Castle Roland

Well That Was Unexpected

by David Spowart


Chapter 42

Published: 29 Jun 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I could hear music, sounds of pianos echoing in an open meadow, a white horse running free towards an open stream, a child running with a kite, playing with a small dog, barking at his young playmate. But the music was calming, smooth. It was relaxing. I could smell lavender on the breeze. Why was I here? I could remember standing on the court steps with Cal. Fuck! Cal, the gun shot, oh…oh, am I dead? Is this heaven? Is it purgatory?

"Josh…Josh," I heard a familiar voice. I could hear Cal. Shit, was he dead as well? Had Derrick done what he said he would do? Had he killed both of us? But, if we were together in death, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? I don't feel pain.

"Josh, babe," I heard again. I turned but I could not see him anywhere.

"Josh, can you hear me, Josh?" Shit, that was Lucas. Oh my god, how many shots did that sadistic bastard get off?

"Josh, come on babe," I heard again. I felt someone touch me, and the meadow was gone. I could see light, my eyes opened, and the face of an angel looking at me. "Cal, Cal, are you okay?" I moaned out. "Yes babe, you banged your head," he replied as I sat up, after lying down on the court steps. "What happened?" I asked, and Todd pointed down to bottom of the steps, where a police officer was putting a sheet over the slain body of Derrick Reynolds.

"Is he okay" yelled a police officer walking up towards us. "Yeah he's okay, just blacked out" yelled Lucas. I looked down the court steps and saw the covered body of my tormentor.

"That officer saw he was about to shoot. He had warned him to drop the weapon, but as soon as he raised the gun, the officer had no choice," Todd added, as I looked down on a young black police officer who had no doubt saved my life.

I cannot say I am unhappy how Derrick met his end; I now knew for certain the chapter in my life pertaining to Derrick Reynolds was at an end, and I can plan my education and my life with Calumn Kenner.

"You okay Josh" asked Cal, holding my arm pulling me back to my feet, a small bump appearing on the front of my brow. "Stressful situations" Lucas responded. "You are telling me" I replied as Lucas wrapped his arm around me.

"Gentlemen, we are going to need statements from each of you" Vera informed us. "So come in later on today and we will get them over and done with" she added. "Okay Vera, a couple of hours okay with you" I replied. "Yeah I have to get this report down to the captain as soon as possible" she added, holding her ample pregnant stomach "Careful Vera, enough drama for one day" I said as she walked away.

We gave our accounts of what happened and returned back home. The remainder of the day went without incident. Lucas called Mom and recounted the whole day to her. She was shocked to say the least. Lucas returned to Boston the following day with admiration from me and Cal, we love the little shit with everything we are.

The following few weeks were a blur. College work was a challenge. We passed all tests that we were presented with and we planned our trip to Florida to spend some time with Cal's family. We also planned on visiting Kenner Engineering when we had time for such a trip. I planned on interning at the soon to be our company, as would Cal. It was his Grandpa's idea. Summer would be interesting, I thought to myself.

The day we went back to court to witness the sentencing of Terry Reynolds and Rick Turner was as expected. We had also been informed that Duke had taken the deal presented to him. The advice of his lawyer was to accept or risk spending the remainder of his life behind bars. His sentence for the attack on me was twelve to fifteen years, eligible for parole in ten. I was just pleased I didn't have to go to court and go through the whole process again.

Terry was sentenced to twenty years before he would be eligible for parole, but still he would be only thirty-nine when he came out. A chance of a life, something Connor would not have a chance at. Rick was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, and, as Sarah predicted, the death sentence was removed from the table. But Rick would never see the light of freedom ever again. I personally couldn't have wished that on anyone, but this guy tried to kill Cal and me, so I would have made an exception in his case. We left court neither satisfied nor sad. A nineteen year-old was dead, and another would be in prison for a huge chunk of his life. There are no winners here.

"It's just such a waste," I said to Cal. "I mean, Connor is dead because they had decided that I didn't deserve to live because I was gay, and he got caught up in the middle of it," I added sadly. "Yeah, babe, I know, but they are paying for it now. Do you not think they are regretting their choices now? Well, okay, Derrick wouldn't even if he lived, but I am damn sure Terry is," Cal said, with an arm around my shoulder.

We went back to campus and prepared for our trip to Florida. We said our farewells to my friends and promised I would see them at the New Year. And we set off to Florida. The temperature change was welcomed. New York in December, as well as Boston, was freezing. So the break was much welcomed. "Babe, I hope they have air conditioning," I asked, "And I hope it works," I added.

The eight days we spent over Christmas in Florida was amazing. His grandmother I fell in love with as soon as I met her. She grabbed me immediately and pulled me into a hug. "Nice to finally meet you Joshua," she said, kissing my cheek. She proved to be an amazing woman.

We spent many hours in discussions of Cal's father's antics as a growing teenager. How he met Cal's mother, and how he doted on her every word and movement. Before his mother fell ill, they insisted she was a good woman, but after the illness she became, well…how she is now, a cast iron bitch!

They showed him a few photos he had not seen, as when he moved in with them they took all pictures of him down as not to cause Cal anymore distress. But since his father's untimely death and the will reading and the letter from his father, they thought it safe to put a few favourite ones back up. One in particular he loved, him in his powder blue tuxedo getting ready for the prom, and his graduation photo, that had pride of place.

We invited them to our wedding, which was planned for April, and invited them to stop with us in the Hamptons afterwards, for a couple of weeks, which they gracefully accepted.

We came downstairs on Christmas morning to exchange gifts. I had left Mom and Dad's presents at home over Thanksgiving, as they knew about the Florida trip. And to Lucas I gave money. Shit, he is sixteen, almost seventeen; I didn't know what to buy him. I gave Dale and Todd small gold chains. They liked them and said they would sort me out something when I returned to Boston for New Year. I bought Cal a thick gold chain and low and behold he bought me the exact same chain; great minds and all that.

We bought his grandparents a silver photo frame so they could place their favourite photograph in it, and Cal knew that would be a photo of his dad at graduation; they loved that photo of him.

His granddad then shocked us and handed Cal an envelope. We opened it and pulled out two first class tickets for Venice, Italy. "Wow, I love you both so much," Cal said, kissing first his Grandma and then Gramps. "Wow, this is too much," I added. "Nonsense, child," Gramps replied. "We love the pair of you, so we are paying for your honeymoon," he added, and I, like Cal, went and kissed the pair of them. As I said earlier…Amazing.

When the visit was over we said our goodbyes and headed off back home to Boston. We arrived back at the airport, and, as expected, it was fucking freezing. We both spoke of the trip to his grandparent's and the upcoming honeymoon.

"Yes, next year looked like it was going to be pretty amazing," I said to Cal, as we arrived back home. Mom's New Year's party was planned and I for one could do with some merriment, as this year has been one drama after another.

We arrived back home just before 3pm. I entered the house and saw a note stuck on the pantry door.

gone to see a show, be back around 8, love mom xx

"I need a shower," I told Cal. "Share?" he replied. "Did you need to ask?" I responded, walking up towards my room. "We don't have to be quiet either," I said with a shit-faced come-on-big-boy-fuck-me smile on my face. "Oh, you want my body?" he responded.

"No babe, I need your body," I replied slapping his ass. "Oh, you are going to get it," he yelled, chasing me into the bathroom. "I fucking hope so," I yelled as he grabbed me and pulled me into his chest.

"I don't think I could ever love anything as much as I love you, Mr.," he said to me with passion. He said it from his heart. I for one knew I would spend the rest of my life with this man, as long as there is no more fucking people like Derrick Reynolds in our path.

"Calumn, I love you so much it is painful," I replied, and kissed his lushes lips. His soft, delicate mouth opened and welcomed my hungry tongue, to do battle once again, and he would win, I fully intend to surrender.

"I need to feel you," I said, as I pulled my tongue from his mouth, licking his bottom lip as I retreated. "I need to be fucked by the man that can turn me into a puddle," I added. "Your wish, as always, is my duty to command and follow," he replied.

He slowly stripped, as did I. I can never get used to seeing my sex-on-legs take his clothes off. If there is a more beautiful sight, I am yet to see it; he was perfection. Channing Tatum couldn't hold a candle to my lover, and, for once, a person of many a jack off session, he doesn't even compare anymore, not in my life anyway.

I dropped to my knees and took his solid cock into my mouth, his pre-cum already flowing. Well, eight days of just handjobs in Florida just doesn't do it. "Mmmmmm, yeahhh," he moaned out, as I worked my tongue on the sensitive area of his cock. I took him to the back of my throat. I had to adjust for him to enter my throat and swallow his cock, my throat muscles worked in tandem with the rest of my mouth to give him, as he has informed me many a time, the perfect blowjob.

"Ohhh my godddddddd," he moaned out with a guttural moan.

He pulled out of my mouth and smiled down at me. "Stand up babe," I did as ordered. I loved it when he took charge, as the outcome was always the same, me totally sated. "In the shower, and face the wall, legs spread," he instructed.

I did as told, my legs spread wide open, and he was now on his knees, licking at my expecting hole. "Ohhhh fuccckkkkkk," I whimpered out, and he giggled, as I was butter at his touch, and I was melting. He pressed hard with his tongue, forcing his way in. He lapped at my ass lips. He ate at my ass like I was feeding him a lifesaving concoction. He also knew exactly what he was doing. He was entering my twilight zone I called planet slut. I was its leader and I was the slutted one. He began to push his fingers, easing me open for what I hoped was going to come.

He had three inside me, twisting in all directions. I once again was panting like a cheap slut, and I had no control over it. He was in command of the good ride Josh, and he was going to take it for a spin.

"Please, Cal, I need you in me now," I begged, and I was not going to apologise for it either. He was my drug of choice and I needed my fix. "Cal, please," I begged, and the bastard laughed at me. "Stop fucking teasing me and do your duty," I demanded.

And soon he was pressing inside me. He entered me in one swift god-making motion. He bottomed out. He didn't wait for me to get adjusted, he just rammed continuously into me. He knew I needed fucking and taken as rough as he could muster without hurting me, and to be honest I don't think he could have hurt me at that moment. The feelings flowing through my body at that moment were unimaginable. I was on my favourite holiday island, and I never wanted to return.

"You like that, baby?" he smouldered out. "Ohhhh yeahhhhhh," I whimpered out, sweat now pouring from both of us. "Cal, don't stop…fuck!!!!!!!" I screamed at him, he was hitting my button of joy with every god-ramming stroke. He pounded me with relentless ease. I felt every inch of love he wanted, no needed, to give me. The way he was making me feel was…well perfect.

A few minutes later I was pushed into the tiled wall of the shower. He was now fucking up into me, and that did it. I shot my load, as did he. I covered the tiles, and he covered my insides. I screamed his name as I came, and he bit my shoulder blade as he shot his. We were unable to talk. Our breath was labored. We struggled to get air into our lungs. He just held onto me, as no doubt not to show love, but to stay upright.

"Is that enough love for you?" he eventually asked. I turned around as his cock slid from its home, faced him nose to nose, "Yeah babe…for now," I replied.

He gently, tenderly, cleansed my body as I did his. I was tender with every inch of him. I cleaned the crack of his ass, and then the object of so much of my joy that afternoon, and then, when cleaned, I kissed the head of his cock and said "Good job," and stood and kissed Cal on the lips. "Did you just say `good job' to my dick?" he asked. "Yeah, he understands my needs and he doesn't back talk me, like you do," I replied, kissing his nose.

We dried each other off, and climbed into bed for a nap before my parents returned. He wrapped his arm around me as I sunk my head into his chest, and we both drifted off into a very contented sleep.

Sometime later…

Knock! Knock!

"Erhhhh, come in," I yawned out, and the door to my bedroom began to open, as I hastily pulled the covers over my and Cal's naked bodies.

"Oh, hey Mom, how was the show?" I asked, hoping she hadn't worked out what we had been doing. Cal now sounded like an express train going through a tunnel. I swear how he doesn't wake himself up is beyond me.

"It was good. Lucas almost wet himself," she replied, and I began to wake Cal up, as it was obviously dinnertime with the smells drifting from downstairs. "Jeff Dunham was hilarious," she added, and I was now poking the side of Cal to wake him up.

"What is it babe, you ready for round two already?" he yawned out, not noticing my mom standing in the room and her face going the shade of red I know all too well.

"Evening, Calumn," Mom said and Cal sat straight up, pulling the cover from himself and exposing himself to my mother.

"Shit, shit," he cried out pulling the cover over himself, and my mother trying to avert her eyes. I was killing myself with laughter, I struggled to breath.

"Josh, you are not helping," Cal berated me, and my sides were aching, as he tried several times to cover up.

"Boys, dinner in five minutes," Mom said, making a hasty retreat, closing the door. "Asshole," Cal responded, and again the laughter coming from me was relentless.

"You are so fucking lucky I am in love with you Mr.," he said, pulling me on top of him. "Or I would gladly kick your ass," he added, kissing my lips.

"My ass is sore enough, thank you very much," I replied, and he laughed at that one.

We dressed pretty quickly and went down stairs. Mom was about to start serving. Lucas was trying his best to be Jeff Dunham with a pillowcase (failing), but Dad was finding it funny, as Lucas' lips moved more than normal. "You suck," I yelled, sitting at the table. "Not as often as you do, bro," and the shade of red that Mom had suffered was now on mine, at Lucas' retort.

"Lucas, enough of that sort of talk when your Mom is here," dad berated him, but smiling as he did so. "Sorry, Dad," he replied, with the same shit-faced grin.

We enjoyed the meal prepared by Mom, fantastic as usual; she also had some food baking for the following day's festivities. She always managed to plan things well ahead. Dad sat eating a more healthy meal. He looked a bit pissed that we were enjoying steaks and he had a chicken breast, no skin. But he knew he needed a healthier regime since his recent health scare.

We sat talking about what we were looking forward to in the coming year. I knew what I was looking forward to: marrying Cal, moving to the Hamptons, and getting on with my education. My good friends will be coming with me, and for me the past year can go where it belongs. History, the past, Derrick is dead, I am not sorry about that, he was a nasty piece of work, a veritable wolf in sheep's clothing, who sort to cause misery for others. So, good riddance to bad rubbish.

After we talked, we watched some TV and talked some more. And then we headed out as we were meeting the guys at the batting cages.

"Back later, Mom" I said as we walked down to Cal's truck. We drove the short distance and parked up and walked to the batting cages. Tom and Lacy were already there and Chris and Aaron were walking towards the cages from the opposite side of the park.

"Hey guys, good Christmas?" Lacy asked. "Yeah, perfect, and yours?" I replied. "Yeah, Mom was good, she had a date," she added. "And your Dad?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sure he had someone to persecute," she replied.

About another thirty minutes passed before Kyle, Todd, and Dale turned up, both guys missing Laura and Lisa, and Kyle snaking his arm around Aaron. Liam was away with his jock buddies to play some New Year game up state, so he was missing. I was happy he was making an effort to be a friend again; we were friends since we were kids.

We hit a few balls, Todd winning by a mile, before we heard the inevitable voice. "Hey what the fuck's this, a fag rally?" Mark shouted, coming over the hill. "Fuck bro, engage brain!" Dale yelled. "Oh, shut the fuck up, they know I'm only messing," Mark responded to the scolding he was getting from my best friend. "Yeah, but still, it gets old pretty quick," Dale added. "Yeah well…" from Mark.

We shot the shit for an hour or so before heading home. Lucas didn't come with us tonight as the little shit had a date to go to. Hope he didn't try and impress the girl with that lame ventriloquist act. He sucked big time. We arrived home with Mom and Dad sitting watching the old version of Total Recall, and just as it finished, Mom asked if we wanted something to eat, which we declined. We had some hot chocolate and waited for my little brother to return home.

Soon afterwards…

"Hey, little man," Cal said, as Lucas came through the door. "How was it, did we get any?" I asked, trying to embarrass the little shit like he did me earlier. "Josh, please not while your mother is here," Dad berated me for being crude. Yeah, okay Mom was sitting there, but what the fuck.

Luc had a smile on his face that spoke volumes. He definitely got something and I will ask later on when the `rents weren't around. He came over, sat beside Cal and me, leaned over and whispered, "She kissed me," and smiled. He was about to turn seventeen next month and just had his first real date.

"Tongues?" I asked, whispering back. "Yeah," he blushed. "I like her Josh," he added. "Yeah I can see that. Just be careful, this is still high school, remember?" I replied. "Plenty of time for that stuff in college. Trust me," I added, and smiled at Cal.

The night eventually wound down. Cal and I slipped off to bed. We showered and climbed into bed, but didn't have sex. That afternoon session more than wore me out, and, despite having a nap afterwards, I was still beat.

New Year's Eve

Mom's perfect planning went without a single problem. All of our friends arrived just after 10pm. We danced; we had yard heaters outside so we could mill around and not be all stuck inside. I reminisced with friends new and old. I spoke of my trials of the year, my attacks and the subsequent trial. Cal spoke of his father and how he wanted to reconnect but died and didn't get the chance to say what he wanted to. I told them how I completed my therapy just before we came out for Christmas and New Year but since the trial I will keep seeing her for a few more months. Secretly, so will Cal, because of his little depression episode. He has shown no sign of a repeat, but as they say it's good to talk.


"Come here, babe," I shouted over to Cal, and he walked over about thirty seconds before the ball dropped on TV. "I want to be the last person you kiss and the first person of next year," I said, holding him tight. "Looking forward to next year with you," he replied.

"I love you, Cal," and "I love you, Josh," and we kissed 2012 away, and thank god…here is hoping for a better 2013

The End…for now

Well I hope you enjoyed book 1 of this story of Josh and Calumn. There will be more to come in book 2, It will still be called Well That Was Unexpected, and it will state chapter 43, but titled book 2, so look out for it. I finished writing book 1 on 12th of August 2012. So I should have some chapters written for book 2 by time you read this last chapter.

Thanks for you're sticking by Josh's journey


And a special thank you for Russ Jones my editor. I couldn't have managed without you my friend. Russ has been an immense help with my poor punctuation and grammar. But now he is retiring from his editing duties, and I for one am sad to see him drop out of Josh and Cal's story. Thanks Man.

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