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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 28

Published: 7 Jan 16

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I woke up around 7am. My ass hurt, but it was a good hurt. He kept his promise to me, by having me at orgasm within minutes. I might add I had been horny for him all day.

"Morning babe" he said with a gruff , half awake voice.

"Morning, you want coffee?" I asked, pulling on my sweats.

"Please... strong... need the caffeine... someone kept me up" he said with a smirk.

"Complaining ?" I asked.

"Never" he replied, raising himself out of bed, his naked body a work of art. His jet black hair all mooshed up only added to the art.

"Coffee" he said, watching me stare.

"Yeah, it's just I can't help myself" I said as he walked over to me.

"Yeah, can't blame you" he said, kissing my forehead.

"Ass" I responded.

"And a fine one it is" he said, leaving me and heading into the bathroom.

A short while later, during breakfast, I tried to recap what we intended to do about Jonas.

"So, what do you think?" I asked Cal.

"Its going to be tricky; I mean, Jonas has never met me. I doubt my dad had a photo of me at work; but even if he had, I've changed" he replied, taking his last sip of coffee.

"Are you going to phone Lucas to see if he's still alive?" he asked me, and I was just sitting here wondering about my 17yr. old brothers love life.

"Nah, I'll call him when I get a break" I replied as we left the house.

Half way into the city my cell rang.

"Hello" I started.

"Yeah, umm, hi Josh, its Donny" he sounded a little shy, well, quiet anyway.

"Good morning, Donny" I said, alerting Cal as to who was on the other end.

"Can we all met up before we go into the office?" he asked.

"Problem ?" I asked.

"My uncle was at my parents house last night, seems he is ill" he replied.

"How ill" I asked.

"Something serious, or so he told my parents. Anyway, Dad called me after he left them" he said, sounding a little down.

"Thought your dad and he didn't get along?" I asked.

"They don't" he said quickly.

"Trying to make amends before it's too late or whatever" he adds.

"But this shit at Kenner, Donny, that's not making amends" I add as we came off the freeway and headed down town.

"Look Donny, head to the coffee shop around the corner from Kenner, and we will see you in a couple of minutes.

"You park, and I'll get you a strong coffee" I said, as he pulled to the curb and dropped me off around the corner, as usual.

I walked into the coffee shop and spotted Donny and Mark, sitting at separate booths. I walked over, ordered our drinks, and sat across from Donny.

"So, you feeling sorry for him now?" I asked.

"No, not at all, but it could be a way for me to talk to him" he replied

"To what end" Cal asked, as he took his seat next to me.

"He might let something slip" he replied.

"Gramps called while I was parking the truck" Cal said, looking at me.

"What has he found out" I asked as Donny looked on.

"Jonas Hart and his wife attend the same church as my mother, so I think his motive is hatred, hatred for people like us. Guys, my mother was loving and kind before her illness and she started going to that church" he said, looking at me for strength.

"I think that when my mother told Jonas of my dads will, she convinced him to stop the gays from taking over her company" he snickered out, a little forced.

"Dad did say not to be too close to him" Donny added.

"Look Donny, what I am going to ask you to do might be a bit rough on you" Cal asked, and I was intrigued.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked.

"I want you to push his buttons. Look, guys like him don't need much for them to show their true colors" Cal added.

"But do it publicly" I added.

"I know for a fact he goes into the cafeteria at noon for a bagel and coffee; so if you can get there at noon, I'll try and provoke a reaction" Donny added.

"Yeah, we can do that" Cal said with a shallow grin.

"Me too" Mark whispered across, from his booth.

"Okay, Mark, I will come with you. I have a lot more to learn from you" I said. His skills in graphics is stunning,

"That settles it" Cal replied, and we drank the remainder of our coffees and left; of course, separately..... for now, anyway.

I spent all morning with Mark, but he seemed more than a little distracted.

"Hey, what's on your mind, or do I need to ask" I said.

"Look, I know our jobs are safe, but I still can't help worrying" Mark replied.

"I know about worry, Mark. Look, lets just see how it plays out. Donny, from what I have seen, is not a stupid guy by any stretch" I added.

"No, he's pretty smart" he replied with a grin I know all to well.

"So, Dean is not your real name, I take it?" he asked.

"No, sorry. Josh yes, Dean no. My surname is Miller" I replied. "And you guessed that Cal's name is Kenner" I add, and he nods. We get back to the building graphics we were working on yesterday, and I am still blown away at Mark's level of skill.

The morning drifted by and soon it was eleven forty five.

"Come on, lets get there before they do" I insisted, and he lightly nodded and sighed a little.

I got what looked like a cheese sandwich, and Mark, just a juice. I watched as Cal and Donny walked in, followed by Jonas Hart, reading a note pad.

I watched as Donny stepped back stepping on Jonas' foot by "accident".

"Oh sorry, Uncle" he replied.

"Just watch where you're going. you fruitcake, shit" he moaned in shock and and anger at Donny's apparent clumsiness.

"I said I was sorry, are you okay?" he asked in mock concern.

I watched from the entrance as Gramps was standing, watching the exchange. Shit, I hope this works.

Donny placed his hand on his uncles shoulder in a concerned gesture, and that did the trick.

"Get your disease riddled hands off of me" he said a little louder than necessary.

I watched Cal stand up and walk to the counter, looking like he was deciding what to eat.

"Diseased?" Donny asked.

"You keep your faggot hands to yourself, family or not" he said, a little louder.

"I'm not a legal brain by any stretch, but I am pretty sure you can't talk to anyone like that in a work place environment" Cal said from behind them. My hero!

I watched Gramps step back so he could not be seen by Jonas.

"And what would you know, and who the hell are you, anyway? I don't recognize you" Jonas asked, no, demanded.

"Cal Dawson, interning for a couple of weeks; and you are?" he asked, mocking him.

"The person ending your internship. Collect your stuff and leave" Jonas responded.

"On what grounds?" Cal asked.

"Oh, lets see, being a faggot in a built up area" he smirked.

"And what evidence do you have that I am gay, or, sorry, what is your name" he asked Donny.

"Donny, Donny Hart" he replied.

"Donny here" he said, looking at his wannabe tormentor. "Well, for one, you send off vibes that you like dick, and I have always known about this fruit" he said, gesturing to Donny. I smiled, as Cal is the straightest acting gay guy I have ever met; but I am biased.

Gramps, at this point, had heard enough, and walked in as though he was just getting there.

"Oh, afternoon Jonas" he said, getting a snack off the counter. "Problem?" he adds.

"Yeah, hi Calumn, just a minor dispute" he replied.

"No, Uncle, you just fired an intern" Donny piped in.

"I caught these two fondling each other in the hall; just letting them know what is acceptable and what isn't, in the workplace" he lied. I was about to say something.

"Okay, I have heard enough; someone is getting fired in about five minutes. Jonas, I want you and you nephew and, sorry, what is your name?" he asked looking at Cal with a cat who got the cream smile.

"Umm Cal, Cal Dawson" he replied.

"I want you and" he pretended to look around the tables for unbiased witnesses and looked at me and Mark. "Yeah, you two will do. Follow us to my office, please".

"Jonas, bring a legal pad, please" he added.

We arrived first and sat down. Cal hugged his Grandfather and sat down next to me. Donny sat next to Mark, and Gramps went to his closet and brought out something for his desk. Cal said earlier this morning that Jonas would not recognise him, as his dad would not have a photo of him. To the surprise of neither Cal nor myself, a desk size photo of his grandmother, hugging Cal, from about two years ago was placed on the desk, facing him.

The door opened and in walked a tall brunette; his new lawyer, I guessed. She sat at the end of the room, looking like a secretary.

Jonas came in, his suit jacket now on, holding a yellow legal pad. He sat at the end of the table, close to Gramps.

Gramps pressed the intercom and spoke to someone, elsewhere. Jonas looked at the brunette a little confused. "Mandy, in about five minutes, can you ask security to come to the reception area, please, and ask them to wait" he said, and switched it off.

"So, fondling" Gramps started out.

"He's lying" Cal said softly.

"My word is stronger than yours, young man, and why would I make it up to get an ingrate like you fired?" he replied.

"Is it, Jonas?" Gramps asked.

"Sorry Calumn, what do you mean? Surely you don't believe his lies" he replied.

"He's a stranger, he's just a shitty intern" he added. "Waste of a Harvard education" Cal replied.

"Why you little faggot" Jonas snapped again.

"Calumn I have served you and your son for many years; my word should be taken as gospel and as fact" he demanded.

"ENOUGH" Gramps yelled.

"If I was 10 years younger, Jonas, I would knock the shit out of you for the faggot remark" he yelled and his face began to show signs of anger. Cal knew he had to stop this right now before Gramps stroked out.

"Jonas, I am giving you this one and only opportunity to speak, then security will throw your ass out of the building" Cal said, now standing up, confidence flowing through him.

"And who gave you the right to address me by my first name?" he said, now also standing.

"Look you arrogant idiot, the reason I am stepping in is you're driving him to a heart attack, and I am not having that, so sit down and shut up" Cal said, now getting angry and looking like he was about to go all Bruce Lee on his ass..

"Cal, child, please let me handle this" Gramps said, now calming somewhat.

"Show some respect" Jonas yelled, sounding affronted.

"You are so right on that point, Jonas" and Jonas smiled at Gramps' comment.

"But yet, you have shown none" he added.

"I have been nothing but loyal to your family, Calumn" he replied

"Not all of my family; or perhaps my Son's family is more your style" Gramps added.

The look on Jonas's face spoke volumes, he started to see the other shoe dropping closer and closer to the office floor.

"And just to add, Jonas, I wasn't rescuing Cal, here. I was rescuing you from the ass kicking your bigotry warranted; and I should know........ I trained him myself" he ended. The shoe hit the floor and I could see questions whirling in Jonas Hart's eyes.

"You trained him?" he asked softly.

Gramps picked up the photo, flipped it around, and Jonas' face went white as a sheet.

"Recognize anyone, Jonas?" Gramps asked, and Jonas just slightly nodded.

"Now, I hear you are ill, and for that you have my sympathy. but for what you have tried to do to my company you have nothing but my contempt" Gramps spoke directly at Jonas. I could also see that Donny actually felt sorry for him.

"It's not me who is ill, its Milly, she' dying, Calumn" he said with his face now buried in his hands.

"You told my dad it was you" Donny replied.

"Just wanted to see if he cared enough, he did" he replied back.

"But you still let him believe it was you when you left though, right?" He nodded slowly.

"That is disgusting, even for you" Donny spat out.

"Doesn't excuse you from trying to ruin my company, Jonas" Gramps said, retaking the conversation.

"Her hospital bills, Christ, I couldn't cover them. I had no choice, and well, Mary said someone would help me, and I went along with it. Calumn, I love my wife and would do anything to save her" he said, sorrow now overtaking his voice.

"Cancer?" Donny asked.

He shook his head, nothing was said for a while.

"Her heart is failing. She's on a donor list, but she does not have long. Calumn what would you have done; I mean, you would have done just about anything........right?" he asked.

"Not this. If you had come to me, I would have arranged financing, we would have come to an arrangement" Gramps replied.

"Well you are a better person than I" he replied.

"Just a question though, Jonas. If my mother was such a great friend to you and your wife, why didn't she help?" Cal asked.

"She's broke. She told me she had been cut out of most of the will and you were getting the company, the houses, everything" he replied with no short amount of disdain.

"Fuck......sorry Gramps" Cal replied.

"My mother was financially well taken care of. My dad left her $3 million in their joint account, she kept the house in the city, I got the one in the suburbs, she had her own personal money that Gramps told me amounted to $2 million; so, $5 million is far from broke Jonas...... she played you. She needed someone on the inside to help, and you, for a Harvard graduate, are the most stupid person I have ever met; and trust me, I have met some fucking idiots..... sorry Gramps" Cal said. Articulate as ever - Todd would be proud.

"Mr. Hart, as you are well aware so no warning needs to be given, this conversation has been audio taped and digitally recorded" the brunette said, walking over to the desk.

"Abigail Newman, attorney for Kenner Engineering" she introduced herself.

"Sorry?" he responded.

"Oh, sorry, don't you remember, Jonas, I said someone was getting fired" Gramps added showing him no mercy. Way to go, Gramps.

"Now, here is the deal, Mr Hart; you tell us everything, and I mean every last sordid detail, and all players involved; and yes, Billy from the mail room is talking to us and has been arrested. We want everything you have on record, emails, phone call logs, everything. I will be reporting you to the State Bar Association for immediate disbarment; but if you co-operate, we will not push for any jail time" Abigail informed him.

"I need a lawyer" he replied, defeated.

"Good idea, but Jonas, we have enough. This I am doing out of past service; you lost my respect" Gramps added.

"Sorry, Calumn" he replied.

"That's Mr. Kenner to you" he said back.

" Mandy, send in security. please" Gramps spoke into his desk phone. Soon, there was a knock, then two security guards walked in.

"Take Mr. Hart to his office, or former office, and watch while he gets his personal belongings. His laptop and company cell stay in his office; then escort him from the building" he instructed.

"Yes, Mr Kenner" they replied.

"Wait a second, Mr Kenner" Abigail said and added "We need him to be arrested".

"Abigail, I had already checked on his wife; she is in the hospital and is going nowhere any time soon. He does love his wife and won't run, will you, Jonas"? He shook his head, now looking old and totally defeated.

He stood still for a short while, then slowly reached into his inside jacket pocket and I began to panic; but he retrieved a small square object, and handed it over to Gramps.

"Everything you need is on that flash drive; emails, even a couple of recorded conversations. It was my insurance. I am sorry, Calumn, sorry, I mean, Mr. Kenner" he said, and security escorted him away.

"Is that it, is it over?" I asked.

"Here, Abigail, see what is on that and contact the relevant authorities. I want this sorted very quickly; and by the way, Attorney for Kenner Engineering?" he asked.

"Nice touch" he added.

"You looking for representation?" she asked.

"I am now; interested?" he asked in return.

"We'll talk, Calumn. Let me get on checking this out and get the ball rolling" she said, and also left the office.

"Look, sorry Mr. Kenner but I need to talk to my dad" Donny said, and also left the room, followed by Mark.

"Should have gone to Florida, babe" I said, and snickered.

"Still time" Cal replied.

"Okay my boys, drama over, go do what you have to. The games up regarding your anonymity, so go learn as much as you can. Cal, I will introduce you to the main staff later this afternoon, okay?" he said, now hugging Cal.

"And Josh, Gramps" he added.

"Of course, child" he replied.

"Okay first order of business since we are outed 'AGAIN', lunch" Cal said, kissing my cheek as we left his Gramps office, soon to be our office in a couple of years.

"Later Gramps" I said as we left.

"And you, Josh" he replied.

We walked out of the reception area and headed toward the elevators. Mark was standing near Donny, who was still talking on his cell.

"Yeah, he was fired, dad" he said.

"No, he's not ill, that's what I am trying to tell you; its aunt Milly who's ill" he added.

"Look dad, I will explain everything when I come over tonight, and I am bringing Mark over if that's okay" he added, and shortly afterward, smiled.

"Okay Dad, later" he said, and closed his cell.

We stood in front of them and Cal spoke first.

"You okay, Donny?"

"Yeah, better than I thought I would be" he replied.

"Okay, lunch is on me" Cal added.

"Lunch is over" replied Mark.

"Oh, I know the boss, so come on" Cal added. I like this confidence he has when he's here.

We entered a small bistro around the corner. We were shown to a table and we ordered soft drinks and food; it was a pleasant meal and then we returned to Kenner. Mark was back in a creative mood and showed me some amazing applications. I have so much to learn. I think a promotion will be in order for Mark in the not too distant future.

At 5pm I met with Cal, no longer pretending that we didn't know one another. He smiled when he came close.

"So what happened with the meet and greet with the main members of staff" I asked, a little put out I had not been called out.

"Oh, sorry babe, Gramps has organised that for tomorrow; should have told you.... sorry" he replied, making me feel somewhat better.

"Yeah fine, no problem, so what do you wanna do tonight?" I asked.

"Movie and pizza" he suggested.

"Yeah, that sounds good" I replied, as we walked out of the Kenner building and received a shock that stopped us in our tracks.

"Hello Mom" Cal said, as shocked as I.

To be continued...........

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