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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 27

Published: 31 Dec 15

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

We finished our quickly prepared meal and waited for Cal's grandpa to call in. At around 8pm a knock at the door came and Cal stood up, and walked over and opened it.

"Hey, Gramps" he said and embraced him.

"Okay, have a productive day did we?" Gramps asked.

"You could say that" I replied.

"It's Mom" Cal said as he re-took his seat. He looked at his Grandfather to gauge his reaction and then repeated it, "It's Mom that is behind the lost contracts" Cal said again, as Gramps took a seat in the overstuffed chair next to him.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Positive" I replied, opening my cell to show him the photo.

"Is that Bobby from the mail room?" he asked.

"Billy..yeah" I replied.

"Billy, yes.."he replied as I shut the cell.

"Gramps, when I was out with him today running errands, he stopped at the printers to collect the schematics and blueprints; he had an extra set made. We stopped somewhere and a guy drove up, and Billy tried to get a better price from him. He asked if he could speak to someone to arrange a better price...Gramps, he asked to speak to someone called Jonas" I concluded, and he looked somewhat stunned.

When I finished with that, my cell rang.

"Hey, what're you doing?" Lucas asked.

"In the middle of something bro.. can I call you back in a few" I asked

"Sure, no problem... laters" he replied, and the line died.

I looked again at Gramps.

"Jonas...Jonas Hart?" he asked.

"Can't confirm that bit...Just Jonas" I replied.

"Does Jonas know Mom?" Cal asked.

"Yes, he does. His wife and she were close when your dad was alive" he replied.

"Cannot just be a coincidence, Gramps" Cal replied.

"No... I have known him for almost 12 years" he replied, shaking his head slightly in disbelief.

"Yeah, but he worked with dad for the last 4" Cal replied

"He would be closer to your son than you, Gramps" I add.

We sat in silence for what seemed an age. Gramps opened his cell and dialed a number.

"Morris, I need something done... can you come to my sons house... you know where it is... yeah, see you soon" he flipped the phone closed.

"Morris?" Cal asked.

"Oh, he is someone we use for background checks. When we take a client, we check to see what his past has been... any bankruptcies, that sort of thing... also if his credit is good" he replied.

"He's a private investigator" I replied.

"Sort of, he's ex C.I.A" he added "Cal, Josh... the Company, at the moment, is valued at around $550 million dollars...last year it was worth close to $800 million. If we keep losing work to leaks and fraud, it could soon be worthless" he said with a sigh.

"Grandpa, look, we know who it is, so we should just confront them and see where we stand. We can control the leak, now; and whoever buys the stolen blueprints, and they are stolen, we can prosecute. Look, Billy will talk; I know his type" Cal said, reassuring his grandfather.

"I need to speak with a good lawyer. I'll speak to Marty tomorrow, he'll recommend someone to me" Gramps added.

I made coffee and waited for this Morris guy to show. We didn't wait long before Gramps' cell rang.

"Hello. Oh, hey Morris. Okay, come up the drive" He said, and went to open the door.

They didn't come in; Gramps just explained what he wanted done and the guy left.

"He'll check phone records and emails; he'll find out if Jonas is the Jonas that is involved" Gramps said again, as he took his seat.

Around 10:30, Gramps left to go home. I sat down next to Cal and just lay my head on his shoulder.

"Not much of a summer, eh Josh" he whispered.

"I'm with you, that makes my summer" I replied.

"You better see what your brother wanted" he replied. I had forgotten he called.

I picked up my cell and called him.

"Wow, you took your time" he said, answering his phone.

"Sorry Luc, been one of those days" I replied.

"Problems?" he asked.

"No, just busy" I lied.

"What's up, anyway?" I asked.

"I fucked up" he replied in a solemn tone.

"How? Oh please, don't tell me you got your best friends sister....." he cut me off.

"No, shit, he'd kill me, ... I cheated" he added.

"And I take it she found out?" I asked.

"I told her. I love her and didn't want secrets" he said, and I'm sure I heard a sob.

"So, who, and what did you do?" I asked.

"I sort of got" he started, but stopped.


"I was at a party, and, well... well, I was given head and someone took a photo of the girl doing it; and now it's all over school" he replied.

"Fuck Luc, you don't do anything halfway, do you?" I reply.

"I love her, Josh. I cannot lose her over some stupid, drunken fuck up" he again sobbed.

"You are going to have to give her time, Luc. Don't force things that will just make her mad; leave her alone for a couple of days. Send her a text asking her if she'll talk, and see what happens" I replied, giving my sage advice.

"And Luc, I know you are 17 and your hormones are driving your brain; but dude, start thinking with your big head, not your little one... Okay?" I add.

"Thanks, bro... love you" he replied.

"Back at ya" I said, and flipped my phone shut and sighed just a little.

"Need I ask?" Cal responds.

"Photograph; Luc being blown by some girl at a party" I replied.

"Lucky he isn't heading into politics; that shit would come back and haunt you" Cal replied.

"Come on, lets hit the sack. We are up early tomorrow" I reply and hold out my hand and he takes it. We headed to bed.. to sleep.

We woke around 7:30 am.

"Coffee?" I asked, as I climbed out of bed.

"Kiss me first" he replied. I could feel his morning wood and gave him a squeeze.

"Don't start something unless you are prepared to finish it" he responded.

I slid my hand into his bed shorts and again squeezed his now solid morning wood. I leaned over and kissed his chest, pushing him back down onto the mattress. I lowered his shorts and began to lap at his cock.

"Fuck!!!" he moaned out as I took him into my mouth. I loved the taste of Cal.

"Oh, Babe" he moaned, and I could feel his hands sliding into my own shorts and his hand wrapping around my own morning glory.

I sucked with purpose, and his moans became louder as I worked. He squeezed my cock, eliciting a moan from my lips.

"Shit, Cal" I said, as he squeezed a little firmer.

The way I was working him and he was working me, it was not long before we were heading over the edge of control. He spilled his seed into my mouth, and I, over his legs.

We collapsed with sated need and just glowed in satisfaction. A more intense session was already planned for tonight, drama notwithstanding. I needed him and he needed me; this mini session was just a precursor for what was to come... pardon the pun.

"Shower...Now!" he insisted.

An hour later, we were heading downtown, back to Kenner Engineering. Cal's cell rang and we pulled over.

"Hey Grandma, what's up?" he asks.

"Yeah, okay, but what about work?" he asks.

"Yeah, but won't it be suspicious if we both do not show?" he asks.

"Yeah, Yeah, Okay. I'll drop Josh off first, and then I'll come over" he replies.

"Yeah, see you soon... love you" he ends the call.

"Well?" I ask.

"This Morris guy is coming to see Gramps and Gran, so she wants me there" he replies.

"So, I'm flying solo today, then?" I ask.

"Just for an hour or so. Grandma will contact H.R and tell them that I've cracked a tooth and I'll be a little late, an hour or so" he smiles, showing his undamaged perfect teeth.

"So, you report to the dragon and see what you can find out, Josh. We have plenty to go on, so don't endanger yourself, okay?" he tells me.

"Babe, been there, done that, have the freakin T-Shirt, sold the T-shirt and bought the fucker back on E-bay; so trouble avoidance is high on my to do list" I reply, and he leans in and kisses me softly.

Soon he drops me off close to the offices of Kenner Engineering, and he heads back toward his Grandparents, while I head into another day of Ian Fleming territory.

I spot Billy, he just gives me a nod and I return the gesture. I climb into the elevator and someone shouts "Hold the elevator." I did.

"Thank you" the tall well dressed executive type said. I looked at his briefcase and the monogram said Jonas, the surname was covered by an umbrella. I looked at the man's reflection in the mirror. Is this the guy working with Cal's mother? I asked myself.

I got out of the elevator and wished him a good day, and he replied in kind. At least I can put a face to the name.

I watch the door close and saw Jonas H, and nodded to myself. Yeah, that's the guy. I spent the next few hours in a computer design office. I watched as a person I was told was named Mark Little designed an office block from scratch on his computer.

"You see Josh, this is a basic design for a state of the art facility. It will, when accepted, be built in Toronto in 2018. But, that is just a rough design. We need to build this, on computer and in model form, from the inside out. We have to solve various concerns the Canadians want addressed regarding the internal and external structure" he explained.

"You see that block on the inside column?" he asked.

"Yeah, storage?" I asked.

"Sort of, but not equipment, power" he replied.

"Josh, the whole building will have solar panels covering it. A new design, they look like smoked glass, but they collect power and the building uses it to run heating and air conditioning; and what it does not use, it stores in that block" he replied, and I was in total awe.

"Okay, go take a break, be back in twenty minutes" he said, and I left. I flipped open my cell and sent Cal a text. Okay to talk, on break I sent.

Yeah, me too, Starbucks he sent.

A couple of minutes later, I was sitting across from Cal. He looked worried.

"Gramps has another lawyer, Uncle Marty introduced her to him" Cal said, still looking concerned.

"He's meeting her right now. Josh, my Grandfather does not need this at this time of his life, despite what the old goat says" Cal added.

"And what of Jonas Hart?" I asked.

"Don't know. Gramps is waiting on this Morris guy to get back to him" he replied.

The sound of a text coming stopped our conversation.

"It's from Dale" I smile and open the attachment. It was a photograph of Dale and Todd, holding Lisa and Laura outside the Vatican. They looked as though they were enjoying themselves.

The tag line attached was, 'having lunch with the Pope.' lol.

"Yeah, knowing Todd, he could just about swing that" I smile, as did Cal.

"Okay, let's get back" I say, and drank the remnants of my coffee.

Cal, as he told me, was in blueprint design; and was as fascinated with the process, as I was with Mark Little and his building designs.

About an hour or so later, Billy came into the office with the afternoon mail. He nodded his head in my direction in acknowledgement, and then left with his little cart.

"You know him?" Mark asked.

"No, not really; I had half a day with him, yesterday" I replied.

"Want some friendly advice?" Mark asked, and I was intrigued.

"Sure" I replied.

"Stay clear of him. I mean, I think he is always cooking up some sort of scheme; and if you want a future here, don't risk it" he adds.

"Okay, I only met the guy yesterday; it's not as though we clicked" I replied.

I had noticed with Mark, though, he was always looking at some guy in his office, and the glances were returned.

"You like him, huh?" I asked, and the stare I received chilled me to the bone; it was one of panic and fear.

"Sorry, what... what do you mean.. like?" he asked in a low tone.

"Mark, calm down; I just noticed the glances you were giving each other, is all" I replied.

"Look Josh, I don't know what you think, but I am not gay; and please keep those comments to yourself. Those comments can get you fired here" he replied, obviously not knowing Gramps' position on such matters.

"Look.." he cut me off.

I followed him out of the office and into the rest room, and he looked a little flustered.

"Mark, please, I am sorry, okay? It's just, you look at him the way I do my boyfriend" I said, and he turned and glared at me, then softened.

"You're gay?" he asked.

"Yeah, does it bother you?" I asked.

"You won't get a job here" he said with a low tone.

"Why wouldn't I get a job here? I mean, I am still a student, but love this kind of work" I said.

"Management hates gays. I mean, Mr Kenner, the one that died last year; he went to jail for beating up some gay guy, and I have no reason to think that old man Kenner is any different" he replies, and not wanting to blow my cover, I didn't correct him.

"Okay, I'll watch what I say in future" I replied.

"How long" he asked

"How long, what?" I asked.

"Boyfriend" he said.

"Oh, just over a year" I responded, then asked, "You, and the guy back in the office?"

He didn't reply straight away. He turned on the water and washed his face.


"Donny" he replied.

"Oh, that's his name, I take it" I replied.

"Yeah, he works in I.T. I don't usually see him during the day" he replied.

"You two dating?" I asked.

"Yeah, just over six months, now" he replied with the same goofy smile on his face I get when I think of Cal.

"Mark, how old are you?"

"28, he's 33" he replied.

"So, I take it nobody here knows you are gay" I said, making a simple statement.

"Not that I am aware of. Nobody's said anything to me, anyway" he replied.

The door opened and Donny walked in; didn't acknowledge Mark or myself. He just walked past us and used the urinal.

"He knows, Don" Mark whispered.

"Shit" he replied.

"No, it's okay.. honest" Mark assured him.

Donny pulled up his zipper and turned around, looked straight at Mark and smiled, and then turned and looked at me and scowled.

"Hi, I'm Josh" I said, holding out my hand. He didn't take it.

"How much?" he asked.

"Sorry, what?" I asked.

"How much do you want?" he asked.

"Donny, he isn't blackmailing me" Mark replied.

"Babe, trust me on this, he is after something; they all are" he replied, still glaring at me.

"What do you mean they all are" Mark asked

"Do you think this guy is the first to figure me out?" he asked, looking at Mark.

"Billy" I said without thinking.

"See, he knows how to get cash. So, how much do You want?" he asked again.

"Nothing, I don't want anything" I replied.

"It's just, Mark warned me to stay away from Billy, now I know why. He has seen how you react around him, so I put two and two together" I add.

"Donny, he is gay, he told me" Mark replied.

"He's playing you. We could lose our jobs over this... you know that, right?" Donny responded.

Before I could answer, my cell rang.

"Hey, hang on a sec" I said, turning on my call.

"Hey, you finished?" Cal asked.

I looked at my watch and it had just turned four.

"Erm, yeah. I need to see you. Can you come to the rest room on my floor?" I asked.

"Problem?" he asked.

"No, I don't think so" I responded, as Donny and Mark looked at me.

"Be there in 2 minutes" he replied.

"I take it that was Billy?" Donny scorned.

"No, but I am the one taking a risk here" I replied.

The door opened and Cal walked in and noticed the scowl on Donny's face.

"Donny, Mark, this is my boyfriend" I said, and Cal's jaw dropped open.

"What part of undercover didn't you understand, Josh... Fuck" Cal was now joining Donny in the scowling department.

"A calculated risk, babe" I replied.

"Undercover?" Mark asked, looking a little confused.

"Well, since you also have experiences with Billy, I thought we could use an ally" I replied.

"Oh, what?" Cal asked.

"Billy found out Donny here is gay and the fucker has been blackmailing him" I replied.

"How long?" Cal asked, looking at Donny.

"About 15 months, just after Mr Kenner died" Donny responded.

"He told me about Mr Kenner beating some guy up and said his father was worse, and that he could have me fired, so I paid" Donny added.

Cal just looked horrified and looked at me, and nodded a quiet agreement.

"Okay guys, here is the deal. You need to keep what I am going to tell you quiet; well, at least until we get to the bottom of what is going on here, anyway" I started.

"First off, what Billy said is bullshit. Old man Kenner, as you called him, is not a homophobe. Yes, Calumn James Kenner did go to prison for attacking a gay guy; the guy was his son" I added.

"Bullshit. I was told it was a gay bashing" Donny replied.

"Billy, I take it?" I replied and he slightly nodded.

"Donny, I know for a fact the guy was his son" I said.

"How?" he asked.

"Because it was me; I am Calumn Kenner, his son" Cal replied.

"You serious?" Mark asked.

"The undercover shit" Donny adds.

"Someone is giving all of Kenner's bidding and blueprints to a rival, and Kenner is losing millions because of it. We came here as interns to see if we can sniff something out. We have a few leads, and we believe we know most of the story; we just have to tie a few things together" Cal said. Now, the mood between Donny and myself was cooling, somewhat.

"Does my uncle know that the firm is being embezzled?" Donny asked.

"Who is your uncle" Cal asked

"Jonas Hart" he replied, and my jaw dropped as did Cal's. a hiccup in the plan was probably developing, or was it.

"Are you close to your uncle?" I asked and Mark laughed a little.

"No, he hates me. I think it has something to do with my dad marrying my mother; but Jonas dated her first. My dad worked here and he got me a job, and a few years later my Uncle became in house counsel for the Kenner firm. He had been their counsel, working at a major firm; but Old.. Sorry, Mr. Kenner senior wanted him close... so he quit and joined Kenner Engineering" Donny replied.

"2 bird's, one stone" I snicker.

"Sorry?" Donny asked.

"Well, Billy is implicated, and so is Jonas Hart" I add.

"They are working with my Mother" Cal adds with a disconsolate tone.

"No shit" Donny spat out.

"Yeah, same time as my dad attacked me, my mother disowned me. She has been a thorn in my life ever since my dad changed his opinion of me and changed the will, leaving me Kenner Engineering" Cal adds, and Donny stood open mouthed.

"I thought old man... Sorry, your Grandfather, owned it again" Donny asked.

"Custodian only; it will be mine once I graduate" Cal informed.

"So are you two up for helping save my company?" Cal added.

"Erm, well, since you will no doubt be our boss, soon... hells yeah" Donny replied, and Mark nodded as someone came in to use the toilet.

"Well, I will see you three tomorrow" Donny, said leaving the rest room, followed by Mark a few seconds later.

On the drive back home I turned and spoke to Cal.

"Sorry for blowing our cover" and he smiled.

"Judgement call, babe, and a good one... Billy is out on his ass when this is done; and speaking of blowing" he smirked in my direction.

"Horny Much?" I reply.

"Every time I am near you, babe" he countered.

"Horndog... Wait until we get home... and we can make an evening of it" he arched his eyebrow at that comment and my nuts gave that knowing twinge of excitement and I had to adjust myself... Dick!!

To Be Continued...

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