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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 10

Published: 7 Sept 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

We drove home in total silence, Cal sobbing into my shoulder as I stroked his head. I could feel his tears soaking into my shirt. His mother, as far as he was concerned, was now a part of his past; a past that, at this moment, he had no intention of revisiting.

"You okay, babe?" I whispered into his hair, as I consoled him. "Sorry" he croaked out, defeated. "Nothing to be sorry for, you were amazing. I am so fucking proud of you" I said, as we approached his grandparents' home.

Cal climbed out of his grandpa's car and his Grandmother pulled him into a hug, a hug he so desperately needed. He would have liked it to have come from his mother; but I cannot see that happening anytime soon.

"You okay child?" she said, looking into his eyes, which were bloodshot and swollen. "I will be Grandma" he assured her. "Heavy day" he added.

We went inside and she went to make some refreshments. Marty Lieberman had gone back to his office to complete the formalities. We went to the den and sat down.

"Tea" his grandmother proclaimed, as she followed us into the den a few minutes later. "Thank you Grandma" I replied, and she ruffled my hair a little. I mean, come on, what am I, six? But I smiled, just to appease her.

Cal gave a wry, but I could see, forced smile. He drank his tea and snuggled into me. He felt like I would walk away, and was making sure I was still there. "I'm not going any place. I'm yours, forever" I whispered into his ear. He turned and smiled a more confident smile back at me.

"Steaks do for dinner?" Grandma asked, and we just said yes. I had no appetite, and I am sure Cal didn't have one, either; but we had to eat. "I'm taking Cal up for a nap" I said, as I stood up. "Okay Josh, I will give you a shout in a couple of hours" Grandpa replied.

"Come on Cal, let's have a rest" I said, holding out my hand. He looked pretty vacant, his eyes, lifeless. We climbed the stairs and went into our room and closed the door. I stood in front of him and undid his shirt and tie. I removed it over his shoulders. He stood as I undid his trousers and removed them, one leg at a time.

"Lift your foot" I asked and he complied. I removed each shoe and sock; then pulled his trousers off. I stood up and removed my own clothing. I stood and just looked at him. I dropped to my knees and pulled down his briefs and kissed his dick; he snickered a little.

I stood back up and dropped my own underwear. I pulled him to the bed. I lay down first, and pulled him into me. I cradled his head into my chest as he cuddled into me. "I'm always here for you, Calumn; remember that, okay?" I whispered softly, comforting him.

"We should call the guys" he said, and I just replied, "We will, a little later on. Right now, rest" I responded.

"You smell great and sexy" he whispered.

"Sleep babe, we will have some fun later" I replied.

"Promise?" he added.

"Oh sweetheart, what I have planned for you, yeah, I promise" I replied.

"I want to invite Aaron and Kyle, and Jake and his husband, as well as the guys, when we head off to Florida" He replied, out of the blue. "Oh, you sure; is there room?" I asked. I had been down there, but never saw the entire house.

"It has six bedrooms, so yeah, I think we have room" he snickered.

"Well if you remember babe, we hardly left our room" I snickered back at him.

"Oh yeah, horndog" he laughed, for the first time that day. "You kissed my dick" he added. "From now on, and every day of our lives together, I am going to kiss your dick everyday" I reply.

"I like the sound of that" he smiled into my eyes, when I turned his head up so I could see his eyes. "I mean what I say, babe" I add.

"Now, let's have a nap, we can call the guys and let them know of our plans for spring break" I added, again cuddling his head into my chest and inhaling his scent.

A knock at the door and the aroma of steaks woke us from our nap. Cal was where I left him, tight into my chest.

"You boys awake?" Grandpa shouted through the door. "Ermm yeah, we will be down soon, Grandpa" I yell, waking Cal from an obviously good dream; obvious to the point his dick was erect and dripping. "Dreaming of me, I hope" I ask, knowingly. "Who else?" he replies.

"Okay, let's have a quick shower, as, by the aroma wafting upstairs, those steaks are almost done" I add.

We shower and I jack him off, as his erection refused to go down. So I wrapped myself around him and brought him to a very quick, but satisfying climax. We again washed and dressed, then descended the stairs.

"Afternoon boys" Grandma said, as she placed a platter of steaks in the center of the table, along with some mashed potatoes and some greens; and, as usual, she remembered the banana puddings. My mother could not have done any better.

"Eat up" she adds, and, like Cal, grace wasn't said. Well, not since his dad died, anyway. So, what are your plans for your week off, boys?" Grandpa asked. I know we had the trip to Italy that he paid for; but we want to keep that for our honeymoon, and, by the sounds of it, Cal had not let his Grandpa know about Florida,

"Oh, we are heading to the house in Florida, us and a few of the guys" added Cal.

"Sounds like a plan" Grandma replied.

"I never told you, well, in case my Mom" he choked a little, "well, in case she had her way" he concluded. "It's only for 5 days, but we just want a bit of time to cut loose" he added.

"And you could do with cutting loose a little, child" Grandma added.

As we talked my cell went off.


"Hey dude, what happened?" Todd asked, and I could hear Dale talking behind him. "It went as we thought it would. Cal won, but it hurt, Todd; I am not lying to you. She was so cold toward him" I replied.

"Bitch" I heard Dale reply.

"I take it I'm on speaker phone?" I ask

"Erm yeah, should have told you" he replied.

"It's nothing to worry over. Who is there besides you, Dale, Lisa, and Laura" I ask. "How the fuck, dude, how do you know the girls are here?" he asks.

"Well its 7pm and you are inside, so, where else would your girlfriends be, dipshit" I reply, and then look sheepish, as I had just sworn in front of Cal's Grandparents. I mouth `sorry'.

"So, you flying back tonight, dude?" Dale asks.

"No, we are spending a little time here with the Grandparents. We should be back in a couple of days, though; and, by the way, Cal wants a word" I end and hand the phone to Cal.

"Hey, Todd" Cal starts.

"You okay man?" Todd asks.

"You know what, Todd, yeah, I think I am" he replies with a smile.

"Look, I will make this short and sweet. Spring break is on; can you see if the two lovers want to come with?" he asks. "Which ones, dude" Todd asks.

"Aaron and Kyle" Cal responds.

"Oh, well, yeah, okay. I am playing some hoops with Aaron tomorrow; that's if I can get him off of Kyle" he snickers. "Okay Cal, laters" he ends, and flips the phone closed.

"You okay?" I ask, and he smiles. I think he is, but if depression sets in, I have to look out for it. I know I have been through some shit, but that was mostly physical. What his parents, mostly his mother, did, could send anyone over the edge. He already had abandonment issues. Today was an incident that I never want to see repeated; so anything I can do to protect him, I will do.

"You want to go for a walk?" I ask, and he smiles and nods. We stand and get our jackets and head out. We walk for about thirty minutes and hit the lake area, couples mulling around, kids on skateboards and in-line skates. It looked like a happy place.

We sit on a bench and watch as the boats on the lake sail past. He started talking of things of happier times, of his dad bringing him down to the lake so he could sail his model boat. He smiled at the memory. We called it a night and headed back, when we saw that someone was watching us. We walked toward him and he smiled at us.

"Mr Kenner, can we talk?" asked Father Jim Laymone.

"What is there to say Father? You were there for her; you heard the hatred she has for me, You were there as her support, so what is there that we need to talk about?" replied Cal.

"Mr Kenner, I was as shocked at her feelings as you were. I have been her council for almost 3 months. I know she prays from the Old Testament. I am trying to guide her away from the extremes of the text, from that particular interpretation; but it has been harder than I thought it would be" he bemoaned, as he sat on a bench near us. I looked at Cal and he nodded, and we sat on an opposite bench.

"Josh, your name is Josh, isn't it?" he asked, looking at me.

"Yes Father, Josh Miller" I replied.

"I am sorry for what you went through, my son. Some people are born of evil, despite their proclaiming to be God fearing" he replies

"Father, how come you are, guiding, for want of a better word, my Mother?" Cal asks.

"She came into my church. I was giving afternoon mass. She told me that her son, who, I now take she meant you, was heading for eternal damnation" he informed.

"She never told me that you were gay; she, in fact, said very little about you. She indicated, and I am sorry to be saying this" he started and Cal interrupted.

"She said I killed my Father, didn't she?" he added.

"I'm afraid so" he replied.

"Yeah, she accused me of that before" Cal said, flatly.

"I asked her why she hated you, and I received a tirade of reasons. I finally had to ask her to leave. I will never tolerate hatred being shouted in my church. I think when I told her that I had blessed two same sex marriages last year; that did it. She ran out faster than if I had been chasing her" he replied.

"Calumn, you said that one day, you hoped you would find your way back to Gods house. Did you mean that?" Father Laymone asked.

"Someday" he said in a soft voice.

"If you would like, I would be honored to marry you two in Gods house" he said, and we looked stunned. I looked at Cal, and he at me.

"Father?" I replied.

"I know you have had a bad time from so called God fearing folk; but if you allow me to marry you two, and help restore your faith in God, I would see that as a triumph for Gods' love" he added.

"Calumn, Josh, I am an Episcopalian priest. I do not have a negative thought on homosexuality. I believe love will out" he added, trying to convince us.

"Father, we appreciate your offer, but can you give us some time to think about it? We need to talk to our families" Cal replied.

"Calumn, I await your call" he says, as he stands up.

"Mr Miller, Calumn, have a pleasant evening" he says, and walks away. I look at Cal and I could see he was very deep in thought. "Come on, lets go home" I say, and we walk back. We pass his house on the way to his Grandparents.

"Our families can stay in our house, while we stay at Grandpas" Cal blurts out.

"So, I take it we are considering it, then?" I ask, as we turn the corner onto his grandparent's street. "Babe, I want to marry you properly, in a church, so, yeah" he replies, and I smile. "Good, but I am not wearing a fucking white dress" I snicker out.

"White? Bit late for that" he snickers in return. "Cream, perhaps" he adds with a hint of mischief in his voice.

"I'd marry you in a baby diaper, if it pleased you" I respond, with a smug grin on my face. "Perhaps the night time, babe" he responds, in an off the cuff manner.

"I love you Mr, so let's let everyone know what we are doing. We need to agree on a date with Father Laymone" I add.

"Tomorrow; right now, I need you to make me feel loved" he smiles, as we enter the house.

"Good walk, boys?" Grandma asks.

"Yes, it's a nice night out" I reply.

"Coffee is fresh" she adds.

"Your grandfather is tired, so we are heading up. Don't stay up too late, okay?" she adds, and heads upstairs.

"Christ, I hope he is not feeling well" Cal replies.

"CALUMN" I say in a scornful tone.

"Babe, that used to be code for he's wants to get some; and the thought of my grandparents doing the wild thing will make my dick stay soft...permanently" he replies.

"Oh shit, you are not kidding, are you?" I bemoan.

"Okay, turn the TV on. We will give them an hour. I don't need to hear that" I say, as Jeopardy appeared on the TV.

The question came up and I thought.

"What is Everest?" I reply

To be continued...

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