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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 22

Published: 26 Nov 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

Since we didn't want to have the stress of driving home, we flew; a sombre flight, very little talking. Todd slept most of the flight. As for myself, the headphones never left my ears. Cal just read the latest Jack Reacher, and soon we landed in Boston. Forty minutes later, we had dropped Todd off at his home, then crossed the street and entered my family home.

My mother just grabbed me into a hug and cried, while holding me. I could not contain the tears, either. Cal had his hand on my shoulder, and it soothed me. Call me a wuss, but it did.

"You okay, honey?" she asked, as Luc bounded down the stairs and wrapped his arms around me, in a very tight hug.

"Shit, Josh, that must have been terrifying" he said, holding me even tighter, and with emotion in his voice. His tears were falling as strong as mine. My dad stood in the doorway, and I could see that he was struggling to contain his emotions. His, 'I won't cry in front of my boys' now beginning to fail.

I walked over and just grabbed him. He held me so tight, it was painful; but it also felt so good.

"We could have lost you" he said.

"Dad, we were not on campus, we were safe. I know you didn't know that, but we were safe. Todd and Dale were not safe, and, well... Dale got hurt... and by someone we knew" I said.

"You knew them?" Luc asked.

"No, Just Scott. I tutored him last year; well, before I was kidnapped, anyway" I said. Mom just fussed as she always had, coffee and snacks waiting for us and we sat in the den and just chatted for a while.

We were home for only thirty minutes, when there was a knock at the front door. All of my family was talking, and Cal had gone for a nap; so I opened the door and was immediately pulled into another tight, emotional hug.

"Shit, Josh, haven't you been through enough?" Tom said, with his head buried in my shoulder.

"I don't go looking for it, Tom" I replied, and saw Liam standing behind him. Tom let me go, and Liam took his place.

"Fuck, Josh, I've only just got our friendship back, I don't want to lose it" he sniffled, a little.

"Thanks, but, guys, I'm fine" I responded, impressed by the warmth shown by to very close friends.

"How are Aaron and Kyle?" Tom asked, and I told them, over coffee, that they were otherwise busy during the whole thing.

"Two horny fuckers" Liam snickered a little.

"Have you seen Dale?" I asked.

"Yeah, we've been with him most of the day. His brother is going to feel some pain, once Dale's shoulder is healed" Liam added.

"He means well" I replied.

"Oh, hey guys. You should have wakened me, Josh" Cal said, walking down the stairs. He looked tired; it had been a long few days.

"Nah, you're okay, man, we only came over to see if he was okay, and he is. So, we will stop by, tomorrow, if that is okay with you guys; or do you wanna meet at Jitneys, before we pay Dale a visit?" Tom asked, and we agreed.

We let the guys out the front door, and we entered the living room. My parents sitting in easy chairs, and Luc was sprawled out on the sofa. He moved his legs, so we could sit.

"What's this" I asked, looking at the TV screen.

"Downton Abbey" Mom replied. I looked at it, and it resembled an English period drama. Even Lucas was entranced with it.

"Walking Dead is on" I added.

"Tivo" Luc replied, without his eyes leaving the screen.

"It's almost finished, honey," Mom replied, and I just smiled. Soon, it was finished and we began to talk, and then mom said, "The wedding, honey, we need to write out a guest list; it's only ten weeks away, and we need to get the rest of the things going. Have you registered at city hall, yet?"

"No. We talked about doing that, this week. We also need to get blood tests done" I added.

"When are you interning at Kenner?" Dad asked, and I was not looking forward to that, as much as I was; but I still wanted to do it.

"Four weeks. We will be there for four weeks, incognito" I smiled, and dad looked confused.

"We are not going in as future owners. We are going, with Grandpa's blessing, as just interns; college kids looking for some experience" Cal enthused.

A little later, dad turned the news channel on, and the reporter was discussing the massacre at our school. They profiled the shooters, and I still could not place Lance Black; but, then, the reporter stated that he was a cousin of Scott's, and not a student at the college.

"Have you spoken to your friend, yet?" Dad asked.

"Who?" I asked, still looking at the screen, transfixed.

"The friend who lost his..." I cut him off.

"Dave" I interrupted. "Yeah, I spoke to him before we flew home. No arrangements, yet, as far as he was aware, have been made yet. Nick's deadbeat father is insisting that he arrange the funeral" I said, with a hint of disdain.

"His Aunt is his, was, his legal guardian. She will probably take care of the service, dad. From what Nick told us about his dad, he gives rednecks a bad name" I added.

"Was he a good friend?" he asked me, and I was honest.

"Not at first. He taunted me, at first; I got the fag treatment. He and Dave made a comment after Conner Brian was attacked; but when they found out it was a homophobic attack, well, they were remorseful, and we started getting along. Nick told me about his Father, and we just sought of bonded; so, yeah, in the end, we were good friends. I'm going to miss him" I said, with a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Some good friendships come from some strange circumstances" dad replied.

"Okay, son, it's late, and I need to be up early, for my check up, tomorrow. So, I'll see you at breakfast" he said.

"Check-up?" I asked, out of concern,

"My heart, Josh, I go for regular check-ups. I'm fine, don't worry. I'm exercising and eating healthy garbage, so don't worry" he added, rubbing my head, like he did when I was a child.

I watched as my parents climbed the stairs, my Mom holding my Dad's hand. They were as much in love, now, as they were when they were first married.

I snuggled up to Cal and flipped on the Tivo, so we could watch my shows. Luc, as usual, could not stand the sight of zombies, and also headed off to bed.

"Night Josh, love you" he said, and walked away.

"Come here" I said, and stood up and hugged him, again.

"Erm, Josh, if you have a minute, can we talk, you know, talk?" he said, and I caught his meaning.

"You mean 'talk' talk" I teased.

"Yeah, please" he said, and his face changed to a shade of red, with which I was all too familiar.

"Give me five minutes, little bro" I replied, and he went to his room.

"Talk?" Cal asked.

"I told him, last year, that when he was thinking of taking a relationship to the next level, and he needed to talk to someone, I would be there for him; so, yeah, the 'talk'" I said, and kissed his cheek, then went to speak to my brother.

"Hey" I said, as I entered his room: it stank of teenager.

"So, who is she? I assume it's a she." He nodded.

"Lizzy, Lizzy Barnes" he replied

"Lizzy Barnes, as in Mike Barnes' sister?" I asked.

"The very same" he replied.

"He's your best friend, Luc, and didn't we have that joke about her, last year, when he set you up?" I asked.

"That's when it sort of started" he replied.

"Okay, so how serious has it gotten?" I asked.

He said nothing, inspecting his carpet, which needed serious cleaning, by the way; but I digress.

"Luc?" I asked, again.

"We have had sex" he replied. Yeah, he's 17, and horny, like all 17yr. Olds; so this has not come as a shock to me.

"Safely?" I asked.

"Yeah, always" he replied.

"Always? So, you have done it more than once?" I asked, and he gave me Todd's shit eating grin.

"Okay, so you are at it, like rabbits; so, why do you need to talk about it. You are already doing the deed, so how can I help?" I asked.

"She wants our relationship to go public. I mean, Mike is my best friend, he will kill me. I just wish he was gay. I'd get him to nail your ass, and he would forgive me" he smirked a little.

"He will find out, sooner or later. Do you want him to find out from some ass hole; or do you want to man up and tell him, yourself.

"Well, myself, but behind bullet proof glass" he mocked.

"Josh, I will find a way to talk to him. I like Lizzy, I mean, really like know?" he said, and he blushed a little. "I know all about first loves, I have had a few. I had sex with Kyle, but it was just The first, and only person I have ever, is Cal, and long may it last."

"So, Josh, how are you... I mean, really?" he asked, changing the subject, somewhat.

"Stressed beyond stressed, if I'm honest. If it wasn't for the guy sitting down stairs, I would have fallen apart, of that I have no doubt" I add. We talked a little longer, and then I said good night to him. My little brother was growing up so fast. It frightens me, sometimes, at how fast he has grown up. It must terrify the hell out of mom and dad.

"Josh" he said as I was about to leave his room

"Yeah" I replied

"Cal is great but give yourself some credit, you are emotionally stronger than you think" he replied

"Thank's you" I said closing his door and headed back down stairs.

I sat next to Cal, and he looked at me, waiting for an explanation; but I stayed quiet, for a while.

"Well?" he asked.

"He's having sex with his best friends sister" I said, and he just burst into laughter, and I couldn't help but join in. A little laughter, in what has been a very distressing and sorrowful time. Trust either Todd or Luc to cheer up even this time in our lives.

I snuggled into Cal, and his smell, as usual, had my groin stirring. I kissed his neck, and he responded. I nibbled at his ear, and he moaned out in pleasure. He has the ability to turn me on in an instant, and I have the same effect on him.

"Bedroom...NOW!!!!!" I instructed, and we leapt off the sofa and ran upstairs, and into my room, the double bed still in place. I stripped him so fast, he almost fell over. I ripped off his shorts and attacked his engorged cock; he tasted like heaven to me.

"Slow down, Josh, Fuck!!!!!" he said, as he pulled me off of him. He pushed me over, and, with haste, removed my clothes. He had my cock in his mouth faster than what I managed. He rubbed at my pucker, as his tongue worked the crown of my cock. I was edging, and had to stop him. I wanted, I needed this to last.

He pushed two fingers into my welcoming ass. I moaned with double pleasure, his mouth and his very, very talented fingers. He stretched me open, and soon, he had me panting. I was in the mood to be ravaged. I needed fucked, and well fucked, at that. He has always had the ability to turn me into a quivering pile of humanity; and, right now, that was his mission.

"Please Cal, I need" I informed him, like a cheap crack whore, begging for her next fix.

He removed his fingers and grabbed the bottle of lube. He smothered his now eager cock. He pushed me over and lifted my right leg, and placed it on his shoulder, then entered me. The pain was wonderfully excruciating, and almost had me nutting, right there and then.

"Fuck, Cal, yeah, that's it...ohhhhh.Fuck!!!!!!" I moaned, as he fucked me, long, hard and deep. He pulled almost all the way out, and plunged in, in one hard, fast stroke, and plowed me; plowed me the way he knows I need. I was a slut, I was his slut. I liked to fuck him, with power and passion; but I need him to dominate me, when he takes me. He fucks like a stallion.

"Ohhh Fuck!!! Cal I love you, so much" I tell him, as he began to breath harder, and the sweat was beginning to slide off of his very well defined body. He was perfection to me, his black hair, hanging down his shoulders, he was magnificent.

I suddenly had an image pop into my head, and I began to laugh between moans. I couldn't help myself. He looked at me, and slowed down; then he stopped, still buried inside me.

"Josh, are you okay?" he asked, and I smiled. The love I have for this man could not be measured; but the image that came into my mind, I had to ask him about it.

"Cal, when we get married... will you erm!!!!............... wear a kilt?" I asked, and he still looked confused as to how I could bring that up, at this moment. He began to push in and out of me, again; my moans of pleasure creating a rampant motion from Cal. He sped up, and I was almost ready to blow; my breath stilled, as he pushed hard and deep, once more.

"I'd wear a dress, if you asked me to, babe" he struggled to get out. My lover, marrying me in a kilt; his Grandpa would love that, as would I,

Cal and I came, in an almighty crescendo. We collapsed, our breathing labored, and our bodies melded tight, with cum and sweat. We sighed, and snuggled, very sated and very happy with ourselves. I Knew services and burials will happen, soon, and will continue throughout our lives; it's just the circle of life. We just have to be happy, and make the most of what and who we have. Nick and Candice were killed and Dale could have been killed; but, he survived, and I will cherish that fact, every single day.

To be continued...

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