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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 16

Published: 15 Oct 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

We pulled up outside of Cal's house and walked in, Lisa wrapped around Todd. Dale didn't mind, as he knew his friend was only being there for her.

"You okay, babe?" he said, as he took over the comforting duties.

"Yeah, you?" she asks, as she kisses his lips softly

"Better" he smiled back at her.

"How is she?" Lucas asked as we walked in. Mark was sitting, finishing off the pizza that was in the fridge, he could really give Todd a run for his money within the eating stakes, and food and time wait for no man as far as those two are concerned.

"She has a concussion, but she will be fine" Lisa replied.

"Great, must have been a freak accident?" Mark asked, looking at his brother but not missing a bite of the cold pizza.

"I couldn't miss her, we were too close" Dale replied, flopping onto the sofa, with Lisa taking her place in his lap.

"Accident sweetie" she said, kissing his cheek.

"Okay, Mark has obviously eaten, what does everyone fancy; and Aaron, that was not an invitation, so clear that thought out of your head" I say, and he smirked and squeezed Kyle's ass and giggled at Kyle's reaction.

"You must think I am a sex maniac" Aaron replied.

"Dude, let's face facts, and Lisa, sorry for this; but dude, you two have been having make up sex for like, two days solid. How the fuck you have not strained something, God only knows" Todd berated. "Jealous much?" he asks.

"Nope, not even close. Look guys, we are happy as shit that you two sorted things out, but fuck, we are on a short break over spring break. You haven't left the room, until today" Todd added.

"Taking a trip out, tomorrow" Kyle chirped up.

"Yep, gliding through the glades on one of those huge fan things" Aaron added.

"Hang the fuck on!, Kyle, yesterday you almost shit a brick with old Buford; and now you wanna go visit his home, are you nuts?" Dale snickered.

"Facing my fears, besides, I am not swimming with them" he laughs back.

"When is Laura coming out?" Lucas asked, changing the subject.

"Tomorrow afternoon, if all goes well," Todd replies.

"Good" Lucas replies.

"Yeah, she will have to take things a little easy for a day or two; but I will keep her entertained" Todd adds.

"We all will, man" Dale adds, squeezing Todd's shoulder.

"So guys, scuba?" Lisa said, looking at Cal and me.

"What about it?" I asked.

"Well, what was it like?" she again enquired, as the conversation was now splintered; Todd talking to Aaron, and Kyle talking to Mark and Lucas.

"Awe Freaken Some" I replied, with a shit eating grin.

Cal then went into his back pack and retrieved the camera, to show some of the shots he had taken; including the one of the small shark that had an interest in me, and I was convinced it was a lot bigger in the flesh.

"I wish I could have seen your face when that thing swam past you" Mark laughed, as he spotted the photos being shown around. I did not, however, mention the fact that my suit almost became a toilet.

"Na, I knew it was harmless" I lied.

"Yeah, look at this one" Cal added.

It was the one of me trying to swim away from the little shark, as though I was the man from Atlantis. It did not look too dignified.

"I saw a clown fish, I went to look at it" I replied, and the laughter was palpable.

"You saw Jaws and heard John Williams theme tune, playing in the background" laughed Cal, who could not supress a chuckle.

"Okay, it's like arachnophobia, but with sharks" I replied, and they couldn't help themselves.

"Duh dud...duh duh... duh duh," came from Mark,...the dick.

"Alright, alright, you got me. I swam away, like a little girl" I bemoaned.

"HEY" yelled Lisa, making her disapproval known.

"I'll have you know I have swum in a shark cage" she informed us.

"Bull-shit" Mark replied, his ever tactful self. He looked at his brother, waiting for a remark; but Dale had nothing, and Mark smiled.

Lisa got up and left the room, none too happy. She returned a minute or so later, with her Ipad and opened an app and produced photos taken in Australia; and, sure enough, there was her or Laura. Let's face it, they are twins, so it could be either of them and their dad in a shark cage; with what looked like my shark, just 100 times the size, and yes, I felt like a pussy as I looked at them.

"When was this, babe?" asked Dale, and she smiled.

"Vacation, two years ago. Laura had mumps, and we had been quarantined, and Dad took me out for a treat. Laura was still a bit ill and Mom took care of her. That was one amazing day.

I looked at my best friend and I could see that he had found a new admiration for his girlfriend. Next, he said something I was a little shocked at, but yet, not that surprised.

"One day, babe, I am going to marry you, and our kids are going to be amazing" he said, and she kissed his cheek. Even I could see that she had as much love and respect for him, as he had for her.

"Food, I'm hungry" spouted Mark.

"Where the hell do you put all of it?" scorned Dale.

"Growing dude, need fuel" he replied, then let out one of the loudest, most disgusting farts in the history of farts.

"Oh man, you need a doctor" Dale yelled, as we left at speed via the pool door, to the sounds of laughter coming from the living room.

"I cannot believe we came from the same gene pool" Dale added, as we sat beside the pool.

"Not flying back with him. You couldn't pay me. I'd rather hitch hike" added Lucas.

"I'll sort something out" I replied, squeezing his shoulder.

"That was a huge living room. Imagine what it was like, sitting with him in a confined space. The pilot was going to turn back" Lucas added

"Yep, he's special, and not in a good way" added Dale, now with Lisa sitting between his legs, with his arms wrapped around her and his chin resting on her head.

"And would he be your best-man?" asked Lisa, getting back to a previous subject.

"Nope, I love the little shit, but no way, no how. If we were to one day get around to me marrying you, and to be honest, babe, I can see that for us. Well, eventually, anyway, I would ask my two brothers" and we looked at him. Todd looked at me, and then, we at Dale.

"Yeah, you idiots... you two" he added.

"Thank God! More revelations, I do not need" Todd laughed, as Mark came out to inform us the cloud had cleared.

The sound of the big bang theory stopped Cal in his tracks, as he pulled out his phone and answered it.


"Oh, hey Grandpa."

"Yeah, we are fine. Just a bump on the head, she will be out, tomorrow" he went on.

"Yeah sure, here he is" he said, handing me the phone.

"Hey, Mr Kenner" I started, still a little put out with him.

"Please Josh, either call me Gramps or even Calumn" he replied, and okay, I relented a little.

"Sorry, how are you Gramps?" I replied.

"I am fine, and so is Grandma. The reason I am calling is regarding your and Calumn's internship at Kenner Engineering" he started, and that peaked my interest.

"Why couldn't you just tell Cal?" I responded.

"Oh Joshua, you know he has the attention span of a gnat" he replied with a belly chuckle, and yeah, Cal's mind can wander off at times. Like, we could be having a conversation on a train, and all of a sudden he would just blurt out "Ooh, a castle" and then look at me and say "Oh, what were we talking about?" and I would just shake my head in disbelief.

"Okay, so what is the plan?" I asked Gramps.

"You still want to do this, anonymously?" he asked.

"Yes, we want to learn, get some practice. If people know who we are, they would act differently toward both of us" I respond.

"Alright then, when you're in the office, I will not acknowledge either of you" he replied.

"Good, so when and to whom do we report?" I ask.

"Helen Scott, in human resources. I will not tell her who you are. She will be told that you are simple interns, in for eight weeks to gain first-hand experience" he replied, and I smiled at the thought of our up-coming summer.

"So, June 8th okay for you?" he asked.

"Yeah, that will be perfect" I replied and told Cal, and he smiled his approval.

I could hear yelling from the living room as the guys piled out again, and Dale yelling at his brother that if he ever did that again, he would be on the next flight out of Florida. Obviously, he had dropped one, again.

"Ask Cal if he wants his house opened up" Grandpa asked.

And I asked and I handed him the phone. "No Grandpa, we will just stay with you for the weekend; and when we start, we will move into the house. Is that okay?" he asked, and he smiled.

"Okay, see you in a couple of months. Kiss Grandma for me" he said, and flipped the phone shut and stuffed it back in his pocket.

I kissed him softly, as this work experience with shared interests excited him, as it did me.

"Don't fucking argue with me. You stink, man, and it is not so fucking funny as you think it is" yelled Dale, as he and Mark came out; and, all in one movement, he grabbed his brother by the back of his shorts and the back of his collar and threw him into the pool, impressive as they are evenly matched in size.

We stood and howled, and Aaron and Kyle came down just in time to see a sodden Mark climb out of the pool, his face blushing like hell.

"It's lucky old Buford hadn't come back for a dip" laughed Kyle.

Mark walked up to his brother, his head bowed a little. "Sorry bro, I won't shit in the house again" he said, and trotted off to change.

"He's like a soppy bloody puppy" Todd mocked.

"Yeah as I said...Special" replied Dale.

"Oh fuck!" remarked Dale.

"What?" Todd asked, as Dale was looking in the pool.

"Is that his cell phone?" he pointed.

"Yep, looks like it, dude" I replied, and he jumped in after stripping, to the approval of Lisa, and retrieved the phone.

"It's ruined. Shit, that's going to cost me" he said, as Mark came out, having changed clothes.

"Shit, is that...?" he said, and Dale cut him off.

"I'll take you into town and get you a new one. Not an expensive one, one that works...okay?" he replied, and Mark nodded in agreement.

"I'll get you a better one for your birthday" he said, embracing his brother and hugging him tight. "We cool?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I know you are still going to be Captain Dumb Ass, but yeah, we are cool" Dale replied.

"Okay guys, I'm heading back to the hospital. Are you coming, Lisa?" Todd asked, and she stood up, kissed Dale; and he said he would have some food ready when they got back.

About an hour later, as Dale was staring at the ceiling fan, and the rest of the gang was out inspecting our surroundings; Cal, sound asleep in my lap, and the fire flickering away, I asked Dale what he was thinking about.

"The future" he replied.

"I know I was only fooling around with Lisa and this marrying stuff; but Josh, I think I do love her. I mean, today for instance; Todd had his moment of clarity, and he knew, when Laura was lying on the gurney he couldn't live without her. He is in love with her, and dude, just thinking; if that had been Lisa... my guts are churning, just thinking about it" he said with a sigh.

"Do you love her?" I asked, and he didn't answer right off.

"I like her" he replied.

"Yeah, I like Cal, but I know he is my soul mate. I know, without reservation, that he is for me" I said, and Cal began to snore.

"We might end up sleeping in separate rooms, though" I smirk, and Dale chuckled a little.

"Never going to happen, babe" Cal sleepily replied, and dozed back off.

"She's the first thing I think of when I wake up, she's the last person I think of before I go to bed; but love, Josh, I don't know, man. It does hurt a lot when I am not with her" he adds.

"Like she's a part of you?" I ask.

"Yeah, just like that" he replies.

"Dude, you have it bad. You have described love in its simplest terms, my friend" I add.

"But this conversation is needed between the both of you. I mean, you need to know, is she in the same place in her life as you? Feelings could be hurt, Dale, so tread carefully" I say, and shake Cal awake.

"I'm awake," he yawns.

"You promised hot food for when they get back" I reminded Dale.

"Yeah, fuck that, I'll order some Italian food" he said, walking back into the living space where Mark and Lucas were playing some Xbox.

"Dale, give me a list of what you want. I'll order it when we get to the Italian place, and send it back. You have ten minutes. Write down what you want, then we are out of here" Cal yells, and hugs me.

"Shower, then a romantic supper" he says, kissing me lightly. He smiles, his eyes not leaving mine. I could get lost in those eyes.

"Dale, make it twenty minutes" he said, and dragged me out of the pool patio area and into the pool house shower.

We washed each other softly, and he washed and pressed his fingers into my ass. I moaned as he pushed me up against the tiled wall. "Oh babe, I love you so fucking much" he moans into my ear.

"I want you Cal, I need you in me" I moan as his fingers are stretching me open. It didn't take much these days, to get me ready; I am always ready for Cal, and he knows it.

"You want me? You want me to work up an appetite?" he snickers as he removes his fingers and pushes into me...HARD.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck!!!!!!!" I scream out loud as he hammers my ass. I was slamming my stomach off the tiled wall.

"Yeah, you want me bad" he whispers, as he pulls out of me and drops to his knees and turns me around, taking my length into his hot, wet welcoming mouth.

"I am going to fuck you so hard in Grandpa's soundproof attic, you might just wake the neighbours" he says, as he again swallows my length, and I came, and came hard.

He stood up and kissed me with so much passion, he left me in no doubt that he loved every inch of me. He craved me as I did him. He suffered when I was not with him, as I am, without him. We are one person when we are together, and when he is inside me, it's like a jigsaw puzzles final piece.

Soon, we came out of the shower and a list of food from Luigi's was on our bed, and Cal smiled his wicked grin at me.

"I bet his face was a picture when he heard you scream in ecstasy, babe" Cal said, and I blushed at the thought of Dale hearing me entering a place he knew all too well. When I was being taken care of sexually, I entered slut-dom, and I loved being there; and Dale and Todd, but more importantly, Calumn Kenner knew this all too well.

"Okay, I am starving" Cal said, and we left the pool house to head off into town and Luigi's, we pass Dale who was now fighting for the control pad for the Xbox and winning, he looks up at me smiles and blushes slightly.

"Don't forget to add garlic bread with cheese" Mark the bottomless pit yells as we exit the house.

To be continued...

Hey guys just to let you know I am well, and working on many stories, I hope you liked this chapter and I am going to be moving the story on a little quicker from now on, I have a lot planned for this book and I hope you are liking the direction I am heading, still some trials along the way. I have also added a couple of short stories to the archive both found in gay college, the first one is called "Please don't leave me" and "A Christmas Transformation" let me know what you think

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