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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 12

Published: 21 Sept 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

When we arrived back in New York, Todd and Dale where waiting for us.

"Hey guys, welcome back" Todd says and pulls me into a hug. "You okay Cal?" Dale asks. "Yeah, why?" Cal asks. "You're Mother" Dale responds, as we head out of the terminal. "I'm fine, her loss" Cal replies in a low tone.

I do wish this trip had gone better. We did have some highs and some lows; but the one with his mother, I wish had turned out differently.

"So, Florida, are Kyle and Aaron coming?" and a look passed between Dale and Todd told me all was not well in his best friends life.

"I know Aaron is coming, but Kyle, I don't know" Todd replied.

"Oh, don't tell me the lovers have had a spat" I snickered, but I noticed I was the only one finding humour in this.

"Okay, spill" I demand.

Silence, and then Dale spoke up.

"Tell them dude, they will find out soon, anyway" he said, looking at Todd.

"Aaron fucked up; Kyle is pretty pissed right now" Todd starts.

"In what way?" Cal asks

"He recorded them having sex" Todd added.

"Yeah, so?" I reply.

"He posted it on a gay sex site" Dale adds.

"Noooooooooo" I exclaimed, shocked.

"Is he fucking stupid?" Cal adds, with the same amount of disdain.

"Kyle hit him, and told him he never wants to see him again" Todd added.

"Are you two yanking our chains here, as this sounds too farfetched?" I ask, with a small amount of scepticism.

"Cal you got your I Pad?" Todd asks, as he pulls off the road. Cal goes into his messenger bag and pulls out his tablet. He hands it off to Todd and he enters a web address. He hands it back and there is a video called "Pounded" playing; and on display was Kyle, face down and being pounded, so, an apt title.

And we watched and saw Aaron give the thumbs up to a static mounted camera... Idiot!

"I have talked to Kyle; he just feels completely humiliated and betrayed" Dale adds.

"And Aaron?" I ask.

"Oh, trust me, he is feeling just as stupid. He loves Kyle and he knows he has really fucked up. Kyle won't talk to him, so this week away might just give them the space apart they need" Todd adds.

"I cannot believe he posted it though" I add.

"He said he was drunk, and it was on his laptop and he just sent it. He has tried different ways to get them to take it down, but they won't" Dale adds.

"I'll have a go when we get back" I said, and they looked at me with scepticism.

"What do we have to lose?" I add.

Thirty minutes later we were back in our dorm rooms. I went to my PC and went to the website and wrote a letter to their customer services department.

I informed them that at the time this scene was shot, the recipient, Kyle, was only 17yrs old, and therefore, a minor under state law; and we had informed the relevant authorities to the fact that you had not carried out the required checks to confirm age of model in said clip.

"Smart and fucking cute" Cal said, biting my ear lobe.

"Na, a porn star did a shoot some time ago. He did a film called `Schoolboy Crush'. Brent Corrigan is his name. He was only 17 at the time, and Cobra removed all copies, so I thought I would use the same tack" I was moaning, as Cal nibbled lightly on my earlobe.

"Smart and cute" he breathed into my ear.

"Horny, huh?" I ask.

I heard Cal's cell ping, which was his signal he had received a text. But, his attention was focused solely on me.

"Feel" he replied, and I stroked the outside of his trousers. Yep, hard as steel. "Always ready" I snicker.

"We will, a bit later, let's get a bite with the guys first" and as I said that, Todd walks into the room, followed by Aaron. "Oh, here he, is Dick Steel" Cal replies, and I had to laugh at that. Call flips his cell open and reads the text.

"So not funny" Aaron whines. "Aaron, you are the idiot here; what possessed you?" I ask. "Jack Daniels" he responded.

"Did you try to have them take it down? Todd said you had an idea" Aaron asked, with some semblance of hope as he asks.

I explained what I had done, and told him we would have to wait and see if they go for it.

"Do you think they will go for it?" Todd asks.

"Todd, they don't want the FBI searching their database, so I think we stand a good chance of it being taken down; but copies already downloaded will continue to circulate" I add, dashing Aarons hopes just a tad.

"If I can tell Kyle it has been taken down, he might talk to me" replied a forlorn Aaron, and I could see he was hurting.

"Aaron, you fucked up big time, and you are going to have to give him a little space. Time heals all wounds, and all that" I say, but not believing it, myself.

"I am never drinking again. This has cost me my soul mate. I mean, he gets me, you know, me!" he adds, with more sorrow than meaning.

Knock! Knock!

Todd stands and opens the door.

"Oh, hey Kyle, you okay, dude?" Todd asks. Kyle looked shattered.

"I heard Josh was back" he says, then spots Aaron.

"Oh shit...look, I'll come back later" Kyle adds, and walks off.

"Look, I will talk to him, so just stay put...all of you" I say, and start after Kyle. Cal speaks up, "Josh, hang on, I need to see Dave. Look, he thinks he has a lead on a garage we can use for my truck" he smiles, showing me the text.

"See you later, babe" he says, and kisses my cheek. I watch him walk away as I pursue Kyle.

I walk down and look for him, but I cannot see him. Fast fucker, I say to myself. I follow the footpath and spot him sitting on Conner's bench. I walk slowly over to him. Plenty of people walking past; some I don't know, others, I do, and smile at them.

"Hey" I say, and sit next to the first person I ever had sex with; the person who took my gay virginity. I don't love him, but I do care for him.

"You look like shit" I add.

"Thanks" he replies.

"I take it you heard, then?" he says, not looking at me.

"Yeah... sorry" I reply.

"I feel so fucking stupid, Josh. I love the dipshit and he does that to me" he adds.

"If it's any consolation, he is a fucking wreck over this" I add.

"Good" he says, with a little venom.

"I have tried to convince the site to remove the video" I add, trying to lift his spirits a little.

"Damage is done, he has humiliated me" he adds, but I sense regret as he says it.

"Kyle, he fucked up while drunk. Fuck, we have all done stupid shit when intoxicated" I add.

"What, you took a video of Cal and posted it on Gay, did you?" he says. I detect both anger and defeat in his statement.

"You still love him?" I ask.

"That is the part that stings" he replies.

"Look Kyle, we are off to Florida in a week. Come with us, talk it over with him. He's fucked up and he knows he has. You don't throw things out with the trash over a mistake. Okay, a big mistake, I grant you, but you don't cut your nose off to spite your face" I add, looking for workable cliché s.

"Would you forgive Cal for that?" he asks. I knew for an absolute fact Cal would never be so irresponsible. "I would hope I would" I reply.

"Hey Josh, welcome back" Billy Layton yells as he jogs past.

"Is Todd in" he adds, and I nod back, and he runs on.

"Will you talk to him?" I ask Kyle, who is hurting, I could see that for myself.

"Not yet, I am too pissed at him right now, and if we are to have any sort of future together, he needs to back off for a while. Take him to Florida; that will give me some space" he says, and stands.

"Kyle, I do care for both of you... you more than some" I add, and he hugs me. "Things could have been different with us... couldn't they?" he asks.

"Perhaps... but don't dwell on things that neither of us could control. I love Cal more than life itself, and you are hitting a rough patch right now, but you love him" I add as a fact, not a question.

I heard someone yell, and I could see Aaron walking toward us. "Josh, please... I need time; just tell him that" and he walks away, very close to tears.

"Kyle!!" Aaron yells, and gets no response. I approach him, and stop him before he makes matters worse. "Aaron, wait, sit down" I tell him.

"I need for him to see I am sorry, Josh. He has to listen to me" he sobs, as people walk past us, watching Aaron fall apart.

"He told me he still loves you... just give him time, Aaron. If you force the issue, you might just lose him for good" I add, being all big brotherish.

"Come on, let's get back" I add.

"Not yet, Todd's cousin wants to talk to him in private" Aaron adds. "Okay, coffee" I reply.

We're sitting in Starbucks when I get a text from Dale. Like father like son it ends. What the fuck does that mean? We finish our coffee and head back to Dale's room and take a seat. Cal, I know had gone out searching for a garage where he could work on his truck.

"Billy has followed in his dad's footsteps" Dale adds, and I am still at a loss. "Why did Buster leave?" he asked. "He got his ... Oh fuck...Billy has got a girl pregnant?" I ask.

"Yeah, he found out last night. She was late, and they took a test and it was positive" he adds. "Christ, does that family not know of condoms?" I say, and Todd walks in. "Apparently not" Todd replies.

"How's Billy" I ask.

"Desperate" Todd responds.

"Does he know what they are going to do?" I ask.

"They are both twenty, so they can decide for themselves" Todd replies.

"He said he wants to marry her, but she does not want to marry anyone just yet. She wants to keep the sprog" he adds.

"Her choice" I reply.

"Yeah, I know. I've only known him for a short while, but he's family; I feel for him, you know" Todd replies, and throws himself onto Cal's bed.

"How did your talk with Kyle go" Todd asked, changing the direction of the conversation.

"Oh, he's pissed, but I think he will come around, eventually. Some major grovelling will be done by this nincompoop, when we get back from spring break" I add, pointing at Aaron.

"See you guys later" Aaron says, and walks out of the room, not needing a lesson in I told you so's.

"So, what did Kyle say?" asked Todd, when the door eventually closed.

"As I said, he's completely embarrassed and he feels like Aaron betrayed him; but he still loves him. He just asked for time to get over it" I replied.

"I can see his point. I know Aaron can be a fuck up; but this... even if he was drunk, something in his head should be saying: STOP!" Todd bemoaned his best friend.

"Mind, I will say this for him, he's got game" Todd adds.

"In what way, pray tell?" I ask, now a little confused.

"Well, you saw the video; he was nailing Kyle to the bed. Pounded was an apt name, don't you think?" he adds.

"Todd, that is not the fucking point. Would you have done that with Laura; because, if you did, you know for a fact you would be history" I add, and that changed his opinion, pretty quick .

"Point taken, and well made" he smiles.

"Look, change the subject from fucked up friends and family...Florida, let's make plans" Todd says, with as much enthusiasm as I have ever seen from him.

"We will have to wait for Cal to do that" I reply, wondering if he has found a suitable place so we can work on his old beat up truck. I was still wondering why, with all the money his grandparents have, did they give him that piece of junk? A life lesson about the value of money, maybe? I just wonder.

"So, where is Highlander?" Todd smirks.

"Out with Dave, trying to secure a garage where he can work on his truck" I reply.

"Sounds like a plan we can all get stuck into" Todd replies.

"AFTER WE COME BACK FROM FLORIDA" he more than enthuses.

To be continued...

Hope you are still hanging with me on this. A few comments would be good so I can see what the general consensus is on my direction with it. As usual or Twitter @DavidSpowart


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