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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 5

Published: 3 Aug 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I was awake again just after 8am. Todd was still sleeping. It was Sunday morning; no reason to get him up. Saturday was a hard day, and today might be just as tough. I had washed up and brushed my teeth when a knock came at the door.

Knock! Knock!

I walked over and opened the door. Laura stood there, looking somewhat sheepish.

"Hey" I said. "How is he?" she asked, walking into the room. "Sorry about yesterday. They had me doubting myself" she went on. "Laura, it's not me you should be apologising to" I replied. I went over to my bed and woke Cal up.

"Cal" I whispered. "Cal, Babe" I tried again, and eventually managed to wake him. "Morning Babe" he said, pulling me into a kiss. "Babe, we can't. We have company" I replied, looking a bit embarrassed.

"Sorry" Cal said, looking over at Laura standing against the wall. "Come on, get dressed. Leave them to talk" I instructed. Cal was wearing boxers for a change, so no embarrassing flashes. We soon were dressed and out of the room. "Wake him gently, Laura; he had a tough night" I said, before closing the door.

We exited the dorm and walked toward the tree, then toward the coffee shop just off campus. "Hey guys" Aaron shouted while he approached us. "Where the fuck were you yesterday?" I yelled back. "Weekend; and why the agro?" he asked. "Where is Kyle?" I queried. "Sleeping, tiring night" he added.

"Okay, but your best friend was in need" I replied. "Don't tell me he and Laura had their first spat" he said sarcastically. "No fuckwad, he was at the police precinct" I spat back, as we approached the coffee shop.

"Don't tell me he hit someone" he guessed. "No, you better sit down," and Cal went and ordered the drinks as I explained what had occurred the day before.

"You are joking right?" he asked, sounding pissed. "Todd... no way, dude" he added. "She said it was him" I added. "She's a lying bitch" he spat out. "Yeah, tell us something we don't know" replied Cal, as he took his seat.

We sat and talked for a while; and soon, Nick and Dave walked in, breathing heavily. Obviously been on yet another run. They ordered some sort of cold mixed drink and came toward us. "Hey guys, how's Todd?" asked Dave. "Been better" I replied. "Dude, we don't believe what is going around; and besides, he is a nice guy. way" added Nick.

"Just so you know, also, she was at a frat party before this all happened; and from what I have been told, she had sex with at least two guys there" added Dave, looking at Nick. He was almost embroiled in her little game.

"Happily, I got away from her" Nick responded.

"And Josh, you might have a word with Amber Lloyd" he said. "Why?" I asked. "She had a fight that night with Candice. Seems that one of the guys she fucked was Amber's boyfriend. And from what I have heard, they had one hell of a cat fight" he added, before he and Dave headed out.

"Shit; she had a fight, got marked up, had sex with two dudes, and accused Todd of rape. How fucked up is this chick?" scorned Aaron.

"Aaron, you have no idea" I replied.

"Okay, we need to go back and see Todd, then go back to the precinct and get this shit cleared up and get his name cleared, before this gets out of hand" I said, as we drank the remainder of our drinks before leaving the coffee shop and headed back to campus.

We walked back up to my room and opened the door, where we spotted Todd's ass going up and down like a fiddlers elbow. "Shit Todd, the dead bolt" I said, before going back out, closing the door. Laura was killing herself, laughing.

"COME IN JOSH" he yelled after a few seconds.

I walked in and an embarrassed couple was lying in his bed. "Make up sex" he responded. "Yeah dude, I noticed" I replied. "Sorry" I added. "So, what's the big hurry?" he asked. I then went on to explain what Nick and Dave divulged.

"Fucking psycho bitch" Todd spat out. "She' won't get away with it" he added.

"Yeah, I know. We need to get to a girl named Amber Lloyd" I replied. "I know her, I have her cell" Laura responded. She reached down to grab her jeans and her tit's popped out. "Ohh shit, sorry" and Todd had to remind her that the three guys in-front of her were all gay.

She flipped open her phone and rang Amber Lloyd. "Hey Amber, it's Laura; yeah, fine" she started.

"Look Amber, you heard about Candice" she continued. "Yeah, we know what she is, Babe" she went on. "Amber I want to put you on speaker phone so Todd can hear this okay" she added. Thank God for speaker phones.

"Okay Amber" she said.

"Yeah, as I said, Laura; she fucked Lance, and his best bud Darren. She is a slut of the worst kind" Amber went on. "So, her cuts?" asked Laura. "Yeah, I gave her those. She attacked me, so I defended myself. One of the guys grabbed her, put her in a taxi, and sent her on her way" she went on. "What time was this?" asked Todd.

"About midnight, or just after" she replied. "Amber, will you come to the precinct and swear to this?" asked Laura. "Yeah, why; am I in any trouble?" she asked. "No, but Candice will be" Todd replied. "Oh in that case, I am in" Amber replied. "Okay babes, speak to you in a few" said Laura, closing off her phone.

"Well, we know who the two guys are, and who marked the bitch up" I said, somewhat more sure of things than I was yesterday. "Right, get ready Todd, call your dad and get him to meet us at the precinct.

An hour later we were all again sitting in the 23rd precinct, waiting. Amber was giving a statement and giving details of her boyfriend and his buddy. And soon, Todd walked out with his dad, and the Lawyer hired by Mr Layton.

"Charges dropped" he yelled, coming out through the security gate. "Well dude, to be fair, you were never charged" I said, hugging him tight. "I am going to get shitfaced tonight" he whispered in my ear, so his dad didn't hear him. I just smiled and nodded. He needed to blow off this steam.

"Do you think Dale would be awake now?" he asked. "Dude, it's Sunday morning still. What do you think he is doing?" I asked. His shitfaced grin had returned. "Fucking Lisa into the mattress, knowing him" he replied, and I just nodded.

"Well, we were not coming down here until this afternoon; so he probably thinks he has time" added Cal. "And by the way, that was mine and Cal's idea for yesterday" I added.

"Josh, when we get back, the room is all yours for the day" he smiled. "And night" added Laura. Todd's smile got even bigger. "Fuck yeah" he said, kissing her cheek.

Mr Layton, satisfied that all was well with his son's world again, booked a flight back to Boston and Todd drove him to the airport. We tagged along for the company. My ass would wait for another hour before my lover had his way with me. The Brent Everett move I made on him was very much on Cal's mind for today.

Todd stood with his dad before heading to departures. "Thanks dad" Todd said. "I love you son, where else was I going to be" he said, kissing Todd on his cheek. "See you in a few weeks, okay?" Todd replied with a tear in his eye.

"He is a God among men" Todd added, as we walked out of the airport. "My room my friend" I reminded him, climbing back into Cal's beat up truck. "Yeah, I know. I will drop Amber back at her dorm, then I am going to Laura's. Do you think you two will be alright by yourselves?" he giggled out, with that shitfaced satisfied smile of his. That had been missing lately.

"Dip shit, see you tomorrow" I yelled back, as we pulled out of the airport parking lot and onto the expressway.

I watched as Cal passed exit after exit. "Slow down Babe, why the hurry?" I asked. "Brent Everett" he laughed out. "Horn dog" I replied, reaching over and squeezing his dick. "Fuck, kill me why don't you" he growled at me. "You fucking love it when I do that, don't pretend you don't" I responded. "Babe, I do; but not when I am doing 100 down the expressway" he retorted. "Point taken" I smiled back.

Soon, my cell went off.

"Hey" I said

"Dude, where the fuck are you, and where is Todd?" asked Dale.

I explained what had transpired through the morning, and apologised for not ringing him, and told him we thought he might be otherwise engaged.

"Well yeah, we were; but still you could have let us know" he argued.

"Yeah, sorry Dale; we just wanted to get the shit sorted out as soon as" I replied.

"So, where is he now?" he asked.

"Oh, letting Laura make up with him" I laughed out.

"Oh well, we won't see him until tomorrow, then" he laughed out.

"Okay Josh, see you for lunch?" he asked.

"Ermm no, I have plans for most of the day" I replied, a bit sheepish.

"Yeah, I hear you, dude. Don't wear him out" he laughed, then hung up the phone before I could call him a dick.

"Is he okay?" asked Cal. "Yeah, a bit pissed we didn't call" I replied. I put some music on and a Will Young track was on, called Jealousy. I loved this song.

We pulled up outside the dorm about thirty minutes later. "Hey, I just heard" yelled Billy. "So, where the fuck is he?" he asked. "Getting laid, we think" replied Cal. "Oh, okay, see you all later. I have a correction of a story to spread around campus" he said, before making his way inside the campus.

"Considering they don't really know each other, or grow up together; he and Todd are so much alike" added Cal. "Yeah, this is going to be an interesting year" I replied, and he hugged me. "Let's hope that this is all the drama for now...eeh okay?" he added.

"Now get that sweet ass of yours upstairs right now, mister" he instructed, and I ran hell for leather up toward my room.

I opened the door and he grabbed me from behind. We fell on top of my unmade bed. "I love you so much, Josh, it hurts" he said, nibbling the back of my neck.

"Stop the sweet nothings and Brent me" I laughed out.

"Your wish, Babe" he replied, pulling my shirt over my head. I kissed his hairless chest and licked his nipples. A low groan escaped his lips. I again squeezed his cock, now hard and ready for action. "I need your ass, Babe" he insisted. I turned and lay flat on my stomach as he ate my ass.

Oooh fuck...oh ffuuuck" I moaned out, as his talented tongue opened me up. His tongue continued to fuck my welcoming hole. He lifted me off the bed surface so my ass was sticking up; my head still buried in the bedspread. His fingers began to work their magic.

"Ooohhhh Babe"I groaned out, heading into full on slut mode. He knew how to work me. The buttons on my body were his to command.

"I am going to make you beg" he teased. He continued to attack my hole with a combination of his tongue and his very very talented fingers. "Ohhhh you diiiiicck" I moaned, my breath becoming laboured, the sweat beginning to seep out of every pore.

"Please Babe, I beg you, stop fucking torturing me" I demanded. "FUCK ME" I screamed at him. "Oh okay, if you insist" he replied. "Dick" I replied.

He again lifted me off the surface of the bed and had me on all fours. He lay across my back and mounted me. Just like Brent. He slotted me from every angle. Long deep slow strokes, shallow swift strokes, ones that tortured me and brought me close on more than one occasion. He slammed in deep and hard, as I had done to him previously.

"Ohhhh fuuuuckk" I slutted out.

"Babe, please,"I begged.

He then, without mercy, jackhammered me into the mattress; pounding me hard and deep, forcing my balls to tighten. He slotted me deep and with expertise. I shot my load all over the bedspread. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Callllllllllllllllll" I screamed as he forced every single drop of cum from my balls. He came simultaneously inside of me. He soon collapsed on top of me; panting hard and trying to regain his breath.

"Brent has nothing on you" I panted out.

"Let's have a nap Babe, then round two" he replied, his breath becoming more steady.

"Yeah, let's" was all I said, as he wrapped himself around me, and I had no cares that I was lying in the wet patch.

I woke up about an hour later. My cock was being attended to by Cal, and what can I say; if there is a better way of waking up, I have yet to find it. "Oh fuck that feels good" I told him, and he managed to show a smile while not missing a beat.

"I just thought you would like to wake up like this" he replied, then engulfed my throbbing member. "Oh you read my...oooooohhhhhh" he took me in deep. He tried and tried to swallow me whole; and that almost had me busting a nut.

"Stop, stop please" I begged. "Nuh uh" he replied, again taking me deep. And that did it. I blasted my load deep into his mouth. He savoured every last drop. He milked me clean; then climbed up the bed to share his bounty. He planted his lips on mine and shared my fresh cum with me.

"Ohh babe" he kissed me hard and passionate. "You couldn't be any hotter than you are right now" he said, biting my bottom lip. "I had a dream about you, but how you woke me was far better than what you were doing to me in the dream" I replied, as he lay his head on my chest.

"I cannot wait until you are mine, and I yours" he added.

"Sappy sod" I responded.

"But for the record... I cannot wait neither"

Sunday was well...awesome, and was everything Saturday was supposed to be; and the wait was worth it. Cal fucked me four times, which for him was a new record. He had me panting for more every time he climaxed. I fucked him twice; and even though I have said on many occasions that I prefer to be the receiver, he makes me want to fuck him.

Monday came soon enough, and word of Candice's lies had spread faster than the false allegation levelled at Todd; so, people coming up to us stated what a bitch Candice is. Her name is mud, her reputation, or what was left of it, is ruined. She was spotted leaving campus late Monday afternoon with an older guy. Someone stated it was her dad. Good riddance to bad rubbish we all said.

We took the past forty eight hours as a steep learning curve. Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Todd found trust in his friends, and Laura came around. The questioning at the 23rd precinct had her questioning her own memory of that night. But, after a time, she rethought, and knew that Todd did not have it in him to be so cruel; even if it was Candice.

"So what do you have this afternoon?" I asked Dale, while still waiting for Cal. "Nothing; had both classes this morning. Nothing now until tomorrow morning" he replied. Cal came around the corner not looking happy.

"What's up Cal?" I asked. He came and sat down facing me. "Uncle Marty just called me" he replied. "Your family's Lawyer?" I asked. "Yeah" he added. "Why; what's happened? Is Gramps okay?" I asked. "Mother" he replied. "What about her?" I asked as myself and Dale looked on.

"She's contesting Dad's will" he replied.

To be continued...

Hope you all still love this story.


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