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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 1

Published: 6 Jul 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

New Year's was an absolute blast. I had gotten to meet Lucas's girl, and she was sweet. I can see what Luke sees in her. She is bright, she has a brain and she is beautiful. We talked for like forever. She wants to be a Doctor, as does Lucas. Mind you, last year it was a NASCAR driver; but a new woman in his young life changed his mind.

We planned our trip back to New York. Todd had chosen his new mode of transport. The insurance money from his crash had never been touched, and various gifts from his parents and grandparents had built up quite well. So, he bought a new pickup truck.

Cal wanted to buy one also, as his old one was looking a bit worse for wear; but it was his Gramps, and is feeling a bit disloyal if he gets rid of it. "Cal, if you want to buy one, get one. Your gramps would not mind. He would probably tell you to crush the old piece of junk anyway" I told him, and laughed. "I know, it's just…I don't feel right" he answered.

We stood next to the thing. I could see he was conflicted; his chin resting on the top, looking across the street at Todd's new baby. He let out a small sigh. I then hit on an idea that may buck him up a bit.

"Ok, next best thing, then" I started. "What?" he replied. "Fix it up. We can do the work at school, and have it ready before we start the fall semester; before we move to the Hamptons" I replied. "Fuck, why didn't I think of that?" he responded.

"Look, we can get some books on it. We will strip and rebuild the engine, fix the holes in the bodywork, replace the transmission as it's almost shot, and re-spray it when done. It will look fantastic when completed" I added.

"I am sure we can find a garage to rent where we can work on it. It will give us something to take our minds off of college work; and stop us wearing each other out, fucking like rabbits" I laughed.

"I like being a rabbit" he replied. "Fucking horn dog" I responded, kissing his gorgeous lips. "Fuck dude, can't you leave him alone for one second?" yelled Dale, coming up our driveway.

"Would you stop kissing Lisa if I told you to?" I asked. "Fuck! No way, man" he laughed out.

"How is she, by the way?" Cal asked. "Missing me" he said smugly. "And you?" I queried. "Shit dude, like you wouldn't believe" he replied. "I hear you, Dale. I do" I added.

"You all sorted for the trip back?" I asked, as the loud blast of a car horn interrupted us. "Hey fuckwads, what do you think of my new ride?" yelled Todd, sporting his new pickup. "Todd, we've seen it, already" I replied. "Listen to this. I just had it installed" he informed us, as he blasted some Justin Beiber track. He still swears it was by mistake; but I am thinking not.

After we stopped pissing ourselves laughing at his mishap with the music track; he played a Black Eyed Peas song called `Pump It', and did that song rock from his car. "Fuck! Dude, that must have cost a bundle" I said. "Dad paid for it as an extra" he told us. "Some system, dude" Dale said, with admiration.

"Laura will love it" Todd said, with starry eyes. Like Dale, he was missing the twins.

"So, is Aaron all sorted for the trip?" I asked Todd. He smiled and replied, "Yeah, he and Kyle are traveling back in his truck" he snickered. "What's funny?" I asked. "Well, he had his truck detailed; and, let's say he and Kyle re-christened it" he replied. "What do you mean? Oooohh, Christened it" I said, when the penny finally dropped.

"How do you know?" Cal asked. "I sort of caught them in his garage, when I called round…talk about embarrassed" he laughed out.

"Okay guys. I will see you tomorrow morning, bright and early" Dale said, leaving with Mark and headed home. "Yeah, see you when you faggots come back" added Mark. "Fuck, dude, use that fucking thing called a brain before you speak. FUCK!!" berated Dale, admonishing his brother as they left.

"I am only ragging on them. Fuck. They know I love the shit out of them. Give me a break" bitched Mark, looking at his brother.

"Okay, Dudes. I am splitting, as well. See you in the morning, okay?" Todd said, as he walked across the road to his home.

"So, what do you want to do, Babe?" I asked Cal, as he stood looking at Todd's truck, parked in our driveway. "Nothing, just chill, I guess" he responded. "Cal, by time we're finished with your truck, it will look amazing. Yeah, Todd's kicks ass; but it's manufactured. Yours will be …Unique! Classic!" I exclaimed, as Cal eventually took his eyes off Todd's baby.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug, nuzzling his chin into the crook of my neck. "Babe, I think 2013 will be our year" he whispered, and I had to agree with him. We walked into the house and sat in the den.

"I am pleased to see the back of last year; so much fucking drama. Let's have a drama free year, okay? Promise me that" he said. I replied, "We can try, but life happens" I informed him.

"Did you tell your parents the date for our wedding yet?" Cal asked. "Yeah, they know we moved it from April to May. Finals get in the way and they understand that. "I am looking forward to the honeymoon. Eight weeks in Europe; I cannot wait" I responded, giddy as a school boy.

"Well, Gramps said enjoy ourselves, and ten grand will certainly do that" he replied, and smiled, leaning in and kissing my lips.

"Dudes, get a room" Lucas laughed out. "Thought you had a date, bro?" I asked. "I did. It's eleven thirty" he replied. I looked at the clock, and he was correct; we had been snuggling and talking for a couple of hours.

"Where are Mom and Dad?" Lucas asked. "Dad took Mom to see a show, and then staying in a hotel for the night" I replied. "Ohh, Dad is getting some" Lucas replied. "Bro, don't give me that image, please" I laughed out.

"So, Katelyn, she a keeper?" I asked Lucas, and he blushed a bit. "Josh, I like her. I mean, I really like her" he replied. "Yeah, I can see that bro, and I can tell how she looks at you" I added. "I just don't wanna mess this up, that's all" he sighed. "Lucas, she has gone out with you, do you hear what I am saying? Not some hot shot quarterback or other sports freak; so do not try and be something you are not. Just be yourself, okay?" I replied.

"Yeah I know. Thanks Josh" he added, and kissed me on the cheek. "I'll leave you two alone. I have some assignments I need to get my head around" he said, before heading upstairs.

"Ahh, to be 17 again, and falling for the first time" Cal said, wrapping his arms around me. "Yeah, he has to have a first; we all did" I replied, holding his arms tight to my body.

"You know who my first was; okay, sex wise, that is. I never fell for anyone before you; so who was your first?" I enquired. "Dufus, you know fine and well it was Jake" he mock scorned at me. "So, he was the first then?" I replied. "Yeah, I mean I had fantasies and stuff; but yeah, he was my first. As you said, we have to have a first. Only a lucky few meet their life partner, their soul mate, first time around. The rest of us have to have a mistake to finally meet their true one" he whispered, and kissed my lips; softer than he had ever kissed me before, and fuck, he had never turned me on more.

The rest of the night slowly passed. We talked about things that had happened, like the sentencing of my and Connors attackers; and things that are set to happen, all that is in hand that I can control, the rest is the past. But this year, I am looking only forward.

Derrick is dead. That is always a good start when I think of those things; and my therapy is almost complete, the nightmares are few and far between. Yeah, sometimes I still get freaked. Who wouldn't? I still panic sometimes when out alone, but was assured by Dr Benit that this would pass. But the love I have for Cal is strong, as his is for me; and I see that every day.

I went to bed contemplating the hope of this being an uneventful academic year. Our studies had been troubled, but we were not that far from getting it on track. Yeah, we fool around. Shit, we are still horny young guys; but we don't neglect the reason we went to New York in the first place. Just the fact evil got in the way of a comfortable college year.

Our planned Wedding will go ahead. Some interning during the summer at Kenner Engineering was also being arranged; but that will be done on the down low. Cal said he never went to his dad's office, so nobody except his Grandpa knows who we would be. For the rest of the staff, we were just to be two interns. I, for one, was looking forward to that.

"What are you thinking about, that smile?" Cal asked.

"Just looking forward to this year being less eventful; well, in the bad stuff, anyway" I replied. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, and we held each other like we usually do and drifted off to a comfortable sleep.


We all ate breakfast, courtesy of Mom. I was surprised she remembered to cook enough to cover both Todd and Luke. We said our goodbyes and set off for New York. We were on the road for a couple of hours before we pulled over into a service station. We filled the tanks, had coffee and stretched our legs.

"Hey Cal, can Josh stay with you tonight?" asked Dale. "Oh, why, a bit of Lisa time is it?" I asked. "Damn right, dude, me needs to get some" he sniggered out.

"Err, dude, what about me?" asked Todd.

"Fuck off; like you are not going to Laura's" spat Dale.

"Hey, I need a rest. I am sure she can keep for 1 night" he replied, and then cracked up in laughter. "Who the fuck am I kidding?" he added.

"Deranged buffoons" yelled Cal.

"Wow, you have never sounded more Scottish" laughed Dale.

"Okay, lets hit the road. I am starving" I insisted. "What? You ate breakfast just over 3 hours ago" insisted Todd. "Dude, you left a sausage and a piece of toast" I informed him.

"I'm a growing boy, I need my sustenance. I am going to need all the energy I can muster for a certain lady who cannot, and I will repeat that part, cannot wait for me to get to her" smirked Todd, with a leer in his demeanor.

"Fucking horn dog" I responded. "Damn right" he replied.

We hit the road and soon we could see the campus lights. We arrived shortly after four; the parking lot was full, some new cars were amongst them. Cal parked the rust bucket next to a new Corvette, and it looked like the truck out of Cars, the cartoon.

"Shit, my truck looks like crap" he bemoaned, as Todd slid in beside him. "Fuck, it's a shit sandwich" yelled Todd. Dale drove up and parked next, but two along.

"We start this transformation as soon as we find a garage" I informed him. "So, is this right what Josh told me, you are going to pimp your ride?" asked Todd. "That's the plan" he replied.

"Need help? I worked on Dad's all last summer, so I know a bit about engines and shit" he added, "And guys, as much as this is going to annoy the shit out of me, he does know engines" added Dale.

"Yeah, the more the merrier" Cal responded, realising he had inherited some awesome friends. "We need to find a garage or a lock up" I spoke up, managing to get a word in. "See, Dave, Nick and he fixed up his old Chevy during the summer" replied Dale.

"Okay, he should know somewhere then; and tools, we need to find that shit. Parts, we can source them over the internet, and a kick ass music system; and, no Todd, before you ask, no hydraulics. This is my car, not some show off piece" Cal said, looking over at Todd.

"You are fucking spooky sometimes" he replied.

"No, just saw your mind working overtime" replied Cal.

"Okay, still starving. Let's hit Starbucks" I insisted. "We can dump our stuff later" I added.

We were not even inside Starbucks for five minutes before the guys were texting two certain young females, and the smiles that crossed both their faces must have had their balls tingling.

Ten minutes later, the twins came through the door; and both Dale and Todd stood up and waited for their respective girl to go to the right one; as, even now, they cannot work out which one was which. I, however, as could Cal, knew who was who. Body language was slightly different between the two of them.

I heard something I wasn't expecting ever to hear from Todd; well, not for a while anyway.

"Laura I love you so much, it hurt to be apart" he said loud enough for everyone to hear. "I love you too dufus" she responded, planting a kiss on his willing and very eager lips. If he was not hard now, he never will be. I smiled at the affection between both my friends and their chosen girls.

"Oh great. Food!" I proclaimed as the waiter brought over my toasted Panini. I looked out of the window and spotted Nick walking towards the Coffee shop. I was shocked to see who had come with him. He walked in, ordered his drinks, and approached us.

"Hey guys. Good holidays?" he asked. We greeted him, but Todd's eyes hadn't left the person standing next to him.

"Hello Candice, you look well" Responded Todd, with words that were more forced than his usual greeting. "Thank you Todd, you look good, too" she replied.

"Oh, you know each other?" replied Nick, and Todd just chuckled. "You could say that" he replied. Laura was intrigued at this exchange. "We go way back, but I will let you tell him all about it, Candice. I have found the one I can love and trust" he said, pulling softly on Laura, to show he meant it.

"Just be careful Nick, that's all I will say" responded Todd.

"Can't you just let sleeping dogs lie" responded Candice, with some venom to her words. "Will someone explain what is going on here?" asked Nick, looking somewhat lost at the exchange between Todd and his girlfriend.

"Do you remember Todd's crash last year?" asked Dale. "Well yeah, he totalled his car, and broke a few bones; something about a chick lying about being knocked up" Replied Nick.


"No, Candice, that was you?" asked Nick, shock radiating from every pore.

"I thought I was, I was convinced I was" she responded.

"What about the other guy? You told them both that you were knocked up and they had to pay to get it aborted; and you knew you were not pregnant" I spat out.

"You make me sound like some slut tramp" she replied.

"You said it, girl" replied Laura.

"And what would you know about it?" Candice insisted.

"I know you gave head to at least 3 guys during a frat party. I know that much, and what was it you said to Todd? Oh yeah. He told me all about Candice, the campus bike. He was the only one fucking you; but even that was a lie, wasn't it?" scolded Laura, defending her man; and I liked this side of Laura.

"Is this true?…Is it?" demanded Nick.

"Not all of it…I never said I was an angel" she replied.

"Oh, good! It's good to find this shit out before I had too much invested" replied Nick. As we watched, Candice was getting a tongue lashing she has long been overdue. "Goodbye" was Nick's response. "You are kidding, right?" she replied. "Nope, I can get a scuzzy tramp anywhere. I don't need a high maintenance one. See you later. There's the door, don't let it smack your ass on the way out" replied Nick being harsh; but if any girl deserved no sympathy, Candice fit that bill.

She stormed out, screaming obscenities in our direction. "Why do I attract trouble" Nick bemoaned. "Dude, you are well rid; she would have screwed you over sooner rather than later" Todd responded. "Besides, when did you hook-up?" asked Todd

"Just before thanksgiving" he replied. "So, she was the one who caused your freak out?" Nick asked. "Yeah! Almost killed myself. Stupid bitch!" Todd spat out.

"Nick, I know this is not the best time; but where did you fix up Dave's ride? We are planning to fix up Cal's rust bucket" asked Todd, pointing into the parking lot at the truck that looked like its previous owner was Jed Clampett.

"Oh, there are workshops just over on Mulholland. Dave's cousin worked there. They rent out units, and they let us use the big stuff; you know, engine pull's and such. Do you want me to ask Dave to see if he can hire a unit for you?" he asked.

"If you don't mind" Cal replied.

"Consider it a done deal, dude. Look, I am messed up over Candice, so I am off, okay?" responded Nick, as he stood and walked out.

"Fuck, we are back less than a half an hour, and drama" I bemoaned. "Well yeah, but she is a drama queen" insisted Todd, and we had to agree.

"Hey guys, I am going to drop my stuff back at the dorm; then I am heading to Laura's" said Todd. He stood up, closely followed by his girl.

Aaron and Kyle eventually arrived.

"Took your sweet time" replied Todd, pulling his best friend into a bear hug. "Yeah, we stopped a few times" he replied. "I don't want to know. I saw enough of that shit yesterday" Todd said, and let him go.

"Okay guys, see you later" he repeated, and he and Laura left the coffee shop. "Both desperate" Lisa laughed out, and we snickered; because she doesn't know the half of it.

"You ready to get back?" Cal asked as we stood up. "Can't believe we have classes tomorrow" Dale bemoaned. "World goes on, my friend" as I hugged him, and we parted company after I welcomed Aaron and Kyle.

"You find your dorm?" I asked.

"Yeah, and christened it" laughed Kyle.

"Oh, I can see this is going to be an interesting semester" I laughed out.

"Okay guys, we will see you tomorrow. Go explore, and take care, okay?" I said, and kissed their cheeks before we headed back to our dorm for the night.

"It's good to be back" I added, walking back into my dorm complex, after standing for a few seconds next to the tree. Thinking of the previous year's events, I knew they were things I am not ever likely to forget.

"I bet the air conditioning is working as its freezing" I sniggered walking in with Cal.

To be continued…

Ok the guys are back for another year of fun, sex and drama. As usual let me know what you think


Plus I would like to acknowledge the contribution again of Russ Jones, he edited the last story all 42 chapters and kept me on track. Hope Jerry does the same as my punctuation as one reader said was a kin to a 5th grader c student. Harsh but opinions are opinions. Lol

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