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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 2

Published: 13 Jul 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I woke up early with Cal still lightly snoring. As promised, Todd spent the night with Laura. We did not make love the previous night; too exhausted. I removed myself from my bed and took a shower. I felt invigorated when I was done. I returned and Cal was sitting up and smirking at me.

"What" I enquired.

"Nothing, it's just, this is us, this is what we are" he replied. "Make sense man" I smirked back. "You are 20, I am 21...I love just being here with you. My heart used to ache when we were apart...but now...I am no more than a minute away from you. Not a lot can happen when I am just 3 doors away" he added.

"Don't jinx it! With the year we have had...don't ever tempt fate" I said, leaning into him and kissing his perfect lips. "I could just about stay here all day" I said, still lightly kissing his lips. "Yeah, me too; but we have classes today, so hold that thought" Cal replied.

"Yeah, I want to hold your thought" I said, as I slid my hand over his inflating cock. "Fuck Josh, we don't have time" he laughed, and me sounding somewhat disappointed. "Todd will be here soon anyway" he added. I knew he was right; but due to tiredness, I didn't get any the previous night.

Knock! Knock! "Is it safe to come in or do I need to blindfold myself" laughed Todd. "Dipshit, come in" I yelled, and Todd and Dale walked in. "So, you two happy now?" I asked. "She knows I love her" responded Dale, with a smug, shitfaced grin. "Yeah, she knows all too well" he added. "Don't need to know the details: but I take it you got some last night?" I was stupid enough to ask.

"Yep! Twice last night and once this morning" Dale added. "Fuck dude, horny much?" Todd interjected. "What, and you watched TV last night, right?" Dale scorned. "Ermm No" Todd laughed. "So, which one of you is walking with a limp this morning?" asked Dale, trying to be so not funny.

"Neither. We went to sleep" replied Cal. "Bullshit" laughed Todd. "Seriously, we just cuddled and slept" I added. "I believe you; but fucking millions wouldn't" Laughed Dale. "Okay, shift your asses. I have a class in forty minutes, and I need breakfast" replied Todd, again thinking of his stomach.

I got dressed, and Cal showered quickly: and fifteen minutes later we were in the school canteen getting what the college called food. I, myself, called it cardboard cut-outs shaped as food, and had the same taste.

"At least the coffee is good" I said, as Kyle and Aaron walked into the cafeteria. Todd raised his hand to wave them over, and we were spotted.

"Hey guys, how was the campus exploration?" Cal asked, as Kyle sat down with a grimace on his face. "What's up with you?" I asked. "First off, the campus is awesome; and I'm fine" replied Kyle. Todd looked on and couldn't help himself. "Looks like something else got christened last night" he laughed, and that comment was picked up almost immediately.

"What?" asked Kyle, and Aaron leaned over and whispered into his ear. "You are kidding right?...the garage?" he whispered. "Yeah" replied Aaron, and the shade of red that I knew all too well was spreading across his face; as the realisation that he now knew that he had been spotted a couple of days ago being fucked in the back of Aarons pick-up truck.

We talked just a short time before we had to go to class.

We parted ways and headed off to our respective classes. Cal and I had engineering first. I then had English lit after that. Then, we both had advanced mathematics later in the day; but we would meet up for lunch, first.

The first class was our favourite, and it was the class we first met; well, met and talked anyway. The professor outlined the requirement for this semester and what our goals should be. We both would be interning at Kenner engineering during the summer, and extra credit would be gained.

Professor Millard started talking about outside assignments, and then produced an image of a building known all too well by Cal

"People, calm down. Can anyone tell me what this building is?" he asked. Nobody raised their hand until Cal couldn't help himself. "Yes Sir" he said. "Okay Calumn, explain" he said. "Yes professor, it's the Federal building in Chicago" he said proudly, a building from his home town. "Anything else?" he continued. "Yes Sir, it was designed and built by Calumn James Kenner" he concluded. I was not aware of that bit of information; as I thought Gramps was an engineer, not an architect.

"And, he is my Grandfather" he added, and the class began to chatter amongst themselves. "And what was unique about the building's design, Calumn?" he asked. "Professor, it was designed and accepted by the developers while my Grandfather was still in college," he concluded, smiling.

"Exactly! So, for a project, I want you to come up with a design concept for your semester's worth of extra credit" he informed us. "Let's see if you are as good as your grandfather, Calumn" he added, and smiled at both of us. The last project he gave us was knocked out of the park. I, for one, looked forward to this; and his grandfather could help us in this little project.

"So, your gramps was a genius?" I asked. "He was great at architecture; but loved engineering, and the latter won" he finished. "Okay, I need some coffee" I said, and edged him out the door and headed for Starbucks. As we walked, we saw a bench being placed near the tree; so we walked over toward it, and noticed the plaque on the back of the bench.

"In Memory of my loving son, Connor Brian. He loved life 1992-2012"

"That is beautiful" I said, as we watched a few people come past. They looked and walked on, except a couple of freshman. "Who was this guy?" one asked. "No idea. Must have had cancer or something" the other replied, and walked on.

"Don't people read?" I bemoaned,

"Yesterday's news; isn't that what they say" Cal added.

"Coffee" I said, and headed once again to the coffee shop.

I sat down, bemoaning the fact that new starters here had not become aware of the events of last year. I mean, it was a murder case. It was on TV, and in the press. Okay, it was in the murder capital of the world, New York; but still...fuck!.

"So, what are you doing in English Lit?" Cal asked, and I looked at the required reading list. "Fuck, I hate this book" I began. "The importance of being Earnest" I said. "Oh, I read that in highschool" he said. "Yeah, me too" I responded. "Oh, this one looks interesting; bit strange for an English lit class" I said. "What?" he asked.

"My beautiful laundrette" I replied. "Seen the movie?" he asked. "I think so. Gay guys, right?" I asked. "Yeah, if my memory serves" he replied. "Well, I hope it's not the first one" I added. "Oh, hey Laura, all set?" I asked, as she approached our table. "Yeah. An hour of talking Literature; can't wait" she replied in a sarcastic tone. "You not a fan?" I asked. "Not really; but I needed another core subject, and you were in it, so I thought, why not" she informed me. "Trust me, you will have fun" I replied, and smiled.

I kissed Cal on the cheek; because, after last year, I couldn't give a shit if people didn't like it. I have over the past twelve months earned the right to be myself. I don't have a problem with it; if other do...tough shit. Cal said through highschool he had to toughen up or die. He toughened up, and learned mixed martial arts. He kicks ass; I have seen him, and in slow me, it was like pause in fast forward at the same time. So, this year I will ask him to teach me some of that shit. Doormat no more.

We took our seats and the discussion was quite funny; discussing Twain to Hemmingway, to Salmon Rushdie. His controversial book,' the Satanic Verses'; not my kind of book ,so will give that a wide berth. The required reading book chosen was "The Barchester Chronicles" by Anthony Trollope, and "Middlemarch" by George Eliot. Second year would be a challenge; even I could see that.

"It's not hard Laura. You read one chapter, we discuss it, and write a short piece outlining the pros and cons of that chapter" I informed her. "Look, we will work on it together; I won't let you hang" I added. "You are too good, you know that?" she replied, as we left the class room; her arm linked with mine. We walked a short while and walked up to Todd, propped against a locker.

"Erm something I need to be worried about?" he asked, as we approached. "Oh yeah, she's straightened me out. Sorry you had to find out like this" I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Oh, that's handy. I have a huge man crush on Cal, so this could work out" he said, in a smart ass manner, with a huge smile splashed across his face.

"Only If" Cal said, walking up behind him. "Lunch?" responded Todd. "Typical... food or sex, nothing in between" I said, letting go of Laura. "Meeting Dale in the cafeteria" he replied. "Okay, I could do with some cardboard to eat, anyway" I laughed out.

"It's not that bad, dude" Todd responded.

"Spoiled, Mom's home cooking" I replied.

"Yeah, your Mom is an awesome cook" Todd added, and trust me, how he does not weigh the same as his truck is a mystery of life. He is still cut; but he needs to watch out, his metabolism could change overnight and flab out.

"So, you are going out for quarterback this year?" I asked Todd. "I'm gonna give it a shot. Second string last year went well, but the starting quarterback graduates soon, so it's up for grabs" he added. "You'll get it; just be you and you will see" I added. "I have a few months to prove it to the coach" Todd added.

We walked into the cafeteria and Dale was already seated with Lisa. We grabbed our cardboard, okay food, and sat beside them. "You look happy" I said, sitting down A shitfaced grin was plastered all over my bestfriends face.

"Yeah I know. It's a way off, but we were discussing spring break" He replied. "Oh? What about it?" I asked. "Thinking of going somewhere; you know, us, as a group" he replied. "Any idea where?" Todd asked. "No, just talking at the minute; but it's at the beginning of March, so we need to decide" Dale added.

"Okay, can I say something first?" Cal interjected. We all turned around and looked at him. "My grandparents are back in Chicago. I have 3 homes. I am not boasting, as they will be mine and Josh's soon enough; but I have 3 homes. We can choose one and spend spring break there" Cal happily informed us.

"Florida, the Hamptons, or Chicago" he added.

And, without any prompting, Laura, Lisa, and Myself said "Florida!" and silence. A smile came across our relevant partners faces. "Okay, settled! Spring break in Florida" Cal proclaimed. "Thanks babe" I whispered into his ear. "My pleasure" he kissed me.

"Oh, for fuck sake! We do not need to see that shit while we eat" a new student shouted, sitting with his buddies. "Shut the fuck up". A jock, who I just about recognised, stood up and approached the loud-mouthed dick.

We could not hear what was being said; but a second, then third jock, sat at the table and the three guys that were sitting looked panicked. The one who had shouted at us was looking in our direction, I don't know what was being said but I could just about work it out, the guy then stood up, nodded his head, picked up his tray, and disposed of it. He stopped by the door, turned around and walked toward us. Straight away Cal stood up, being defensive.

"Sorry Man, I was just showing off. I mean, shit...look, I mean it; I am sorry for shouting over. I saw you this morning by the bench for that Colin kid" he began. "Connor, Connor Brian" I corrected. "Yeah, Connor. Well, Dillon just told us what happened to him, and you; so, again, sorry man. You didn't deserve that shit then, and you certainly don't need it coming from a lame brained idiot like me "he berated himself, "Honestly man, new school and paying to the crowd" he added.

"Don't beat yourself up over it; I have heard worse, trust me" I informed him, letting him off the hook, somewhat. "Just watch what you say" Cal added.

"What is your name, anyway?" I asked. "Billy, Billy Layton" he informed us. "What?" asked Todd. "Billy Layton" he repeated.

"Where are you from, man?" Todd asked. "Lincoln, Lincoln Massachusetts" he replied. "You are joking, right?" Todd asked, incredulously. "No man, why?" he asked. "We are from Boston, and my name is Layton, Todd Layton" Todd added.

"You shitting me?" Billy asked, now taking a seat. "So, what is your Mamma called?" Todd asked. "Betsy. My Dads name is " - Todd interrupted. "Barlow" he responded. "Yeah, it is. Shit, are we related?" Billy asked, and we looked on in some amusement. Our almost tormentor was turning out to be Todd's cousin.

"Second cousin I think" replied Todd. "Well I'll be" laughed Billy.

"Look! Again, man, sorry for being a dip shit...and wow, family" Billy apologised and laughed out loud at this coincidence.

"Okay guys, we have to shoot; we have our next class in ten minutes" I said, not really wanting to leave this developing story. "Yeah, pizza later" Todd informed us, and we left to attend our advanced mathematics class.

We went through the motions doing gradients and formulas, what the area was of a cube, etc. We took our assignments and called it a day for classes. Luckily, we both only had afternoon classes tomorrow. We ate the pizza that was procured by Todd. We said our good nights, and Cal kissed me good night and went to his and Dale's room.

Todd and I sat down and began one of our chats. It had been a while since we had had one of those.

"So... Billy?" I started. "His father...what's the story there?" I asked. "Oh, from what my dad said, he walked out of his mother's home when my dad was only 17. Barlow was his cousin and best friend. Seems he got some girl pregnant; and rather than face his parents, he just left" Todd informed me. "Well, he didn't go far, did he?" " No, seems not" he replied.

"You rang and told your dad yet?" I asked. "Yeah, He was shocked, to say the least" Todd responded. "Okay man, I am bushed, so speak in the morning, okay? Busy first day back" I said, patting his shoulder. We both climbed into our beds, and a few minutes later I could heard the light, gentle sound of his snoring; and, as usual, it was soothing, and I drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued...

1st day back at school, busy day and almost a bigot reaction...hope you liked it.


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