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Well That Was Unexpected Book 2

by David Spowart

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Chapter 29

Published: 14 Jan 16

Well That Was Unexpected
By David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

I stood and waited for her to speak; she looked a little distracted by the confident, defiant man standing beside me.

"Calumn" she replied.

"What do you want mother, or can I guess?" Cal asked.

"I wanted to let you know that just because you have discovered things about Jonas; don't think my attempt to get my late husbands company back where it should be have been thwarted. You are very much mistaken about that" she informed us, looking a little too cocky...the bitch.

Cal just shrugged and leaned against the post, then mock sighed.

"Mom, it's over, can't you see that? We have all the evidence we need to have Jonas, you, and your backer, jailed. Billy, as we speak, is talking up a storm with the District Attorney; so, please, just go away" Cal replied, his confidence slipping just a little.

"First, don't address me as your mother; it disgusts me that I brought you into this world" she said, her nose in the air. I butted in, I had also heard enough from this bitch.

"Okay, my turn to speak" I began.

"I do not desire to hear you speak" she replied

"Frankly, Mrs. Kenner, I don't give a flying fuck what you desire" I replied. Oooh, Todd would be so proud of me for that retort.

"Josh, please" Cal tried to stop me......failed.

"Look, you have made it quite clear that you hate your own flesh and blood; but, despite your disgusting and cowardly actions toward him, he still loves you. God help me, I don't understand it, cause you sure don't deserve it. He still wants his mother in his life; but as far as I am concerned, for the way you have treated this kind, helpful, loving man, you can go fuck yourself. I would suggest that you use the cross that hateful church you attend uses. Come on, Cal, we have some debauching to do" I said, and scowled at her as we walked away, leaving her open mouthed and stunned.

"Debauching, huh?" Cal whispered as we crossed the road to the parking structure to retrieve the truck.

"Cal, I'm sorry, it's just that she really makes my blood boil," I responded, my anger still high.

"Josh, look, you articulated your feelings very very well; she heard you very loud and very clear" he replied, retrieving the key to open the drivers side door.

"You said she was once a very loving person, but Cal, I just can't see it" I replied, climbing into the truck as he started the engine.

"I know, but Josh. she was" he replied as we pulled away from downtown, heading for the freeway.

I just stared straight ahead. We came to our off ramp and pulled off the freeway, heading back to the suburbs.

"Now, this debauching," Cal said, looking at me.

"Remembered that, huh? Thought you wanted pizza and a movie" I responded.

"Well, yeah, but if it is not food, well, it has to be sex; and we can always order a movie and a pizza, cant we?" he replied and that twinge hit me.

"I suppose" I replied.

We pulled into the driveway and my cell went off.

"Oh, hey Dad, what's up?" I asked.

"Have you spoken to Lucas today?" he asked.

"No, I was going to call him during lunch, but things took a bad turn" I replied.

"He's run away, Josh. Some girl has dumped him. Christ Josh, I was his age once, and thought I was in love; and when it didn't work out, I thought my life was over" my dad said, with sadness and concern in his voice.

"You boys will be the death of me" he added.

"He talks to Mark, have you spoken to him?" I asked.

"Yeah, I called the Jacksons, first" he replied.

"He said he would do anything to get her back, but the photo will be a constant reminder. She would feel humiliated and embarrassed, and worse.. betrayed. Dad, Luke has some grovelling to do" I add.

"I'll worry about that when he comes back home" he replied.

"When he's hungry. I take it Mom had words?" I asked.

"She's refusing to speak to him; she feels let down" he replied.

"Shit dad, if you only knew half the shit I got up to at 17" I snickered.

"I think it's because of you and what's happened to you, that she keeps a closer eye on Lucas; just to keep him safe, and away from the bad element of life" he said.

"Dad, he's 17 and horny. If mom is keeping a tight rein on him, shit, I would go crazy and probably rebel worse than what Lucas has. Dad, he's a great kid, he's probably off somewhere licking his wounds. Just give him time, okay?" I said.

"Call me if you hear anything, please Josh" he said.

"Yeah, you too" I replied, and ended the call.

I flipped the cell open again and dialed Lukes cell. It went straight to voice mail.

"Lucas, ring me as soon as you get this" I left a message.

I suddenly was not in the mood for sex. I was a little more concerned for Lucas than I let on with dad.

A few hours later at almost midnight, my cell rang.

"Lucas, what the fuck, man?" I started.

"Hey Josh, sorry to have worried anyone; I just needed space. You know how it is" he said with obvious tears coming.

"Are you home?" I asked.

"Not exactly" he replied.

"Where are you? I'll get dad to come get you" I said.

"Cal's front door" he replied. I jumped up, ran to the front door and opened it. A very sorry looking baby brother stood there, crushed and heart broken. I pulled him to my chest.

"It'll be alright, Luke, believe me" I said into his ear, softly, as he cried into my shoulder. It was sad, and yet heart warming, to know that my brother needed me.

"Come on, lets get you warmed up" I said, pulling him inside.

Cal made some hot chocolate while I called my parents.

"He's safe, dad" I started.

"Where is he? Your mother has called the police already" he responded.

"He turned up here, dad, about twenty minutes ago. Contact the police and call them off. Dad, I'll keep him here for a few days, okay?" I said.

"How did he get there?" Dad asked. Good question!

"Luke, how did you get here, anyway?" I asked as dad listened.

"Christmas gift from your boyfriend" he replied, and I looked at Cal, who looked a little shocked.

"What do you mean?" I asked, for him to clarify that statement.

"Cal bought me an open American Airlines ticket for New York; I exchanged it for Chicago" he replied, and the shoe dropped.

"Exchanged a gift, dad" I responded.

"Your mother wants a word, Josh" he said.

"With me or Lucas?" I asked.

"You" he replied.

"Hi, honey, how is he?" she asked.

"Hi, mom. Well, he's a heartbroken 17 year old who believes his world is ending" I replied, sounding a little melodramatic.

"I wasn't any help" She replied.

"Mom, you were shocked, not for Lucas; but you know your baby boy has a sex life and that sort of freaks you out a little" I explained.

"A little; try sending me into premature ageing" she responded, and I smiled a little.

"Do you want to talk to him?" I asked.

"If he'll talk to me" she said.

"Luke, Mom wants to talk to you, are you okay with that?" I asked, looking at my brother, knees under his chin, hugging himself. He nodded slightly.

"Okay, go upstairs and pick up the phone, we'll give you some privacy. I'll hang up as soon as you pick up" I said, and he climbed the steps to our bedroom.

"Hey Mom, I'm so sorry" I heard Luke start and I hung up the phone.

I sat next to Cal, picked up my hot chocolate and kissed his cheek.

"I envy that, you know" Cal started.

"What, the chocolate?" I replied.

"No, the loving relationship you both have with your mother" he said, a little sadly.

"Cal, you have your grandparents, they love you very much.... you know that; and I worship the very air you breath, so you have love in your life. It's her misfortune that she is missing that, okay" I said, kissing his forehead. "I fucking love you, never forget that fact" I said, a little louder than intended.

"Yeah, sorry, I love you too, babe" he responded, kissing my ear, and the dick squeezing of my junk made me hard instantly.

"You dick, I have my baby brother here and you horn me up" I said, and he sat there smirking at me.

He stood up and walked to the stairs, where he could hear Lucas talking on the phone. He walked back, got down on his knees and pulled my sweats down.

"Shit Cal, fuck, we can't" I said as he took my cock into his mouth, sending my eyes into the back of my head.

"I grabbed a cushion and covered my face to stifle my groans of pleasure. The motions of Cal's tongue as he worked me close to the point of no return, had my body shaking.

"Fuck, shit Cal" I moaned into that cushion, and the flick of his tongue was enough. I shot hot and plenty into his mouth; he milked me dry.

He moved back up my body, kissing as he went.

"Forgiven?" he asked.

"Loved the apology" I replied as I heard the door of our room open. I hastily pulled my sweats back up, grabbing my cold hot chocolate as I sat down again next to Cal.

"She okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I freaked her a little" he replied as he took a seat.

"Oh, I've interrupted something, haven't I?" he said, smiling at Cal and me.

"No, why would you say that?"

"Josh, man I love you, but I have spent enough time with you two to know one of you has just cum; and by the looks of your flushed face and Cal's slightly swollen lips, I am going to say you, bro" he replied with no malice intended.

"Too smart for your own good, smart-ass" I replied, as he had me.

I stood back up and walked over to the phone.

"Okay you two, choose a movie, I'll order the pizzas" I instructed.

"What kind of movie do you want, Josh?" Cal asked, as they brought up the netflix app on the tv screen.

"Nothing mushy. Lucas crying again would ruin my pizza; go for an action flick" I said as I dialed the pizza place.

"No anchovies" Luke yelled. "Yes, I know" I replied. He hates them... so do I.

As I was talking, Lucas' cell rang. It was on charge and the name Daniel came up, with a picture of a blond kid.

I hung up on the pizza place and picked up the cell and opened it.

"Hello, Luke's phone" I started.

"Oh hey, sorry, I have been trying to get a hold of him all day. Is he there?" the kid asked, sounding gayer than Christmas.

"Hang on, I'll get him" I said, my curiosity peaked. This guy is so gay he makes Todd's cousin sound straight.

"Lucas, cell" I yelled, and he came in, grabbed it, and dropped into one of the chairs.

"Hey Daniel, what's up, man?" he started into a normal teenage randomized conversation. I left him and returned to the living room and sat next to Cal, who was still searching for an appropriate film.

"This is going to be an interesting conversation when he hangs up" I said, and Cal just looked at me with a "what are you talking about" expression.

"Just wait" I responded.

Ten minutes later Lucas walked in and looked at me.

"What?" he responded.

"A guy rings you at" I look at the clock.

"12:45 am" I questioned.

"Yeah, like you and mom, he was concerned about me; he's my friend" he replied.

"'He' is sort of out there and fabulous don't you think?" I replied, and realized I was sounding a tad homophobic.

"I cannot believe you, of all people, have just said that" he replied, and I deserved it.

"Yeah, I get how that sounded, sorry" I replied.

"So, friends, how did that happen?" I added.

"School. It was just after you were hurt. I was eating lunch with some friends and some assholes were ragging on this kid. It was obvious he was gay, didn't try to hide it; but then one of the jocks stood up and pushed him over. I wasn't going to just stand by and watch this kid get creamed" he started.

"I walked over helped him up and picked his stuff up. He looked at me like I was part of a bad joke" he smiled at the memory.

"And?" I asked.

"Oh, the jock turned his attention to me" he continued.

"He pushed me and I pushed back. Mark Jackson and my friends came and stood next to me, backing me up" he went on.

"Mark was going to cream the guy" he concluded.

"So, then what?" I asked.

"Nothing. The jock didn't want any of Mark. I pulled Daniel to our table and he thanked me, but he was also a little defiant; informed me he had it under control, and we sort of just hit it off" he ended. He reaffirmed my opinion of him. Lucas is a great kid.

"Can't wait to meet him" I replied.

"Oh Josh, you have no idea. He's crushing on you big time" he replied with a smirk.

"So, do I have to kick this Daniels ass?" Cal asked.

"Oh don't worry, he knows all about you, and you are also in his crush book" Luke laughed, and all I could do was look at him laughing; such a contrast to the brother that showed up a couple of hours ago.

Forty minutes later we were sitting like 60's hippies, eating pizza, still not choosing a movie to watch; so, we just talked.

"So, the photograph?" I asked.

His happy posture changed. He slid his hand into his jeans and retrieved his cell. He went through some images and then produced the offending image.

"Wow, were you all planning on an orgy? Quite a crowd watching that, Luke. I take it that's Daniel standing behind you?" I asked, and he nodded.

"Lucky it was a girl blowing you and not Daniel; no coming back from that, dude" Cal commented.

"Who is she?" I asked.

"Don't know. All you can see is the back of her head, and obviously, nobody is coming forward to admit it was them" he added.

"Does Dan not know who she is?" I asked

"No, and don't ever call him Dan to his face, he's a bit touchy. 'Mom called me Daniel, not Dan, not Danny, so please use my given name' as I said, touchy" he informed us.

"A bit of a Diva, huh?" Cal asked.

"A bit more than a bit, but he's a funny guy and I like that he makes me laugh. He hates when Mark insists on calling him cupcake" he laughs again, and I like when my brother laughs. "Okay, I'm bushed, need to sleep" Lucas informed us, and he did look drained.

"Go, take your pick. The end room has a bathroom, so feel free to take that one" Cal said, and I realized he sent him the opposite direction from our room.. sneaky boy.

"Tomorrow I want to go through the attic, get the old photo albums out; you know, to show you how my mother was before... well, just before" he said as we made our way to our bedroom.

"Yeah, okay. Will you be alright going through those things? One wreck is all I can handle this weekend" I said.

"Babe, I have you, that is all the emotional support I will ever need" he replied. Clever boy.

We woke to the sound of loud music coming from downstairs, then the smell of burned toast. A chef my brother will never be.

"Come on, before he burns down the house" I said, as we both woke to the din coming from downstairs.

"I almost forgot how loud your brother can be" Cal yawned, stretching.

"What time is it, anyway?" he asked.

"Just after 10" I replied.

"He's 17, what the hell is he doing up" he moaned. Good question.

We both descended the stairs to him singing a Taylor Swift song....badly.

"Hey bro" he said as we walked in.

"Morning Lucas" I hugged him as did Cal.

"What are you destroying for us this morning?" I asked, and he smiled as I looked to see the sink full of pots and pans..... but no food.

"Umm, yeah.....Sorry..... Cereal... sorry" he repeated.

"Coffee is fine" I said, and Cal nodded.

We talked for a while and Lucas decided he wanted to go site seeing; and we agreed to meet up in the city so we could show him Kenner Engineering.

Cal and I climbed the ladder into the attic to search for the photo albums. We found some and we leafed through; some of his mother at school age. Who would have guessed, looking at those pictures, how she would become a stone cold bitch.

"She looked pretty" I said, and he just slightly nodded.

We searched for every picture we could find. We could not find any of Cal. It seems that when she disowned him, she trashed the pictures of him and his parents.

"That box is my dads, I helped him make it" he said as we looked at a shoe sized, wooden box. We opened it and found the photographs he was hoping to find. I could see and feel the emotion building up inside of him.

"You okay, babe?" I asked, and he again gave me a slight nod.

"This one was taken in Florida; I was about eight, I think" he showed the photograph of him sitting on his mothers knee, he was holding her close.

Later on as we rummaged through more stuff and pictures, there were a lot of his parents together, younger times.

"This was her medical record while she was being treated" he showed me and then he began to read what treatment she went through. Suddenly, a part of the record had him dumbstruck.

"What is it, Cal?" I asked.

"The questionnaire, basic questions, any history of cancer, heart disease, do you smoke, stuff like that; but look at this, Josh, it does not make sense" he said, and he handed her records to me.

'Number of pregnancies - 2' it read.

"She had another, but..." I was as stunned as he.

We searched the entire attic until we found some old legal documents; an old will, the deeds to the house, or the former ones anyway, then we found a child services document.

"My mothers maiden name, she was 16 years old" he said, and read on.

"When did she meet your father?" I asked.

"College, both were 19" he replied, and continued to read on.

"Adoption! She adopted the kid out, name – Kathleen - born December 8th 1988, 7:43am" he read on, looking stunned.

"How the hell could she not say anything? Dad must have known, I mean, the documents were there and he must have seen her answer for her medical records. Christ, do my grandparents know about her?" he was babbling, a million questions running through his head.

"Ask them" I said.

He flipped open his cell and dialed his grandmother. She always spoke her mind and would tell him, if she knew.

He placed the phone down and put it on speaker.

"Good morning, honey, what can I do for you?" she asked

"Morning Grandma, Josh is here with me" he added.

"Good morning to you as well, Joshua" she replied. "Grandma, did you know my mother had a daughter?" he asked, biting his nails waiting for her to answer.

"A daughter, no..... no I did not.... when?" she asked.

"When she was 16" I replied.

"No darling, I wasn't, and I am sure your grandfather was not privy to that information. That has shocked me. How did you discover this?" she asked, and over the next half hour we explained what we were doing and how we found the documents.

"Honey I don't like what I am going to suggest, but...... I think you need to speak to your mother" she said.

"Shit" I let the word slip out.

"Sorry Mrs. Kenner, I mean Grandma" I said.

"Oh, don't fret, Joshua, it was my sentiment exactly; but, the only way to get the answers you need Calumn, is to confront the woman" she repeated.

"Yeah, I know, thanks Grandma, talk later" he said, and closed his cell.

"I need to speak to her, Josh. I need to speak to my mother" he added.

To be continued........

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