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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 15

Published: 8 Oct 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Lacy just cringed as Jake told the recent story of the alligator in the pool, the photos on Aaron's phone of the beast convinced her. Kyle, still a little shaken received a little comforted by her.

"Dude, if it wasn't for the fact that I know you dig guys, I would be a little pissed right now" responded Tom.

"Yeah, he's all mine" replied Aaron, sitting down next to Kyle and Lacy.

"Okay guys, you know where your rooms are, and we are using the annex; so, if you need anything, do not come fucking knocking" informed Cal, as he reached for my hand and led me out of the pool doors and to the end of the path, and into the small guest house.

"Make sure your door is shut, do not want old Buford creeping back in now, do we?" laughed out Jake

"Dickwad!!!!" yelled Cal, and he closed the door.

And within seconds, I was naked, and so was he. We sucked each other off, enjoying the taste and essence of each other. I made love to him, and he returned the favour. We made love a couple of times before the morning arrived, and I still knew in my heart that he was the only one for me.

The sound of birdsong woke us from a very peaceful sleep; the worries of the world and our lives put on hold for a few days. The rat race will be back; but, for now, it was just us and our closest friends.

The sound of someone tapping on the window grabbed our attention. Cal got out of bed naked as the day he was born, just a little more defined, and opened the door; not caring who was knocking.

"Oh, hey Lisa, sorry" he said, embarrassed

"Very nice, good for you, Josh" she replied, no sign of shame in her voice. Cal grabbed a bed sheet and covered his junk, and I just smiled.

"Breakfast, you have nothing, so, ten minutes, okay? There is a diner just a few blocks away, so hurry" she adds, and trots away.

"She is right about one thing" I say, and kiss his lips.

"Yeah, no food" he replies.

"No dufus, I am one lucky guy" I say, and kiss him and smile at the same time.

"COME ON GUYS" Lisa yells from beside the pool.

We walk out and follow the guys out the gate. We walk down the block and head for the diner. A few minutes later we found it, walked in, and received a shock; the waitress was the bitch from the beach, and she scowled.

"Sorry, we are busy" she informed us, and we looked around at a half empty diner. "You are kidding, right?" Cal replied.

"We do not need your sort around here" she replied.

"What, human?" I replied.

"Sexual deviants" she replied.

"Calumn, is that you, boy?" I heard an older man say with delight, and we turned.

"Bobby Mathers, is that you?" He replied, and we looked on and wondered how Cal knew this guy, who had to be in his fifties.

"Cal, who is this? Sorry sir, I didn't mean to be rude" I enquired.

"Oh yeah, hey guys, this old goat was my Dad's best friend. They grew up in Chicago, but Bobby moved down here with his wife. My dad bought the place we are staying in, when he didn't want to lose touch with Bobby" he explained.

"Nice to meet you, err, Mr Mathers" I reply.

"No, call me Bobby, I insist" he responds.

"Sorry about your pops, Calumn: how's your mother doing?" he asks.

"Oh, she's fine" he replies, obviously not wanting to delve further.

"You know these people?" the waitress asks, still looking down on us from her all high and mighty platform.

"Yes, Mary Kate, this is Calumn Kenner, and he is my God son; so treat him as though he is my son, understand?" he said, with a little authority.

"Oh, and, Mary Kate, if I hear you tell any person or customer he or she is unwelcome in my diner, you can find a new place to spout the garbage you talk...understand?" he said, looking daggers at her.

"This is your place, Bobby?" Cal asks.

"Well, to be honest, Calumn, your dad loaned me the cash. I paid him back, but he helped me, some" he replied.

"He loved you, man" Cal replied.

"And who are these young people with you?" he asks.

"Well, this is Dale and Todd, and the Twins are Laura and Lisa, this is Travis and my best friend, I am sure you remember him" He introduced.

"Yeah, hello Jake, you look very well. How's the family?" he asks.

"Fine, Bobby, you look well" Jake replies.

"And who is this young man?" he asks.

"Oh, Bobby, this is Josh Miller, my future husband" he replies with no hesitance, and the look on Mary Kate's face was a picture. "An honor to meet you son, a real honor" he replies, shaking my hand, and the scorn from Mary Kate brought his attention.

"Anything to say, Mary Kate?" he asks, and we all looked on and waited.

"You honestly cannot agree with this, Bobby; surely, you can't" she replies.

"Well, listen here, missy, I have a nephew serving in Afghanistan and he is out and proud. The don't ask shit has long gone, and he is over there, allowing bigots like you the freedom to speak the shit you are spouting; so shut the fuck up. Go clean the shit off of those toilets; now, git" he berated, and that brought a smile to my heart.

"Sorry about that, guys, go take a seat. I'll send Lucy May over in a second, and breakfast is on the house, now enjoy" he said, and left, and not happy with Mary Kate.

"I like him" I said, as we took our places, taking up three booths at the end of the diner.

"Over here, guys" we yell, as a tired looking Lacy and Tom came into the diner.

"Hey, isn't that the bitch from the beach?" she asked, as she sat opposite us in the adjoining booth, as we watched a forlorn Mary Kate, bucket and mop in hand, walking into the toilets.

"Yeah, she started spouting shit as soon as we came in, but we were rescued by the owner" Jake replied.

"Oh, how, and why?" she asked.

"Cal's Godfather" I reply.

"Shit you are joking" she laughed.

"Okay guys, free food; so, what will it be?" a rather round African American waitress asked, as she stood in front of us. The name tag read Lucy May.

"What's good?" I ask.

"Oh, Honey, it's all good" she smiles.

We ordered our food and Bobby popped out a few times to chat. We talked and felt at ease. Mary Kate cleaned all the toilets, and, before we left, we went into the very stalls and left her a very welcome tip.

"Erm Mary Kate you might want to give them a going over again" Cal said before we approached the rest of our gang.

We gave Lucy May a cash tip and told Bobby we would be back tomorrow for breakfast, and that we would pay. He smiled, and replied "we will see".

"I cannot believe that Mark and Luc missed free food" Cal said, and we just smiled. "Well, we didn't wake them up" replied Dale.

"Kyle and Aaron?" I ask.

"Dude, their dicks must be down to the nub by now. No fucker is that horny" Todd replied.

"Okay, what's the plan, today, then?" Jake asks.

"Oh babe, a book and the beach for me" replied Travis.

"Scuba, we are going scuba diving" Cal informed the guys, as to what he and I are doing. We wanted it to be just us, and we couldn't wait.

"Ha, we four are going jet skiing" replied Todd.

We slowly headed back to the house as Luc and Mark came out. "Fuckers, could have woken us" Mark berated.

"We tried, but neither of you would wake" we lied.

"Diner?" Mark asked.

"Straight down and to the left, and follow the road; you cannot miss it" Todd added, giving the wrong directions.

"We won't see those two for a few hours" He adds.

"Evil; pure fucking evil" Dale replied.

We went back inside and collected all that we would need for the day's activities. We rang around a few places and hired scuba gear, and collected it at the marina; and the Jet Ski place was on the same marina. We left Jake and Travis taking in the rays, and Travis had his head in a book; fifty shades of something or other.

We left them as they were discussing who would play him in a movie, if it was made. Todd just stated a fact, and it made me smile. "I'll wait for the porn version" he informed them.

We told the guys to have fun, and we went to separate parts of the marina; with plans to meet back up in a couple of hours. Cal and I have had scuba lessons, and we were experienced enough to be able to dive by ourselves. He was my dive buddy and I was his, in case of difficulties.

About thirty minutes later, we were on board a boat with a few other divers. The guide was letting us know the best places to explore, and soon we were off the boat and diving.

I followed Cal, as he had dived in these waters before, and he knew some cool places to swim. I watched, in awe, as some amazing fish swam by in schools; including some small sharks. They were more frightened of us than we were of them, or so Cal told me, anyway. The gas floating inside my suit would say otherwise.

Cal pointed at a spot near a small reef and I followed. He had borrowed a dive camera, and took some photos of me as I was looking at a school of clown fish, as they were swimming in and out of a coral bed.

We swam, and enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. This place is somewhere I could get very used to living, the area not the reef.

Soon, though, we were done, and swam back to the surface; where we got involved with the other divers, caught up in their own enjoyable experience.

"That was awesome" I said to Cal, and he squeezed my hand, and I squeezed back. A young couple noticed the endearment and smiled, the older couple were oblivious to the light show of affection. The lady, who was a couple of years older than me; or, I assumed, anyway, came and sat next to me.

"Hi, Linda, and my Fiancé, Charley" she said, and I shook her hand, then his. "Cal and Josh" I replied.

"Your first dive together, I take it?" she asked.

"Yeah, I've dived before, and so has he; but, yeah, first time together" I added.

"Are you a couple?" Charley asked, with a smile.

"Yeah, problem with that" I asked, being defensive.

"Nope, none not at all; my kid brother is gay, and I love the little shit to bits" he replied.

"Sorry man, just that we have had some shit, so, sorry, okay?" I replied.

"Hey, don't sweat it. I know what you guys have to put up with. I have read about the likes of Mat Shepherd, and the one last year, in New York; some kid killed coz some ass holes thought he was gay" he went on, and I knew they were talking about Connor Brian, but didn't add to the conversation.

Soon, we were nearing the marina, and I could see an EMT vehicle pulling away.

"Probably some idiot got sunstroke" someone in our party replied.

I saw Travis and Jake standing with Dale, and I could see that Dale was a little pale. "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked.

"Laura had an accident, she's on her way to hospital; Lisa and Todd are with her" Jake replied, and Dale just looked to be in shock.

"What the fuck happened?"

"She fell off the Ski and I hit her; shit, I think I've killed her, Josh. I think she's dead" Dale sobbed into Jake's shoulder.

"She was unconscious, that's all I know, Josh" Jake added.

"Look, let's just head off to the hospital and worry when we know something, okay?" I said, and grab my cell to call a cab.

"I'll drop you, Josh, just give me a sec, okay?" spoke Charley. "Thanks, man, I appreciate that. Charley spoke to Linda, and she just nodded; and soon, we all piled into his van and headed off to the hospital where Laura was taken.

"Todd will never forgive me for this" Dale continued to sob.

"Dale, it was an accident; don't assume the worst, okay?" I tried to calm him a little, but even I could see he was in shock.

Twenty minutes later, we're in the ER, waiting for someone to come out. We sat for an hour, before Lisa came out and told us she was still out, but no bones were broken. They are just waiting for her to come out of it.

"How's Todd?" I ask.

"Crying, he's sitting there telling her how much he needs her in his life; he loves her, I can see that" she says, sitting down, exhausted.

"I am so sorry, Lisa" Dale said, still sobbing.

"Baby, it wasn't your fault. She fell off and we were just behind them. You couldn't have done anything, so don't beat yourself up. Todd is worried for you, as well as his girlfriend; so, calm down, she will be fine" she said, hugging Dale tight, he was still sobbing.

We sat again, and waited, and Lisa went back to see Todd and Laura. Soon, Lacy and Tom arrived with Mark and Luc; still no sign of Aaron and Kyle.

"They cannot still be screwing, surely" Cal said, with a tad of scorn.

"Who?" asked Lacy.

"Aaron and Kyle" he replied.

"No, they are getting us some coffees" she replied, with a small smile.

"Look , Todd and Lisa" Cal said, and watched as Todd walked over and sat next to Dale. He grabbed him into a hug.

"It wasn't your fucking fault, dipshit, it was an accident" he berated, as Dale broke down again.

"She's fine, a little concussed is all. She's made of tougher stuff than a little jet ski can break. She's fine. You helped me realize something, though, bro. I know now what I want, and what I want is her. I have to have her in my life; I love her, dude" he said, sobbing, himself, as he hugged Dale tight.

A tear formed in my eye and Cal wiped it away. "Soft boy" he said, and kissed my forehead.

"She has to stay in overnight. I've called Mom and Dad. They were coming down on the next available flight; but I have put them at ease, and they are not coming down, now, which, trust me, is a good thing. Mom can be a bit much for most people" she snickered for the first time since this happened.

"Okay, let's head back and get cleaned up. Lisa and I will come back a little later on. There is nothing you can do, except carry on and enjoy what time is left. Laura will be discharged tomorrow afternoon. She will have to take it easy for the next few days; but, she's okay, that is all that matters" Todd added.

We ordered a cab and all headed back to Cal's house. We ordered pizza on the way for supper. "Apart from the accident, it's been a good day" I whisper into Cal's ear. Lisa and Todd were in the second cab, so I wasn't upsetting anyone.

"Dale, you okay, man?" I ask.

"I will be, man, I will be" he replied.

To be continued...

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