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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 13

Published: 28 Sept 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"It looks like everything we need is here" I say to Cal, as we look over the garage he has hired for the next few months.

"We need to source parts, we have to strip the engine and see what we can do with it" he replies.

"Yeah, babe would, it not be better if we just sourced a new engine?" I ask, and he looks like I have just pissed in his favourite coffee cup.

"Josh, that Is the truck; the rest is just a frame" he responds.

"Fuck, where is the NASCAR?" Dale comments, as he and Todd arrive with Dave and Nick.

"Yeah, it's a cool garage; the owner runs a dragster team" Cal replies.

"Yeah, four months of the year it sits empty" adds Dave.

"We can park the truck in here when we fly down to Florida" I reply.

And soon, we lock the garage up; happy that Cal can work on his baby. It was a junker, but he loved it. It was his first vehicle, and he loved it. We headed back in toward the campus, but stopped off at Starbucks first; caffeine was badly needed. The final assignments we have worked on over the past few days have left us sleep deprived; and, apart from the studying, I am still a young, horny twenty year old and have needs, and Cal provides.

"So, when do you fly, anyway?" Dave asks, as he and Nick were heading back home to their respective parents.

"In a couple of days. As soon as the final class is done, we are off". Cal smiles at the prospect.

"Have to say I am a tad jealous" replies Nick.

"Next time, you are welcome to join us; we have a ton of friends coming to stay" Cal adds, a bit sad that he hadn't had the foresight to invite them.

"Na, it's cool, man. My folks would give birth to a cow if I ditched them" laughed Nick, and I remembered that Nick had told me his dad was a bit of a hard ass, his step dad, anyway. His real birth dad was a homophobic racist and we had our moment last year with the Reynolds's; but that is water under the bridge.

Todd looked over my shoulder and spotted Billy walking past. "Catch you later, guys" he said, and left to catch up with his cousin.

"So, what's happened?" I ask, and Dale spoke.

"Billy told his Mom and Dad" he replied.

"Oh, that wouldn't have ended well" I reply.

"Yeah, you could say that. HHHe's going home during break" he adds.

"So, it's true then?" asked Dave.

"What?" Dale tries to avoid the implication.

"Billy Layton and the cheerleader...knocked up!" he whispers, and Dale closes his eyes and nods.

"Fuck man, no wonder Todd bolted after him" Nick said, but with no malice.

"He wants to marry her, but she is just carrying on like she's getting a tooth pulled or something. She won't even entertain the idea of marrying him" I add.

"Were they dating?" Nick asks.

"Yeah, four months, I think" Dale replies, not happy to be discussing such a private matter with Todd not here to defend his cousin.

"Look guys, I trust you won't spread this shit around. Billy is hurting right now, and Todd is trying to help; and talk will just fuck it up" Dale responds.

"Dude, I know. I won't say a word" Nick replies, and so does Dave.

"Okay, guys, I'll see you later" Nick says, and leaves, with Dave not far behind.

"There you are, and where is my baby?" Laura adds to Lisa's words, as they enter the coffee shop.

"He's gone to see Billy" Dale replies, as Lisa sits on his lap within the booth.

"Okay, time for us to split" I say, as Lisa begins to clean Dale's teeth with her tongue.

I walk out with Cal; he kissed my cheek as we exit the coffee shop. We walk past Connors bench and the tree and walk along the footpath toward our dorm.

"So many memories, and not a lot of time passed" Cal says, as he nudges me.

"Not all bad though, babe; I found you, didn't I?" I smile, and my face flushes red.

"Yeah, not all bad" he replies, with the same blush.

"Hey guys, wait up" we hear and turn to see Kyle running toward us.

", you are a fucking genius" he says, as he catches up.

"Huh?" I reply

"That web site; you know, Gay It's taken down the clip" he smiles, "But they stated that they cannot be responsible for past downloads" he added, but was not too downhearted.

"They did send out warnings, though, to those who had downloaded; stating that it was illegal, though" he continues.

"How did you find out; I have not checked my e-mails yet" I reply.

"Fuck-up emailed me; or, Aaron to you" he smiles.

"Okay, so, are you two talking, yet?" Cal asks.

"Nope, still too pissed at him; he knows to give me some space" Kyle adds.

"Just wanted to help" I reply.

"Yeah, and you came through. You're a good friend, Josh, thank you" he adds, and kisses my cheek; obviously not giving a shit what anyone thought, and, from what I could see...they didn't.

He left a lot happier than I had seen him, just a few days ago. My cell rang and I opened it.

"Hey little bro, what's up?" I ask Luke.

"Nothing much, just wanted to talk to my big brother" he replies.

"Okay, you are being too nice; so, what have you done or what are you after, oh, fuck, have you got your friend's sister pregnant?" I couldn't stop rambling like a school girl.

"Whoa, whoa" Luke tried to slow me down.

"Bro, that is not even close to being funny" Luke berated me.

"I didn't sleep with her, thank God; they had played a joke on me. I told him the following day and he pissed himself, laughing...the dick" Luke replies.

"And second, why can't I just call you?" he adds.

"Luke, I like it when you call, it's just a rarity, that's all" I reply.

"Yeah, 17 bro...I have a life of my own" he replies. We enter the dorm and drop our things and take a seat on the small sofa.

"Yeah, I know what that was like" I reply.

"Yeah, and mine wasn't behind the bleachers" he smirks

"Dickwad" I reply.

"So, what is happening with you?" I add.

"Cindy asked me to go to the prom" he replies in a cocky manner.

"She asked you?" I said, a little confused, I mean yeah, for a 17yr old, Luke is a hot property and he is a great specimen of young manhood; but wasn't the asking supposed to be done by the guy?

"Cool bro, but that should have been your job" I add.

"Yeah, I was going to ask, but she beat me to it" he smirks back.

"Liberated girl" I add.

"Yeah, and she's hot" he adds.

"Okay bro, anything else?" I ask, as I knew he was waiting for Florida to be mentioned. He also knew that Mark Jackson was trailing down to Florida, as Dale had asked if it was okay.

"Erm not really" he replies quietly.

"Luke?" I reply.

"Well I was talking to Mark, and, well, I was thinking if" I cut him off.

"Yes Luke, you can come. I have already cleared it with Mom and Dad, and the flight is paid for. Mark has the ticket" I smirk back, with my own response.

"Happy Birthday, Luke; I know it's a month away, but, what the fuck" I add.

"Love you bro" I could hear him cry.

"Love you, too, Luke, see you in a couple of days" I reply, and flip the phone shut.

"You mean you hadn't told him?" Cal laughs back at me.

"Nope, I know my brother, and I knew he would ask" I reply

"Evil, pure evil" he replies, leaning over and kissing my wanting, needing lips.

Soon, I lay on top of him and we just made out like love sick teenagers; the thought of spending the rest of my life with this man had me giddy.

"I love you, sir" he says, looking into my eyes.

"Ditto" I respond.

The door opened and we sat up.

"See, fully clothed" Todd says as he enters the room with Laura in tow.

"I told him we should call first" Laura said, as they sat on the bed.

"Cal, Laura has a question about the house" Todd starts.

"Which one?" Cal asks. Well, he does have three of the fuckers.

"Florida" Laura replies.

"What about it?" Cal asks.

"Erm, how many rooms does it have? I mean, are we camping in rooms? Todd's told me you have invited around a dozen people".

"Oh, yeah, that" Cal smirks.

"It has 7 bedrooms, plus a small guest house at the side with 2 further bedrooms; so, don't panic, we have the space" he assures her.

"Told Yi" Todd kisses her cheek.

"So, who is flying down with us?" She asks.

"Us four, Dale and your sister, Aaron with us, Mark Jackson and Josh's little bro, Jake and Travis, and Tom and Lacy; and we have invited a couple more of Josh's friends, but have not had a reply" Cal replies.

"Yeah, Chris hasn't replied" I add, curious to wonder why he hasn't responded. I know he was a bit pissed when Aaron came out, but he was okay with me.

"Still, that is a house full" she replies.

"Na, if we all pitch in, it should be a week to remember; and, perhaps we could do it again next spring break" Cal replies, and we all just smiled at the prospect of living and acting like teenagers gone wild.

We talked about the trip and what stuff we could do. Todd wanted to go on fan powered boats and sail the everglades. Alligators, for me, belong on the discovery channel, or National Geographic, not on my doorstep. I hope I never see one.

Soon, Laura dragged Todd off to her dorm, for a night cap...yeah right!.. I again attacked Cal's lips with gusto.

"Babe" I whisper in a low voice, with a needy hint to it.

I slide my hand under my body and down his. I slide my hand inside his boxers and play with his growing erection.

"You're not too tired, are you?" I add.

"No, but it's your turn... Remember?" he reminds me.

"Yeah, I know, but I want to taste you first, then I will ride your ass until you scream for me" I add, confident in my lovemaking abilities.

"I climbed off of him and dropped to my knees. I could smell his musk and it had me panting. I undid his belt and asked him to lift, he did. I pulled both his jeans and his boxers free of his body. I leaned in and licked the pre-cum that was already seeping from his erection.

"Mmm you taste good, babe" I add, as I could see his eyes disappear into his head, now showing only white as I worked the head of his cock.

After a few minutes of my actions, I could see a thin veil of sweat beading on his body. His jet black hair was clinging to his face. He was panting, as I not only worked his cock for our mutual pleasure, but had inserted two fingers into his ass to ready him for my pleasure and his.

"Ohh, fuck, Josh!!!" he moaned, as I pressed in a third; as his cock was banging hard against my throat. I bobbed up and down like a hooker being paid by the hour. I know that Cal liked it quick and hard. He liked fast releases when I gave him head.

He placed his hand on the top of my head and took over some of the work. I was in heaven when he fucked my mouth. I hope we continue this for a very long time. The feeling of his cock passing through my lips as he takes me, almost has me nutting at the feeling.

It wasn't long before his moans become grunts, as he shoots a very nice load into my mouth; one shot went straight down my throat. I sucked and milked him until he grew soft and fell from my lips. The gratified look on his face made me happy. The love of my life was sated, but I wanted him drained, so now it was my turn to power his ass into the bed.

An hour later, as we both lay totally exhausted and well fucked; I cuddled into his sticky sweaty chest, still smooth as a babies backside, and fell into a contented sleep.

The following day was a blur, our final classes before the break went without a hitch. Our final class, with our favorite professor was last. We listened and took notes. This semester's class was not as difficult as we thought it would have been. We enjoyed the challenges set, and yes, we did drill Cal's grandfather for some insight to various problems posed by the professor. Our upcoming internship this summer at Kenner Engineering is something we both look forward to.

The added fun part was we were not going to work as Josh Miller or Calumn Robert Kenner; we would be going with different names. We did not want our experience tainted by people sucking up to us because we were the Boss's grandkids.

Soon, though, we were sitting with our suitcases packed, outside the dorm. Todd and Dale and the girls, and a rather forlorn looking Aaron, and we were waiting for the mini coach to take us to the airport.

"Look guys, I'm sorry, but I can't go" Aaron stood and informed us.

"Aaron you need a break, so does he" Todd replies walking towards his best friend and staring at him, I hold Cal's arm as we could see that Aaron was hurting and his friend tried to reassure him a break was needed.

"Yeah, but Todd I fucked up, so why should I have the right to enjoy myself. Look, I don't want to spoil your fun and how I feel right now I will depress the fuck out of this break, so just go and enjoy yourselves" he adds, facing Todd.

"And who do I get to nag if you are not there" a voice asks, coming around the corner, as the Mini coach arrives.

"Kyle!!" Aaron yells and runs over to him kicking his case as he did.

"I'm so fucking sorry. I will never do any shit like that ever again, I promise; fuck, I love you" Aaron goes on grovelling dropping to his knees.

"That's why it hurt, babe" Kyle replied, now wrapping his arm around Aaron's neck and pulling him back to his feet and into a hug. Cal squeezed my hand and I could see a tear in his eye.

"Now, let's go have one fuck of a holiday" Cal exclaims.

We all climbed in the small coach after storing our luggage and then we were off to the airport.

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To be continued...

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