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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 6

Published: 10 Aug 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

A couple of days drifted by. Cal was really hurt by his mother's attempt to overturn his father's last will and testament. I tried to distract him from the actions of such a despicable woman; and his mother, to boot.

"Morning, babe. What would you like to do today?" I asked, as he was waking up in my bed for the third time this week. "Just lie here with you is fine" he replied, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "We need to get out of this room" I replied.

"You have too much time to think" I added.

A tune from the Big Bang Theory filled the room. It was Cal's ring tone.

"Hello, Grandma. How are you this morning?" he said sitting up, he put the phone on speaker so I could talk to her as well.

"My sweet boy, I am fine, and so is the old goat" she laughed out, and that brought a smile to my face. "Yeah, I know. I spoke to him just yesterday" he replied. "Oh, so you did" she replied. "How are you, really, Calumn?" she enquired.

"Honestly Grandma, I am just numb" he replied.

"Well your Grandpa is meeting Marty today, and is looking to block her contest" she added. "As far as we have discovered; she has moved the money your Dad left her into an offshore account, and we can't find it" she went on.

"Calumn, the will you Dad had drawn up is solid. He had expert witnesses; one was a judge, the other a Doctor. There is no avenue for her to contest this. She cannot have it thrown out, but we are covering all the bases" she added.

"Grandma, I trust you both; so I will go along with whatever you need me to do" Cal replied.

"She wants a meeting" she replied.

"Are you serious" I blurted out, "Sorry" I added.

"Good morning Joshua" she said and I could sense some annoyance.

"Sorry Mrs Kenner, I didn't mean to interrupt, Cal looked at me and just smiled and returned to the conversation he was having with his Grandmother.

"When, and, for what purpose, she has already disowned me?" he asked.

"Yes, and I don't know her reason sweetheart; her lawyer told your Grandfather this morning. He didn't want to agree to it, after the way she has been with you" she informed him.

"Arrange it, Grandma, I want to see her. Not for the reasons you might think; she wished me dead, so, love for her left when she said that. It's just that I need some closure in this" Cal replied. "Darling, her words hurt you; don't pretend they don't. I know you, remember?" she responded. I held his hand when she said that.

"Yeah, I know; but arrange it for me, please, Grandma" he said, squeezing my hand. "Okay, I will talk to your Grandfather" she reluctantly agreed. "Love you" Cal replied, before he closed his phone off.

"What do you think she wants?" I asked, looking at Cal's reaction to the call. "You have as much of a clue as I do" he replied lying against the headboard and letting out a low sigh.

"She has shown me nothing but contempt since I came out. She hates me Josh; my mother hates that I breathe, and my dad does not" he bemoaned.

I pulled his head into my chest and kissed the top of his head. "It will work me" I said softly.

"Looks like we will be heading back to Chicago, if Gramps can arrange a civil meeting with her and her lawyers. She has moved all her cash out of sight, so she will fight for more; and Josh, she is in for a fight. I still love her in some ways, despite the fact she despises my existence; but Dad wanted me to be secure, and she is not fucking that up" he replied with more determination than I had ever seen in him, and I liked it.

"I like to hear you sound upbeat" I replied, and kissed his cheek. "Breakfast?" I enquired. "You heard my stomach?" he asked. "No, mine, actually" I replied.

Knock! Knock! "Get his dick out of your mouth, whoever is doing who" Todd whispered through the door, giggling. "Ass wipe, come in" I yelled, with me sitting on the side of the bed.

"Oh, no morning fuck session?" he said, walking in and dropping his overnight bag onto his bed. "Dude you are missing out" he added, looking over at me. "Douche" I added.

"Come on, I need food" I said, slapping Cal on his thigh. "You coming?" I asked Todd. "Stupid question" I berated myself. "What?" Todd replied. "You turn down food...never happen" I laughed. "I might have already eaten" he retorted. "And, did you?" I asked.

"Nah, give me a minute" he replied, as Cal came out of the bathroom dressed in jeans and a T.

Ten minutes later, we were sitting in the cafeteria; eating some much needed food that, for once, didn't taste like cardboard. We were chatting when Aaron and Kyle walked over, trays in hand, and sat opposite us. "So, you finally left your room" laughed Todd.

"You know how it is" Aaron replied. I smiled back at him, as I knew what he meant: to be young and in love. "You fancy coming out with us tonight?" He asked me. "What did you have in mind?" I asked, hoping he was not hinting at the playtime that almost fucked up mine and Cal's relationship.

"A few bars and a club or two" replied Kyle. "I heard there are some great places on Cooper Street" added Aaron. I looked at Todd, and he looked at Aaron. I waited for a tirade from him. "Bad place, dude" replied Todd. "In what way" asked Kyle. "It's just a meat market" replied Cal. "Sausage meat at that" laughed Todd.

"Come along; might be a laugh" replied Aaron. "Nah, not my scene" he replied. "I'll go if you go" I said to Cal. "Suppose it could be good; we can have a dance" he intimated. "Dude, I dance for shit" I confessed.

"Yeah, trust me, he dances like my Dad" laughed Todd.

"Nobody can fuck up a slow dance" replied Cal, and I smiled at that.

"So, we going, then?" asked Aaron.

"Oh, for fuck sake, okay; but if any dude feels my junk, I am fucking him over" replied Todd. "Can Laura come?" he added. "Don't see why not. I'll ask Dale if he is up for it" I added.

Then that tune from the Big Bang Theory rang again.

"Hello Grandpa" Cal said

"Yeah, okay, thanks Grandpa, I'll speak to you tomorrow" he ended the call quickly.

"Couple of days' time; we can travel up tomorrow night" he said, looking at me. I just nodded without speaking.

"Your Mother, I take it?" asked Todd.

"I'll explain all later on, okay guys? I've just had enough of the situation to last a lifetime" he replied, and the subject was dropped.

We ate our food and drank coffee; despite it tasting more like tar than actual coffee. "Have you ever been to Cooper Street?" Cal asked, and Todd spat out his coffee, almost pissing his pants when that question was asked.

"Yes, as you can tell, Todd knows that I have; but that was before I knew you, and never, since" I replied. "I have been a few times, also. Hooked up a few times; but haven't been since I met you. Why would I" he smiled.

"Oh, for pity sake. Yeah, okay, we know you love each other; but do you have to fawn over each other all the freakin time?" Todd groaned. "Yeah, like you don't have the lost puppy look when Laura is around" I replied. "That's different" he replied. "Why, Todd...why is that different?" I repeated.

"I hope you don't mean what I think you mean" I added. "No, it's not that. Fuck, Josh! You know I didn't mean it like that" he replied, backtracking somewhat.

"Okay, explain" I said, folding my hands over my chest as Aaron, Kyle and Cal watched on. "It's just there are some assholes out there; and you know that more than most. You fawning over each other, gets you noticed. Why paint a target on yourselves when you don't have to, is all I am saying. Yeah, it's a double standard; but right now, that is the way things are. Yes, it stinks, but Josh; and, you know I love you, man, I just don't want to see anyone else get fucked over" he said, looking at me seriously.

"Todd, for the record, I love you too, as well as Dale; but fuck... have I not earned the right to be know, me?" I repeated. "Sure, but just be careful; and promise me, both of you, don't do it when you are out by yourselves. I can't have your backs if I am not around" he added.

"Todd, remember one very important thing here; my boyfriends is fucking Bruce Lee on steroids" I laughed out. "I haven't forgotten; but if he gets blindsided, you both could get hurt, and seriously. You know Terry Reynolds still has some friends here; not all have deserted his opinions" he added. "Okay, no more public shows of affection, if that eases your mind" I backed down, to ease my friends concerns.

"Okay, I just got a text from Laura. I'm out of here. See you back at around 7, and we can head out about 8. Is that okay?" he informed and asked us, and we agreed on the departure time. Cal and I walked back to the dorm and he whispered into my ear. "Can't wait to get you back in the room babe" he whispered into my ear. "Oh,why, pray tell?" I asked. "Not so public show of affection" he said with a leer.

"Fucking horn dog" I replied.

"Yeah, and you love it" he responded.

Over the next hour or so, we shared each other's bodies to the fullest. Spent and exhausted, we drifted off to sleep; holding each other, naked as the day we were born. I dreamt of my life with my soul mate, it was a happy one to have; changing from the bad dreams I had suffered periodically since my encounters of last year. I was woken by the sound of my cell going off.

I looked at the time. We had slept for almost three hours. He did drain me of all energy, as I did him. I flipped open my phone and spoke.

"Hello" I said.

"Hey Bro" Lucas said.

"Hey Luc, sup" I replied.

"Josh, I think I fucked up" he replied.

"Spill" I replied.

"I went to a party at Mike's house and I drank some sort of drink; and, well, I think I had sex with his sister" he informed me. "Consensual?" I asked. "Fuck Josh, I wouldn't have forced her" he replied. "Is this the first time you had sex?" I asked. "Do you want the honest answer?" he replied.

"Truth, we don't lie to each other, remember" I replied.

"Okay then, no. I have fucked before" he replied.

"Lucas, please tell me you were careful" I added.

"That's just it though, Josh, I cannot remember; and fuck, it was my best friend's sister. They are supposed to be off limits. I fucked up big time" he moaned.

"You said you cannot remember. How much did you drink, Luc?" I asked. Yeah, I let lose when I was his age. I lost my virginity close to his age, with a cheerleader. It was the Prom; great night, even if it was with a girl.

"So, how sure are you that you had sex?" I asked.

"I woke up wearing her panties" he moaned.

"Are you pissing me here Luc? You woke with her panties" I asked, now holding back laughter at my younger brother's plight. "If I knew that I wouldn't have called" he continued to moan. "So, Cally or Sophie?" I asked, thinking of Mikes 2 sisters. "What do you think? Cally is only 14 and Sophie is 17. I'm not into children, ass wipe" he replied, a bit agitated.

"Okay, you need to talk to her. Find out if you did, and most important, that you were safe. You might just find out that Mike is playing a joke on you; and, by the way, how do you know they were her panties, if you cannot remember things?" I asked.

"Errm,well" he struggled

"Luc?" I dug

"Well, I have seen her wearing them. She was sitting across from me, and, well, I saw them, okay?" he said, sounding somewhat embarrassed.

"Talk to her bro, that's all I can suggest; and if you have, well, you need to think of how to approach Mike" I added.

"Oh, that bit is easy...I don't" he replied.

"You don't lie to friends, Luc" I replied.

"What, even if it means getting my ass kicked? Have you seen the size of Mike lately? He's a mountain of muscle" he informed me.

"Okay, self-preservation is always good; but talk to Sophie, and bro, lay off the drink. It causes problems" I added.

"Tell me about it...later bro" he said, and ended the call.

"Problem?" asked Cal.

"Nah, just dispensing some brotherly advice is all" I replied.

"So, Lucas is getting some, then" he added.

"Yeah, and not for the first time, by the sound of it" I replied.

"So, talking about getting some" Cal grinned, removing the sheet and displaying his rock hard cock at me. "Oh, my, sir, is that for me?" I feigned my best Scarlett O'Hara and went down on him. I sucked him deep into my mouth. He moaned appreciatively as he brushed his fingers over my head.

"Josh, your mouth is amazing" he whispered lovingly. I loved the taste of Cal. He has his very own flavour; musky and sweet, tangy and aromatic. He had fucked me earlier, and it was my turn this time. I placed my finger at his asshole, and, in small circles, I rotated until it gave way. I stopped sucking his cock and pushed his legs to his chest.

"Yeah Babe, eat my ass" he instructed me, and I followed his orders to the letter. I loved the musky smell that emanated from his body. His breathing was becoming laboured as my tongue fucked its' way inside of him.

I reached and opened the drawer, my tongue never leaving his hole. I had become quite the organiser, and knew where everything was when we got down and dirty. I pulled out of him and squirted a copious amount of slick onto two fingers, and then penetrated his hole.

"Ohh fuck, yeah" he moaned out at me I rose up and planted my tongue into his mouth as I fingered his hole, readying it for the oncoming onslaught I intended to provide.

I continued to push and spread his ass as open as possible, as I intended not to make love, but to fuck him into the bed. I was going to be slightly rougher than I usually was. I don't know why, it might just be a control thing; but I wanted to do it. I don't want to hurt him, ever; but I think he will enjoy this.

"Josh, please, I'm ready" he begged. "Fast and hard babe" I told him.

"Oh fuck, how hot are you, right now?" he asked.

"Only for your ass" I replied

I removed my fingers and positioned my cock at his hole; and in one quick motion, I slammed into him ...Hard.

"Ahhhh, Fuck!!!!!! Shit, that hurt. For fuck sake, wait a sec" I looked on and saw pain in his eyes. I caused him pain. I never want to see that look ever again. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry" I kept saying, babbling like a scolded child. I pulled out slowly and got off the bed. I dressed and walked out of the room.

Cal never spoke; he just watched me get dressed and walk to the door.

"Josh, wait" he said as I opened the door.

"Sorry Cal" and I walked out of the dorm room trying my best not to cry.

"JOSH" I heard him yell through the door as tears poured out of my eyes. I walked away from the complex and sat on Connors bench. "I'm a fucking idiot. I hurt him. Fuck!!" I berated myself. I sat for about ten minutes.

"Josh, I've been looking for you" Cal said, and sat beside me.

"I'm so sorry, Cal; I never wanted to hurt you" I began to cry.

"Hey, what's this? Look, yeah, it hurt. I wasn't ready yet, and you just went for it. It stung a bit, but hey, I'm here, Babe. Look, I love you, okay? Just more prep next time you want to pound me into oblivion, okay?" he said, no malice evident.

"Sorry" I repeated.

"No apologise necessary, Babe" he added.

"Look, it's 4pm; let's get a bite to eat and have another little nap. You owe me a dance tonight, remember, and if you play your cards right; I will get some poppers, and you can pound me into the bed the right way" he smiled sexily.

"I love you so much it hurts... Literally" he added.

"I love you with every inch of my being, Cal" I said, holding his hand and keeping our public display of affection to a minimum.

"Yeah, and every inch of that dick of yours later" he added

We walked to the cafeteria for the second time today, to re-energise for tonight; and I, for one, was looking forward to it. The pain I caused him would never happen again, ever. At least, not on purpose.

To be continued...

Hope you are still along for the ride, please comment as they have trailed off as of late, so I don't know how many of you are still with me in this story.


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