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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 9

Published: 31 Aug 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"That was very nice Grandma. What's for dessert?" Cal asked.

"Bottomless pit" she replied.

"And yet I keep my figure" Cal replied, and I knew why; strenuous workouts, I smiled to myself, as I knew what was coming later on.

"Yes, sweetheart, it's in the refrigerator; go help yourself" she replied. I had never seen him move so fast. "Sweet tooth" I said, as he entered the kitchen.

"Oh Joshua, I know that all too well. How he does not weigh 200lbs, I don't know" she laughed. "He does restrain himself at school; he rarely eats carbs, never mind sweets" I said, and she looked shocked at my statement. "We must be his crutch" she snickered.

"Trust me, you need to meet Todd; he eats more than Cal and I and puts no weight on whatsoever" I said, and she just shook her head in disbelief.

"You want any Josh?" he yelled from the kitchen.

"No Cal, thanks'" I replied.

He walked out with what, to be honest, looked like a banquet platter for a private function. I think even Todd would struggle with it. "Cal, are you serious?" I asked. "Strawberry Pavlova, my favourite" he replied, and sat down with a spoon and began to devour it.

"Don't come crying to me with a stomach ache" I laughed.

"Never have yet" he replied.

"Er hmm, last night, may I remind you" I responded.

"That was alcohol and bar food, this is desert; completely different food group" he smirked, and I had to smile.

"Will you still love me if I put on a few pounds?" he asked.

"What do you call a few pounds; I am not a chubby chaser" I returned, with a laugh and a smirk.

"Again, where is the love?" he laughed, as he began to struggle with his dessert. "Calumn, put the rest back in the ice box; you can finish it tomorrow" Grandma said to him. He just shook his head, as he now saw this as a personal challenge; and something tells me the dessert will win out.

I just leaned over and whispered into his ear, "How will I be able to nail your ass if you throw up?" I said looking into his eyes. He looked dead at me for a second, then couldn't help himself, and smiled. "Perhaps leaving some for tomorrow is a good idea" he replied, and stood up and walked to the fridge.

"And what did you say to him, may I ask? I could use the same speech next time he decides to pig out on dessert?" gramps asked. I had to use all the control I could muster not to crack a rib laughing. "Oh, I just told him he was looking a bit chubby lately" I lied.

We sat in the living room and talked for about an hour; then Cal used his I need to go to bed and get me some routine: he started to pretend to yawn and stretch. "Tired babe?" I asked. "Yeah, it's been a long day" he replied, with a wry grin.

"I could use a shower first, though" he added.

We stood up, as did his grandparents; and they hugged first Cal, and then me. Grandma whispered into my ear before we went upstairs, "I think I know what got him to put the dessert down" she snickered. "I am not such an old duffer, you know" she added, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

Cal finished what he had to do in the bathroom. He walked into the bedroom, and, let's just say he was more than ready for action. "Are you pointing at a mark on the ceiling or are you trying to tell me something?" I laughed, as he climbed onto the bed, crawling on all fours until he was sprawled on top of me.

"How did I get so lucky?" he asked, staring into my eyes. "Babe, what do you mean? We met, and fell, it happens" I replied. "Josh, when I first saw you in the geometry class, you made my heart beat faster; then, when I waved at you sitting by the oak tree, I was like a giddy school boy. By the time we got to the Engineering class, well, what more can I say" he said, lightly kissing my face.

"So you did wave at me, then? I thought you waved at some girl behind me...I looked" I replied. "No, it was you" he added, again lightly kissing my face with a little more passion this time.

While he was lying on top of me, I could feel his cock flexing between us. "Are you sending Morse code, babe?" I enquired. "Yeah, I am saying fuck me now; I need it" he laughed, and I rolled him over onto his back. I lifted his knees to his chest.

"Take your time, we have all night" he said, reaching over on the bedside cabinet and grabbing a bottle of slick lube.

"Cal, trust me, I am not in any hurry" I whispered into his ear, nibbling him just a bit. That always got his heart pumping.

I squeezed some lube onto his hole and a generous amount on my fingers. I rubbed gently in a circular motion until his ass relaxed. He began to squirm under my touch. I applied a little pressure and my finger slid inside of him. "That feels so good" he moaned, his eyes closing as I added a second finger, twisting as I went.

"You have the magic touch, babe" he added.

"It takes two, babe" I added.

I added a third finger and more lube. I did not want to repeat my previous mistake and cause him the wrong kind of pain. He moaned as the third finger stretched him. As I twisted, I worked his hole more open; I again added more slick to the operation.

He pushed his ass up, meeting my fingers as I pressed forward. "Oh, fuck, Josh, that feels so good" he moaned in appreciation.

"Liking this a lot, babe?" I asked; not so much a question, but a statement of fact. He just nodded, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. I added more lube and a fourth finger. "You trying to fist me, babe?" he asked.

"No, just making sure I don't hurt you again" I replied, twisting four fingers into him. "Babe, you have a big dick, but you are not like that dude at Loose guys; now, stop and fuck me...NOW!!!" he demanded.

"And to think you kissed your Grandma with that mouth" I tsk-tsked him, removing my fingers from his ass. "Wow, that feels so empty" he replied. "Josh, please" he begged.

I again pushed his knees to his chest and hovered over him. I looked into his pleading eyes. My boy needed me to satisfy him; and, trust me, I was more than up for it. I looked deep into those eyes as I pushed into him slowly, and in one movement, I was balls deep. His eyes were closed and he gasped for air.

"Cal, you okay?" I asked.

"That feels so fucking awesome; now go to work, baby" he insisted.

I began to slow deep, then shallow fuck. I liked this move when he did it to me, and it stirred every sense of sexuality that existed between two men. I hit his prostate, or his joy button; or, as I called it, my slut activation chip.

I picked up the pace and began to get a bit rougher. He liked to be had; and, believe me, I was taking him. I pushed hard on the down strokes and withdrew slowly to drive him crazy. His breathing became laboured, as was mine, the sheen of sweat covering both of our sexually excited bodies.

I flipped him over and pulled his ass up; he had his legs spread and his face was buried into the velvet shams covering the pillows. I climbed over his sweat covered body and mounted him. I ploughed into him deeply; his moans grew louder, his body was shaking. He knew how to fuck me and satisfy me, and I knew how to fuck and satisfy him. I drove on, ploughing deep inside my lover, my life, my future.

"Not long, Cal, your ass is sucking me in" I whispered into his ear, struggling to get those words out, my breath laboured.

"Go for it, babe, I won't last much longer, myself" he replied. I withdrew and turned him back onto his back. I spread his legs and re-entered him. I lay on top of his sweaty body and began to fuck harder and faster than I thought possible. We both started to show the tell-tale signs of nearing the end. I lifted myself up and drove home those final few strokes and emptied my balls deep inside my man.

At the same time, I could see string upon string of cum flying from Cal's cock. He blasted several streams, as I did the same inside of him. I soon collapsed on top of him, gluing our torsos together with a combination of cum and sweat.

We just lay on each other for what seemed like an eternity. We did not speak; just stared into each other's eyes, and all I could see was love. We did not move, nor talk, and just fell into a sated, orgasmic, coma-like sleep.


I woke when the alarm sounded; I had not moved. I was still lying on top of Cal. I looked up and he was awake; he had a tear in his eye and was smiling at me. "Cal, are you okay?" I asked softly. "I hope we can wake up like this more often" he replied. I stretched up and kissed him softly.

"We will, bank on it" I said, and smiled. We sat up and our skin had dried together; we tore away from each other. "Even like this" I added. "Better like this" he replied.

"Come on, share a shower; saves time" I stated. We did just that, and managed to keep our hands off each other. We dried each other, dressed, and headed downstairs. The smell of coffee and bacon filled the room.

"Good morning Calumn" Grandma said as we entered the kitchen. Cal kissed her cheek and smiled. "Good morning to you, too, Joshua. I trust you both slept well" she added. "Yes, thank you, Grandma" I replied, like Cal, kissing her cheek.

"Marty will be here soon" she added.

"Good morning, boys. I hope the bed is still in one piece" Grandpa said, walking into the kitchen with a we know what you two did last night look on his face.

"Oh, don't blush; we were your age, once" he added.

We did not comment, using the bacon sandwiches we were eating as a reason for our not commenting. Some conversations do not need to happen; regardless of how close you are to the people; and that is something Todd should learn.

Soon after breakfast and the arrival of Cal' lawyer, Marty Lieberman; we headed off into the city to Cal's Mothers lawyers office.

Some thirty minutes later, Cal, his Grandparents, his lawyer and I were sitting in a small law firm in a nice part of Chicago; waiting on his Mother. We had been sitting for about ten minutes when a middle aged woman came out to talk.

"Mr Kenner, can you follow me, please" she directed.

"Miss?" he started.

"Oh, forgive my rudeness; Liz Tanner" she responded.

"Okay Miss Tanner, we are all together. If my Mother wants to talk to me, she talks to all of us; as well as my counsel" Cal added, sounding large and in charge. His Grandmother smiled at the exchange.

"My apologies; would you all follow me" she corrected. We followed her into a side conference room. Cal's Grandfather, carrying his briefcase, sat next to me, and Cal on the other side of him; flanked by his lawyer. His Grandmother was sitting next to me.

A couple of minutes later, an advocate of the court came in and sat at the end of the table with a woman taking the notes. Then she came in, wearing a black power suit; not looking at anybody except Cal. She took her seat; the two people with her, one being her lawyer and the other not introduced yet.

Over the next thirty minutes, her lawyer outlined their case regarding the non-validity of her husbands will and the need to have the previous one reinstated.

We contested the claims, and then came the crux of the whole case; the questioning by the advocate. "So, Mrs Kenner, you are basing this case on coercion by your deceased husband's father. Is that right?" he asked. "Yes your honour" she replied.

"And can you expand on that claim" he asked.

"Your Honour, my husband, like myself, believed in the law of God, as stated in Leviticus 18:22. Homosexuality is an abomination, and he would never sway from that view; so his father shamed him into giving this person my husband's wealth" she replied, with thinly veiled contempt.

"Mrs Kenner, religion plays no part in these proceedings; but the law does. Councillor, please advise you client what she is permitted to say, without being in contempt" the advocate responded.

"So Mrs Kenner, before I ask your Sons council"... she interrupted...

"I have legally disowned him; he has no family connection to me. So, your Honour, please do not refer him as my son" she spat out. His Grandmother grabbed and squeezed my hand, and I could sense she wanted to get up and destroy Cal's Mom. I think she could do it, too.

"Mrs Kenner, the case states you are contesting against your Son; so, for the matter of these proceedings, he is now, and until you leave this room, indeed you're Son" the advocate replied, not sounding happy at all.

"Your Honour, may I speak?" Marty said.

"By all means" he replied.

"Your Honour, I represented Mr Kenner for many years. I was the one who helped draft the will being contested. My client is unaware of this; but Calumn James Kenner, deceased, left a taped addition to his will, if contested.

I looked at Cal and his Grandfather, and they looked stunned obviously unaware of the existence of this recording.

"So, at this time, I think we should hear the tape, your Honour; if it would expedite matters" Marty said, playing his trump card.

"This is not uncommon Mr Lieberman; you may proceed" he replied.

"I must protest your Honour, we were not made aware of this recording" her lawyer said, sounding somewhat flustered.

"Councillor, this is not a trial; discovery does not work here, so I will allow it" he replied.

Cal looked somewhat like a deer in the headlights; his Grandfather whispering in his ear. I could not hear what was being said.

A few minutes passed, and a TV and a laptop with the recording of Cal's father was about to play. I had only seen photographs of his father at this point.

The recording started and stated the date of the recording and who was present at the time; Marty being one of those present.

"Hello, My name is Calumn James Kenner, and the date is the 12th of April, 2010, and the time is 14:12pm. I am recording this message in case my last will and testament is contested" he stated.

Cal's eyes as his Grandparents were glued to the screen, listening to the voice of his Dead father and there dead son.

"Calumn, I know you will be disappointed in me, but be assured that I loved you very much. The God we both love is fallible, and a God that has you cast out my only Son is not a God I can pray to; and for that, I am not sorry."

"I attacked my Son and served time in prison and deservedly so.

To my wife I love you and that is what convinced me to follow your lead, but Sweetheart, I have since learned he is a remarkable boy; despite the hand he was dealt. I love him very much for that.

I had decided while in prison to try and make amends, somehow. When I was released, I travelled back; and the first place I went was my Father's house. I saw our Son Mary, and he looked happy. I did not have the right anymore to interfere in his life, so I walked away"

He went on, getting emotional. Cal was wrapped in his Grandfathers arms, his mother unmoved.

"I made amends the only way I knew how, by correcting my will. I left him everything he would have gotten, had I lived. I never got the chance to tell him I loved and respected him for making something of himself. Despite our thoughts and religious beliefs, Mary, we were wrong. I left you comfortably well provided for. I had experts help me draft my will, and have been told it would take an act of Congress to overturn it.

"I have not been pressured in any way. So, Mary, drop whatever plan you have, and leave our Son be. Calumn, if you are present, believe me when I say this Son; I love you." The recording ended.

"Your Honour, may we have a minute, please?" Gramps asked.

"Reconvene in ten minutes" he said, and stood up.

We stood up. I could see Cal was crying. His Mother, for once, did look concerned. She was talking to the guy next to her; he had been introduced as Father Jim Laymone. We walked into the hallway and I pulled Cal into a hug.

"You okay, babe?" He sobbed into my shoulder; I could see Gramps and Marty having a discussion, obviously talking about the recording.

"I heard him say he loved me; that felt so good, Josh" he sobbed.

We stood together, discussing what was said, before we headed back inside the conference room.

His Mother's lawyer stood up and talked to the advocate before he took his seat.

"Okay, ladies and gentleman, we can continue; but before we do, Mrs Kenner's council has something to say" he stated, and took his seat.

"In the light of new developments, my client wishes to withdraw her contest against the will of her deceased husband, and wishes to stand by his intentions, your Honour" she said, and sat back down. "Mr Lieberman, any objections?" he asked. "None, your Honour, but Calumn would like to say something; so I beg your Honours indulgence" he replied.

"Councillor?" he said looking over to Cal's Mothers side. "Please" she replied.

I watched as Calumn looked up. He looked at me and his Grandparents before he looked at his Mother.

"I loved both my parents very much. I was only 15 when I hoped the people I trusted most in this world would help and advise me; they didn't. In fact, they turned me out into the cold, hurt and injured; but, despite that act, I still loved them.

Some say that Gods love is absolute, and love and respect will find a way; but some decided to choose their own meaning in God's law. Mother, you cited Leviticus 18:22, as your reasoning. Does it not also state that a Father can sell his daughter into slavery; and you can own slaves, as long as it is from a neighbouring Nation? Times do change Mother. I am not an abomination, Mother; your lack of love for your only son is.

My Father loved me; I take comfort in that". Cal was getting some much needed resentment off of his chest.

"Look at your son while he is talking" Grandma yelled.

His mother sharply looked up.

"You see these people here, Mother? These people have loved me without reservation. My Grandmother has been my Mother; that should have been you, but you couldn't get past the fact I was gay" he continued, and when dad died you denied them the right to grieve as parents, that is unforgivable" he said not missing a beat, his eyes not leaving hers. He looked up and then smiled and looked at all of us and then back at his mother.

"I have love in my life now, Mother; I have a family. Mother, look at me. Stand up, Josh" he asked, and I did. "This is Josh, the man I intend to marry, not in a Church; as God, for me, has been tainted by you. It will take me time, but I will find my way back to Him" he said.

"You see mother Josh was kidnapped and tortured by so called god fairing folk, but haters, they like you when you and dad attacked me, they did to Josh but only worse and they intended to kill him, but mercifully they did not succeed" he went on with emotion, as tears ran down his face and mine also.

His Mother just looked on and did not attempt to stop him.

"Mother, despite your hatred for me and the likes of me, I still have a place in my heart for you; though I don't know why. But, for now, I am done with you" and he sat down. I squeezed his arm; he turned and gave me a sad smile, I was going to have my say to this woman as was his grandmother, but Cal managed to do it for us and I loved him more for it.

"Okay, that concludes these proceedings" the advocate said, and stood and shook the hand of both councils and took his leave.

"Grandpa, can we go home, please?" Cal asked.

"Calumn, I am so proud of you, I love you so much" Grandma said, kissing his cheek and pulling him into a loving embrace.

"Come on, we have done what we needed to do" Grandpa said.

Cal just looked over at his Mother, and I watched them look at each other, she looked somewhat saddened.

"Mother, I do love you, you know" he said, and turned and walked out toward the door with me.

"Calumn...Calumn" his mother sobbed out.

"Too late, you had your chance" he whispered not wanting her to hear.

"Let's go home" he added.

I turned before we left the room, she gave me a wry smile, I however did not return the sentiment, but something tells me we have not heard the last of this woman, I just hope for Cal's sake she comes to her senses first.

To be continued...

Okay hankies away, hope you liked this chapter I cried writing it, soppy sod I know but that's me. Again, comments at Or Twitter @DavidSpowart


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