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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 20

Published: 12 Nov 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"So, in your dreams, Josh, the depictions of the skaters manifest into Derrick and Terry Reynolds; but with dead eyes?" Dr Benit asked.

"I know it sounds stupid when you say it like that; but, Doc, it's affecting me just like it did when those fuckers attacked me the first time" I said, and apologized for my choice of words.

"Not quite" she replied.

"Josh, your subconscious defended itself by shutting you down. You blacked out those other times. You said you did not, on this occasion, am I right?" she asked.

"No, I didn't, I just laughed. I couldn't help myself. I just laughed at the whole situation" I informed her, and she took more notes.

"Yes, about that" she started, and I looked at her.

"Josh, the events of 10 months ago hurt you. The deaths of Derrick, and from what you have informed me, that his cousin has also met an early death. Also, what you said about someone else will always step up and fill the gap of stupidity, is very true; sad but, true" she said.

"But, my opinion is this: you received the news that Mr Reynolds had been killed, and you went for a walk with your partner, Cal. You were confronted by some bigots. Your mind was racing, but you strung all this information together. When you slept, it all came to the surface in a manifestation of a bad dream. So, what I am proposing is this" she started, and made sense.

"Don't look back, Josh. You have a wonderful life ahead to look forward to. You said you are getting married soon; think about that. The dreams will pass. I have no concerns about your mental state, and you have a good family structure; stop worrying, Josh" she smiled, and I had to admit I did feel a little better.

Forty minutes later, I was on the street. I opened my phone and dialled someone I had not spoken to, for quite a while.

We arranged to meet for coffee, at Starbucks, in about twenty minutes; and I headed in that direction. I sat in a booth, and Vera Valdez soon walked in, and smiled at me.

"Hey, Vera, you are looking well" I said, as she took her seat, picking up her Cappuccino I had just purchased.

"As do you, Josh, everything alright?" she asked.

"I've just been to see Dr Benit. Been having bad dreams again" I informed her.

"Terry Reynolds?" she asked.

"Partly, but he's dead; I should be feeling elated, but I am not" I replied.

I explained what had happened in Florida, and she frowned a little. "The worlds full of assholes" she added, with a smile.

"How's the baby?" I asked, and that put a huge smile on her face. She went into her bag and produced a photograph of her son. "Javier" she said, "after my Father" she added.

"He's the image of you" I replied.

"Are you and Calumn still together?" she asked, and that put the same smile on my face, that had just been on hers, seconds earlier.

"Very much so" I responded. "In fact, he's here, now" I added, as Cal walked into the coffee shop, smiled, and headed to the counter to give his order to the barista.

"Why, hello, Mr Kenner" Vera smiled, as he took a seat next to me, and looked at the photo of her new baby.

"So, what's he been suspected of, may I ask?" Cal said, looking stern faced, as he looked over at Vera.

"Theft" she replied, as quickly.

"Of?" asked Cal.

"My heart" she said, with a smile.

"Javier" I said, looking at the photograph.

"He's absolutely gorgeous" responded Cal.

"Takes after his mother" she snickered a little.

Vera's cell rang and she flipped it open and listened for a second and closed it and then stood up, "Starbucks 21st and Lincoln, pick me up" she instructed.

"Look, Josh, Cal, it's been nice seeing you two boys looking happy; but I have to get back. I expect my invitation in the mail" she said, her face now looking a little drawn.

"Bank on it, Vera" I replied, and she stood up, leaned in and kissed both of our cheeks, and then left, heading to the street for her pick up.

"Ready, babe?" Cal asked.

"Where have you parked Todd's car?" I asked.

"Parking lot, just over there" he said, pointing to the other side of the road. We could see it, and we were soon back on the road, heading back to campus.

"How was the session?" he asked.

"Productive, she always speaks sense" I replied.

"Going back next week?" he asked.

"No, I don't think I will need to" I replied, squeezing his leg.

"You keep doing that, and we will need to pull over, so you can finish what you started" replied Cal, with a shit eating grin.

"You'd be shocked if I blew you right here on the interstate" I retorted.

"Don't get my mind racing, I'll be hard all the way home, you dick" he replied.

"Your smile does that to me, every time I see you. The first time we met, your smile had me hard in seconds" I replied, with no shame in my words.

"And now?" he questioned.

"Just the thought of you has me needing release" I replied, still with no shame.

"Fuck!!!" he moaned.

"What?" I asked.

"Stiff as a pick axe" he replied, and I smiled.

"Pull off at the next exit" I instructed. It was not long before we pulled off, under an overpass; very quiet, nobody around...yet.

"I slid down and unzipped Cal. His dick was, indeed, very hard. I pulled it out and began to lick the crown, and his moans indicated he was very much enjoying it.

"Fuck, Josh" he moaned. I snickered, a little, with his cock now pushing at the entrance to my throat.

"" he struggled to talk, his dick now being massaged by my throat muscles.

"Damn!!" he moaned.

"Someone is coming, Josh" he said, as I sucked him deep; and I thought, 'yeah, you will be, soon'.

"Fuck!!!! Josh, get off me" he demanded, as someone approached; and I jerked myself up, totally pissed at his response, but a guy knocked on the window just as Cal had put his dick back into his jeans.

"You folks okay?" a security officer asked, when Cal rolled down his window.

"Yeah, long drive, just taking five" Cal replied.

"Okay, it's just that this is private land" he informed us.

"Sorry, we'll get on our way" Cal said, and we began to drive off.

"Sorry, Josh, I didn't mean to yell at you." I didn't reply, as I was still a little pissed.

"Josh" he asked again, and again I ignored him.

"It was good, I just didn't need to get caught with my dick out" he countered. I began to mellow a little.

"Okay" I replied.

"it was good, though, babe" he again whispered.

"You okay?" he asked.

"I think so. It's just been a weird week; my head is all over the place. I'll be okay, though" I replied.

"So, mugger" He said, changing the subject.

"Huh?" was my response.

"Dale, last night, told us about Mark" he replied.

"Sorry, I must have tuned out" I replied.

"Mark stopped a mugger. He was out with his Mom, and he stopped some old guy from being mugged; so, he's the golden boy, right now" he responded.

"Oh, yeah, Dale said until he fucks up again...and he will" I snickered.

As we approached the Campus I received a text from Todd.

Josh stay the fuck away trouble end text.

"What the fuck?" I said, and Cal, at the first opportunity, pulled over to the side of the road.

"Call him and ask him what he's talking about" Cal said, as I speed dialled Todd's cell phone, which went straight to voice mail.

"Call Dale" said Cal.

I dialled his cell, and he answered, or his phone became live; and all I heard was screams, and, most definitely heard, gun fire.

"FUCK!!!!" I said and pushed the phone onto loud speaker. "DALE" I yelled and got nothing. "They're coming this way" I heard a girl yell and a second scream and another gun shot.

"What the fuck is going on?" Cal said, now starting the car and heading at breakneck speed toward campus.

"Cal, slow down. We are of no use dead" I said, but he did not hear me at first. I could see a tear sliding down his face, I was panicking as much as Cal was, our friends were in trouble.

"You never think it could happen at your school; not until it happens" Cal said, when we were only a mile from campus. We could hear and see flashing lights heading, and passing us, as they went. A SWAT van passed us at a break neck speed, and we were doing almost 100.

Dale's phone went dead. I redialled, but, like Todd's, it went straight to voice mail.

"Try Laura, or Lisa, shit, try Dave" Cal said, and I flipped open my cell and dialled all of them. Dave's phone was the only one that rang.

"Hello" Dave said, whispering but sobbing at the same time,

"Dave, what the fuck is going on?" I asked.

"Gunmen, at least two, Josh,...Josh...Nick's been shot. He's bleeding, man, I'm holding him he's not moving, he's bleeding badly we need help" he said, and the phone again went dead.

"Nick's been shot" I said, and my heart now trying to escape my chest, my breathing becoming erratic.

"FUCK!!!!!" cried Cal, as we hit the 500yd marker to the school gate, and the path was blocked by 2 NYPD cruisers.

We stopped and ran toward the parked police cars.

"Officer, what is happening?" Cal yelled, as more cars arrived.

"You cannot go in. Can you please step back and let us do our job?" the tall, African American officer asked.

"We live on Campus. What's happening? I've just been told that one of my friends has been shot" Cal informed him.

"Guys, we have a number of people shot. All we know from reports, is two individuals opened fire in the quad, and then headed into school passages" he said.

"So, can you just step back, and I'll try and keep you informed the best I can. Help will get to your friend" he added.

I stood next to Cal, as our world was changing before our eyes. Our closest friends were in a war zone; one shot, that we know of, and the rest silent. Why couldn't I hear Dale when his phone answered? I just felt useless.

I kept trying my friends phones; all went straight to voice mail. It began to get dark, and we still hadn't heard anything. The SWAT team went in over two hours ago. The media was here, en masse. Several helicopters were flying overhead, so we knew it was being reported.

My cell began to ring, and I answered. I was sobbing, lightly, at this point. Cal's was also ringing.

"Hello" I said,

"Thank God! Josh, are you okay?" My dad asked, and again I sobbed. I could use my parents right about now.

"We were off campus, Dad, but Todd, Dale, and the girls were on campus. I got a text from Todd, telling me to stay away. Dad, I cannot reach them. Dad, a friend of ours has been shot. Nick. He was helping us on Cal's truck" I said, rambling away.

"How do you know he's been shot?" dad asked.

"I called everyone I could think of. Dave was the only one who answered. He had Nick lying next to him. He said Nick was bleeding badly Dad" I added.

"What does the news say, Dad?" I asked, looking over at Cal, who was also talking to someone on his cell.

"They are saying the two gunmen have been shot, and the authorities are now sweeping the campus. Reports say that at least..." he stopped, and took a deep breath.

"Reports say they have found seven bodies in the quad, and, four, so far, in the hallways. The injured are being tended to, by paramedics" he ended, and I could hear the sorrow in his voice.

Soon we were being passed by a dozen or so ambulances, heading toward the school. I tried Todd's phone again, still voice mail.

We went back and sat in Todd's car and listened to the news. We were shocked at how easily the gunmen seemed to be able to roam the school. Fuck, we had armed security on campus.

Cal closed his phone and just smiled at me.

"Grandpa. He saw the news. I told him we were fine, no need to worry him" he said, and pushed his seat back, a little, his foot hovering over the gas pedal.

Cal started the engine and waited.

"Cal, what are you thinking?" I asked.

"Wait" he said.

"Wait, for what?" I asked.

Soon, a second wave of ambulances plowed past the two parked police cars, and Cal flattened his foot to the floor and followed them, before the police could respond. Ten seconds later we were pulling through the gates of our campus. It resembled a triage facility. Stretchers covered the ground, and we saw covered bodies, everywhere. It brought a lump to my throat.

"Hey, stop" a cop yelled, as we parked the car on the grass.

"Stop" he yelled, and drew his side arm.

"Wait! We go to school here. Our friends are in there" I yelled.

Cal pulled out his wallet and produced his student I.D

He placed his gun back into his holster and looked at us, none too happy.

"Get back into your vehicle and stay there. We do not need distractions right now, do you understand me ?" he looked at us.

"Yes sir, but our friends?" I asked in a pitiful way.

"Son, we are looking into what happened here, and how. We need to check the place over, first. So, for now, just get out of the way, and let us do what we do, okay?" he said, and we climbed back into the car and sat like scolded children.

The radio confirmed that a total, including the two gunmen, of eighteen people lost their lives; the two gunmen, three security guards, four lecturers, and nine students. No names had yet been given.

I sat, holding Cal, and we were crying. My cell rang, again, and I hoped it was one of my friends.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Josh" replied Todd.

"Fuck, Todd, are you okay, man? I tried calling you, but it went to voice mail.

"Josh, please stop talking for a second, please" he said, and my heart sank.

"Josh, Dale's been hit" he replied, and I dropped the cell phone and just sobbed louder. Cal picked up the phone and handed it back to me.

"Todd, is he?" he cut me off.

"No, he was shot in the shoulder. He's being taken to the E.R. I don't know what hospital, though" he added.

"Thank God" I said.

"Are you and the girls okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, they are a bit shaken up, though. Do you know who the fuckers were?" he asked.

"No, they haven't given any names out yet" I said.

"Do we know how many have been hurt? The electricity has been turned off, for some reason" he asked me.

"Eighteen dead, in total" I responded.

"Those fucking bastards; I hope they rot in fucking hell" he yelled over the phone.

"Nick was shot, Todd. Dave is with him. I don't know how badly, though" I added.

"I'll try and get over there. I'll let you know, Josh. Glad you are okay" he added.

"I'll try and find out where they have taken Dale" I added, and hung up the phone.

"He was shot in the shoulder" I said to Cal after I hung up on my friend.

Cal pulled me into his chest. This has been one fucked up day. We looked out of the window of the car and saw Dave, slumped on the grass, beside an ambulance. We got out of the car and walked over to him.

"Dave" Cal spoke.

No reply. Dave was in shock. He looked like a beaten man.

"Dave" Cal repeated. Dave looked up and just stared at us, not saying anything.

"Dave, are you okay?" I asked.

"He's dead. Nick's dead."

To be continued...

Look, I know a lot of you will hate this chapter; but shit like this happens and we all know it. I had always planned to do a chapter like this, and sorry that it coincides with the anniversary of Boston; but I wrote this a while back. I have held it back for a while, out of respect for the fallen. My heart goes out to you, it really does. I hope you allow me to write this story the way I have done. I would appreciate some feedback for this chapter, the plus and the negative. As always, at or Tweet @DavidSpowart.

Remember, it is only fiction; despite it being all too real, at times. Peace and love be with you all

At this point I have no clue who is still reading this story, the last chapter posted only received 1 comment. So at least I know someone is reading it.


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