple of empty bottles in front of it as an early warning system. It was lame, but it let me slip into that uneasy sleep.

I still had a nightmare, but with a strange twist. I watched as the intruder, now with the face of Rick Turner, walk into the room. I am looking down on Cal and myself like an observer. I shouted but could not be heard. I kept yelling as the intruder got close. He raised his hand to strike a deathly blow, but Todd, dressed as Batman, ran in, punching the intruder, and Dale, dressed as The Green Hornet, assisted. Cal, at this point, woke up, and in slow motion, kicked the intruder out cold. My subconscious brain has a weird sense of reality, but it was Detective Valdez coming in the door as Wonder Woman that woke me, and I actually woke up laughing.

"Babe, you okay?" Cal asked, and looked at me like I was going insane. "Yeah, actually I am, babe," I said. And for the first time in days I knew that the people who had been involved in this whole damn mess were now locked up, and I was looking forward to my day in court and seeing justice done for Connor as well as myself.


Knock! Knock!

Todd rose out of bed and opened the door, and Laura and Lisa were standing there with tears in their eyes. "Is everyone okay?" Laura asked, and Todd pulled them into the room. "We heard that Josh and Cal had been attacked in their room," Lisa said, looking over at Cal and me. "Yeah, we stopped it. Fuck, Lisa, if we had stopped for that extra drink, my boys here…well…I don't want to even think about that," Dale said, looking at me. "We are okay, girls, honest. And, to be totally honest, I am hungry, so can we get out of here and grab some chow?" I said, having enough attention heaped on me for a lifetime. I just want to get back to normal.

We all headed out to the cafeteria, and it was obvious by the attention coming our way that the news was out and the campus grapevine had done its usual job. We had just sat down, when Nick and Dave approached us. "You LOOK fine, anyway," Nick said, with a touch of concern. "Yeah, thanks to my buds," I replied. Todd filled them in on the previous night's events. "Fuck, Josh," Nick said, and we just sat silent for a short time. "So, you guys heading off?" Dave asked. "Yeah, the girls are leaving soon and we are heading off not long after," Dale replied. "Well, have a good Thanksgiving, and we will see you when you get back," Nick said. I replied, "Yeah guys, thanks. Have a good one yourselves," as he and Dave stood and walked out of the cafeteria. Soon, we walked back to the girls' dorm and picked up their belongings and headed to student parking. They packed their stuff in the trunk. Todd and Dale told them they would miss them and see them in just under a week. They said goodbye to the girls, as they sat in their car, and kissed the boys and then they left. "Dude, I think I am falling for her, you know," Dale said of Lisa. "Yeah, I have the same feelings for Laura, as well, dude," responded Todd. Cal and I smiled as we headed back to our rooms to collect our bags and head off home. Finally, we were getting a well-needed and deserved break. And, I was looking forward to seeing Lucas, and Mom and Dad.

"Okay, guys, lets hit it!" And soon we were on the highway heading towards Massachusetts.

To be continued… Well guys, hope you are still enjoying Josh's story. Let me as usual know what you think. As you know…


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