Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 37

Published: 25 May 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

The trip back home was uneventful. We stopped a couple of times to feed the bottomless pit that is Todd. How that boy does not weigh 250 pounds I will never know. Just after six we were coming around by the grocery store, driving up towards our homes. Dale tailed off first, pulling into his drive. Todd walked to his home across the street from Dale's, and Cal pulled into my driveway. The lights were already on, and Mom was standing on the porch. I got out of the truck and grabbed Mom into a hug. "Hi, Mom, missed you," I said. "I missed you, sweetheart. More than I could possibly say," she replied, kissing my cheek. "Hi, Mom," Cal said, also giving her a small hug."

"JOSH!!!" yelled Lucas, bounding down the stairs, grabbing me in a bear-type hug. "Hey, bro," I replied in kind. "Jeez, Luc, it's only been a few weeks," I said, as his grip loosened. "It's just good to see you without the drama," he replied. I had not informed my family yet of our recent drama involving one of my attacker's cohorts. "Yeah, it's great to see you too, bro," as I hugged him back. I had missed the little shit as much as he had missed me. "Hey, Cal," Lucas said, hugging my intended. "Hey, bro. You dating yet?" Cal asked, and the certain shade of red on my brother's face confirmed to me that his answer would be a yes. "Erm, well," was all he could get out, and I let him off the hook. "Good for you, dude," and he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Dinner won't be long boys," Mom yelled from the kitchen, her domain to which she had returned.

During dinner we decided to impart some information to my family regarding the events of the past few weeks. "Mom, I don't want you to worry, but someone tried to hurt me and Cal last night, and if it wasn't for Todd and Dale...well...we wouldn't be having this conversation," I started. "One of the people who was responsible for Connor dying wasn't caught, and he came after us so I wouldn't testify," I went on. "Fuck!!" Lucas said out loud. "Sorry Mom, Dad," he said, staring at me. "And this person now?" asked Dad. "He's in custody. Todd and Dale came back to the dorm late, and Cal's door was open, and they stopped him. He had a key, Dad. He had a key!" I repeated. "Security on that campus is a joke, son," Dad reiterated, and I couldn't disagree with that statement. A tear was in my Mom's eye. "Mom, don't cry, please. I am fine and so is Cal, and next year we won't be living there, anyway." I said, and a question appeared in my family's eyes. "You moving off campus?" asked Luc, and I looked over at Cal, still filling his face with Mom's fish pie. "Well, something like that," I replied. "Dad, Mom, we have set a date for our wedding," I said, looking at my parents, and Cal suddenly stopped eating. "Mom, it will be the weekend of your birthday, in April," I said, and a smile appeared on her face. "Good. That's a good weekend," she said. "Mom, it will be at the courthouse, and when we graduate, we will seek a blessing at the Episcopal Church. But being married is all we want for now," I replied.

"So. Moving off campus," Luc returned to the subject. "Are you asking so you can visit, by any chance?" I asked, looking at Luc. "Maybe," was his only reply. "Okay Mom, Dad, do you recall what I told you about how Cal's parents reacted to him, when he came out?" I said, looking at my parents, then at Cal, now holding my knee. "Yeah, it's so sad," my Mom said, looking over at Cal. "Well, it turns out his dad had a change of heart," I started. "What do you mean? I thought Cal, your dad passed away?" My dad asked, and Cal answered, "Yes sir, sorry, 'Dad,' he did." I continued, "He changed his will," and Cal reached into his messenger bag and retrieved the letter his dad had written him, and handed it to my dad. "So sad, such a waste, he could have said these things," my dad said. Cal had tears in his eyes, as I replied, "Well, Dad, it seems that Cal has inherited the family company and some property," I informed them, "And that brings us back to living off campus, bro," I said, looking at Lucas.

"Mom, Dad, when we return to college sophomore year we will be The Hamptons!" I said, looking at them with jaws dropped. "The Hamptons? 'THE HAMPTONS'???" yelled Lucas. "Yeah, bro, 'The Hamptons,' and Todd and Dale, along with Aaron and Kyle, will be living with us," Cal said, with me squeezing his leg. "Don't worry little bro, there is plenty of room for visits," I informed him, and you could have powered the lights outside with the smile radiating from him.

"The company?" my Mom brought us back to the conversation at hand. "Yeah, Kenner Engineering, it was his Great Grandfather's, and his Gramps and his Dad's and now his..." Cal cut me off. "Ours, love," he corrected. "Mom, Dad," Cal started, "I will change the name of the company when I graduate and take over. It will be known from then as Kenner-Miller Engineering," he said, smiling at me. "Wow," was all my dad could get out. "I love him," Cal said, kissing my cheek, and yep, that shade of red returned—damn him—and I boned up as well. "Love you too, babe," I returned the kiss, hoping it induced the same response. And from what I have learned from my lover's body language, the answer was a resounding 'yes.'

"Okay, Joshua, stop teasing," Dad berated. And I stopped, not meaning to embarrass him, as he fully intended to do it to me. We talked for a few hours and discussed the upcoming Thanksgiving feast that was still three days away, but operation Mom was already in full swing. No mistakes were expected, and with Mom, not tolerated either. We would start tomorrow with the shopping, well part of it at least. There were usually between eight and ten eating on the day, but Mom cooked in case the U.S. Marines were coming, or Todd, whichever gets there first. I know who my money is on.

"Ok Dad, Mom, we are heading up. I need a shower, and (snifffff), yeah, he does as well." I laughed and he lightly punched my shoulder. "Okay boys, sleep well," my dad sniggered out. "Ahh the love of youth, eh sweetie?" My Mom said as we climbed the stairs. "Babe, I want, no I need you in me," whispered Cal, and I leaned into him, pressing our very evident hard-ons together. "You owe me," he added, and I kissed his neck, opening my bedroom door, pushing him inside. I started to remove his clothing, and then mine. I reached my hand out and grabbed his hand, and pulled him into the bathroom. "This is the back of the house. It's over the garage, and the bedroom is between us and the passage, so I am going to fuck you hard in here, and you can enjoy it without holding anything back, babe," I said nibbling his neck.

I stepped into the shower and adjusted the flow of water and the temperature. I then returned to attend to my lover. I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock, working it until I had taken him all. "Ohh, fuckkkk," he whispered out, "Don't hold back, babe," I told him, sucking him in deep. I loved the taste of his pre-cum. "Mmmm, babe," I moaned out from around his cock, and the vibrations that caused drove him wild.

"Fuck yeah, love, keep that up," he begged. I hummed as I worked his cock in and out of my throat. I soon pulled off him, and got him into the shower, pressed him against the cold tiles, and spread his ass so I could work my magic. I licked at his pucker, teasing it open. "Oh, love, yeah. Eat my ass," he shouted out. Yes, Cal was letting everything go. "Oh yeah, that's it," he added, and that brought a smile to my face, and I went back to work. "Ohh love, ohhhhhhhhhhh, yehhhhh," he continued to enjoy the attention I was lavishing on his body. I could feel him shaking, but like myself I knew when he was ready for me to take over and that moment had not arrived just yet. I pressed in three fingers and twisted and pressed forward, adding more speed, more pressure. "Ohhhh, Josh, please, now. I need you, NOW!!!" he instructed, nay demanded me to make him cum, and he knew which way he wanted that to happen.

"JOSH, FUCKING NOW!!!" Yep, he was ready, and how.

"Okay, babe, all you had to be was patient," I said with a leer and a teasing tone. I stood, spread his legs apart, and rubbed my cock up and down his crack. I pressed my nose into the nape of his neck and licked up to his ear, "I love you," I said to him as I pressed my cock into him. "Mmmmm," he moaned out as I hit bottom. I moved in and out, shallow strokes, and varied the speed and the depth. "Ohhh. Yehhhh. Babe. Ohhhhh that's it. Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkk," he moaned out as I picked up the power and the pace. I knew he wouldn't last much longer as I rammed my cock hard and deep into him. His soul was mine. His very being was mine; he was a quivering mess in front of me. He could do this to me at will, but I knew I could also turn my lover to jelly. He struggled to get any coherent words out—just animalistic grunts. "Ahhhhhohhhhh," was the closest he managed to get a word out. I pressed him hard against the tiled wall, the water cascading down both of our bodies. I was rutting like an animal. My lover was getting everything I had.

"Ohhhhhhh, Fuckkkkkkkk!!!!!" he screamed as he shot rope after rope against the solid white tile. I shot almost as he squeezed tight on his ass, as his orgasmic body quake struck him, I shot copious amounts of my seed deep within my lover, so hard and with such power. It had to hurt him as I came. We both now struggled for breath. He turned and faced me and I looked into his deep blue eyes. He looked extremely satisfied. "That was fucking awesome," he said and kissed me deep. We washed each other's bodies with such tender loving care. He had me boned up just washing my back, but did not have the energy to use said boner.

We removed ourselves from the bathroom and dried each other off. We then climbed into bed, and facing each other we drifted off to a sated, contented sleep.

The following morning we ate breakfast with Mom and Dad; Lucas had already left for school. Mom handed us the first shopping list, but we knew it would not be the last. We rang Todd, but Mark answered, and we agreed to meet at Jitneys for a quick coffee before we all hit the stores, as, like our mother, Todd and Mark's was just as insane when it came to Thanksgiving. "How many has she invited this year?" I asked. "We don't know, and to be honest, I don't think she even knows," Mark replied. "Where's Dale?" I asked. "Helping Mom," Mark replied. "I, like you and Todd, fell for the shopping." "Why's Mary cooking? You are coming to ours, aren't you?" I asked, and he nodded. "But Mom won't come empty handed; you know that," Todd replied.

We sat in Jitneys and someone who I had not seen since last summer came in. He had new information regarding me, as I had discovered about him also. "Hey, guys," said Jack Layton. "Hey Cuz," and Todd rose up to give his cousin a hug. "Hi, Josh. I heard about your attack, man," he said, sitting across from me. "It shocked the shit out of me when Todd rang home to tell Aunt Mary," he added. "Dude, I didn't even know you were gay," he went on. And I replied, "Jack, I could very well say the same," and he gave a small smile. "Yeah, I know. Small know." And I nodded. "Oh, you haven't heard the latest, have you?" Jack said, looking all excited. "Peter has moved to Frisco, to be with some guy he met online," he informed us. "Since when?" asked Todd. "Oh, about ten days ago," he replied. "Does Dale know?" I asked Mark, and he just shrugged. "First I am hearing about it, so no doubt it will be news to him as well," Mark finished.

"Okay, guys, we need to hit the stores or our mom's will be serving us for Thanksgiving," I said. Cal, Todd, Mark and I all stood up and headed out as Simon walked in with Brian and Lacy. "Hey, guys, catch up with you later, okay?" I said to Lacy while heading out, and she smiled and slightly bowed her head, and Brian gave me the 'hey how are you' nod, and we left.

"What size turkey did she ask for?" Cal asked, looking at the birds hanging in the market. "18 to 20 pound she's got written down." So we asked the butcher for the one near the back that looked just about big enough, and he weighed it at just over 21 lbs., so we bought that one. We got most of the other stuff on the list, but would have to find a Target or Costco to get the rest. We took the purchases back home and had lunch with Mom, and then headed back out to get the rest of today's shopping. "Get some fresh bread from the baker, sweetie," she shouted as we got back into Cal's truck. "Better get some milk and eggs as well; she will only send us back out for them," I smirked out.

We were gone for about an hour, and when we got back an ambulance was outside our home. "Fuck, what's happened?!" I yelled as I ran out of the truck. "Mom, Dad, Luc!" I yelled out. "Out here, Joshua!" and I ran to the backyard and saw the paramedic talking to Dad, who was sitting down, with the guy asking him questions. "Mom, what's happened?" I asked. "He had a dizzy spell, sweetie," and I looked at my dad. He looked pale and tired. "We are taking him to Boston General, Mrs Miller, just as a precaution, okay?" the paramedic informed my mom. "Is he okay?" I asked. "Yes, he seems to be. But it's better to be safe than sorry," he added. "Mom, have you told Lucas?" and she shook her head. "Okay, Mom you go with Dad, and I will go and get him from school, okay?" I said, holding her tight to my body. She never looked small to me, but she did then. "Okay, Joshua, thank you," she replied, and she went with them and I went to find Lucas. "Try his cell," said Cal. "Good idea, babe," I replied. The call went straight to voicemail. "He must be in class," I said to Cal, as we pulled outside my old high school. "He should be out soon," I said, looking at Cal.

"There he is," Cal pointed over towards a group of students walking towards the parking lot.

"LUC!!!" I yelled, "LUC!!!" I yelled again, but he was not hearing me. "LUCAS MILLER, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!" I yelled at the top of my voice. Luc turned and spotted me, and walked rather quickly. "Fuck, bro. Embarrass much," he replied. "Dad's in the hospital. Get in," I responded, and the smirk on Luc's face vanished. "Fuck, what's wrong, Josh? What happened?" he asked with great concern. "We don't know, bro. He had a dizzy turn, that's all we know," I replied. "Again!!" Luc replied, and I looked like the proverbial deer in headlights.

"What the fuck do you mean, Again?" I demanded, and looked at Luc for a response as we drove towards Boston General. "He had a dizzy spell a few weeks back," he replied. "When?" I asked, and Luc looked a bit scared. "Luc, tell me please," I asked in a softer tone. "When you came back after being hurt, Dad and I and the Layton's went fishing and he had one then. But he just said he was tired, and...well...I thought that's all it was," he answered. "Luc, we don't know anything yet, okay, but he's in the right place to find out," I replied, trying my best to reassure him.

We pulled into the parking lot of Boston General, and then headed to the information desk. We waited our turn at the information desk, and then approached the attendant.

"May I be of service?" a smart woman asked from behind the counter. "Yes ma'am. My father was brought in a short while ago," I replied. "His name, sir?" she asked. "Oh, sorry. Its William Miller," I responded. "Miller, Miller, Miller. Oh yes, the doctor is with him now. You may wait in the family room on the second floor," and she pointed to the elevator, and said to turn left and it was the second door along. We followed her instructions and found Mom sitting, sobbing. "Mom, what's happened?" I asked, with concern now showing from my voice. "It's his heart, boys. He needs an operation. He had trouble in the ambulance, and his heart stopped," she cried. I began to weep myself, along with Luc. "Look, he's only 44, okay? He will be okay," I insisted. But Cal's dad died of heart failure and he was only a year older than my dad, so I was trying to convince myself as well as my family. I could see in Cal's eyes he knew what was going through my mind, and he squeezed my shoulder to reassure me.

"He's in good shape, Mom. He will be okay. He's young and that is a good thing," I went on, and despite Mom only being 45, she looked at that moment older than her years.

"He is strong, boys. I know that. And, he's a fighter," she told us, looking a bit more certain of things, refusing to give up. She loved my dad, and that much I am certain. Okay, yeah, they had their disagreements, like other married couples, but one thing they always stuck to, they never went to bed angry. Arguments were sorted out as soon as they arose; their love was never in doubt.

"Elisabeth Miller?" a doctor wearing green scrubs came in. "Yes, doctor, that's me," my mom replied. The doctor went on to inform us that my dad required a bypass, and that it was usually routine, but with being anesthetised, there was always a risk. Mom signed the consent forms and the doctor left. We sat in the waiting room, when Todd's mom came through the door. "Hey, Mary," my mom said, greeting her friend. "Boys, Todd is in the cafeteria," and we stood up, hugged Mom, and went to see Todd. I couldn't let...I wouldn't let my mom see me falling apart, and if it wasn't for Cal and Luc I would be a complete mess. We entered the cafeteria and spotted Todd, eating as usual. "How is he?" Todd asked. "He's still in surgery," Luc replied, and Todd could see that I wasn't doing great. We had some coffee and then headed back up to the waiting room, having to do just that...Wait. That was killing me, but wait we did. I sobbed deeply to myself, trying to keep strong. I needed to be the person my dad would be at times like this...and damn that's what I will be.

I remembered things we used to do when I was a kid. Shit...a kid? I am still a kid when things like this happen. But my dad had always been strong, he always coped when this shit happened. When my Gran died, he stood tall, handled everything that needed to be handled. I knew I wasn't that man yet. I knew I would be, but I am not there yet. "Come on, Dad, you have to be okay...I need you to be okay," I silently said to myself.

To be continued...

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