Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 38

Published: 1 Jun 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

It was several hours before the doctor came back to let us know how things had gone. "Hello, Mrs. Miller," he said as he walked in. His expression was blank, and concern was etched all over my face. "Mrs. Miller, I am delighted to say the surgery went as expected, and he should be out of recovery in about an hour, in intensive care for a couple of days, and then back in his room for a few days after. We'll watch for signs of infection, but all in all, we are happy with the outcome. So, may I suggest you all go home and come back and see him in the morning."

The smile now etched on my face was there for all to see, and Cal wrapped his arms around me. "Told you, love, didn't I?" he whispered into my ear, as I sobbed. His shoulder was soaked as I lifted myself off of him and went and hugged Mom, as she was holding onto Luc. "He's strong, my boys. He is the strong man I married; he is the man I fell in love with. He is still strong," she insisted, and I hugged and said, "Yes, Mom. He is!"

"Well, the best thing we can do for your father right now is no fuss, so troops, we have a Thanksgiving to sort out and 24 hours to do it," Mom proclaimed, and we marched out of the hospital with less trepidation than when we entered it.

Over the next seven hours Thanksgiving was planned seamlessly, and all was prepared for the following day's festivities. My heart, however, hung low; the thought of my dad almost dying hit me, and hit me hard. When Cal and I eventually collapsed on my bed shortly after midnight, I curled up into a ball, and lay there. Cal came and sat down next to me, and stroked my back. "You okay, love?" he asked, and even though I thought right then, `what a stupid question,' but did not say, I just shook my head. "I thought I would lose him," I responded. "He's alive and doing great, so buck up, okay?" and I looked at him, and for the first time since we met I felt he was being an insensitive prick. But then he just held me, and I cried like an infant wanting his mommy. "Sorry, I did not mean that like it sounded," Cal replied. "I know it was a shock, and…" he trailed off, and that gave me time to remember that his dad died and the two of them never had the chance to say how each other felt. And my dad was going to be okay. Cal's dad is gone…fuck…I feel like the prick now. "Thank you, and Cal, I am sorry, it's just he's my dad, and he has always been strong…you know," I wept out. "Do you want to sleep?" Cal asked, and I looked at him, and I wasn't even close to being tired. Too much adrenalin from today. "Cal…I need you to drive me hard into my bed," I asked, nay begged. "You sure? It's been a tough day," Cal responded. "Please, Cal, I need to feel you," I said like a kid demanding candy.

"Okay, but let's have some play time," he said, and I looked at him as to what did he have in mind. "Well, first, shower and let me clean you inside and out," he informed me. "Oh? What really?" I said, thinking of him cleaning me out was not a turn on for me. But hey, if it gets him going, who am I to argue? "Trust me, you will love it," Cal said, nibbling my fingers, and he held out his hand and led me to my bathroom. I stood there and he slowly undressed me, item by item. I followed suit and responded in kind. He set the water temp to a nice warm flow, and we stepped in.

He slowly cleaned my body, taking extra care of my armpits, and my hair. He massaged my scalp. That had me boned up in no time. I had been to the toilet before we came to bed; so I knew I was not too dirty, but he massaged my ass hole and then did something, well, unexpected. He removed the showerhead and put the hose into my ass, and filled me up with warm water. He removed the hose and the water flowed out—none too clean—and that had me blushing the usual shade of red, as I normally did this prep in private, not as part of foreplay.

"Sorry babe, I thought I wouldn't be too dirty," I said, trying to save a bit of dignity. "Babe, you could have taken a shit down my leg, and I wouldn't have thought any the less of you," Cal responded with a giggle. "Gross…" I said out loud, with that thought etched into my memory. He then re-inserted the hose into my ass, and filled me up again, and to be honest it felt amazing. "Ohhhhh, babe, that's so fucking awesome," I moaned out, as the cleaner water flowed out of me, and he pushed the hose into me for a final time, and this time it almost made me blow my load, it just felt, Christ I cannot describe the feelings in my ass. "Fuck, Cal," was all I could shout.

"Told you would like it, love," Cal said, sucking my earlobe, turning the water off, and re-attaching the showerhead, before turning the flow back on. He turned me to face the tiles once again, sucking the back of my neck, and inserting two fingers into my ass, working them, stretching me for the upcoming onslaught. "Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhhh," I moaned into the wall. "Cal, fuck, do me now, do me right here!" I fucking demanded, and yes, I was there slutted 1-0-1, and he could do this to me every time. He could turn me into a cock hungry slut, well, with a click of his magic fingers. "Ohhhh, fuckkkkkk!" I screamed as he worked his fingers over my prostate, almost forcing a volcanic eruption from my balls.

He removed his magic fingers and pushed me against the wall, driving his swollen cock deep into me, and boy did I feel it. "Ohhhhhh, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" I screamed out, and I was embarrassed when I shot my load after only three strokes. But it hit me and it hit me fast. I shot rope after rope of cum all over the tiled wall. "Fuck, that…was…A…mazing!!!" I screamed out, struggling for breath. "You amaze me, love," Cal moaned out, as he still continued to pound me against the wall, driving himself to a hotly anticipated climax. "Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," was all he could get out, holding onto me, struggling to breathe, as was I. "Think you can sleep now?" he said with a smile on his face, as we climbed out of the shower. He gently towelled me off, as I did him. We walked back into my room and fell into each other's arms and drifted off into a sated sleep.

We awoke early on Thanksgiving Day with smells emanating from the kitchen, where my mom was already preparing the upcoming meal, sadly without the head of the household present. A couple of hours later we were ready to head off to the hospital to see Dad and wish him well. Mom packed up some personal items and a small meal for my dad.

We all climbed into Cal's truck, followed by Todd, Dale and his brother, Mark, to visit my dad. I hoped he would be better. We entered the ward my dad was on and he was lying down. Mom walked over and kissed his forehead, stroking the hair from his brow. She told him he had a meal from the table or the Thanksgiving feast in the hospital's kitchen if he was up for it later on, which he was not, but was thankful for our efforts. We spent a few hours with him. He looked so pale and tired; he looked older than his years, but his spirit was still strong. And then, we were ordered out of the hospital by my dad and told to go give thanks, and then enjoy our Thanksgiving meal.

We did as ordered, and went to the local Episcopal Church to give thanks. I was thankful I had a great boyfriend and my father would be okay, as long as he started looking after himself. But we would make sure he would, emotional blackmail works wonders, or so I am told.

The meal was enjoyed by all that attended. The Laytons came by for tea, as did the Jacksons. We all gave thanks, again, and each individual specified what he or she was thankful for. The night went great with some music and dancing. I cannot, however, dance and much amusement was had; but Cal, he could dance to almost anything. The day had been eventful, and over the coming days, Dad had gotten most of his strength back. He came home almost a week after his surgery, with orders to take it easy, and with Mom taking control he did not have much choice in the matter.

During the week, I had received a phone call from the Assistant D.A. regarding the up-coming trial that was set for less than two weeks and that I was being called by the prosecution as a material witness. Dale was being called also to testify about how Connor was found, and how long it took for the emergency services to arrive, to rule out any case for negligence on behalf of the city. The case itself, according to the D.A., was a slam-dunk. From what she told me, with the evidence found in Derrick Reynolds' apartment, he was facing the death penalty. And since Terry was pleading guilty to a lesser charge, what I don't know, but it was some sort of plea bargain, she assured me he would not see freedom until he is was very old man. Michael Lawson, also known as Duke, had also pleaded to battery toward me, and she informed me that was his third strike, so, like Terry, he would be going away for a long, long time. He would be sentenced after the murder trial. He was not offered a plea bargain, however, as he was not involved in the murder, but he would be facing 15 to 25, depending on how the judge scored it.

The person who was involved in the murder and the attempt on Cal's and my life, Rick Turner, would stand alongside Derrick Reynolds in facing the death penalty, if convicted. But that was ten days away, and right now I am enjoying the fact that my dad is home, and I will be heading back to New York in a couple of days.

"You look freezing, Josh," announced Cal, as we headed into town, heading for Jitneys and then a movie with Aaron and Kyle, our first official double date. Todd and Dale already went back to New York to be with Laura and Lisa, as Todd explained before he left in Dale's car, "Quality time is needed, and needed badly." We couldn't argue, he was there as was Dale when I needed them, but my dad is well on the road to recovery, and I feel better going back to college knowing that. We walked into Jitneys and spotted Aaron and Kyle sitting in a booth, also talking to Liam and Tom. "Guys, you good?" asked Liam, and we responded in the positive. "How's your old man?" asked Tom. "Better, dude, much better," I replied. "No Lacy?" I asked. "Mom thing," he responded. "So, how're your folks, Liam? Still getting the sins of the flesh lecture?" I asked. "Shit, Josh, you have no idea," Liam started, "They had me in bible study, for fuck sake, with Lacy's Dad," he spat out. "Mom has it bad. I am sure she thinks I am fucking anything that moves…I wish," he laughed out.

"I need to get away from this place or I am going to do something I might regret," he said with an amount of rage in his voice. "College…you got accepted, right?" I asked. "Yeah. Northwestern," he replied. "My scholarship depended on my scores on my exams," he went on. "I have to make some up, but, yeah, I should be okay, just having to wait until January," he moaned out. "Fuck, dude, it's only just over a month. Tough it out. Aaron and Kyle will be here until then anyway, so just tough it out," I said with a little humor in my voice. Soon after, Tom and Liam said their goodbyes and headed out to meet some others at the pool hall, and we were left, just the four of us.

"All set for college, then guys?" Cal asked, and both Kyle and Aaron replied, "Fuck yeah." I laughed, and then Cal started talking about the dorm they would be in, and they took everything in, and then he informed them of the move. "Okay, when we move back for sophomore year, we will be living off campus," announced Cal. "Good, you found something for us?" asked Kyle. "Yeah, you could say that, but we would rather show you when you come up, okay?" concluded Cal, obviously wanting to shock the shit out of them.

We left the coffee shop and went to the cineplex and watched a film called Battleship. Okay, it wasn't anything special. "Come back to my place for a while?" asked Kyle, "My mom is at my aunt's for a few days," he went on, and he gave Aaron a strange look, but I ignored it. If they were having some problems, I am sure they would sort them out, but then I saw Aaron whisper into Kyle's ear, and he laughed and then looked over at Cal and smiled, and it just got weird. "So, you guys still fucking like rabbits?" asked Aaron, and a shocked look came over my face, even more so when Cal replied, "Yeah, every opportunity we can grab," and I found that out of character for him, discussing our sex lives with, okay, friends, but, hey, that's our business. "And you two?" Cal asked. Again, I was shocked at his bluntness. "Yeah, you know…" he giggled out.

We entered Kyle's small but nice apartment he shared with his mom, and he offered us some drinks, which we gladly accepted. We drank and talked for an hour or so, and then it was asked, and it shocked the fuck out of me, I can tell you: "Kyle told me you give the best blowjobs, Josh," said Aaron. "Fuck sake, Kyle, do you tell every fucker?" I spat out. Cal was rolling on the floor laughing. "Love, we all have pasts," he laughed out. "I just wondered if you care to prove it, is all?" said Aaron, and Cal was now not laughing. "What the fuck, dude?" asked Cal. "No strings. Sex. Us four," Kyle said, looking over at Cal and me. "You serious? You want an orgy, right now?" I asked. "No, just fun between friends. Just a one-time experience," responded Aaron, and a sense of déjà vu came over me. That was almost word for word what Todd had said to me when we had our one-time experience, with Dale blowing a fuse or two.

"Look, Josh, you look freaked out. Sorry, we just thought you would be up for it," replied Kyle. "But if we have crossed a line you don't want to cross, well…we understand," added Aaron. I looked at Cal, and then Aaron spoke, "Kyle, come on, let's go do some snacks" and they left the room and headed for the kitchen. "Shit, do you believe this?" I asked Cal in a whisper. "Do you want to go, love?" asked Cal. I thought for a second and realized at some point I will have to tell him about Todd and Dale. I don't want our relationship being built on secrets, and when I tell him, would he forgive me? "Do you want to?" I asked. "What, leave?" he replied. "No…what they want…one-time sex, no strings," I replied. "Why…do you?" he responded with no scorn or judgement. "As long as it is what they say it is…you know a one-off, and Cal, condoms. We have to use condoms. I don't mix that shit up. And if we do this, we get tested before we fuck bareback, okay?" I whispered. "Is it worth it?" he asked. "Look, it's an experience, and I won't deny it of you," I said. As soon as I said it I could see questions firing in his eyes, but he didn't say anything. But I knew there would be questions at some point.

"Okay, I will, but just this once. After this, it's just us, okay?" and I leaned over and kissed him with more passion than I intend in sharing with anyone but him, my sex-on-legs. Soon afterwards, Aaron and Kyle walked in with some plates and an assortment of snacks. They looked like they had been talking, with the look of `shit we fucked up' all over their faces. They sat down on the futon facing us, looking solemn.

"Sorry about before," said Kyle, with a sorrowful look on his face. The same was on Aaron's and he added, "Hope we haven't fucked up our friendship by freaking you out. Look, we just thought you would be up for it, and Kyle said you were horny all the time, Josh, so we figured…well," he tailed off, not knowing what to say next without wrecking our friendship. But I answered first, "Okay, Kyle, we hooked up once, so how could you assume I was horny all the time," I replied, and Kyle had his head bowed. "And secondly, I have had only a few sex partners, yes Kyle was the first, and, yes, I was horny, but not all the time, just ninety percent of the time," I said with a smile. Then I looked over at Cal, and decided to stop teasing them, and gave Cal a wink. He looked at them, pretending to be pissed, and then smiled that boner-inducing smile of his, and then said, "Okay, guys, I only have this to say: I hope you have plenty of condoms and lube!"

…The laughter was spontaneous…

"Okay, how do you wanna play this?" asked Aaron, looking at Cal and me. "What do you mean?" asked Cal, wondering what Aaron was asking. "Who's the bottom?" he continued. "No one is set in that role," Cal replied, holding my hand. "We just do what feels right," I replied. "Don't you two share experiences? You know, switch?" I added. "No, I have never wanted to be fucked," replied Aaron, and I looked at Kyle, and he had a strange look on his face.

"Oh, so that's it," I added. "What, love?" asked Cal. "Aaron won't give himself to the person he says he loves, so he wants one of us to give it up," I added with just a hint of contempt. "It's not like that, not like that at all," Aaron added. "Kyle, if he would, do you want to fuck, oh sorry, make love to Aaron?" I asked, wanting to know what the other side of this relationship wanted. He looked at Aaron and smiled, and said, "Yes, with all of my heart. But only if he wants me to, not because he feels he has to," he answered.

Silence for a short period


"Kyle, I love you, I do…it's just…I don't know," Aaron whispered out, not knowing what to say, as this night was not panning out as he first saw it. "Aaron, I love you too…I love when you make love to me. I love how you make me feel. It's just I want to make you feel what I feel. "Kyle, I am a naturally dominant person, and I feel like it's my role…" He was cut off. "Aaron, sorry, but if you love him, dominance shouldn't play a part," Cal interjected. "Cal is the dominant partner, but it is never mentioned nor used. Yes, when he makes love to me, he takes control, and he is amazing. But, when I take him, I become the dominant one, and he loves it as much as I do," I said, looking into Cal's eyes. "Yes, babe, I love it," Cal added. "Aaron, open yourself up to the possibility, and if you do, make sure it is someone you care about and love. And if that person is Kyle, embrace it," Cal went on.

"Jesus, Aaron, you can have all the sexual experiences you like, but to be truly sated, make your first count," I added. And he looked over at Kyle and smiled, and leaned over to him, and kissed his lips. "I want you, and I want you now. I do love you, and they are right. I am being selfish, and I want to feel what you feel. So Kyle, take me, I want you to take me," he insisted, and then looked over to us.

"Guys, I am sorry, but can we leave this for another time. It is something we want to try, but right now, I need to be with Kyle…alone," Aaron said, and we just smiled, and agreed. "You need to be loved, and made love to, both of you. Don't treat sex so flippantly. It's not a game, its more than that," I said, pulling Cal to his feet. "If you want to try this again, well, we will see, but to be honest, right now, Cal is enough for me. He takes care of my needs and wants, as I believe I do for him," I said. Cal nodded, kissing my cheek. "Night, guys. Have fun," I said, walking out of Kyle's apartment.

"That was a good night. No sex, but a good night," Cal said, walking back to the car. "No sex, babe? When I get you back home I intend to ride you like a bronco," I sniggered out.

He replied, "I love the way your mind works," and added, "Speaking of bronco's, I guess this wouldn't have been your first rodeo. So come on, spill. When, and who with?" I looked at him, and fear hit me. How would he react if I told him about the night I had with Dale and Todd? I promised I wouldn't lie, but shit!!

"So when?" he asked, as we pulled into the drive. "I don't want to say, Cal. Please don't ask me. This could cause trouble…and we are happy…aren't we?" I said, looking into his eyes. "Josh, just tell me. I won't get mad…I promise!!" he said, looking into my soul. "Cal…I can't," I added, now unable to look at him, for fear of him working it out. "Can you at least tell me when?" he asked. What could I say? It was almost six months ago, and I have been, as he has been, truly faithful.

"About six months ago, just after we met, but before our first date. But, Cal, believe me, I have never cheated on you, and I have never contemplated it since. Believe me when I say it, I do love you," I said, with tears falling from my eyes. I hoped what I had just said, hadn't ruined what we have.

"Oh, okay…we were not strictly seeing each other, but…fuck!!" he said. Now he was not looking at me. "I knew this would happen, as soon as Aaron suggested this, I knew this would come back and bite me!" I said, also unable to look at Cal. "You said you hadn't cheated on me, and Josh, I believe you, but you have to be open and honest with me. Trust is a major part of any relationship, and it is important to me, so you have to tell me. So I know these guys? I am assuming they were guys." Cal asked. Again, he was looking into my very soul. "Trust, love. We need to be honest. You promised that from the start," he said, now holding my face.

"You have to promise me you won't freak, and you won't say anything. I need you to promise me Cal, please." I begged. "Okay, love, I promise. So, who was it?"

"Dale and Todd," I said. And the shocked look on his face was unreadable.

To be continued…

Well that cat is well and truly out of the bag.

Hope you are still with me on this; please drop me a line on how you think it is going, and to see how many are still reading it.


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