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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 8

Published: 24 Aug 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

It was no surprise to me that I was the first to get up. I stretched, as my neck had been buckled in the chair opposite my sleeping partner. For the first time I was bothered by Todd's snoring; I had discovered some time ago that when said ass was drunk, and last night or should I say this morning most definitely comes in that category, his snoring is somewhat loud.

"Ohh fuck my head hurts" responded Cal as I woke him from his slumber, "And who the fuck is drilling at this time? Christ!!" he bemoaned.

"Nobody, it's your drunk hurling champion" I replied, pointing over to the lump lying half in, half out of his bed. For some reason, the sheet covering him was tucked inside his boxers. "Wake him, you woke me" he again moaned. "I will, but you need to get yourself sorted, we head for the airport in a couple of hours" I informed him.

"Oh yeah, sorry, I will be right with you" he said, pulling the covers back over his head. "Cal" I repeated, a little loudly. "Yeah, Yeah" he groaned under the covers. "Lucky I love you" he added.

"Ohhh, my head" I heard coming from the other side of the room. "Close the blinds...please!" begged Todd. I closed them slightly. "Thanks" he responded. "Look, I am having flashbacks; did Dale ask to bang me last night, or have I been dreaming?" he said, now sitting up, legs hanging off the side.

"No. Some guy grabbed your ass in Loose guys, and you were just shitfaced, and kept repeating that the guy said you had a nice ass; and, well, it just gets blurred from there on in, dude" I said, and he just looked more confused than he was before I began to explain.

"So, Dale didn't say he would bang me, then?" he asked.

"No, that bits true; just not the way you remember, and you thanked him anyway" I continued. "Will you two shut up, I'm dying here" moaned Cal, still buried under the covers. "I thanked the shit for promising to bang me?" he said, with a little amount of scepticism. "Yeah, sort of" I added.

"Look, Todd, he wasn't hitting on you. It was a drunken conversation that you started" I went on, and Todd was looking more confused. "I have to stop drinking, it gets you con the fuck fused" he said. "SHUT UP" yelled Cal.

"What's up with Highlander?" Todd asked. "Hangover" I responded. "Yeah, I have one, I'm not bitching" Todd added. "Well, yeah, but you are a veteran; Cal hardly drinks" I added. I stood and walked to our small shower room. I took a wash cloth and soaked it in ice cold water. I walked back into the bedroom. Todd was now getting dressed. "Look, thanks for saving me with the bucket, Josh" Todd said, walking with the fore-mentioned bucket into the bathroom to clean it out. "You would have done it for me" I replied.

I pulled back the covers and lay the damp cloth on Cal's brow. "Thanks babe" he said softly. "I didn't mean to shout at you both" he added. "All part of the charm" I said with a smile. "Feeling better?" I asked, after a short time passed.

"Okay, get up and take a shower; you stink" I said.

"Wow, where is the love?" he said.

"Oh, trust me, I love you so much; but right now you stink of vomit" I replied. "I would crack open a window, but it's like Siberia out there" I added.

Eventually, we got things moving. Cal took a shower and livened himself up; he looked better for it. We walked with some care to the coffee shop and took a booth and sat down.

"I had a dream about a black snake" Todd said, sipping his coffee. "Oh" I said, and smiled, remembering the small white guy getting nailed by two horse-hung black guys. Obviously, Todd has remembered that scene quite differently.

"We had a good night though, right?" I added. "Yeah, from what I can remember of it" added Todd, Cal was sitting, not wanting to move, in case the world ended. "I'm so thirsty" Cal said, drinking his third glass of water. "Just keep drinking. You vomited a lot, babe, you are dehydrated" I said, stroking the back of his neck.

"Never again, babe, and I mean that" he bemoaned.

"Light weight" laughed Todd.

We sat for about half an hour. I had a couple of coffees, as did Todd; Cal just stuck to water. I was about to order a third when my cell phone vibrated.

"Oh, a text" I said, flipping it open.

Baby Girl, 9lbs 8oz, Vera it read.

"Oh, wow! Vera had the baby; it's a girl, and a healthy weight" I said with a smile.

"Brilliant, we will have to visit when we get back" replied Cal.

"Talking about getting back, are we still heading off to Florida next month?" asked Todd. "Depends on whether this case is thrown out or not" Cal added. "Shit! Sorry, Cal, wasn't thinking" groaned Todd. "No worries" Cal replied with a genuine smile.

"So, what does your lawyer think?" Todd asked. "Todd, to be honest, I left that all in the hands of Uncle Marty and my Grandfather" Cal replied, "they know more about this stuff than me" he added. "And you're Mother?" Todd dug. "Todd, leave it, please" I asked. "Sorry, none of my business" Todd apologised. "No need; she hates me, Todd. She hates me because I am gay. My dad left me an inheritance and she cannot stand it" Cal said, with a large amount of bitterness.

"She refused to acknowledge me at the will reading, and now she wants to talk" Cal added. "Will you be okay?" Todd asked. "Todd, trust me, I will be; I will get this sorted out, and I will never have to deal with her, ever again" Cal replied, calming down somewhat.

"We better make a move" I said.

"Are you dropping us off, Todd?" I asked.

"Stupid question, you taking bags?" He asked. "Yeah, just an overnight bag; be back tomorrow night" I added.

Forty five minutes later, we were sitting in departures, waiting on our flight to be called. We had another thirty minutes to wait. I could see that Cal was somewhat apprehensive about this meeting with his mother.

"You okay Cal?" I asked.

"I will be. I need to do this; she isn't going to win, Josh. Dad wanted me to have these things. It's not as though she was left poor; I mean, eleven million dollars is what he, in total, left her" he responded. "It's a family company; she was never going to get it anyway. It was always coming to me" he added.

"Us" he corrected.

"Gramps knows more about this stuff than I do, so we will see what is happening when we get to Chicago; and we will see what she wants from me tomorrow" he said, with a sigh to his words.

"I won't lie babe, I am having some reservations" he added

I just put my hand on his arm for reassurance; he smiled at the gesture. I did it that way so as not to be too obvious, following Todd's request on not showing affection in public. I spotted a young couple kissing goodbye at the departure gate, and I was jealous that society does not give us the same courtesy.

As though Cal could read my thoughts, he said, "In time, babe, don't get upset just because they can and we get scorn for it; just give it time, the world is changing" he sounded almost spiritual.

"Yeah, just wish it would speed the fuck up" I added.

Soon our flight was called and we headed for the gate. "Look, it's the same marshal" Cal said, as we took our seats. "You'd think they would mix them up some" I replied. "Yeah, you would think they would use a little imagination; if we can spot the guy, I am sure a trained terrorist could" He added.

The flight was like the last one, uneventful. We went through arrivals and started for the parking lot; but, before we had a chance, a tall white guy wearing a peaked cap stood by baggage with a sign reading Kenner-Miller

"I think he is for us" I said, pointing to the tall guy. "Gramps; he said he was arranging for a car; I thought he meant a cab" Cal snickered.

"Calumn Kenner and Josh Miller" Cal said, talking to the tall man with the sign. "Tony, call me Tony" he replied. "The car is just outside, gentleman. Would you follow me, please?" he added, and we did just that.

A black limo was parked just outside the permitted area; an airport security guard looked like he was reading the driver the riot act as we watched.

"Is everything okay, Tony?" Cal asked. "Yeah, just a jobs body, no bend, no give; but it's fine. We should be at your Grandfathers home in about twenty five minutes" Tony added, and raised the black partition. "I could get used to this" I said, jokingly. "Babe, you can have anything you want. My money is your money" he replied.

"You can forget that; I earn my own way, Cal. I will not be kept by anyone" I responded, a bit firmer than I intended. "That's not what I meant, sorry" he replied. "No, I'm sorry. I know you mean well, but, babe, equality in a relationship is we both put as much in as we can; no easy ride" I replied.

"That's why I love you" he said, leaning over and kissing me softly.

We arrived in the suburb of Chicago that his Grandparents lived in. I saw his grandfather's old car, still polished and gleaming and parked in his driveway. The house looked alive, all lights blazing, inside and out. His grandmother was standing on the porch, and she was grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey Grandma" Cal said, as we climbed out of the limo. "Hello, my lovely boy" she replied, full of joy as Cal approached and embraced her. "Hello Joshua, you look well" she said, pulling me into her arms. "As do you, ma'am" I replied.

"I've told you, call me grandma" she added. "Come on in, it's freezing out here. Tony, can you put their bags in the hallway?" she said, looking at the driver. "They don't have any, Mrs Kenner" Tony replied.

"We are heading back tomorrow night, Grandma" Cal added.

"No you are not. You don't have school for three days, I checked" she replied. "You both can spend some-time with the old folks" she insisted. "Bit of a matriarch, you're Grandmother" I whispered. "When I need to be, sweetheart" she replied, obviously, age not affecting her hearing.

"Okay grandma, I have clothes here, and Josh can borrow some of mine" Cal added, with a genuine smile. "You don't mind, do you?" he asked me, looking for any disapproval. "Babe, I am happy to. I like your grandparents" I replied, squeezing his arm.

"Where is Grandpa?" Cal asked. "Oh, the old goat won't be too long, he's at the office" she replied. "Dinner is at eight, so why don't you go get freshened up, take a nap" she smiled, and to be honest, after the late night out, I could do with a short nap.

"Thanks Grandma, we could do with a sleep. We sort of had a late night out with friends, and we kind of overdid things" replied Cal. "Yeah, I'd say" I added, with a wry grin.

"Something tells me I don't want to know" she smiled. "I will give you a shout in a couple of hours. Calumn, I have put you boys in the attic room, for obvious reasons" she said, and smiled. I wondered what she meant by that remark.

We climbed the three flights of stairs to the attic room. It was huge, with a hand carved, four poster bed; covered in a dark satin veil, with plush velvet shams. It looked like a picture from a magazine.

"She's put us in here because it's beautiful and amazing" I said, in awe of the room. He smiled and giggled just a bit.

"Huh, what gives?" I asked, wondering what was so funny.

"Babe, it's a beautiful room, but that is not why we are up here" he started. "Okay, why then?" my curiosity peaked, somewhat.

"Look, she is no prude; in fact, she was the one who sat me down for the sex talk. She used to be a nurse. She has seen things with sexually transmitted diseases that would make your balls slide into your ass and not come out; so, trust me, she knew what she was saying, despite my being only 16 at the time" he informed me.

"Okay, so she knows we have sex" I replied, not shocked at her knowing these details. "Babe, we are up here because the room is soundproof. It used to be the kids play room, so they had it soundproofed years ago" he added.

"Oh, now I get it...good; I thought we would have to restrain ourselves again" I laughed. "Nope, tonight you fuck me hard and rough, but I will get myself ready first...okay?" he added.

"Yeah, can I help you with that" I asked. "You mean help me clean?" he asked. "No, that is gross; I hated that when you did me. No, I mean help relax and open you, get you ready" I added. "Babe, there is nothing about you I find gross; but, yeah, it's not for all. I got turned on helping you get ready; you pissed down my leg and I almost busted a nut" he replied.

"Perhaps there is a little prude in me, but I can and have been adventurous" I replied. "You mean your threesome with Dale and Todd? To be honest babe, I would have loved to have seen that action. Well, earlier on in our relationship; I think it would kill me now. You know, seeing someone else taking what is mine. You, babe, I will not now or ever share...okay?" he said, stroking the side of my face before he leaned in and kissed me.

"Okay" I replied, as we snuggled into each other.

"Let's get some rest. You are going to need all the energy you have for tonight, babe" he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders as I snuggled again, and we both drifted off to a nice pleasant sleep. I again dreamed of the poor white guy strapped to the table being well serviced by the two horse-hung black stallions.

The knock at the door startled us both out of our slumber. "You two awake?" Gramps shouted. "Yeah, come in Grandpa" Cal yelled, and he walked in. Cal stood and embraced his Grandfather. "You look well, Grandpa" Cal said, observing his grandfather, who did look quite fit and well. "As do you, my boy. Hurry, dinner will be on the table in half an hour" he added.

"And how are you, Joshua?" he asked. "Very well, thank you, sir" I replied. "Josh, I won't tell you again, drop the sir shit" he added, with a cheeky smile. "Sorry sir..err I mean, Gramps" I corrected.

"Thirty minutes boys" he repeated and left the room.

"He looks well" I said, as Cal returned and stood in front of me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "The work agrees with him, he loves it" Cal added, before kissing me on my willing lips. "Shower?" he asked. "Yeah, I will wash you down; you stink from the flight" I added. "Fucking rude," he responded.

"I like your stink" I admitted, and I did. His aroma always turns me on, hence the boner I had when entering the shower cubical. "Oh, is that for me?" Cal asked, staring at my predicament. "It's only ever for you... and Channing Tatum" I smirked.

"He's not into guys, but you know I am" he replied. "Yeah, that's a bonus point for you then, isn't it?" I again smirked, but stopped when he wrapped his hand around my engorged member. "How about a little relief?" he asked. "Okay, but you don't want to spoil your appetite for dinner now, do you?" I snickered somewhat.

He dropped to his knees, the water cascading off of his jet black hair. He opened his mouth and took me in. I almost jumped out of the shower; my cock was as sensitive as I had ever known it to be, "Ohh fuck" I moaned out in total appreciation at my lover, my life, taking me.

"I love the taste of you, Josh" he moaned back. It was not long before I busted. I covered my lovers tongue and he lapped at my cock, milking all that I was offering. I dropped to my knees and gave him the same treatment. I have told him on numerous occasions that I love the taste and the smell of him; it is a smell I hope never changes with age.

We came out of the shower and he softly dried me; the first time he had done that since he treated me with kid gloves when I was attacked last year. He was tender and gentle. I loved him more each day, and I have never taken him for granted, and I never will.

"I love you, Calumn Kenner" I said, looking into his loving eyes. "And why wouldn't you?" he smiled. "And just so you know, babe, I am more in love with you now than I thought humanly possible" he responded.

"Don't worry, I know, and I intend on showing you as soon as we get back up here" I informed him. "Looking forward to it" he kissed me.

"Let's get down and have a bite to eat. By the aroma coming from the kitchen, grandma has been busy" Cal said, as we headed down.

"Hey grandma, something smells' amazing" Cal said, walking in and kissing his Grandma on the cheek. "Yeah, it smells' great!" I added. "Go sit down boys, it will be a couple of minutes" she replied.

"Hi Grandpa" I said, before Cal had the chance. He looked at me and smiled. "Hello boys, beer?" he asked, and I looked at Cal. He was 21 now, so he could; but after last night, I think he may decline. "Thanks' Grandpa" he replied, so, perhaps not. "But a soda, if you have one" he eventually responded.

"Josh?" he asked

"The same thanks" I replied.

He stood up and went to the bar in the dining room and retrieved a couple of cokes, and a beer for himself. "Boy's if you wanna beer, get one; it's not illegal, and I had the odd one at your age. It's all okay, if not abused" he said, handing me a coke.

"Grandpa, we are not taking you for a fool; we went out last night and sort of overdid things, so, just being sensible" I replied, taking some of the flack that may have been coming. "You were fine; I was the one doing a Linda Blair impersonation from the Exorcist," he replied.

"So, what was so different about last night you got drunk?" Gramps asked, deflection failing, somewhat.

"Mom" replied Cal

"My boy, don't worry about your Mother; the case has no foundation" Gramps replied. "Yeah, I know that. I have been told by uncle Marty it's a sham case. I am having doubts about seeing her, that's all" replied Cal, and this is the first time I have heard him expressing those thoughts.

"Hey, I can cancel the meeting; actually, I would prefer it if you did" Gramps added, with a certain amount of relief.

"You will do no such thing" added his Grandmother, as she walked into the dining room carrying a large platter with sliced beef and roasted potatoes. "You will do no such thing, Calumn Kenner; you will face that woman like the man you are" she went on, placing the platter at the centre of the table.

"That woman has a hold on you. She abandoned you when she was needed. You need to see her and tell her what you think of her. She has become poison, and that is not what my son fell in love with" she added, taking her seat.

"Your father left you a legacy. She is not taking anything away, and we will let her know that, do you understand me?" she said, and I for one would not now or ever cross this woman. She is strong willed and very opinionated; she is amazing.

"We, Grandma?" replied Cal

"Yes, Calumn, we" she added.

Grandpa returned to the kitchen so he could not get caught in the crossfire, and he returned with a tureen of vegetables, and what I loved: Yorkshire puddings. "You hear me old man?" she said, looking at her husband.

"Yes dear" was his only response.

I looked over at Cal and he smiled at his Grandpa's capitulation at his Grandmothers words.

Yeah as I have stated I would not now nor ever cross this woman.

To be continued...

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