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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 3

Published: 20 Jul 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Over the next week we slipped seamlessly back into our routine; but we still had plenty of play time. Lisa and Dale were full on, sucking face whenever they were together. I cannot complain, either; Cal had been more affectionate with me recently.

Todd and Laura are enjoying each other; and as I thought would happen, Kyle and Aaron have hardly left their dorm room, except for classes. No wonder Kyle grimaces when he sits down...ouch.

I had my last class on Friday. I met up with Cal coming out of his art studies course. "So, what has my Van Gough done today?" I asked, and he looked at me like I was taking the piss out of him. "You think this is a puff course, don't you?" he shot back. "No, you like it don't you?" I asked.

"It's good, and we have a live model next class" he replied. "Ohh, some girl I take it, showing off her curves" I snickered. "No,'s a guy" he replied. "Oh wow, anyone we know?" I asked. "Yeah actually, Laura talked him into it" he added. "You are kidding right" I enquired. "Todd. Todd is the model?" I asked.

"Wow! She must be great in the sack to get him to agree to that" I added. As we left the main campus building, we walked toward the bench dedicated to Conner. Todd and Dale were sitting on the bench as we approached.

"Hey guys" I said as we stood in front of them. "Why the frown, Todd?" I asked. "Nothing; just got myself into something I want to get out of" he said, with his head in his hands.

Dale was snickering at his obvious discomfort. "Dude" bemoaned Todd. "So not cool" he added. "Todd, you have to admit it's funny as shit" Dale continued to laugh. "Oh, the modelling assignment; yeah, Cal just told me" I responded.

"Todd, what is hard about it?" and Dale cracked up when I said that. "Dale, what the fuck, dude?" I berated. "Hard" he was cracking a rib at that one. "Sorry, you lost me" I responded. "He's shitting himself with fear of popping a boner during it" Dale replied during his laughing fit.

"Advice time" I said. "Dude, I just want to get out without pissing Laura off" Todd was almost begging for an out; and Dale, back again to pissing himself. "Hey guys" yelled Laura and Lisa as they approached. "Okay, where are we eating?" I asked; and Todd, for once, not hearing me ask about food. "So, how is my statue of Eros," Laura asked, kissing Todd's cheek.

"I'm all the better for seeing you" he schmoozed; obviously sucking up so he could get out of the modelling assignment. "You are awesome" she added.

"Lisa said you wouldn't do it, or beg off; but I know you better, babe" she added, and that screwed Todd to the floor; and I, like Dale, snickered but held back from cracking up.

"Erm Laura, I think Todd wants to tell you something" said Cal, and I looked at him, not believing that he had just put Todd on the spot. "Oh, really; what Todd, are you okay?" she asked, looking a little concerned.

"No babe, I am cool. Just wanted to say I am looking forward to doing it, that's all" he lied. "Oh wow, can I come and watch?" asked Dale, hoping he could. "It's an open session. It will be in the gym. The live art usually has a big attendance" she responded. "Oh, I am so going to that show, that's for sure" Dale laughed out.

"Dick" bemoaned Todd, with his arm wrapped around his girlfriend; and Lisa lightly punching Dale for making his friend squirm somewhat.

"Are you staying with me tonight?" Dale asked Lisa. "Yeah, my roommate complained about the noise we make" she said, whispering; but not low enough that people 300 yards away couldn't hear her. "What do you mean, we? You are the screamer" he whispered back to her. "Todd's right...dick" she responded, and again, lightly punched him.

"So what will it be" I asked again, as I was hungry.

"Pizza" Todd replied.

"Yeah, that would do. Pizza hut or O'hannalans?" I asked. "The Hut" replied Lisa. "You would stay in O'hannalans all night" she added. And that is a bad thing why? I thought to myself. It's not like we get wasted on a regular basis.

"Okay Pizza hut it is, then" and we walked to the parking lot and climbed into Todd's new baby. It was a tight squeeze, but we managed.

We ate our pizza, cracking the occasional joke. We didn't see anyone we knew. We went to see a movie and we decided on The Impossible' with Ewan McGregor. It was about the tsunami that hit Indonesia the day after Christmas. It was a harrowing movie, and very well made. Dale and Lisa, again, didn't see much of it. If he could have, I think Dale would have thrown her down on the floor and fucked her brains out right there and then. But that would not do in civilized society. But I had no doubt that she would be sore in the morning, once my best friend gets her back home.

"I take it you are staying with me tonight" I said to Cal as we walked out of the cinema. "Problem?" he asked. "Never! Never with you" I said, holding his hand.

Laura walked up to me and whispered into my ear. "Todd will be staying with me tonight" and she walked back to Todd. "Oh, fun night" I said, squeezing Cal's hand.

"I'm pleased. I need you tonight" Cal said, as he released my hand as we came to Todd's truck. I always love making love to Cal. I don't top that often, and I love it when I do. He is such an amazing lover. I prefer for him to take the dominant role in the bedroom. As I have said many a time, it's more pleasurable for me to do the taking; but I'm not knocking the topping part. As I said, I love making love to him.

"You want me in you, babe?" I whispered into his ear; and I mean whispering... solely meant for his ears only. "Very much; it's been a while, and babe, I need you" he whispered back.

"We can spend all day tomorrow in bed, if you want, babe" he added. "A marathon fuck session?" I asked. "No babe, a love in" he replied, and I smiled at that; then thought, hang on, I hope I am not Yoko Ono in this little love in.

"I stocked my fridge with Red Bull, just in case" he added. And now I was boning up at the prospect of fucking all day Saturday.

"Okay guys, see you tomorrow" I said, after Todd dropped us off at the dorm, then pulled away heading to Laura's dorm complex. I walked up to the second floor with Cal on my arm. "Okay Dale, Lisa, see you in the morning" I said, kissing Lisa's cheek.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" Dale smirked. "Dale, I think we know there isn't much you wouldn't do" I laughed. Cal pissed himself laughing, and Dale turned a very familiar shade of red. Looking at me and without saying anything, I could see in his eyes he was saying "You Dick"

I smiled and it was returned. I walked into my room and turned as Cal dropped the deadbolt on the door. I stood in front of the most beautiful man I have ever seen. His jet black hair was now growing out and flowing, as I liked it. I raised my hand and ran my fingers through it. I don't have a fetish as such, but I love the feel of his hair running through my fingers. A tear appeared in his eye as I did this.

"Babe, what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, absolutely nothing" he replied, as he pulled me onto his lips. "I fucking love you so much, Joshua Miller. You know that" he said in between assaults on my lips and mouth.

"My heart is your heart" I replied.

We manoeuvred over to my bed, our lips never parting; as I lay on top of him, staring into his piercing eyes. The love and lust I saw there was unmistakable.

"I could honestly die happy right now" I said, as I attacked his body; my lips kissing his soul. I licked and tasted my lover's body as I went. A thin sheen of sweat appeared on his body as I worked. His sweat tasted all Cal. "Hmm, you still taste good" I said, as I licked his nipples, eliciting a moan from my lover.

"We have many years of taking each other, babe; die later" he laughed, as I again licked my way south. I rubbed the outside of his briefs and squeezed the head of my next target. A small wet patch already was leaking onto the fabric. I licked the spot, and, again he moaned in appreciation.

I pulled his underwear off him and licked the head of his cock. I took some of the pre-cum and massaged it around and on his ass hole. "Mmmmm" he groaned, as I stroked over his hole. His hole blinked at me as I began to lick on and around, as I began to open my lover up. I slid my tongue into his eager hole. He was now beginning to pant and his breath became erratic.

I opened him up with the use of my tongue, which he liked, and my fingers drove him more in the direction of full on slut mode.

"Ohhhh that was ...ohhhhhh" he said incoherently. I smiled as he was struggling to form words, and I hadn't even begun to fuck him yet. He told me I had a very talented mouth, and my fingers were not bad either.

I reached over to my drawer and removed a tube of slick lube. I poured a generous amount on my hand and covered my now leaking cock. I also lubed his fuck hole, and again, moans of pleasure poured from my lover.

"Please Josh, now" he begged. I remembered how much he made me wait; as anticipation was always a great part of sex play. The brain is a major sex organ, if used right. "Not yet, but soon" I teased, to see how he liked it.

After a little bit more teasing, he demanded that I fuck him fast and with power. My boy wanted hit hard. I knew what that feeling was like. "Okay babe" I said, as I slammed into him hard, and with force. My body slapped his legs hard.

"Ohhhh fuuuuckkkk" he screamed, as I slammed him over and over again. "That's it, don't stop, babe" he panted out. "I can't keep this up and not lose it" I told him. "Yes you can, look at me; just concentrate on me, and fuck me" he struggled to say. I continued my relentless hammering of his ass. He would feel this for a few days. Kyle would sympathise, as he walked with a limp. That made me smile a bit.

I fucked him from behind a short while later, actually mounting him. I saw this done in a Brent Everett porn, and was eager to try it. Fuck , was it hot; the angle I got drove Cal over the slut threshold, and me close to busting my nut.

"Not long now" I told him, "Yeah, me too, babe" he replied. "I have fucked the cum out of him before; but this seemed more intense.

A few more minutes passed and we both shot at the very same time. We soon collapsed on top of each other. I was struggling to breathe, as was he. "Oh, I am most definitely doing you like that tomorrow; fucking awesome" Cal said, kissing my arm wrapped around his upper torso.

We held each other's naked body and soon fell into a post coital sleep; a satisfied beyond belief sleep.

I woke up around 9am, as Cal slept soundly. We had not cleaned ourselves up, and I needed a shower; I stank of sex. I came out wrapped in a towel to find Cal sitting on the edge of the bed; looking like the cat that had gotten the cream. Well, he did...mine.

"It stinks in here. Crack a window, babe" I said, kissing his face. "Yeah, I need to clean up" he said. He opened the window, then immediately closed it. "Fucking hell, its freezing" he replied. "The stink can stay" he said, grabbing a towel.

"Josh, look at this" he said, as he was looking out of the window. "Campus security look a bit busy" he added. "Yeah weekend, party central" I replied.

Cal then went and had his shower. We decided to go and get something to eat before our fuck marathon was to happen.

Knock! Knock!

I stood up, lifted the dead bolt, and Todd came in. "Just need some fresh clothes" he said. "So, the modelling thing?" I asked. "Still working on it, dude. I am looking all over the place to find someone as cut as me to take my place...but hey, perfection is hard to find these days" he laughed out.

Knock! Knock!

"Fuck, it's like Grand Central Station" I bemoaned.

"Hey guys, have you heard?" Dale started.

"Heard what, your five minute sex session?" laughed Todd.

"Fuck off, dude" Dale replied.

"No, a student was attacked, and raped...right here on campus" Dale informed us; and a pain in my gut almost made me vomit, as all I could feel was, not this again, ...please.

"Is the student okay?" I asked, "and do we know who it is?" I added.

"Yeah, she's pretty banged up from what I have heard; and Todd, it was Candice, dude" he finished. The shocked look on Todd's face and mine was evident. We had our differences with Candice; but we would never wish anything like that.

"Do we know when it happened?" Cal asked.

"No, she was found huddled in a doorway, just outside her dorm" Dale added

"She's in the same dorm as Lisa and Laura" Todd added.

"Yeah, she is" added Dale.

"We saw her last night after we dropped you off, she was with nobody" Todd said. "We argued. She accused me of lying about shit; said I ruined her reputation" Todd continued. He stood up and showed a scratch on his neck.

"Laura went upstairs and told me to ignore her; and when I turned to walk away, she lashed out at me. Demanded I not walk away from her. She scratched me. I just called her a dumb, fucked up bitch, and left her. She scratched me" he again showed us the elongated scratch on the side of his neck.

"Todd, you need to see the police; let them know what time you had your little spat. She has skin under her nails and she was assaulted; you need to speak to them" I said.

"I didn't rape her, guys" he moaned. "Fuck Todd, of course you didn't; but she will have your DNA under her nails. They will take a rape kit, and will find your skin; and dude, you had that crash, and they have your DNA on file. They might put 2 and 2 together and make 6, so you need to talk to someone, and soon.

"Okay, come with me Dale, please?" he asked. "We will all go" I added.

Twenty minutes later we were headed for Todd's truck as an NYPD squad car pulled into the campus. The Security pointed the car in our direction.

"Todd Layton?" one of the officers asked.

"Yeah, I am Todd Layton" he replied.

"Sir, I need you to come with us" the officer insisted.

"For what?" Todd asked.

"We have some questions for you. We will do that at the precinct" the officer added.

"Am I under arrest?" he asked. "Just questions, Mr Layton" he replied, and Todd walked over and, as the officer opened the back door, Todd climbed in.

"Dale, call my dad, will you?" he said, before the back door was closed. The officer climbed into the front with his partner.

"To which precinct are you taking him?" I asked.

"23rd" he replied and drove off.

"Dale, call his dad. I have a bad feeling about this" I added.

To be continued...

Okay the Drama has returned. Hope you liked it. and please drop me a line letting me know what you think.


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