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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 18

Published: 29 Oct 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

After lounging for about an hour, I began to get a little restless. I could see that Cal had noticed I was a little bored, and I just gave a wry smile. He stood and walked over to me. He knelt down and asked, "Want to go for a walk?"

"Yeah, love to" I replied, and stood up. We walked to the pool house to get dressed and then informed Todd that we were going out for a while.

We walked along the sea front, passing inline skater's almost killing themselves; zig-zagging around barriers and street lights. I still couldn't get the thought of Terry Reynolds out of my head. Why the fuck am I feeling guilty over this? If he was smart and just avoided me, and not been a homophobic, bigot asshole, he'd still be alive.

"Earth to Josh" Cal said, stopping in front of me.

"What?" I replied.

"I asked if you want a coffee and you looked a little spaced" he added.

"Oh, Sorry" I replied.

"No, I don't want a coffee, thanks" I replied, and he squeezed my hand a little, just giving me that little feeling of safety I guess he sensed I needed.

Again, as we walked, a few skaters skated past us, laughing. One smiled, but not a good smile. I had seen similar ones, before; and I knew that kind of smile, too ... well, just not a nice smile.

"Hey, Toby. Look at these two lovebirds" one of the skaters commented, and we just ignored them.

"Go back to fucking San Francisco, faggots" the other yelled. Passers-by just ignored them and walked a little faster, not wanting to involve themselves.

"Okay Cal, coffee sounds good" I said, pulling him and wanting the hell out of here; the memories of last year being all too in my face, right now.

"Hey, faggots" the one called Toby kept yelling. I could see Cal beginning to seethe.

"Come on, let's get that coffee" I repeated, and tried to edge Cal away from obvious trouble.

"Pansy cocksuckers" they began to yell; they, being three, now. We kept walking, and I saw Lucas, Mark and Dale walking toward us; and my heart slowed a little.

"Ass bandits" they now began to yell, as they began to skate toward us. My heart now, again, picked up its pace. I could see that Dale heard what was being said, and walked toward us a little faster.

"What; no come back, faggots? Oh, sorry, the cum will be up your back" he laughed, and Cal just stopped, dead.

"Oh, got a back bone have you, faggot?" one kept saying, backed up by the other two. Cal just turned on the spot and glared at his tormentors, our tormentors.

"Cal, please, let's just leave" I said, squeezing his shoulder as he faced them down.

"Got something better to say? I mean, those put downs are so last century" Cal said, now taunting them. The look on the biggest one changed from one of confident asshole, to a giant that was pissed off.

"You okay, Josh, Cal?" Dale asked, and I slightly shook my head.

"Problem, guys?" Dale asked, as he stepped past Cal.

"Yeah, pollution" he replied.

"Pollution?" Dale replied in a question.

"Yeah, human waste" he added.

"Human shit, where?" Dale asked, but I knew my best friend was now joining in the taunting of these idiots. Lucas, now had his hand on my shoulder; and Mark was walking up to his brother.

"Hey, shit head, why don't you and your girlfriends fuck off; and take your girly roller skates with you" commented Mark, backing up his brother, with his bull in a China shop tact.

"You gonna make us?" he replied.

"If I have to" Mark replied, taking one step closer. Fuck, where did this confidence come from? I mean, Dale threw him in the pool only yesterday.

"Thanks bro; I've got this" replied Dale, and lightly tugged him back.

"Look my friend, you see this guy here?" he said, pointing to Cal.

"The faggot" he replied.

"Yeah, this pansy, who, as you can see, he's shitting his pants" he replied to the oaf; and Cal, standing tall and resolute, was not even breathing heavy.

"What about him? I mean, beside the fact he likes sucking cock" he laughed.

"You see, I am not protecting him; I am protecting you" Dale said, without an emotion on his face, hiding the fact.

"Look, I'd snap him in half before he could squeal for help" the guy said, now kicking off his skates; readying for any problem he wants to cause.

"So, what do you think is going through his mind? I mean, what do you really think is going through his thought processes; I mean, I know, but, do you?" Dale continued to taunt.

"Can I run? Will I be hurt bad? Would I still be able to suck my boyfriend's cock, with broken teeth?" he laughed, and his two friends laughed a little louder.

"Idiot; dumb, fucking, jock idiot" Dale replied, mocking a little more while shaking his head slightly.

"You want to say that to me again?" he said, now walking one step closer, and Cal taking a step closer to him. He will not start anything, but I knew he could end it.

I walk over and try and calm things a little. Cal was taken aback, when I stepped past him and stood next to Dale.

"Toby, is it?" I asked.

"What of it?" he replied.

"Toby, hello, I'm Josh, Josh Miller, and these are my friends" I said, and he looked a little confused.

"So, why the fuck should I care who you are?" he replied.

"Look, Toby, before this gets totally out of hand... Toby, I have seen, and been the victim of so much violence, to last anyone a lifetime; yes, I'm gay, and so is Cal" I said, pointing to a very confused Cal; who was still staring between me and the guy in front of me.

"Yeah, as I said, faggot, and faggot lovers" he scoffed, pointing at Mark and my brother; as well as my best friend.

"I'm trying to make nice here; but, if you want to have a fight, fine. However, be sure you know what, and who, we are; we are friends, out for a walk, and only here for spring break; as are you, I take it?" I ask.

"Yeah, here for pussy and beer" he added.

"Okay; did you come to Florida for fun, or fights?" I ask.

"Beating up fags is fun" he laughed.

"Ah, see, you are assuming that all fags are weak minded, limp wristed cowards, that run at the first sign of trouble" I stated.

"Totally" he responded, and now his two friends stood beside him, smirking at me.

"Hello, I'm Josh, and you two are?" I ask.

"I'm Torture, this is Pain" one replied.

"Oh, for fucks sake, my friend, I have been tortured by a true professional; and you don't know the fucking meaning of the word" I was now getting a little pissed.

"I'm not talking about your sordid sex games, you faggot; I mean pain, real pain" he added, and I began to join Cal in the seething part.

"Listen, you fucking ass. I was kidnapped and tortured; so, yeah, I know real pain. So, you wanna try me, bring it on" I began to yell my head off. I started off as the voice of reason, and ended up being one of the main protagonists; and I was seething. I turned and just shook my head.

I never saw the punch heading toward me from the guy called Toby, but it never landed. A blow from a very fast moving Cal, and a block from Dale, halted the movement; and, as I turned, and I kid you not, I saw this once again in slow motion. My sex on legs, my own personal Bruce Lee, moving with style and grace; leaped and kicked Toby square on the Jaw, knocking him out, cold. Dale, taking the one who had decided to call himself Pain, hauled him to the ground and put him in a headlock. His high school wrestling proved useful, after all.

I saw the third guy moving toward Dale; but with some simple moves taught to me by Cal, I took the back off of his knee with the heel of my foot, buckling him very quickly to the ground. The guy being held by Dale was begging to be released, and Dale obliged.

"Holy fucking shit" both Mark and Lucas yelled, as they approached us. The second guy was helping his friend pick up the giant that Cal had knocked out.

For some unknown reason, I began to laugh. I looked at the three guys who tried to bully and humiliate us, and I couldn't stop laughing. Dale looked at the giant of a guy being carried away, and he started to snicker a little, well, at first; but soon, he too was belly laughing, as we sat down on a bench and tears of laughter filled the air.

"You okay, Josh? I mean, that was stressful, but shit, you never blacked out" said Cal, who, I could see was shaking a little.

"Still want that coffee?" I laughed out, and Cal looked at me, a little confused.

"Are you okay, Josh?" he asked again, and I stood up and hugged him tight.

"I'm fine. It just dawned on me; one asshole dies and there is always a new one to fill the vacancy" I laughed, a little softer.

Cal just looked at me and realized how absurd the whole scene was; and, he sat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Yeah, babe, I could knock the shit out of a coffee right about now. Come on, let's head back" he said, and we walked behind Mark and Lucas. Mark was trying to work out how his new phone works, and Lucas was trying to educate pork and failing, miserably.

We walked back into the house and Laura was snoozing, lying on Todd's lap. He was also dozing a little; as I had no doubt that he stayed awake, watching her through the night, and was exhausted.

Lisa was reading a magazine, and stood up and walked over and hugged Dale as he approached her. "Ready?" he asked, and she kissed his cheek and nodded.

"Do you two want to come along?" she asked, but I was sure she was only being polite; Tom and Lacy had decided to tag along, also.

"No thanks, we're going to watch a movie" Cal replied, as he knew my brain was doing gymnastics and triple summersaults, and needed to calm for few hours.

A couple of hours later, Kyle came rushing through the door and ran straight upstairs, and we heard the door slam shut.

"Trouble in Paradise?" Laura said, as she sipped her tea.

"Yep, what has the dumb fuck done now?" Todd added. A few seconds later, Aaron came in and just plonked himself down next to Mark; who was still trying to get his phone to work, despite Luc showing him, several times.

Something tells me, regarding Mark and future employment prospects, the words "Do you want to go large for an extra 50 cents, or do you want fries with that?" But, I digress.

"So, spill, what have you done, now?" Todd asks his best friend.

"Nothing much" he replied.

"Well, that's a pile of bullshit, if ever I heard it from you. It stinks to high heaven, now spill" Todd added.

"Look, guys, I love him; I really do, but, shit..." He trailed off.

"He wants us to move in together. I'm not ready for that, not yet, anyway" he said with sadness in his tone.

"I mean, apart from Josh and Kyle, fuck, I only came out a few months ago. I mean, you two are in love, and I can see how you feel for each other. I mean, Kyle is the only guy I have ever been with; and I don't know if he is the guy I want to grow old with. He might be, just, I don't know, ahhhhhhh fuck!!!" he yells at himself and covers his eyes with his hands.

"That explains why he's crying. Look Aaron, it looks like you two are in totally different places, emotionally. Kyle has been out for a while. Shit, he's only twenty, like me; but I knew I would end up with Cal, well, as soon as I knew he was gay, anyway" I say, and Cal again squeezes my knee, giving me a little twinge in my crotch.

"He's crying?" Aaron asks, looking at the staircase.

"Look, Aaron, I know most of this is new to you; but you have to do what's right for both of you. Don't agree to do something, and resent it later; do it because you want to do it" I add.

"I better see if I have a place to sleep, tonight" he replied, and slowly walked upstairs.

"He still baffles me" added Todd.

"What do you mean" Laura asks, and we listen.

"Well, how do you go to the glades to look for gators, and end up talking about moving in together? I mean, how does that subject come into your head?" Todd asks, and, to be honest, he's right.

The rest of the night was uneventful and we went to bed about midnight. The movie was lame and uninteresting. Dale and Lisa came back and had bought nothing, but she had the giggles for the rest of the evening. The guys left, were talking; some plans were being discussed when Cal and I went to bed.

The next couple of days just flew past. I managed to get Lucas's flight changed, and Dale would travel with Mark so he could control him a little better. Lisa travelled back with us, as Dale was going home for a couple of days, and also had Tom and Lacy for company. We soon discovered, though, the plans being discussed were for the upcoming summer. Dale and Todd and the girls are heading off to Europe for a tour of Spain, Portugal and Italy. That was why Lisa had the giggles the other night, excitement.

Kyle and Aaron had come to some sort of truce. I think Aaron is missing an opportunity with Kyle. He was my first, and will always hold a small place in my heart. He has a kind soul, and I don't think Aaron would find a better heart. I just hope he realizes this, before it's too late.

I watched them for a while before we left, and I could see affection in Aaron's demeanor, toward Kyle. He says he doesn't know what his feelings truly are, toward Kyle; but shit, I know true love when I see it. He just needs to be open to it. He keeps saying he loves him, but I think loving and being in love are two totally different things, and I believe he will realize it, soon enough... or, I hope he will. As I said, he would be missing an opportunity.

Several hours later and we were back to reality. I was back in my dorm and Todd was still sleeping in Laura's room. He hadn't quite gotten around to stopping nursing her, just yet, and she loved the attention.

Cal, with Dale back in Boston, was sleeping with me; and, well, I know I am getting accustomed to him being with me. Shit, he is a part of me, and when my own personal sleep aid is in place, and I mean that quite literally. Oh fuck I'm turning into a little girl...fuck!!!!

But, it does make me smile; and, besides the assholes in Florida, and the not too sad death of Terry, well... he is my safety net, and may it always be that way. I looked in the mirror, with Cal spooning me while he slept, tight to my flesh; and there is not a place on God's green earth I'd rather be.

To be continued...

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