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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 25

Published: 17 Dec 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"So, I am Josh Dean and you are Cal Dawson" I said, looking at the fake I.D.s that Cal's Grandpa had arranged. With whom, I have no idea.

"Well, we won't slip up with the same first names, now, will we" Cal replied, looking intently at his I.D.

"Well, we'd better go check on the house and buy some fresh groceries, we only have today and tomorrow before we intern" I said eating my last piece of toast.

"Costco is just a couple of miles away; we can get most from there, and the rest from Target. Gramps had the utilities switched back on, and he had the cable reinstalled yesterday, so we are sweet" Cal replied, standing up and kissing my cheek, leaving jelly with the imprint.

I flipped open my phone to check for messages and saw a couple from Dale and Todd. They are heading off to Europe in a couple of days, and the girls are just as excited.

"Well?" Cal asks.

"Yeah, Dale and Todd, first time in well... forever; I have not talked to them" I reply.

"Josh, babe, you have a cell, ring them" he replies.

"Nah, I'll leave them be. It's only a few weeks, I am sure I'll cope" I snicker a little.

"Costco" Cal responds and I grab my coat and head out. I climb into Cal's truck, and he smiles as he climbs into it.

"What did your grandpa say when he saw the truck?" I asked.

"He thought I'd bought a new one" Cal replied, turning the engine over and pulling into the street.

A couple of hours later, we had what we needed and headed to Cal's house. We opened it up and Cal started to shake.

"Cal, what's wrong?" I asked out of concern.

"I'm fine, just had a bit of a flashback" he replied.

"Oh, when your folks reacted?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was so vivid" he replied.

I pulled him to me and just held him, tight.

"We can go back to your grandparents, if you'd like" I suggested.

"No, I said I'll be okay... coffee?" he asked, obviously wanting the subject change.

I filled the coffee maker while Cal put the groceries away, and he handed me the milk. I poured the coffee into 2 oversized mugs and we sat in the den.

"We need to decorate this place, it looks like a museum" Cal said.

"Yeah, we can do that in short bursts. We'll only stay here when we visit your Grandparents; or, do you have another plan we have not discussed, yet?" I asked.

"No, the Hamptons is my only plan" Cal replied.

"Okay, I have an idea; what about a decorating party? I don't mean now, but later in the year. We can come down in the fall and bring the guys, and have a weekend decorating party. I'm sure we can get Travis and Jake, Aaron, Kyle, and we know Todd and Dale would be up for it. I can get the guys from home to come and chip in. It Could be a mild version of Extreme Makeover, just without the bus".

"Breathe, Josh" Cal snickered.

"Oh, when I have an idea, I have to get it all out" I reply, leaning in for a sneaky kiss.

"No, it's an awesome idea" Cal replies, and leans in to steal the kiss right back, with a smile as he takes it.

Cal went upstairs and came back with a family photo album. He had hidden it the attic; so he knew his mother, and, at the time, his father, would not find it. He sat next to me and opened it three pages in. It was a portrait of him, at, I would say, 13 or 14 years old; his dad standing to his right, and his mother to the left of him, both with a hand on one of Cal's shoulders.

"This was before Mom got sick, you know, the cancer. That's when she found religion, you know, God saved her, so she has to serve" he said, and I could see he was welling up a little.

"What was she like, you know, before she got sick?" I asked.

"Honestly... Like your Mom" he replied, and the thought of my mother ever rejecting me, in any way, never crossed my mind. I have been so lucky.

"Think I would have liked to have met that woman" I said, pointing at the photograph.

"Yeah, but not the evil twin that took over, huh?" he replied.

"I have, remember; and no, not again...sorry" I replied, as he flipped through the album, photos of his grandparents, and one of him and Jake, in school colors.

"Where you seeing each other, then?" I asked.

"No, we were friends first. It would have been about 2 years after that was taken" he smiled at the memory.

"We were always better friends than lovers; but, teenage hormones... you know" and I nodded, still holding his shoulder as he continued down memory lane.

After an hour or so, we decided to take a walk by Lake Michigan. We headed toward the promenade, near the marina, as this was the place Cal's dad took him to watch the sailboats. "Coffee?" he asked and I just nodded. This lake, even in summer, can send a cold chill right through you. As we walked, we spotted someone we had met a few months ago; a person who would play a big part in our upcoming marriage.

"Hey, Father Laymone, you look good" Cal said, holding out his hand to shake.

"As do you, Calumn. You look good, Joshua" he replied.

"Coffee?" he asked the Father.

"Love some, thank you" Father Laymone replied.

We headed just over the road and took a booth. Cal ordered our drinks and brought them over.

"So, what are you doing in Chicago? I mean, it's a few weeks until you marry" he asked.

"Oh, we are" Cal interrupted.

"Just visiting my Grandparents for a week or so" he informed him, and I got the reason why the interruption: the guys former association with his mother.

"They will like that" He replied.

"Have you seen my mother?" Cal asked.

"She came to see me, but I could not offer counsel with someone who professes so much hate. Calumn, I have read the old testament, and yeah, it was written by clerics with narrow minds. The problem is that certain religious leaders cherry pick certain parts of the text to suit their agenda. The priest that advised your mother was such a man" he said.

"Father, my mother is a very strong willed person. She is not easily led, by anyone. She would take advice and make up her own mind" Cal replied.

"Have you spoken to her" he asked

"No, she's moved on; I have done the same" Cal replied.

"She still lives in Chicago?" Cal asked.

I believe so, I have seen her around. We use the same stores" Father Layton replied. We talked for about another ten minutes and agreed to meet in a week or so to discuss the ceremony, which is only a month away.

"Okay guys, see you soon. Say hi to your grandparents, Cal, and sorry to hear about your friend. I'll pray for the ones you have lost" he added, before leaving.

"Do you want to go see Kenner Engineering? I don't mean go in, but go see what will be ours" Cal asks.

"Yeah, we can grab some food in the city. Do you want to grab the bus or take the truck?" I ask.

"Bus, we might have a drink; it is the weekend, babe" he replied, and I agreed.

An hour later we were standing outside Kenner Engineering. The building was huge, at least fifty stories high. The logo of a Crane and an Eagle was high and proud, and the Kenner name was in the eagle's claws. I had seen the logo before, but atop of the building... Well, you just had to see it.

We walked around the building and then walked into an Italian eatery and took our seats. We watched people who were working the weekend come and go from the building. We watched as a security guy talked to a woman who was lost, and pointed down the street.

"I'm a little nervous about starting Monday. Not bad worried, though, more just apprehensive" I said as a waitress took our order.

"Just do what you're told and keep your eyes and ears open. We are only here 3 weeks, babe. If someone is sabotaging our company, we need to focus" he replied.

"Yes, Mr Bond" I replied.


"Yeah, I know, Cal, trust me, I know" I still snickered a little.

"Want to see a movie?" he asked.

"Nah, I'd rather just head back and see what's on cable. We are at your grandparents most of tomorrow, and I want some just us time" I add.

"Horny huh" he whispers.

I did not reply, as he knew I was; I love him so much and he always turns me on. We will be in bed early tomorrow night and every night, except weekends, so yeah, us time is required.

"Your order gentlemen, is vino okay?" She asked as she brought our pizza.

"Thank you, smells amazing, and any parmesan?" Cal asked.

"I'll bring it straight over. Black pepper?" she asked.

"No, thank you" Cal replies, and she leaves and returns with a small bowl of Parmesan. The pizza was perfect, and we noticed they also did deliveries; so we took a menu when we left and headed back to our home.

Almost an hour later, we were semi naked, sitting on the sofa, watching a comedy and laughing when required. I was getting turned on with every touch Cal was doing, and I believe it was deliberate.

I snuggled into his chest, and, as normal, his scent had me wanting him. I noticed he was also aroused.

I was now ignoring the TV and slid my hand down his chest and into his shorts. He moaned a little as I wrapped my hand around his length.

"Josh, please" he moaned out as I slid further down and took him into my mouth licking the crown. I savored the flavor of Cal; I always have.

"Fuck, Josh, ohhhh, that feels so good. Ohhh yeah, that's it" Cal moaned, as I worked my tongue over his length.

I pulled off and climbed into his lap and pulled him into a kiss. I forced my tongue into his now willing mouth. I love this human being with everything I am, and I am showing him how much.

"Take me to bed" I say, and he stands up with me in his arms. The last time he carried me was after my attack. He carried me with so much ease.

"I can walk, you know" I tell him.

"Shut up and go with it. I'd die for you. I cannot express how much you make me who I am; you are part of me," he replies, and I could see a tear in his eye.

"The feelings mutual, Cal. I cannot think of not being with you" I add, as he unceremoniously drops me on the bed.

"Subtle, very subtle" I respond.

"You are heavier than I remember" he replies.

"You saying I'm getting fat?" I ask scornfully.

"No, just your dick... I hope" he replies.

He drops down and takes me into his mouth, and I almost pop as he does so.

"Cal, stop please" and he does. He saw the tell-tale signs and stopped.

I sat up and pushed him down flat. I kissed his face and worked my way down, licking his nipples, which always drives him crazy. I kissed his prominent abs and inhaled his pubic hair as I made my way further south, and again took him back into my mouth. I, at this time, was also working my pucker open; I wanted him...badly.

Ten minutes later, I made my way up to his mouth and kissed him deeply. I reached over to the drawer and pulled out the newly acquired tube of slick, rubbed some on his cock, and inserted a finger back into my hole, slicking myself up.

I climbed up and lowered my ass over his cock and began to ride him. His moans, and the look of complete lust in his eyes, drove me on. I picked up the pace, edging him and myself close. Cal sat up and rolled me over, but not pulling out. He then took over the depth of penetration and the pace of the strokes. My heart was beating faster and my breathing was labored, as was his.

"Josh, I fucking love you" he yelled as he came deep in my ass. I blasted my own orgasm over his face and his chest; one, two, three shots covering him. I leaned down and licked him clean. I kissed him, my mouth still coated with my cum, and Cal licked off what he could reach. Our breathing still struggling to normalize.

Soon, we were lying, naked, and holding each other tight.

"I cannot wait to officially call you my family, Josh" he whispers and kissed my head.

"Cal, you are already my family. A piece of paper does not alter that fact. You are my partner, my husband; and Todd and Dale are my brothers, Lucas by blood, and the rest by faith" I reply.

"That was profound" he replied.

"Stating facts, love you" I replied. I could not help myself, and soon drifted off to sleep while cuddled in the safest place I could think of.

To be continued...

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